Never Take Advice From Miroku by Shooshkipoo
Summary: Inuyasha makes the mistake of asking Miroku for romantic advice. Takes place post-series
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1. The Question by Shooshkipoo

The Question by Shooshkipoo

Disclaimer: I don’t own Inuyasha, it all belongs to the incomparable Rumiko Takahashi!



Inuyasha was flying high. After three long, lonely years of waiting, he finally had his beloved Kagome back. She had only been back for one day, and until right now, he hadn’t let her out of his sight. But her return did raise a couple of questions. Was she back for good? Did she want to be back for good? As he went down the list, the questions slipped into territory that made him blush. But who to turn to for guidance? Not that he had many options.




Miroku hadn’t seen Inuyasha like this for a long time. The hanyou was blushing furiously and his amber eyes kept darting around, looking at anything except the monk’s face.

“What’s got you so edgy?” Miroku asked, genuinely concerned.


“It’s uh, well,” Inuyasha stammered “It’s Kagome.” Very helpful. Miroku thought sarcastically.

“What about her?” He prompted, “Is everything ok?”

“Well, she came back so uh, I think she wants to be together but I need to ask.” He paused, “right?” He looked so ridiculously uncomfortable that Miroku wanted to laugh, but he knew asking for help had not been an easy thing for Inuyasha to do.

“So, if I understand correctly, you want to ask Kagome to marry you?”

“Well, yeah.” Inuyasha said lamely. “But how?”


Miroku’s face lit up, this moment was a long time coming! He clapped a hand on his friend’s shoulder and beamed.

“Here’s what you do.”



Kagome sat on the edge of the hut that Sango and Miroku shared, catching up with her old friend. Sango’s twin girls played happily with Shippo and Rin in the grass, and Kirara purred happily beside her. It was hitting her, just how much she had missed this place. This time rather; it was violent and dangerous at times but it was also breathtakingly beautiful too. Sango had been telling her about how Kaede had adopted Rin as an apprentice healer when suddenly she stopped mid-sentence. Kagome looked in the direction of Sango’s questioning expression. Miroku and Inuyasha had approached, standing a few feet away. Miroku looked like Christmas had come early and Inuyasha looked nervous.

“Kagome,” He said solemnly. “I need to ask you something.” Sango gasped, realization dawning on her face.  Was he going to…? What else could it be? Kagome flushed and stood, taking a few steps towards him. She’d fantasized about this moment plenty of times; he’d take her hand, drop to one knee, tell her that she was the only woman for him and, gazing up at her with those eyes she loved so much, ask her if she’d be his wife. And it was really happening! She was sure of it!

“Yes Inuyasha?” Her voice was little more than a whisper, her heart was racing! Inuyasha took her hand and clasped it in both of his, looking intently at her. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, even Shippo and Rin were paying attention.

“I…I…want you to bear my child.” Silence. Kagome didn’t realize she was staring dumbly until she felt the clawed hands that held hers getting sweaty. Crap! Panic was starting to rise on Inuyasha’s face. She had to say something!

“Inuyasha,” she began, but he had already flung her hands away crossed his arms defensively.

“Keh!” He said, desperately trying to cover his embarrassment. “Whatever, it’s not a big deal or anything.” He jabbed a finger at Miroku, “and that is the last time I listen to you!”

With that, he leapt over everyone’s heads and headed towards the forest. Sango rubbed her temple.

“Miroku,” she called sweetly, “Come here, darling.” Miroku put on his best innocent smile.

“What is it, dear wife?” Sango casually reached for the Hiraikotsu. Miroku, being the smart man he was, turned and ran.

“It worked on you!” He protested. Sango shouted something back in reply as she took off after him but Kagome didn’t hear it. She had a guess as to where the grumpy hanyou had disappeared to. He had a special tree for sulking, she’d try there first.

I need to apologize to him, I hope he listens.

Sure enough, Inuyasha was perched on the branch of his favourite tree in his ever so familiar pouting pose, looking up at the red sky Even from the ground Kagome could see his ears twitch when she approached. He knew she was there, but didn’t turn.

“Inuyasha?” She called. No response. Kagome sighed. “Inuyasha, please don’t make me say the s-word.”

With an annoyed snarl, Inuyasha dropped from his branch and landed in front of her in a blur of red and white.

“What?” He snapped, avoiding her gaze. Kagome suppressed a sigh, refusing to be put off by his rude tone.

“I came to apologize.” Inuyasha snorted. He still wouldn’t look directly at her.

“Keh, what for? It’s that stupid monk’s fault.” With a small smile, Kagome reached for one of Inuyasha’s hands.

“You ran off before I could answer,” This was not how things were done, especially in this era, but oh well, “Inuyasha, will you marry me?” Inuyasha looked astonished. He blinked a few times.

“Yeah.” He finally said.

“Yeah?” Kagome repeated incredulously. He really was impossible sometimes. This was not going at all how she’d pictured it. Inuyasha’s ears flattened.

“What’s wrong now?”

Kagome shook her head. Her fantasies didn’t matter, romance had never been and probably never would be Inuyasha’s strong suit. What mattered is that she finally had her answer, given to her in Inuyasha’s own blunt way.

“Nothing. But you know, most men give their betrothed a kiss after getting engaged.”

She had barely finished the sentence when Inuyasha pressed his lips against hers in a shy, sweet kiss. A kiss she returned with vigor. She’d learned long ago that if she truly loved Inuyasha, that meant taking him exactly the way he was. Including his complete lack of tact. But really, when a man spends years throwing himself in harm’s way solely to keep you safe, does it really matter much if he isn’t good with words? No. Kagome decided as she wound her arms around her new fiancé and deepened the kiss. No, it does not. 

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