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Story Notes:

A strange sort-of "what if" story. It popped into my head after watching episodes 147-148 and episode 151 afterwards. What really caught my eye was the comments on youtube for the episodes saying that Kagome would have been able to see through Naraku's disguise. And thought: 

"Hmm....let's test that theory." 

 Another thought that led to this story was: 

"If Kikyo were still alive and a viable opition, would Inuyasha have chosen to be with her?" 

Both concepts really got me going and is a real good source of drama. And don't worry all characters will remain in-character. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hope you enjoy the first chapter. Be sure to tell me what you think, it is the only way the story can improve after all.

In terms of timeline, this is after Inuyasha's very first attempt to take the jewel. So he and Kikyo have met, but they haven't really talked yet, hence their distance to each other. 

 Also I wasn't sure exactly when Kagome's birthday was. So I just guessed. Most cheerful people I know were born around summer time, so I figured what the heck. If anyone knows her actual birthday, let me know and I'll correct it. 


50 Years Too Early

Disclaimer: Inuyasha obviously belongs to the great Rumkio Takahashi. If I owned it well...it would have been a lot shorter that's for sure, but that's beside the point.

Chapter 1: Boy Meets Girl Meets Reincarnation

Today was the day. Today was her fifteenth birthday. A huge smile covered Kagome Higurashi's face as she threw off her pink sheets and jumped out of bed. Her chocolate brown eyes took a quick look at her clock. 6:50, it read. Her grin widened. Not only was it her birthday, but she actually got up early today!

The teenager pushed her window open and allowed the crisp June air to hit her cheeks. A gentle breeze swept into her room, calming the usually frantic morning girl. Kagome took a deep breath and let out small squeal.

This was how all birthdays should start.

"Today is going to be great!"


It was still dark when Kikyo awoke. She looked across the small hut and saw Kaede still sleeping soundly. The priestess allowed herself a small smile at her dormant sister before preparing for her morning rounds.

As she dressed herself, she mentally called out to the barriers around the village. No disturbances so far. That would most likely change by mid-day at the earliest. If she took the southern route to gather herbs she'd return in time for a quick meal, something she had been missing for the past several days.

The young woman sighed. She'd known that protecting the scared jewel would be a constant affair, but she had yet to adjust to the frequent attacks. At least so far the demons had been minor. Still, she couldn't lower her guard, not even for a moment.

She took a bowl of fresh water and splashed it on her face. With each handful of water she mentally put on her mask. Her mask of apathy. Every day it became easier and easier to put on, and harder to take off. One day, she feared it would permanently be her face. A shot of dread ran through her. Would she still care about Kaede should that day ever come to pass? Would she still be able to find solace in the children of the village and their simple purity?

She splashed her face again. It was much too early for such brooding. Whether she agreed with it or not, she had a duty to carry out and she would fulfill her role, no matter what.

She tied her hair and stepped over Kaede to the door.

"Kikyo..." Kaede whispered.

"Forgive me, Kaede," Kikyo said. "I did not mean to wake you."

"No...I...just..." the child muttered, sleep clearly winning the battle. But despite that, Kaede managed to utter a phrase that shattered the priestess's guard. "Happy Birthday."

Kikyo froze at the doorway. The single phrase brought up so many memories. Some pleasant, some better left forgotten. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Kaede had finally lost the battle. Her light snores echoed through the hut. The priestess allowed herself a smile. Kaede may not have known it but she had just saved her sister from an entire morning of brooding. Yes, she still had a way to go from being the ice doll every one perceived her as.

"Thank you, Kaede."

She walked out of the hut with a new vigor.

Perhaps today would be a pleasant day after all.


Inuyasha awoke with a start. Today was the day. Today he was going to take the Sacred Jewel from that priestess.

The Halfling stretched out on his high branch. A quick sniff of the air told him that the river was only a few yards away. Three leaps from this height would get him there. He rotated his ears, taking in every sound and rustle for potential threats. Nothing in the immediate area. Keh, there had better not be, he thought. After he killed those weakling ogre brothers, the lesser demons of this forest let him be. Probably because they were too busy throwing themselves at that priestess for the Sacred Jewel. Inuyasha scoffed. As if he would let a bunch of weaklings have his jewel. All he had to do was defeat the priestess Kikyo and the power of a full-fledged demon would be his. Inuyasha cracked his claws in anticipation. It would be easy. He just needed to take out that damn bow of hers before she could shoot. With his speed it would be simple.

"I wonder what I should do first as a full demon," he wondered aloud. The answer came faster than he thought. Punch that pretentious, pompous, asshole he calls a brother, right in his smug, prick face. Yeah, that would show him that Inuyasha was the real deal. Then he'd hunt down every demon that had ever given him grief in his days as a pup and show them why screwing around with him was a bad idea. After that, he'd challenge even stronger and stronger demons until he was the most powerful demon around. Yeah, that would be the life for him, all he had to was defeat the priestess.

A rustle in the bushes pulled Inuyasha out his daydream. The red clad demon quickly went on the alert. His ears flicked in every direction, trying to hone in on the possible threat. After three tries, he found the source. It was approaching from the west. It definitely wasn't human from the slow and heavy steps he heard. It also had a strong scent to it. Inuyasha crouched on his branch, ready to spring at whatever was coming.

The bushes parted to reveal a medium sized male bear. Probably fresh into adulthood. Inuyasha scoffed and leaned back against his tree. To think he got so riled up over one stupid bear. It wasn't even a demon. Still it was hard to argue with almost ten years of caution. But that would all change when he became a full demon. No more hiding, no more caution and definitely no more worrying about the new moon every month.

He sniffed the air to see if the priestess was out and about yet. Through all the smells, he managed to find hers. The strong smell of demon blood. She was still in the village it seemed like, but demons were already throwing themselves at her barrier. The fools, he thought with a smirk. If they were smarter they would realize there was a weak point near the eastern portion of the shield. It was still a bitch to push through, but it was better than hurling at the front end. The priestess also had a habit of wandering these woods, his woods, for more plants. She'd be easy enough to find, just like he said to her on his first attempt.

If he left now he could probably sneak up on her. Or at least catch her before she wore herself out fighting those minor demons. He wanted to face her at her best, so that there could be no debate over his victory. Inuyasha stood on the branch, ready to leap when he heard the bear scratch on his tree. The dog halfing growled. He had marked this tree as his territory the moment he had found it. Now this bear was trying to take that from him? Keh, the fool.

Inuyasha angled himself so that he was right above the bear's neck. He flexed his claws and took another sniff of the air. The priestess had begun to move. He would have to make this quick. It would make for a good warm-up anyways.

A single leap and a single swipe was all it took. The bear was a weakling after all. Not one to waste anything, Inuyasha began to gut the creature, the meat would last him a good while if he stored it correctly. He then took a dip in the nearby river to clean off the blood.

With a full stomach and a successful territory defense, he was on a roll. Now all that was left was the jewel.

Inuyasha leaped after the priestess, already feeling the full power of a demon flowing through him.

Today was going to kick ass!


Kagome all but flew down the stairs to the kitchen. Her mother Chihiro was already at the stove cooking breakfast. (Kagome vaguely wondered if she ever left the kitchen) Souta was glued to the TV watching his early morning cartoons. His school uniform and soccer ball long forgotten on the couch. Gramps wasn't in the living room, but she could him struggling with something outside. Kagome glanced at rows of boxes lined against the back door and rolled her eyes. It was probably more of those Jewel of the Four whatever replicas he'd been going on about for the past couple of weeks. Why tourists would come to their shrine for some glittery marbles was beyond her.

"Happy birthday, Kagome," her mother said, snapping Kagome out of her thoughts.

"Oh, thanks mom!" she replied, taking her seat at the table.

"Souta, come eat your breakfast."

"Ok, mom," he replied, not moving from the TV screen. Kagome grabbed the remote and switched off the TV, breaking the spell. "Hey!"

"Come on squirt, before it gets cold."

The boy sighed and made his way to the table, disappointed that he won't see the show's climax.

"Happy birthday, Kagome!" Gramps called from the door over the large box in his hands.

"Thanks gramps," she said as she rose to help the elderly man with the box. "Sheesh, what's in this box, rocks?"

Gramps' face beamed with pride. "Authentic Shikon Jewel replicas!"

"Seriously gramps?" she groaned as she placed the next box against the wall. "Don't you think you're taking this whole sacred jewel thing a little too far?"

"You watch your tone little missie!" Grandpa exclaimed. "I'll have you know those replicas are a part of an ancient history. In fact according to legend this entire area was a battle ground for the original Jewel of the Four Souls..."

"Pickles, grandpa?" Chihiro interrupted.

Gramps's face brightened. "Ah yes thank you!"

Kagome sighed in relief as the old man made his way to the table. The last thing she wanted hear was another one of grandpa's "you have no respect for tradition" lectures. Especially today of all days. Breakfast was the usual affair, with Grandpa mouthing off every now and then about how even the pickles were filled with history. She had to roll her at that one. What was next? The floor tiles? Gramps really needed to give it a rest.

Luckily for her before the old man could go off again, it was time to head out. She slipped into her brown shoes while Souta went on ahead. Her mom told her to double check to make sure she had everything before wishing her a happy birthday one more time. She was halfway across the grounds when she saw Souta frozen in front of the storage house.

"You're not supposed to play in there," she reminded him, making her towards the boy.

"I'm not," he said with an annoyed pout. "It's the cat." Kagome saw the bowl of cat food in his hands and figured he had been trying to lure the wayward creature out of the storage house without actually going in himself. He was such a little coward.

"Buyo…." Souta called meekly.

Kagome crouched next him. "So go down."

"But why do I gotta be the one?" he whined.

"Because, you're the one that's looking for him," she replied as if it were obvious.

A faint scratching echoed near the old well in the center of the room. Souta yelped and was behind Kagome in a blink of an eye.

"Something's down there!"

"Uh yeah, the cat." She resisted the urge to groan. There wasn't any time for this, she had less than fifteen minutes to make it on time for homeroom. If Souta was too chicken to go down and grab the cat, she would have to.

The old wooden steps creaked under feet. She unconsciously walked on her toes to avoid breaking them. As she descended she noticed the scratching sound getting louder and it was coming from the well. And that wasn't all. Something was calling her. It was faint, just barely above a whisper, but she defiantly heard it. Her legs seemed to have a will of their own as she approached the old well.

"What is it sis?" Souta asked.

"Something….from the well…." She muttered, not noticing the faint pink glow emanating from her chest. She passed her hand over the boards covering the well. A warm pulse ran up through her and for the briefest of seconds nothing seemed to move.

That all changed when a plume of white erupted from the well, blowing off the boards like an overflowing pressure cooker. Before Kagome knew it, she was dragged in. A sudden bump on her head at the bottom of the well broke whatever trance she had been under.

"Ow….That wasn't fun," She groaned. "I must have fallen in the well. Hey Souta, go get grandpa!" When no response came the young woman had to groan again. The little coward must have run off. Figures.

"Not exactly the best way to kick off your birthday," she said to herself as she climbed up the old vines on the stone wall. "But it's just a little bump in the road. Just climb out and pretend this little clumsy incident never happened."

She reached the top with an exhausted gasp. Her arms were already aching from the excursion. A bright morning sun was waiting for her, along with the chirps of several cicadas. Kagome looked up in confusion. Wasn't the well inside the storehouse? Instead of a damp gloomy storage house, her chestnut eyes saw lines of trees as far as she could see. Butterflies fluttered across her face while a few birds flew over head. But most importantly, the shrine and her house was nowhere in sight.

"I might be wrong, but Toto, I don't think we're in Tokyo anymore."


Kikyo had just finished surveying the Eastern portion of the village when she picked up a strange presence. It was faint, but very powerful for her to pick up on it from this distance. Kikyo closed her eyes and stretched out her awareness. From behind her eyelids the forest rushed past her in a green blur as if she were dashing through them. She saw familiar grounds such as the lake, and rice patties before settling near the Bone Eaters Well and the Tree of Ages. A singular figure, humanoid it seemed like, was wandering through the forest. Normally Kikyo would have just written it off as a false alarm. But the powerful spiritual energy told her otherwise.

Was it a dark priestess? Tsubaki, perhaps? No. As strong as Tsubaki was, not even she had the kind of spiritual power Kikyo was sensing. Whoever was out there had sprit power almost on the same level as hers. But it seemed so raw and untamed, similar to the half-demon's aura she had faced the previous day.

The priestess readied her bow and set off towards the disturbance. Only twenty arrows sat in her quiver, she hoped that would be enough.


Kagome wasn't sure how long she had been wandering the woods when he showed up. She wasn't sure how many times she had yelled out for anyone familiar to her to pop out and say it was all just a joke. She wasn't even sure if she was still in Japan. But all those thoughts came to a halt when she heard,

"Where do you think you're going Kikyo?"

A boy dressed in all red suddenly leaped out of the trees and landed square in front of her. His long silver hair, and amber eyes were strange enough, but those dog ears just took the cake. They were just too…..cute. She wasn't sure if she should be scared or curious about the strange boy in front of her.

"Uh…hey you live around here right?" she said, taking a step forward. Anyone who dressed the way he did had to know his way around this crazy place. "Can you tell me where I am or at least point in the direction of a phone?"

Dog boy raised an eyebrow. Confusion dipped into his features before shifting back to its original growling state.

"I don't know what kind of trick you're trying to pull, but it won't work on me Kikyo! Now hand over the Scared Jewel!"

Trick? What trick? Was he on something? Who was Kikyo? Was he a schizophrenic?

"Look, can you please just get me to a phone or something; my mom must be worried sick."

"I told you to lay off the tricks, Kikyo!" he growled. "If you ain't gonna hand the jewel over, I'll just take it!" He cracked his fingers, showing his ridiculously long nails.

Her heart began to pound as her earlier curiosity gave way to fear. He wasn't seriously going to come after her was he? It had to be some kind of joke, a birthday prank. But when four golden arcs came her way that thought evaporated. Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs and dove forward, narrowly avoiding the attack.

"Someone help!" she screamed, not sure who would hear. "This weirdo is trying to kill me!"

Dog boy whirled around. Annoyance was written all over his face. "I'm the weirdo? Says the woman in those clothes and acting completely different from yesterday! Did you hit your head or something Kikyo?"

"That does it. Kikyo, Kikyo, she's not me, because my name's Kagome, KA-GO-ME!"

"I've had enough your games, Kikyo! Prepare to die!" He leapt at her again, his claws beginning to glow that yellow light. Kagome squeezed her eyes shut, too afraid to even move. At that moment, two arrows whizzed past her ears. A loud grunt, made her open her eyes. The dog boy was now pinned to a tree by two arrows in his sleeves. Before she could wonder what happened, she got her answer from a voice behind her.

"I thought I told you to stay away from here, half-demon."

Kagome turned around and nearly jumped out her skin. Walking towards her was a young woman who looked almost exactly like her. She seemed to be somewhat familiar with the dog guy, who was now cursing up a storm at her twin. Kagome stayed frozen in her spot as she watched her clone and the dog boy talk. This couldn't be happening. This had to be a dream or an extremely elaborate prank for TV. People don't just run into their exact twin out of the blue do they? And what about that whole idea where if someone met their doppelganger they would die? Did that mean she was going to die?

"You there," her twin said calmly, breaking Kagome out of her stupor.

"Y-yes…?" she replied meekly.

"Follow me, if you wish to live."

Kagome did as she told (as if she had a choice), but one thing was sure,

She was definitely going to remember this birthday.

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