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Author's Chapter Notes:
I meet more people my fortune cookie was true i do meet faces every minute

     so far im tied up in chains i have to pee badly and i cant because im a prisoner then i noticed a prisoner-buddy in the other cell of wood was a girl with a orange dress-kimono cloths oulfit whatever "where you captured too, im Rin what's you're name do you like flowers, do you know lord-Sesshomaru. he's the best lord in the world." she said in one breath. then i noticed that I'M IN HELL!!!! I'M SURROUNDED BY WEIRDOS IN A CELL I HAVE TO PEE AND ILL PROBABLY DIE HAVING  TO PEE!!!! Not the best day on my list. i was kind enough to tell her my name "Tagumon" then i wound up answering all the other questions because of her face being clueless looking with  the "EMOTIONAL STARE!!!" yes i like them, no i dont know him. is he really...? i said out of kindness...."yes he is, Lord Sesshomaru is probably going to rescue me any minute now." then i thought i could escape by inching my way through the back way. sadly epic fail Kohaku saw me and decided not to ever take his eyes off me. i was screwed. then the evil sinister leader came walking by "RED EYES" I thought. Then i saw the other two women Kagura and Kanna then there was a young boy like a 6 year old looking. i thought another minion GREAT!!!! then someone with white long hair, 2 swords AND UPSET LOOKING APPEARED! "LORD SESSHOMARU OVER HERE" Rin yelled. "Tagumon were saved" she said. I then realized she would help ME escape. What a realeif. I can go to the bathroom i thought... later...         "Lord Sesshomaru we need to help Tagumon, he was catured by those evil girls too!!!" Rin said upset as if she liked my company UNLIKE INUYASHA! (well i realized most girls like me more than guys.) "hm... fine...." Sesshomaru replied. then i was doomed AGAIN because of Kohaku. Sesshomaru beat him up the sickle went flying out of Kohaku's hand and cut my chains. I got up and walked over towards them thanked them and randomly tried to find my way back to the other's Sesshomaru broke through the walls so it was not hard to get out "Tagumon ma Lord said we can journey together for a while." Rin yelled over to me. I agreed thinking about what happened last time I went alone.
Chapter End Notes:


So i now follow Sesshomaru and Rin! (Jaken is at a Hot spring taking a life times break!) but how long will i live before being Kidnaped again

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