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"now all the keys were gathered kagome tie them up and shoot them..."

kagome thought for a moment... "but were do i"

she was quickly stopped by the words that came out

"Through my heart" Kid Solaris said... "Trust me"

Kagome listened and shot... "then the keys glowed red with blood shot into the other Solaris And he woke up with white hair now ... 

"So-Solaris" everyone said stutering...

"What the hell do you want god spit it out already no now im board lets just leave this stupid dump of a castle might as well call it a hassle!" Real Solaris said

Kid Solaris and the others stared in awe and confusion

The silence was broken by kagome saying "Whats with the attitude..."

"Sorry when the keys work a fusion begins now he has all of youre personalities combine into one person" Kid Solaris said 

"Now i get it that totally makes sense Shippo said glareing at InuYasha coldly


Chapter End Notes:
Yay call me Fusion Solaris
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