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Author's Chapter Notes:
whoa gay

      "What is going on" I said Tied to a tree I looked around and saw Koga And I fell asleep from All the addrenaline I had before....

 Next thing I know I see a huge cave And bones all over "this is there hideout Marked up my outfit There going DOWN" I thought to myself "Who wants Pie" I said with a ^^ face "Sure sounds like something Kagome would make for that mutt" Koga said "Oh you want me to get Kagome" i said Koga blushed afterwards "I got Him WRAPPED AROUND MY FINGER NOW" I thought... I went out side Took the Kagome cosplay out of my bag put it on and Put a wig on... Hey Koga-Kun I said Doing a really good Impression off Kagome.... "Tagumon left and got me here and uhh.... Flew away!!!" I can't Beleive he fell for it Now i gotta get out of here ( to many guards To leave before) Hey Koga can you get all you're guards here so I can get That Stupid Inuyasha to come and My brave Wolf can Rescue me and defeat him" I said Impressing Kagome again. he said sure And I was about to leave when He came "SOLARIS WHY ARE YOU IN KAGOME'S CLOTHS" Inuyasha yelled looking pissed. That dumb idiot blew my cover And they grabbed Inuyasha and Shippo..... I had to fight Koga kinda like fighting Inuyasha though.....

Chapter End Notes:
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