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Story Notes:

     It's Been About 2 years since I've seen Inuyasha... And Mitotsu Is now a young Nurse In training and Hitutsu is Now A Baby sitter because he's good with Kids... me I'm A Cook and Mimichiko Gardens Roses and Daisies.. I picked up Mail outside "Bills Bills Invite Bills" I read "INVITE" I yelled we immediately got in the car and Went to the castle of Hitarutusuki Kingdom. When We got there I bumped Into someone "Oh I'm sorry Mi-" I paused "KAGOME" I Yelled Kagome turned around "Hi Solaris" She said Mimichiko waved over "Inuyasha ran down the hall Then the ground turned Into Quicksand And Everyone but Me and Inuyasha were Captured "Mimichi-ko" I said Drowning in Quicksand "Hmm.. FOOLISH Mortals I AM Yaraku Naraku's DEMON COUSIN!!!" The voice said

Chapter End Notes:
Why does every series have a women Get captured
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