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Story Notes:

Hey Guys! This is my first story in this website. This strory takes place in the time gap between the destruction of Shikon Jewel and Kagome's return to the feudal era. Also please do leave any reviews. I really do highly appreciate them.

Disclaimer:I do not own or profit fromany Intellectual Properties from Rumiko Takahashi especially InuYash.

In the midst of darkness, there stood a half-demon named InuYasha and a woman Kagome in an embrace that marked their reunion. For three days InuYasha fought through the hordes of demons to rescue the woman who had taught a monster to make friends and be happy, a woman who healed his wounds of loneliness. He would not let any misfortunate fall onto the woman for now she was all that was left for him. For three days Kagome stood in blank darkness with nothing but the cursed jewel in front of her, forcing her to make a wish. For three days with little courage she had in heart, she waited for the man she had fought with her life in line. And after three days with one last swipe of the sword, they were reunited. Now with the man she trusted by her side and the only person he would rely in the world by his, Kagome finally wished the jewel to disappear. With a massive explosion, several strong beams of light spread through the darkness. It was over.
“Both of you fought well children.” said a woman’s voice.
InuYasha and Kagome turned around to see the owner of the voice. They both gasped at what they saw. In front of them stood a priestess wearing an armor and with a sword on her hilt. The priestess who was known for creating the cursed jewel, Shikon no Tama.
“Lady Midoriko” they both said in unison.
“Yes, children it is me. You have fought well and made one correct wish that was purer than any living being in this universe. My soul is finally free and so is of several others who were trapped in this cursed vessel. Your quest ends here but your journey is far from over for this is your new beginning.” With these words her image began to fade. “It’s time for us to part ways and for two of you as well. For now”
Suddenly the light faded and both Kagome and InuYasha found themselves in the well house in Kagome’s world. In front of them, stood Kagome’s family and her three friends.
“KAGOME!” her mother yelled in worry and relief.
Kagome didn’t spare a moment. She threw herself in the embraces of her mother in tears.
“MOM, InuYasha saved me. InuYasha I want to….”
Suddenly she gazed in shock as the man she loved was being pulled down the well by an unknown force. But he didn’t fight it. Knowing that his precious woman would be safe was enough to convince his fragile heart. He responded with a smile and said “Kagome, be happy.”
“INUYASHA!” she yelled.
He was gone, locked away forever from her reach.

On the other side of the well sat three figures who were a fox demon, a monk and a woman waiting patiently for their friends to show up. It has been three days and they didn’t move a muscle hoping that the two friends who gave them new life would show up. Suddenly they saw a pillar of light and in front of them appeared the well that had been missing for three days. Out of the well came a half-demon who had an expression that showed relief but overwhelming amount of sadness.
“InuYasha, where is Kagome?” asked the fox demon. InuYasha knew he would care about Kagome since she was more like a mother to him ever since the demise of his parents by the hands of two demons called the thunder brothers. Since then the little demon has found courage to face any danger that comes in front of him.
“Don’t worry Shippo. Kagome is safe, in her world.” He replied
“Are you sure?” asked the monk. He had been their companion to remove a curse from his hand bestowed by the evil half-demon named Naraku which almost threatened his life. For the first time in his life he did not fear his demise. But he was looking to where this new path would now lead him.
“I’m sure Miroku.” InuYasha said.
“Well why isn’t she here?” asked the woman. She was a demon slayer who had to witness her father’s gruesome death by the hands of her brother who has under control of Naraku. Under the pain of her father’s death and to learn the slaying of her fellow villagers, she almost killed InuYasha which was a setup by the evil half-demon. Since then she joined the group travelled and fought with them and freed her brother from the strings of Naraku. InuYasha knew she was worried since Kagome was like a sister to her.
“The well pulled me away Sango. Now it’s sealed for good. ” InuYasha replied to her.
With these questions answered InuYasha quietly moved away from his three friends and went to the sacred tree where he met Kagome about a year ago. He sat there and stared for hours since it was the only plant having life with surroundings all eroded by Naraku’s miasma.
“He is feeling really lonely.” Sango said.
“He is indeed.”Miroku replied.

Over the other side of the well, Kagome just stood there in the well house staring down the bone eaters well in shock. For once she was relieved of seeing InuYasha in the darkness and now fate locked him away from her forever. The pain she had faced to obtain the love of her life was now all for nothing. Now she was going to live the life she longed for but with emptiness.
Kagome’s friends appeared behind her.
“Kagome, what is going on? Who is your boyfriend? What is your boyfriend?” Eri asked.
“Why are you covered in bloods and bruises?”Ayumi asked.
“And why are you carrying a bow and arrow?” Yuka asked.
“If I told you, you would never believe me.” Kagome replied.
“Kagome, we have seen enough weirdness around here today. It’s hard not to believe in your words.” Ayumi said.
Kagome gave them a sad smile and hugged them in desperate need of comfort. She them took them away from the well house and started telling them stories from beginning.

Back in feudal era, InuYasha stood in front of the tree and thought to himself.
“Well, Kagome is gone now. Naraku is dead. Miroku and Sango are going to marry soon. Shippo will be going to training soon. And here I am all alone again. I’m back to being the pathetic half-demon that I once was. The half demon who ran for his life. The half demon who has no place in this cruel and uncaring world.” Suddenly spring rain began to pour down on the land washing away the effects of miasma that Naraku left. People were running for tier shelter in their houses. But InuYasha just kept on staring at the tree.

Miroku and Sango went down to Kaede to inform of Kagome’s safety and InuYasha’s return.
“I see that Kagome is safe. And InuYasha?” she asked
“He is at the sacred tree.”Miroku replied.
“He came back with sadness filled in his eyes. He said that the well pulled him away from Kagome’s world and sealed itself.” Sango said.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if he went there. Since the tree holds too many memories for him both painful and joyous. Kagome was everything in his life and I wouldn’t be surprised with his loneliness.” Kaede said “He has suffered enough pain in his life. Much more than us humans could endure.”

From the world above the clouds, the soul of Midoriko was looking down at the lonely half-demon and the traumatized priestess.
“Is this their fate?” asked a voice behind her.
“It is not. This is a trial for both of them. They can never be separated from each other for they have a bond so strong that even gods would dare to break it.” Midoriko said “This separation only means they’re not ready for each other yet. During this time their bond will grow stronger and when they’re ready they will reunite.”
“I see, I just wanted to make sure he doesn’t suffer anymore. Since, I have been a burden in his life myself. That is the last thing I can do for him.” the voice said.
“You did what you could to heal his heart Kikyou. This is what was written to be.”Midoriko said.

That night InuYasha saw a strange red figure in the distant mountain in the east. Then he found himself surrounded by fire. Suddenly, a pair of red eye’s appeared in front of him and was calling his name. With a sudden gasp InuYasha broke out of sleep. He was sleeping on the roof of Kaede’s newly rebuilt hut. What did he just saw? He looked over to the east to mountains where he saw the figure. Was something calling him? What did the dream mean?

Chapter End Notes:
So how was it guys. Was it good? Please do leave any reviews so that I can improve my writing. Also Thank You for reading.
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