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 Generic Miroku pose w/ pimp hat, jewels, and a gold tooth.

One Shot.

In order to obtain a large piece of the Shikon jewel, Miroku does the unthinkable....how far will Inuyasha be willing to go to get a shard of the sacred jewel?

Art done by MW Roach with sharpies in 2004.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: General, Humor Characters: Inu Yasha, Miroku
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Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1991 Read: 2634
Published: 23 Jun 2009 Updated: 23 Jun 2009
Story Notes:

Another fic written back in 03' (a good year for me XD). So, until "One Tale for Two-Tails" is updated, enjoy this.



1. Pimp Daddy Miroku by MW Roach [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1991 words)