The Ages and Between by Kuronohime
Summary: Kagome goes through the well to find herself in the past. Way in the past. Only to meet the man who would once become the great leader of the dog demon clan.
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Chapter 5 by Kuronohime

Inuyasha was fast, but riding on the back of Toga felt like riding on lightning. Kagome could barely make out anything of their surroundings and she held on to Toga for her dear life. Every time Toga descended down to jump back up for more speed, Kagome squeezed herself flat against his back in fear of falling off of him.

The young demon lord couldn’t remember when he had last run as fast. Even the hardest wind didn’t catch up to him. His feet made the ground tremble with his powerful kicks and the air howled around their bodies as he tried to get to the village as soon as he could. The reason for his haste were the small fingers that gripped to the front of his robes and the arms that wrapped around him. And most pressingly the soft heaps of flesh weighing against his back and the soft thighs under his palms.

Toga had agreed to carry the human in a “piggyback”. A strange and intimate position that didn’t seem to bother the human half as much as it bothered him.

And the thing that irked him the most was that... He was getting accustomed to her scent and touch. Every hour that passed between them, he felt less and less bothered by her. It terrified him to no end and he just wanted to get rid of her, the quicker the better.


Toga's ears perked by the small voice behind his back.

"What?" He asked annoyed.

"I need to... uh, get off." Kagome piiped into his shoulders.

"We're not at our designation yet." Toga replied and made no effort to slow his pace.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious. I just need to get off."

"Why?" His voice grew sourer in apparent exasperation.

"I... Need to... Go pee pee." Kagome tried to bury her words deep into his shoulders.

"You what now?" Toga had never heard of such place. Why did she need to go to Pee Pee when they were on their way to the human village. A detour would mean substantial loss of daylight.

"For the sake of..." Kagome grumbled and her knees squirmed. They were hit by a gust of wind and Kagome had to bellow against the turbulence "I NEED TO TAKE A PISS!"

Toga almost lost his grip on Kagome's legs as her scream violently slammed into his ears. He took a tighter hold of her thigs and abruptly descended to the ground.

Kagome hopped off his back and quickly headed to the nearest bush.

"And don't you dare--" Kagome began but Toga cut her off "Wouldn't cross my mind."

Kagome straightened her skirt and disappeared behind the thicket.

Toga turned his back to her and listened to their surroundings. Only birds and crickets for miles on end.

He sat down on the mossy ground and took in his surroundings. The far mountains gave the air a crisp undertone. Big fluffy clouds lazily drifted across the cerulean sky. Under other circumstances Toga would have maybe taken some form of enjoyment out of this outing.

Toga flexed his fingers. He could still feel the subduing warmth of flesh against his palms. He slowly brought up his hand to his face. There was that distinct odor of soapy flowers that clung on his skin. He inhaled that peculiar mixture of natural and chemical aroma. Maybe if all humans smelled like that they would be less disliked by beings with sensitive sense of smell.

He heard a ruffle emerging from the bushes and casually swiped his hand across his cheek. As if there was something on his face he wanted to wipe off.

Toga rose to his feet and asked his companion if they were ready to continue.

Kagome nodded but there was a demure growling coming from her stomach. The girl tried to will her stomach quiet by pressing her hands against it.

Low draught of air escaped the demon lord's lips. There was no helping it. If the human wasn't fed now she would surely complain about her hunger at some point and they would be forced to take another recess to their tour. Humans were so feeble with their constant bodily needs. Demons could easily endure weeks, months if necessary, without any upkeep. Paltry mortals died if deprived water for mere few days.

“Come, follow.” Toga ordered and began to briskly walk ahead. He could hear her small feet quickly beginning to brush the grass behind him so he didn't bother to look if she was following.

Some distance away Toga stopped and pointed at the ground that grew wild with hay and subshrub. “There. There's some berries over there. You need to eat.”

Kagome wasn't exactly sure how to take to his bossy care-taking. His tone was rude and made her feel like more of a burden than she obviously knew he saw her as. But all the same while he could just abandon her in the middle of literally nowhere and leave her to the vulptures at any moment he saw convenient. So, the girl gathered, from that point of view she must still be on his better side if he bothered to help her get her stomach full.

“Thanks?” Kagome hesitantly replied and kneeled near scattered strawberry plants. Not much was in season at this time of spring in Japan, but the strawberries were already plump with ripeness and the hot red skin on them looked very luscious.

Kagome pried an especially ample specimen off the plant and tossed it into her mouth. It wasn't very sweet and Kagome continued to explore the different nuances of every subsequent berry. The smaller ones tended to be more sweet. By the end of it her fingers and corners of her mouth were dripping with squished berry juice. When her fingers began to stick to each other and the strawberry leaves, she tried to suck them clean.

Toga observed as the human dipped her digits one by one into her mouth and twirled her tongue around them trying to sop the juice off. Lastly, she coated her index finger with a dab of saliva and rubbed the edges of her lips.

Kagome caught his stare and felt suddenly very conscious of her table manners. It wasn't exactly easy to try and eat sophisticatedly while crawling in the dirt. Sure, the super model demonesses could probably eat out of a garbage can and make it look chic, but Kagome had to do with her gawky fingers and short legs.

“We will be losing light if we stall much longer. Come.” Toga ordered.

When Kagome got up from the bushes, Toga added more gently “If you are still hungry, I can probably provide you with some game when we return to the camp. That is... I could go hunt something.” He tried to keep his voice as uninterested as he could.

“Some rabbit stew would be nice!” Kagome exclaimed. Then a practical realization hit her. “Oh, but do you have any kettles?”

Toga helped her back up to his back and answered “Cookware? We eat our game unprepared.”

Figures. Kagome thought. “Never mind, skewed rabbit it is then.”


They arrived at the outskirt of the village. Toga dropped Kagome off his back and retrieved to the forest.

“I’ll be back soon. Wait for me here.” She whispered from the edge of the trees and disappeared.


But Toga wasn’t sure if he would be there when she came back. He looked at the barricade of trees that hid the village behind their wall of leaves and branches. Now the girl could be with her own and he wouldn’t have to be bothered by her. He wouldn’t have to think about her. He wouldn’t…

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