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Author's Chapter Notes:
bye guys until we meet again

" as we got back to the village a vortex opened "Oh I guess I must go.... Bye Inuyasha our times were good even though I got the worst beatings in my life..." I paused and Cried "I'm glad to be you're Friends you guys Best moments in my life!!!" I yelled and we dissapeared after all saying good bye."

a minute later...

  "Inuyasha you're crying too now" Kagome said

"yah Kagome and this time not for the Pie..." Inuyasha said

"BYE" Shippo said crying too...

even Sango and Miroku cried....

"don't worry Inuyasha he left another Pie.. and Now Im crying DOUGH HEAD!!!" Kagome Yelled

 "do not fight all ways Smile never give up i'll be there!!!" Sango read my note "everyone smiled and ate my cherry grape pie



Chapter End Notes:
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