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Author's Chapter Notes:


         as we headed back to the village I noticed a girl with 3 white feathers in her hair and she was holdind a fan and i stepped back because she had red eyes she said hi as if she and Inuyasha were friends then air thingys came out of her fan so i played another tune "do do do so so la" she threw those bladey things at kagome and they bounced off thankx to my barrier then i played another tune do re re re me do." It started rainning cats and dogs and in an instant, a giant aquatic tornado formed around the sacred arrows and Inuyasha's sword and water kept cutting away at the girl with red eyes.                                                  then a short ghostly girl all (depressing) sad looking with a dumb mirror in her hand had her cloths rip becuase of the rain needles then kagome shot like 50 arrows and they were blue and pink swirly and it was like cotton candy from this. so I decided to let my cutting rain finish the two evil girls. Inuyasha said something like Wind scar and then The two left...

Chapter End Notes:



oh my 

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