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Days passed and Kagome worked hard getting the mental image of being slathered in dog love juice off her mind. But almost whenever she saw Toga, the thought persisted. Well, at least the other males let her be now. Even though some of them thought she was either a floozy or a personal demon laundry slave. Or both. Or worse.

But did it really matter. She didn't need the approval of snooty beasts that, if what Toga had told her was true, were far more deprived of any morals than even the worst people she knew. The idea of dog demons running amok raping and killing women was rather disturbing. But she was fairly sure that Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru or even Toga was never capable of such. Even if she didn't really know the latter yet.

Kagome wasn't sure how long she had been stuck in the past past, but it was probably weeks by now. Besides Kimiko and Ishu, Toga was the only demon, or person, she had really talked to. It was pretty safe to be assumed that Kagome knew him better than the rest of his extended family probably did.

Toga was stoic and pompous, but there was a softer side to him even if he worked really hard hiding it. All the fresh berries, chopped rabbit meat and flasks of water that kept appearing to the entrance of her hut were a tell-tale sign that he worked in earnest to keep her, if not happy, at least alive.

Not a day went by when she didn't miss her family and friends though. Toga may have been a softie on the inside but he wasn't much company. He liked to keep to himself and even when he did spend some time with Kagome, he wasn't exactly the life of the party. He had, however, agreed to take Kagome out hunting on this very day.

Kagome was in her hut preparing her equipment and assembling a proper outfit. She tried on a pair of leather shoes she had made herself from the leather Toga had brought to her. They felt a bit awkward on her feet. She was no cobbler, alright. Kagome hoped that today they would find some more animals she could skin and make some of her own leather. Drying out and preparing an animal skin for to be used as leather was a long process but did she really have anything better to do here? Clues on the mysteriously disappeared well hadn't been exactly flooding in as of late.

Toga didn't knock when he entered her housing. Well, not that there even was a door to knock on. He had dressed himself much lighter than usual and his long hair was kept neatly up. He had much more fitted hakama pants and a tighter shirt with leather patches covering his knees, shoulders and elbows. The lighter outfit was probably more suited for hunting due to its easier mobility than his usual heavy kimonos. It also accentuated his fit physique that had somewhat been obscured by his normal clothing.

Kagome couldn't really stop her eyes from noticing that he actually had pretty broad shoulders. Almost unlike all the other somewhat androgynous inu youkai males, Toga was very buff. He had muscular arms and a very ripped chest. Not that Kagome would ever actually use that word to describe a man's build. But in Toga's case, there was no way around it. He was very ripped.

Toga stood in content silence while Kagome made a mental map of his every muscle. He couldn't help but to feel a little proud that Kagome was obviously having a hard time getting her eyes off him.

“Would you like a painting of it?”

The young woman's neck almost snapped when she tried to quickly force her face in another direction. A direction where Toga was not standing at.

“A painting? Of what?” She repeated and tried to will her cheeks not to blush.

“Of my body. You seemed interested in it.” Toga even smirked a little when he noticed how visibly uncomfortable Kagome was.

“N-no, it's not like...” Kagome stuttered and wanted to lie that she had been just marvelling his outfit. But truthfully, she could hardly tell what color his outfit was now when she now wasn't looking at it. She could barely even remember he had an outfit. All her mind had focused on was what was under said outfit.

Before Kagome worked herself too embarrassed, she realized that Toga had just cracked a joke. On purpose!

“Come on, you cheeky dog, I'm ready to get going.” Kagome settled saying and picked up her equipment.


They had been out and about only for couple of hours but they already had enough meat and skin for Kagome to manufacture her own fashion line of rabbit furs and shoes.

It had been surprisingly fun to be out with Toga. He had been in an unusually good mood and really patiently taught her hunting tips. And Kagome herself was learning fast everything he taught her, maybe a first in the history of her learning anything. Toga was an unexpectedly good tutor when he was not scoffing and turning his nose at her. He also had managed to crack another joke somewhere along the day and Kagome had started to worry that the end of times was near.

Kagome burst out laughing when Toga first had showed and explained to her, in great detail, how to set up a trap for small game, and later that same day ended up stepping into his own trap. When Toga cussed and struggled against the ropes he had hid in the grass, Kagome laughed so heartily that Toga could not help himself and joined her laughter.

Kagome clamped her mouth with her hand, in shock to hear that strange noise coming from Toga. But as their eyes met, Kagome could not stop the giggles that escaped her sealed lips. And for once, Toga's eyes were not harsh or scorning, but echoed Kagome's own warmth.

They held their gaze interlocked until neither was laughing anymore. Kagome felt lightheaded from all the chuckles and couldn't grasp at all why Toga was still looking at her. And with something else than disgust in his eyes. It felt strange. Strangely hot. Kagome moistened her drying lips with her tongue. Toga's adam's apple moved when he swallowed and it made Kagome break their eye contact as her gaze descended onto his neck.

She could see his collar bones peeking from the neck hole of his shirt. It was an oddly sensual sight. Those collar bones rested just above two very sculpted pecks. Pecks that probably felt hard as rocks.

What the hell was she thinking, she stopped herself there. Kagome scolded herself and looked away. God. He had absolutely no warm or cozy thoughts about her, he had made that abundantly clear on many occasions. She was a lowly, filthy human. He was a demon. A dog demon. He was Inuyasha's father, for crying out loud! Toga was practically her father-in-law. Kagome felt her skin crawl. What the hell's hell. Was she that big of a harlot that she had actually just entertained “not safe for work” kind of thoughts about her father-in-law's hard pecks? It didn't even matter if for some crazy reason he was into her that way, it was a HELL NO go for her. Nope. Nopety nope, nope, nope.

She didn't feel like hunting any more. Besides, they had already caught more than enough for her needs. She wanted to get out of the woods. Right away. To her own ascetic little hellhole and she would sit there, in the dark, thinking about how horrible and miserable of a being she was. While cobbling rabbit shoes. Even better yet, she would find a lake. A deep, cold lake. She would jump there and let the chill drill into her core and bones until there was nothing left of that hotness she had just felt for her father-in-law. She would rather freeze over a thousand times than feel that forbidden hot throb between her thigs ever ever again.

Toga tried to untangle himself neatly working out the knots in the ropes. He wanted to still use them for another trap. His fingers slipped a few times when he thought about Kagome's gaze just now. He was no Casanova, but he knew a lust-ridden expression when he saw one. She had had that same look on her face back at her hut. Yeah, Toga had noticed her stealing a glimpse here and there of his body throughout the whole day. It felt nice. But it was nothing compared to that flash of desire he had just briefly seen on her face. Or was it? It was gone so quickly and now she was staring at her shoes so intently Toga was not sure anymore.

But then a waft of her unmistaken perfume of “fuck me into oblivion” hit his nose hard as the wind turned to his direction. He cut through all the ropes he had almost worked out already. To hell with them. When the object of his recent need for vigorous masturbation was standing in his field of vision practically inviting him to take her, he had no patience to even try to open a simple bowtie. At that moment he had forgotten, well, not perhaps forgotten completely, but chose to ignore his inner angst about cavorting with humans. He would have plenty of time to wallow in his wretchedness later.

Toga began walking towards Kagome, tossing the ruined ropes to the shrubs. There was such gravity in his eyes which upon seeing the girl felt her stomach churn.

“No.” Kagome whispered. She gestured with her hands for him to stop. Don’t.

Before Kagome could say anything more, a dark stream of something powerful swished near her ear.

“What…?” She didn’t have time to complete her sentence as another blast was headed her way. Kagome wasn’t fast enough to block it with her priestess energy but before she was hit, she felt two strong arms pulling her into a tight embrace. Toga was shielding her, absorbing the blast with his own reiki and body.

Shit. Toga cursed to himself. He had been completely distracted and failed to notice that they had crossed paths with a neko youkai. It probably hadn’t sensed Toga’s reiki since he had hid it, but the neko youkai could still sense Kagome’s energy.

The back of his shirt was sizzling and emitting vapours when the inu and neko reiki had collided on there. It burned his skin slightly but the dog demon knew he would heal up in matter of minutes. He let go of the baffled woman and turned to face his invisible enemy.

“Come out and face me.” Toga called out calmly. He wanted this to be over quick. He didn’t have time to play hide and seek with those damn moggies. Not today.

For a while he couldn’t sense anything. The forest was quiet save for the rustling leaves, singing birds and the fast breathing he heard from behind his back. Kagome’s heart was still racing from being nearly decapitated a few seconds ago.

The dog demon’s patience was growing thin when he spotted movement from somewhere up in the trees. It sure wasn’t any wood pigeon lurking up there.

Toga readied his claws and sent his own attack high up the trees. A big nutmeg-yew tree was hit by the force of his reiki. The old bark crackled and twigs, leaves and splinters of wood flew everywhere. A low hiss could be heard when a dark figure nimbly hopped off the branches.

A short neko youkai shook sawdust off from its black coat and glared Toga with a spiteful gleam in its deep olive eyes.

“Don’t you mongrels learn to keep to your own territory.” It huffed. “That quarry is mine.” The cat demon obviously assumed that Toga was there for the same reason as it was – trying to hunt Kagome. Toga didn’t feel the need to correct its assumption since it would not live long enough to gain anything from that information. But it did irk him that a lowly cat thought their lands as his.

“This land belongs to Inu no Taisho, you low breed.” Toga growled and flexed his muscles, readying himself for another bout.

The neko youkai created a diversion by lunging at Toga but it instead gathered its youki and released a dark slash of energy from its claws. Toga glanced to his side. He could easily dodge the energy but that would mean that it was going to hit Kagome. Toga slightly moved before the energy hit him full force. It sliced through his thin shirt, ripping the garment to tatters, cutting all the way to the flesh of his chest. A crimson spray erupted from his upper body.

Toga stood still for a moment, seemingly unfazed by the blow and peered behind his back. The little miko stared at him straight in the eyes with her widened own chocolate orbs. She remained unharmed.

”Chikusho...” Toga breathed between his clenched teeth. Strands of silver were caught in his blood as his hair had come undone by the blow. He glared at his opponent with a cold fire burning in his eyes. ”Kono yarou neko.” He growled and leaped forward, tired of flailing claws back and forth, it was time for a more hands on approach.

The silver-headed demon pounded his much larger body on his adversary, crushing the cat demon beneath him. A high pitched yowl was cut short by a sickling snap and Kagome could only see two feet sticking from under Toga that gradually stopped kicking. When after a while the dark body only lay limp on the forest bed, Toga rose back to his feet, removing the hands of his foe from his chest that had been dug into the flesh. Maroon colored streaks of blood flowed out of many small puncture wounds all over torso.

Kagome held both of her hands up to her mouth, upset by the gory sight.


Said demon retrieved their spoils and came by her side to pick her up. He didn’t want to stay in the stench of that carcass with her. Toga jumped into the air and headed to a place they had passed with Kagome earlier that day.


It was a meadow deep in the woods. There was a small brook gushing serenely across the meadow and bright aureolin flowers dappled the greenery. They could catch their breath there before entering the camp.

The demon lord lowered the miko on the ground but as soon as he let go Kagome leaned back close to him.

“You’re hurt!” She gasped and carefully glided her fingertips over a tear in his shirt. The cloth was soaked in his blood; some of it had dried on his skin and glued the fabric to his wounds. The demon observed her ministrations quietly.

“This looks bad.” She mused out loud. “I’ll get some water and try to clean this for---“ Halfway through her sentence, Toga ripped his whole shirt off, tearing his wounds open in the process.

“Baka!” Kagome scolded him as blood began to stream anew on his chest. “You’re making it worse!”

Kagome pressed her hand on one particularly gaping wound, trying to supress the blood flow. The crimson liquid rushed down on Kagome’s hand leaving burning streaks on her forearm. His blood felt hot. Kagome didn’t know if it was a demon thing or just Toga’s personal peculiarity.

“Keep some pressure on it - I’ll go get the water.” Kagome said in a muted voice. She tried to remove her hand, but Toga placed his own hand on hers. His hand easily covered her whole fist. It felt gentle and surprisingly soft for a sword wielding demon warrior.

“I appreciate the concern, but I don’t need your aid. Demons heal fast and these are mere scratches.” His voice was low and tender. Even if he had just stated that, Toga still didn’t let Kagome’s hand go.

Kagome swallowed slowly. Her eyes shifted from his lips downwards to his naked torso. He looked like something out of a fitness equipment commercial. But no amount of time on an ab glider would give an average joe midsection like Toga’s. His toned muscles were no doubt a combination of a raw meat and veggies diet, constant battle training and amazing genetics. Maybe mostly genetics since no dog demon Kagome had seen in the past weeks could compare. Toga was simply… godly.

Toga began to slowly lean towards Kagome and she snapped herself out of her reveries. She quickly pulled her hand off his, admittedly, rock hard pecks losing her balance momentarily. Her companion did not stop her from falling backwards on the long grass – even though Toga definitely had the reflexes to do so. Instead, Toga followed her suit and fell on top of her.

Kagome found herself pinned down by a sturdy demon body with silver curtains of hair around them.

“I… You… Uh…” Kagome pushed back at his chest with both of her hands and tried to find a way to express how this was a bad idea. Very bad idea. The worst actually.

Toga curtly ignored her, as usual, and shoved Kagome’s hands out of the way before placing his mouth on hers. Kagome eyes widened with shock. She tried to protest, but his lips were hot and soft and made all kind of electric currents activate within her body. His kiss was actually pretty bashful; he placed his lips on hers and gently tickled her bottom lip with his tongue, but not actually forcing his tongue into her mouth.

The dazed woman wasn’t exactly sure if she returned the kiss or not, due to the mental meltdown of her brain at that moment, but she managed to turn her head enough so that she could speak through the kiss.

“No” She sputtered “This is wrong.”

Toga didn’t give her a break and returned his assault on her lips murmuring into the kiss “I know…”

His tongue felt like the wings of a butterfly caressing Kagome’s lips. She hadn’t noticed how her hands had slipped from his chest and toured to his back but her fingers were tentatively grazing his skin there. Beneath the skin were more of those divine muscles. His percentage of fat must have been close to zero. Kagome tried her best to focus on everything non-sexual in her situation to muster enough willpower to blast Toga’s ass of her body with her priestess energy. Trying desperately to ignore that the dog demon’s hands were massaging her neck oh so sensuously.

Toga could sense her resistance, but it did nothing to sway him. He was resolved on having her. But he wouldn’t resort to using force. He wanted her to want him. Just the thought of her begging him to ravish her made his manhood harden with mad desire.

Kagome dug her nails deeper into the skin of his back and tried to wiggle her way out from beneath him. As a counter measure, Toga pressed his hips down hard on hers.

“Oh.” Kagome breathed.

There was no mistake of his enthusiastic state.

It was exciting, yes. To have a man powerful and fine-looking as Toga wanting her. Kagome was forced to admit. Partially exciting exactly because it was also forbidden. But because of said forbiddance, this really could not go any further.

“You have to… stop…” Her voice trembled.

“Stop… Before what?” The smirk could practically be heard in his voice. “Before you don’t want me to stop?” He answered his own question while placing kisses on her neck.

Goddamnit! Why did his brazenness had to sound so sexy!

It may have been Toga’s first time of sex, but it wasn’t the first intimate encounter he had had. And those previous encounters hadn’t all been just hand holding either. Even if he had never put his shaft inside a woman before it did not mean that he didn’t have the knowledge of hundreds of years’ worth of foreplay. He knew how to drive one silly human mad.

His claws sneaked up to Kagome’s collar and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, began to cut her shirt open. He knew she would try to fight him but he distracted her by simultaneously grinding his hips into hers.

“Ah!” She let out a helpless gasp.

Toga was coming at her on all fronts - kissing her neck, working her shirt off and poking hello at her nether regions. The girl felt like her mind was melting, along with other things. But it would be so bad to enjoy this. Wouldn’t it? To relish those hands that finally freed her heaving bosom from their constricting clothing, to enjoy those lips that now left moist traces behind her ear.

“Ah.” She groaned again, this time sounding more decadent.

When Toga’s fingers found the small beads on the apex of her breasts and tauntingly squeezed and rubbed them Kagome involuntarily relaxed her legs, allowing the man on top of her to move more freely against her.

In a need for more the girl pulled Toga back into a kiss and this time she was the one pushing her tongue past his lips and entwining their tongues to a heated duel. Already at that point, she was dripping wet. Hardy any more teasing was necessary, but Toga wanted to savor everything about her. However, his leisurely lovemaking almost came to an abrupt end when Kagome suddenly untied his hakama knots loosening his waist enough for her to glide her hand over his hard member. She could just barely reach her fingers around his hardness.

Toga had to stop all he was doing because the overwhelming surge of pleasure disabled all his motor functions. Never in his hundreds of years of being alive had anything felt better than that small hand gripping and pumping his engorged male organ.

“Afff… Uoah…” Toga grunted between clenched teeth. He wanted for her to stop and continue so badly that he couldn’t even form a sentence.

When Kagome felt him shake under her touch, she lifted her head off the ground and moaned into his ear. “It’s so… big.”

Toga’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he took tight fistfuls of the grass underneath them. If he didn’t hold on to something he was afraid he would fly off.

Toga might have had practical knowledge on foreplay, but Kagome had one Internet worth of knowledge on how to make a man ejaculate. She also knew that men where practically incapacitated after they came thanks to Yuka and one specially awkward discussion at Wacdnalds.

“Make sure to not make him too excited. Otherwise the fun will be over before it starts.” Yuka’s voice, mouth full of fries, resonated in Kagome’s mind.

So, she only had to make him reach his climax and he would be satisfied enough to let her be. She would be able to save her innocence and even a smidgen of her remaining honor. Whatever there had been left after she had ogled him the whole day and having some very unkosher thoughts.

She continued to rub his throbbing… thing and make whimpering noises. But when Toga refused to come, Kagome laid all her cards on the table. Fine. She would do anything necessary to keep him from getting into her pants.

“You are so hot. I want you to come for me.” Kagome recited lines from some dirty movies she had watched in the future. They seemed to have worked for the actors.

Toga tried to shake his head clear. “No… I need to be inside you.”

Neither of them knew at that moment what consequence Toga’s lust-filled words held. The gears of destiny were now in motion.

Grrr! Kagome fumed in her head. Why did dogs have to be so goddamn stubborn! ‘Come you gorgeous numbskull!’

The girl lifted her behind off the ground, squishing his manhood harder against his abdomen and her hand. Her lips found their way to his ear and brashly sought his sensitive lobe between her teeth. Unintentionally she was also turning herself on. Mortified of her bravado but also feeling oddly unhindered by trying to drive the man into coming. The line between acting false and true was blurring as their reciprocal teasing was heating to a boil.

“Mmmmh, Toga.” She moaned when Toga finally had gathered enough of his wits to taunt her back. His back was arched as he had caught one rosy nipple in his mouth sucking her erogenous bead while she still massaged his shaft.

The aroma of her willing sex nearly made him lose his earlier decision of not using force on her. Whenever he tried to sneak his hand to her waistline and pull her pants down, she either smacked his hand away or squirmed her hips to make him loose his grip on her clothes. The demon lord knew he would have to be in her quick before his body yielded under her ministrations.

Kagome felt how she was soaked through her pants. And when she gave one firmer squeeze on Toga’s tortured penis, she felt how small eruption of sticky goo was released from the tip. They were both only few steps shy of the finish line. And Kagome didn’t know anymore which one she wanted to get there first.

“I can’t…” She almost sobbed and squeezed her eyes shut. Toga’s eager hardness felt silky smooth in her palm. He really wanted her. That beautifully sculpted demi-god tried to make her just as horny as she was trying to make him. The fire between her legs was so intense it hurt. “I want you… Toga.” When she uttered his name, she finally let his hand inside her pants where his fingers immediately found the small pearl of pleasure above her entrance.

The girl from the future gave a throaty scream when the last of her crumbling will shattered to his touch.

“Oh, kami! Toga… Take me, please. Now. Take me!”

But when Toga finally heard her plea, it was too much for him. Combined with the mad-driving scent of her wanton flesh and the obvious wetness of her willing cavern he couldn’t take when she needily spoke those passionate words to his ear, trembling at the edge of her own orgasm.

Toga gave few hard thrusts against her hand when he knew there was nothing he could do to make his cock stop from shooting out his seed.

Shallow panting, heaving chests and quietness ensued. Their wet groins pressed against each other as both of them tried to catch their breath.

Toga looked at Kagome and she saw that unlike she had thought the hunger had not left his eyes. She wasn’t still over her carnal high when he was already to continue. Demons apparently had a better stamina than humans did. Kagome, in the afterglow of her own orgasm, wasn’t again sure if it was a good or bad thing. The demon nudged his still stiff shaft against Kagome, implying that she was not off the hook.

“If you two are quite done, Toga-san is needed back at the camp.”

The demon lord and the human priestess nearly jumped out of their skins when a soft voice spoke out from few yards away. Toga quickly corrected his clothing and rose off Kagome who tried to save what little was left of her modesty by hugging her chest and clamping her knees together.

“Kimiko!” Toga spoke slightly out of breath. Shit. He would seriously have to learn not to be so caught up in Kagome in her presence that he constantly wouldn’t be surprise by whoever was passing by. Though it had to be admitted that Kimiko could masterfully hide her presence even from more seasoned demons if she so chose. “How long—“

The petite demoness courteously cut him off with “Long enough.” Only Kimiko could interrupt someone and make it sound polite.

Before Toga could voice his next question Kimiko languidly batted her dark lashes and replied with a smiling voice even though she was not smiling herself.

“Your father requested.”

Kimiko glanced at Kagome who was still lying on the ground and added. “Alone, if you will.”

Toga seemed pretty surprised and looked at the equally confused human who was trying to get up without revealing anything improper in the process. The little demoness slowly walked to Kagome and obviously sized her current attire with bemusement.

“Don’t worry.” Kimiko said with a honey dripping tone. “I’ll escort her back.”

Her big child-liked eyes twinkled and stared at her mate-to-be. “Run along now, Toga.”

Chapter End Notes:
A/N: Yay for my longest story to date! As you guys may have noticed, I revamped this story, adding a new chapter between the old chapters four and five. I made no major alterations to the old chapters. Mainly just cleaning out typos (a lot of them, ahem), adding some sentences and changing a few lines here and there. The “new” chapter five was necessary to me, because I felt that stuff was happening too fast. It still kinda is, but hey, I'm not writing Crime and Punishment here.
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