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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yay onward to adventure

      In the morning i headed towards a village and people dressed like Inuyasha. so I got my own oulfit out because im always prepared with cloths. after getting my other oulfit on i walked into the village and saw Inuyasha I decided to NOT say hi after the "ill kill you" statement he gave me so i hid and chucked a rock at his head. he turned around hit the rock and it fell to the ground. then a whole bunch of bees came near me. naturally my fear of bees made me scramble too him and ask for help. he got  pissed said he knew i through the rock whoped me on the head and left I followed him and gave him a survey apparently he thought my ?'s were "boring and stupid" .so I got another whop on the head and I kicked him Ran as fast as I could to my tree hid and hid behind it. he fond me hit me AGAIN and left to some other place. so i walked around the village and saw Kagome I said hi and she said "have you seen Inuyasha, it's our anniversary and-...." she stoped I Asked her If i could come she said yes and we went with her

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