Guilty Pleasures of the Cute Kind by Taiyoukai_Nile
Summary: Kagome has seen some strange stuff in her life, but who was she to judge when she discovers her fiancé's secret guilty pleasure? Sess/Kag
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1. Guilty Pleasures of the Cute Kind by Taiyoukai_Nile

Guilty Pleasures of the Cute Kind by Taiyoukai_Nile
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It was not often that Kagome visited her fianc's house, in all of the five years that she had been dating him. In fact, it was rare for her to venture into his bedroom, unless he invited her in. And for Kagome, that was okay. She respected her love's boundaries, and cherished what he wanted to share with her. Sesshoumaru Taisho was a stoic demon lord that kept his own council. 'Reserved' barely described the iron fist he had on what he allowed others to know about him.

In fact, it was a surprise to Kagome, when they started dating, that she felt that he really liked her. But he did, and even with all the women throwing themselves at him, he still chose her. It was actually surprising, as Kagome wasn't anything like his previous relationships. She dressed differently and loved a lot of things that his previous women said were childish.

Kagome loved dressing in cute pleated skirts and anything that was cute. In fact, her apartment had various cute plushies and even some anime. She remembered being a little embarrassed to let Sesshoumaru in her home, due to the fact that she was aware that her love for plushies and anime were a bit insane. However, the silver-haired demon took a look around, nodded, and then hugged her to himself. It was a very odd reaction, but Kagome ate up the attention, as he hadn't been much of a hugger in the beginning of their relationship.

As time progressed, she noticed little quirks, but still let them slide. When she would go to take off some of her plushies from the couch or bed, Sesshoumaru would just tell her to leave them be. In fact, he never protested about having sex on top of her Hello Kitty bed sheets. In fact, he cuddled her all night, after a few rounds.

His accepting of her quirks were really what made her accept his.

However, this time, her visit to his apartment made her feel nervous. Earlier in the day, he texted her, and asked her to come to his place, as he needed to talk. From experience, the "we need to talk" always made Kagome's anxiety rise, because she'd been there before, and that was always the end. In fact, she was almost in tears, before he answered the door.

"So, you said we needed to talk?" Kagome prompted weakly.

Sesshoumaru nodded, and took her hand.

"Follow me. I need to show you something I've been keeping from you. I can't keep it a secret anymore, especially if we're to be married," he replied, and then gently guided her to his room.

Kagome was really confused on what it could be. Sure, her anxiety level was a bit high, but if he was taking her to his room, it wasn't to break up with her.

For the most part, Sesshoumaru's room didn't have much. It was a California king-size bed, all in black. His furniture was black, and his walls were a medium gray. It wasn't much, especially since his room was so huge. As Kagome was brought further into the room, he steered her to one of two of his closets.

"Open it," he said, his voice sounding a tad nervous.

"Um, okay," she replied, and then slid the door open.

Her mouth started to drop open.

Sesshoumaru turned to her and asked, "Well?"

Kagome stepped inside the closet... no huge room! It was chock full of manga and all sorts of cute things. It looked like he had been collecting for decades, as she recognized some items that had been issued far before she had been born. In fact, there were a lot of items that she wanted and begged for when she was little, but her family was too poor for them. It was like a shrine. Hello Kitty, still with tags or in packages, anime figurines, plushies galore.

"Oh my god! Is that a Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Plush Sleepy?" She asked in wonder, her fingers itching to touch it.

"Hn," the demon lord replied.

"This is what you wanted to hide? This is amazing!" Kagome exclaimed.

"How can this be amazing, Kagome? I'm a demon lord that collects cute things. Don't you think that's a bit strange?" he asked, a bt exasperated.

"Sure, it's strange, but I'm not going to hold your guilty pleasure against you, my sexy demon lord. Come on, some people collect McDonald's toys, and some collect girls' used panties from the vending machines. I'd say this is the least of your worries. I can say that I'm going to love this room when we're married. We might end up needing a bigger place, especially if we're going to fill it with our cute kids one day," she giggled. "Imagine if we had a little girl, and the little kitty ear or panda ear hats she could wear."

Sesshoumaru choked, and then raised his hands to his face to cover it, but Kagome saw the blush forming.

"Kagome, stop. I don't think I can handle such images," he croaked, revealing a side of him that she had never seen before.

"We ARE having children together, right?" she asked. "Just imagine how I'll look pregnant."

The demon lord's eyes flashed red, and he growled.

"You better run, my little priestess, or we'll start making those pups now," he smirked wickedly.

Kagome made out a high pitched sound like an eep, and then ran from her fianc. Sure, she wanted children, but not yet.
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