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Author's Chapter Notes:
I drown In Quicksand And Have My body Strapped to the wall...
After I woke Up I noticed Yaraku coming Holding a red Thingy He held tighter And I felt Extremely Unpleasantly tortured "This Solaris Is you're Heart And the Jar Is You're Demonic Soul If I torture You It'll Absorb You're Pain And turn it into Life force Ounce enough it will make a second Host controlled only by Itself" Yaraku said "you're just as Evil As You're Cousin" I said Pain rushing in my body .I noticed a Jet Black Haired Figure with red and Black outfit with coal Colored Skin... "Solaris That is you" A voice said In my Mind Then A Women Walked In... "So we Meet Again Solaris" Kikyo said... Walking in Holding Her Arrow "DIE SOLARIS" She said shooting her arrow "Is that really Kikyo why does she hate me" i thought  The Arrow Shot me right Where My Heart would Have Been I paused "But why Kikyo I thought we were Fr-Frien-ds" I said Pausing Between Words To cough up my blood. I fell into Slumber... Kikyo's eyes Widened "Friend? You Die To Live or Live to Die then.... I'm guessing you had no Idea I Hated you and My Reincarnation Kagome from the Beginning then..." Kikyo said "YARAKU" Hitutsu said Coming in the room "ANOTHER" Kikyo said pulling her arrow back going to kill Hitutsu "NO!!!! PLEASE DON'T HARM HIM" I screamed dripping basketball sized Drops of Blood... Kikyo shot the arrow at the wall "Next time I'll hit" Kikyo said Yaraku Held Harder and I fell completely asleep.
Chapter End Notes:
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