Best Man Steals the Bride by Melanie Ray

Poor Hojo. He used to be a normal guy but, completely absorbed in his pity over losing Kagome, he's driving his friends nuts with it! Inuyasha decides that if he wants his friend back, something must be done. Too bad destiny thinks irony is funny. (Inu/Kag Romance)

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1. Chapter 1: Good Samaritan Act by Melanie Ray

Chapter 1: Good Samaritan Act by Melanie Ray

Now that I am trying to remaster my old fics (Update them and make them better), now is the time to go through this, update it, and let the Inuyasha community have it back.

Quick notes: Harry Potter did not have all it's books out yet. This was written around 2004. If there is outdated technology mentioned, then I will preserve it. I am just toning it up, mostly with grammar correction, not changing the original flavor. Enjoy.

Day: Wednesday

Time: 11:46 a.m.

Place: YKU's Cafeteria.

Kagome performed the two tasks she often did at lunch times at Yamaguchi Kappei University. Carry a tray while trying to get away from Hojo. "Really, Hojo, I gotta go."

"But," Hojo begged, "please come sit with us? I could sit with you? The guys and I could all come sit with you?" he added while he grabbed her hand.

Kagome tried not to topple her food. "Hojo. I'm eating with my friends. You go eat with your own friends."

Hojo looked at Kagome longingly as he let go of her. He watched her sit in her usual seat with her friends. "Damn."

Inuyasha chewed his sandwich and watched his friend make an idiot of himself. Eventually, the depressed man came back to his seat and looked miserably at his empty tray. He hadn't even bothered to fill it yet. Inuyasha couldn't take it any more. His friend used to be great to hang out with. He glared at the woman that had screwed his buddy Racoon up so bad. "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch." He took a bite of his sandwich. "Hey Racoon?"

Hojo glanced at him, his eyes still like a lost pet.

"Why don't you just *munch**munch* give up on that stupid Bitch already?" Inuyasha asked as he continued to eat his sandwich.

Hojo sighed as he layed his head on the table. "She is so special," He watched Kagome laugh at something her friend Yuka had said.

Inuyasha just scoffed. *Keh* "Yeah, no kidding." He whispered to his friend Miroku. "She changed Hojo from a normal warm-blooded male to a desperate sappy moron."

"I heard that." Hojo groaned. "I don't care anymore. She's all I need." He banged his head on the table repeatedly. "What *bam* an *bam* idiot *bam* I *bam* am!"

Miroku patted his friend's shoulder as he drank his milk. "You should forget her. She's never going to go out with you again."

Hojo lifted his head. "She eventually will."

Inuyasha just shook his head while finished off his sandwich. "That's what you said a month and a half ago. Give it up already. Your 'last chance' time is over."

"I can't. I just can't." Hojo looked at his empty tray. "This tray symbolizes my life."

"Philosophy now? Hojo man, geez." Inuyasha pointed over to Kagome who had been getting up to put her tray away. "Look at her. What does she even got? She's not real sexy, she's hardly got a chest, she's just... well, actually she does have a nice...stop that. Trying to convince Hojo here. ...she's just an average run of the mill chick."

"Inuyasha is right," Miroku said to Hojo's groan. "She is no more special than all the women who ogle you right now."

"Hoj'? I gotta say this," Inuyasha said as he started to eat his potato. "You are pathetic."

Kagome tried to stop being annoyed by all the eyes staring at her from Hojo's table.

"Kagome?" Ayumi asked, obviously realizing Kagome's problem. "Hojo does seem different. Maybe you should give the jerk another chance? He probably learned his lesson and won't ever cheat on you again."

Kagome looked over at her friend, Endo Ayumi . They weren't the closest of friends and didn't share too much in common. Ayumi was more of 'the friend of a friend', but they did get along okay most of the time. Kagome brought out some of her homework. "No Ayumi. We are over. I've told him that we are just friends now. That's it and that's all."

"Yeah, but we really think he might be loyal this time," Eri added.

Kagome cringed at her friend Arai Eri's answer. Eri was more of a friend than Yuka, but currently she wasn't helping Kagome since she had also become friends with Fukazawa Hojo. "Loyal, yeah but, I don't know. The guy is just . . ."

"Just what?" Eri asked as she bit into her sandwich again.

Kagome tried to focus on her homework. "He proposed to me this morning."

"What?!" Sango, Yuka, Eri and Ayumi all shouted in surprise.

"Yeah," Kagome muttered. "When I came downstairs he was right there. In a tuxedo, on one knee, and everything. It was so embarrassing." She shuddered as she remembered the horror all over again.

"Geez. Kagome," Yuka said in disbelief. "He actually wants to marry you?"

"Yeah," Kagome muttered as she looked at Yuka. Narita Yuka. Next to Sango, one of her closest friends. They had two classes together and they we're usually partners in them. They became friends when she first came to college two years ago. Actually, all of Higurashi Kagome's friends she met in her first year at the College. All except Yamada Sango. That friend she had known ever since grade school.

Dang, Kagome thought in frustration as she chewed on the bottom of her pencil. These problems are the worst. I hate College Algebra. Kagome looked over at Sango. She was about to ask her best friend something when-

"Take it!" Ayumi and Eri shouted happily at the same time.

Kagome looked at her two currently unstable friends. "Excuse me?"

"Come on Kagome," Ayumi pleaded. "You two went out for like three years. Kagome, proposals don't just fall out of the sky. Accept it and live happily ever after."

Kagome shook her head with wisdom. "He'd just cheat on me again."

"Kagome. Listen to reason," Eri continued. "Hojo. Proposal. Girl, he loves you! I bet he'd rather lose an appendage than ever cheat on you again."

Kagome looked over and saw a strange smile on Sango. I doubt that's from imagining us together. She looked back at her homework and entered into the black hole abyss that was her math. Kagome took the pencil out of her mouth. She had just bitten off a piece of the eraser. Yuck. Let's face it, I need help. She gazed over at Sango pleadingly. Ever since the second grade Sango could help with anything. From boys to algebra to her simply daily troubles. "Sango, I need help."

Sango seemed to be perplexed. "It's your life, Kagome, but if he does cheat on you again, I will be the one ripping off an appendage. I will choose which apendage he will lose."

Kagome looked back at Sango, puzzled. Oh yeah. We had been talking about Hojo. "Umm, no, Sango. I was talking about this." She raised the math paper to Sango's face. "Do you think it's 5a/b or 10a/b?"

Her friends all sweatdropped.

"You mean . . ." Eri sighed. "You won't even consider it?"

Kagome gave them a disgusted look. "Marry Fukazawa Hojo? Yuck. I don't even date him anymore, remember?"

Eri still didn't seem like she'd believe it. "You mean, the guy proposed to you and you still won't even give him a second chance?"

"Right," Kagome said, not caring if her friends approved of her actions or not. "Now, will someone please help me with this?" she asked as she waved her paper again. "I think it's 5a/b but I just don't know!"


"She told me no and that we're only friends," Hojo said sadly.

Inuyasha crossed his arms and muttered, "You idiot, giving up on your freedom like that."

"That . . . why?" Miroku asked, too shocked to say anything else.

"Because I need her. I-she's just-I can't stand it!" Hojo banged the table with his fist. "Geez, I-I don't know what I'll do if someone else gets her."

Inuyasha glanced at the woman Hojo was madly in love with. The woman he had dubbed 'The Bitch'. "Then, we won't let her."

Hojo looked up at Inuyasha. "What?"

"We won't let her." Inuyasha grinned wickedly. "We'll just 'persuade' all her admirers to stay away."

Miroku stared at Inuyasha. "That's barbaric."

"Tch. So?" Inuyasha said. "If Hojo doesn't get back with 'the Bitch' sooner or later, than he's just gonna lie around and be miserable his whole life. And that I can't stand. Neither can you, you know it."

Hojo looked back at Kagome as she and her friends were leaving. "Beat up everyone who likes Kagome . . ."

Miroku thought about what Inuyasha said. He really couldn't stand the whimp his friend had become. "I suppose it's a good samaritan act, from a certain point of view."

Hojo looked back at Miroku and Inuyasha with hope. "Do you mean it? Would you really do this for me?"

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, yeah. What are friends for?"

Hojo smiled. "Thanks guys! Okay, right now I can name at least six guys who are close to her."

Time: 2:00 P.M.

Place: Guys' Bathroom


"Okay, okay, I won't!"

"Won't what?" Inuyasha demanded of his victim as he stuffed his head in the toilet stool again. Sure, a swirlie was a juvenile thing to do. He knew that, but for this particular fella, it could be traumatizing according to Hojo's information.


"I won't ask her out! I'll never even talk to her! Or look at her, I promise!" the poor victim Robun spouted.

"And who is her?" Hojo shouted from behind Inuyasha.

"Kagome! Higurashi Kagome!" Robun yelled out. "I'll never even think about her again, I swear!"

Inuyasha brought the poor guy out of the stall while Miroku handed him a towel. Robun grabbed the towel quickly and took off.

"That's right," Hojo shouted. "Don't you ever forget that promise!"

Inuyasha and Miroku grinned at each other. Their friend was starting to get back to normal.

"Well, Mr. Wimpy is finally getting some of his spunk back," Inuyasha declared. "You want the honor of taking out the next guy then?"

Hojo smirked. "You bet. No one's getting near my Kagome again."

Time: 4:26 P.M.

Place: Student Union College Hall

Kagome stopped off by the local snack shop inside the University. She was in the middle of purchasing some Keebler's Club crackers and a bottle of Dr. Pepper when she spotted her friend Koboyashi Robun. She waved at him as he passed by but he didn't even give her a courteous smile. That was strange, she thought as she took her items and headed off to Sango's Human Development Class. That's really strange, she thought as she began eating a cracker. The moment Robun always sees me, he runs over to me and starts to talk. I wonder if something's wrong with him? As Kagome got closer to the building Sango's class was in, she saw her friend sitting on the bench. "Hi, Sango. Ready to go home for the day?"

Sango put her bookbag on the ground, pulled up it's handle and rolled it as they walked. "Definitely. Can you come over and help me with something though?"

Kagome was about to reply with a yes when two figures walked out in front of her. "Yes?"

Inuyasha smirked. "Hey there Miss Bitch. Notice something different in your day?"

Kagome noticed an old friend behind Inuyasha and Miroku. "Hi Zenko. How's your day going?"

Zenko froze in his place as he looked at Inuyasha and Miroku. "I-I-I-I didn't say anything to her!" He shouted as he dropped all his books and ran away.

Kagome just stood there. First Robun, now Zenko? "What's going on?"

Inuyasha started to laugh. "Oooh, I think the Bitch finally figured it out."

Sango and Kagome both looked at Inuyasha and Miroku displeased.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked. "Kikuchi, right? You're Hojo's friend, aren't you?"

"Wow." Inuyasha looked back at Miroku. "Jeopardy smart, isn't she?"

Kagome humphed. "What have you been doing to my friends?"

Miroku and Inuyasha both just shared a look.

Inuyasha crossed his arms. "Us? We didn't do nothing. It seems that some of the idiots here are just realizing what a cold-hearted Bitch you are, that's all."

Sango pushed the handle down on her backpack and held the back of it threateningly in her hand. "Who do think you are, calling my friend a Bitch?"

Inuyasha smirked at her. "A person who says the obvious."

Kagome frowned. "What are you trying to do? Get to the point already."

"We believe," Miroku reasoned, "that you've been a little too harsh on our friend, and that you should give him a second chance."

"I told him," Kagome stated firmly, "that I'm not marrying him."

"Well, I hope you don't," Inuyasha grunted. "We want you to be his girlfriend again, not suck the life out of him even more."

Kagome turned her back on the guys. "I've told him 100 times already. We are just friends."

Sango nodded her head and they both walked the opposite way.

Inuyasha kicked a rock near the sidewalk. "That heartless Bitch," he shouted as he cracked his knuckles one by one. "When we're done with her, she'll literally be crawling back to Racoon."

Day: Thursday

Time: 7:57 A.M.

Place: YKU College Hall Abe

Kagome tried to ignore all the suspicious looks she was getting from people as she was going in.

"Doesn't that look like her?"

"I think it is."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is."

Kagome continued to ignore everyone until she saw Sango ripping a piece of paper off a far off wall. "Sango?"

Sango smiled nervously at her as she tried to hide that same paper. "Hello Kagome. How are you?"

Kagome didn't buy into her greeting. "I know people have looked at me funny on the way out. Sango, what is it?"

Sango cringed as she gave the piece of paper to her friend. "I'm sorry. I don't think many people saw it yet."

Kagome gasped as she looked at it. It was a picture of her looking happily out her window. Underneath it said:




Kagome ripped up the paper but her troubles didn't end there. When she went back to her dorm after her second class and checked her mail, there was another copy. Then when she went to her third class, there was one taped on the front of her desk.

But lunchtime, was the last straw.



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