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Back with Venagance! I havent been on here for years, and now I'm coming back with a Crack!Fic.

Kikyo is dead, Inuyasha is pinned to a tree, Naraku should be happy. He isn't. Why, you ask? Just that a certain Miko died with the Shikon Jewel. Now, Naraku has to wait... But for what? The question is answered! What did Naraku do while Inuyasha was pinned to the tree?

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Action/ Adventure, Humor Characters: Naraku
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Published: 24 Feb 2014 Updated: 24 Feb 2014
Story Notes:
Crackyness, occness. Humor and maybe slight NaraSess...

1. Chapter 1 by LoneAngel [Reviews - 4] (478 words)
Grammer mistakes, and misspellings are in here somewhere.