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Author's Chapter Notes:

I dont know what to write any way Just start the chapter....


Me and Inuyasha Kept Walking Down the hall of the White Marble Castle and Noticed a Figure.

"Is that... No.... It can't be..." I said Wondering Why He was Here in the First Place "Sesshomaru?" I said out loud to myself. Sesshomaru Was Looking at a Mirror With a Shiny Clean Golden Edge- as If Cleaned and Washed 24/7 our every micro-micro-centi-second. and the Mirror showed something else Like... A Huge Meadow and Some Flowers. Why Sesshomaru was looking at the Meadow ONLY GOD KNOWS! I'm think He has Mind Powers because he said.    

'Something is In there and It bugs Me that's All.' I was About to ask What When I saw Something Behind Us That surprised the crap Out of me... Down the Hall Was Kagura and She Looked as If She Lost A Fight.... ( With Umn.... I guess Everyone because I wanted to make a stupid Reference.)

 Then I realized something Scary.... Beside Me with His Long Red Hair and Divine Blade Was Yoshiko Hitaru and a woman About 15 in a white dress, Hitsumi Hitaru (My Older Sister) But Something was Off it was Just the Three of us...alone....

"Solaris Do you Understand What is In The Sheath" he said In A Calm low Voice. Hitsumi bent over and Kissed my Cheek And She Gave Me Something that She took off of her Neckless

"This Gem Goes Inside you're sheath she said. she was wearing beautiful red lipstick that went well with her long Shiny Scarlet Hair... Yoshiko handed me something too.

"Solaris use this to end Yaraku he is trying to awaken iblis now about the sheath in times of need just imagine a sword there and then awaken the power of... The SolariSaiga"(Yah Real Creative it's Solaris' sword Solaris-Aiga or Solari-Saiga)

       "By the way I'm Not Dead Neither is You're Sister were sealed in the Deepest part of the Castle... But Don't try to rescue us save the girl first... Mimichiko Sakura Hazel was it?" He said as if not caring but that was his normal voice.

"Solaris If you need to talk to us use the Blade and Jab the Ground" Hitsumi said kindly. "Solaris... Be Careful and.... I grant you this" She gave me beautiful Golden miniature halo. "Give this to her awaken he Purification within her protect her...." She started to cry and put her White Gloves (that matched her extremely Pale Skin) Over Her Face So i didn't cry either

"Solaris I want you to meet him" he Handed showed me a Dark Gray Wolf. "Raikuno, is his Name he can speak with his mind and he was originally my gift to you for you're 9th Birthday but... you know what transpired that day" He said A tear dripped down one of his Amber/Topaz Eyes. That was the first time i've seen him Cry. out of the 19 years he lived he Never Cried as I was told by the village because i was only alive 12/19 of those years. (Note: he is Like 25 Now but he is 19 because he was temporarily dead and time never passed then same goes for Hitsumi) The Wolf Opened it's Eyes there were almost Sapphire but more of an Emerald Color. I Suddenly woke with a Start and The Wolf Was still there and so was everything else Including Kagura, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha only Kagura was now bandaged and the wolf was tiny and was able to transform somewhat like Kirara. (or Kilala) I Took out a Silver Blade with a Blue and green handle with some green ribbon on the bottom the blade was amazing I walked over to the Mirror and Suprisingly Sesshomaru actually moved out of the way and looked like he just saw a more powerfull version of himself. ( I can't use ghost because He would just say 'Out of my way' and Blow it up) I walked through the mirror and found the meadow, the Mirror world...

"Okay Guys Know We Fight to Beat Yaraku and Save our Friends" I said. But The others Just Walked there own way.... "Yoshiko Why Couldn't I have you're Leadership Skills or Hitsumi's Patience...." I Said Getting angry.

Chapter End Notes:


And Next chapter Soon 

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