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Author's Chapter Notes:

I was in a fierce battle with Naraku and I had no strength left hardly any blood and My vision was blurier than a 2 year old blind Baby's Painting "DRAGON TWISTER!!!" the doors came down and Naraku took his eyes off me, that was his mistake because I sent a Lightning Fist right through where his Heart would be and i couldn't hold on any longer... I closed my eyes and heard the name Solaris..."Solaris take off the sealing black ropes" I was wearing black ropes too!!! I took them off and felt energy floating through my body and all my rips and wounds healed I got up... "Naraku, You're death will happen at my hands I solaris Will DESTROY YOU!!! IT ends here,NARAKU!!!!" A huge lazar shot out of my hands and Naraku evaporated from the world "Naraku's Presence is gone" Kikyo said Walking In the room. "Inuyasha be aware that you didn't find her..."Kikyo said gloomy as alway "Something wacked with that woman" I said Thinking of an answer Knowing I wouldn't get one... "Inuyasha my real identity is known as Solaris" I said Wondering what happened putting my chains back on "Tagumo- I mean Solaris you're hair is" Inuyasha said looking at my hair going from red back to the original bright Blue color..."come on We need to rescue the girls and get back home..."I said I fell over   

Chapter End Notes:
wow I fell over onconcious
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