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Author's Chapter Notes:
Okay I know it used to be tagumon but I'm writing Solaris) any way i tell Inuyasha about my childhood in the very future in 2105

"Yoshiko-Nisan" I said running up to by big brother "oh hey Solaris I Managed to protect everyone again" He said with his arm Bleeding "Big brother you're hurt" I said Crying "It's nothing" He replied anticlamaticly.

When I was 9....

"NO!" I screamed Yoshiko's body was Dead on the war ground And then Iblis came "I'll Need a host so I'll let you live for Now anyways." Iblis said walking away. (Iblis is the charcoal skinned beast that uses my body when my hair goes black and red) I was the only one who survived the onslaught on my village I fell into the water and was washed on shore somewhere "Excuse me mister you were hurt so I brought you something" a Girl with blue haired girl age 8 said.. "I'm Mimichiko I want to go on you're adventures too." The girl said "I am Solaris Hitaru Survivor of the land of Light"  said Walking closer to her. after a coupe minutes I learned that she was a Princess... "I swear I will Protect you With my Life If you come along" I said walking out the door... she followed and we solved many Mysteries in the future...

Chapter End Notes:
"and that is my past" I said slipping a black sheath out of my pocket with nothing in it
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