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Author's Chapter Notes:
   Miroku and Shippo have there stone Meanwhile...

   "Kohaku do you sence the presence of the stone" Sango asked... "hey sister we should go up there to Mt.Thunder Blade" Kohaku said feeling happy that Naraku was going to be gone. they journeyed up Mt. Thunder Blade witch when they got to the top they noticed a Big field of cloud. "Kohaku be carefull" Sango said... A giant thunder cloud appeared "I am the TCB THUNDER CLOUD BOSS and you must defeat ME!!!" The cloud said Kohaku and Sango tried to attack but it had no effect Kirara could not get close enough to bite it..... "HIRIKOTSU" Sango yelled chucking the huge Boomerang at the monster.... Then she threw Scent beads at it and it turned solid. Kohaku threw His sickle and it destroyed the monster "the stone" Sango grabbed it... and went back to the village....


Chapter End Notes:
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