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Author's Chapter Notes:

     "INUYASHA OVER HERE" i yelled over to him coming out of my house that i built with a blue and yellow feudal outfit and a basket... "hey Tagumon what's up something attacking the village?" Inuyasha replied with a question." actually i wanted you to have this it's a fruit pop made from my own cherry and grape juice I know you like those flavors..." i said smiling " So Senpai I was wondering he other's were wondering about taking the day off and...... I wanted to spend the day with you and help you with what you need to do....." I said smiling. "sure Is Kagome comming...."He said really tired. I nodded yes... we started getting ready

  2 minutes later

Inuyasha, Kagome Shippo Miroku Over here!!!! I yelled..... I loked at the clouds and noticed Sesshomaru on top of a tree okay where are we going today guys everyone asked where i wanted to go I though about everyone's stories ("i was captured and my frends were injured Kikyo was injured too rin was captured and hurt by some Naraku guy then i realized my goal.....") Let's go teach that Naraku a lesson and pummel him!!! everyone was shocked. "look Tagumon you said yourself it's a day off so where not going after naraku as much as we want too"Miroku explained. I remembered something else "THE TEMPLE I HAVE A MAP" i yelled "THE DATE IT WAS MADE WAS A WEEK AGO" Kagome said suprised "I THINK THE SOURCE OF MY POWERS ARE IN THERE I GOT THIS MAP IN THE FUTURE!!!" i yelled....."I've heard of this temple it's said a giant demon can take the powers of people in you're memory and take that form!!!" Miroku warned "good I was hoping for a challenge right Tagumon? No match for us!!!" Inuyasha bravely commented I agreed and said with all of us we can win

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