Solaris' Quest With Inuyasha 3 The Kingdom of Hitatsuki by Tagumon
Summary: Solaris and Inuyasha must overcome challenges as they fight Naraku's Cousin
Categories: Humor, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Custom, Inu Yasha
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
Chapters: 8 Completed: No Word count: 2660 Read: 28028 Published: 04 Sep 2010 Updated: 06 Feb 2011
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1. Chapter 1 Inuyasha and the group return to the Present?! by Tagumon

2. Chapter 2 Solaris Tortured Solaris' 2nd Soul by Tagumon

3. Chapter 3 Solaris Sees the past in Death by Tagumon

4. Chapter 4 Solaris tells about the past by Tagumon

5. Chapter 5 Hitaru Family and the gifts from the Mind by Tagumon

6. Chapter 6 :The Earth Realm of Meadows: Saying Farewell to the Future + The Foretold past. by Tagumon

7. Chapter 7 THE FINAL VILLIAN by Tagumon

8. Chapter 8 The End or is it by Tagumon

Chapter 1 Inuyasha and the group return to the Present?! by Tagumon

     It's Been About 2 years since I've seen Inuyasha... And Mitotsu Is now a young Nurse In training and Hitutsu is Now A Baby sitter because he's good with Kids... me I'm A Cook and Mimichiko Gardens Roses and Daisies.. I picked up Mail outside "Bills Bills Invite Bills" I read "INVITE" I yelled we immediately got in the car and Went to the castle of Hitarutusuki Kingdom. When We got there I bumped Into someone "Oh I'm sorry Mi-" I paused "KAGOME" I Yelled Kagome turned around "Hi Solaris" She said Mimichiko waved over "Inuyasha ran down the hall Then the ground turned Into Quicksand And Everyone but Me and Inuyasha were Captured "Mimichi-ko" I said Drowning in Quicksand "Hmm.. FOOLISH Mortals I AM Yaraku Naraku's DEMON COUSIN!!!" The voice said

End Notes:
Why does every series have a women Get captured
Chapter 2 Solaris Tortured Solaris' 2nd Soul by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
I drown In Quicksand And Have My body Strapped to the wall...
After I woke Up I noticed Yaraku coming Holding a red Thingy He held tighter And I felt Extremely Unpleasantly tortured "This Solaris Is you're Heart And the Jar Is You're Demonic Soul If I torture You It'll Absorb You're Pain And turn it into Life force Ounce enough it will make a second Host controlled only by Itself" Yaraku said "you're just as Evil As You're Cousin" I said Pain rushing in my body .I noticed a Jet Black Haired Figure with red and Black outfit with coal Colored Skin... "Solaris That is you" A voice said In my Mind Then A Women Walked In... "So we Meet Again Solaris" Kikyo said... Walking in Holding Her Arrow "DIE SOLARIS" She said shooting her arrow "Is that really Kikyo why does she hate me" i thought  The Arrow Shot me right Where My Heart would Have Been I paused "But why Kikyo I thought we were Fr-Frien-ds" I said Pausing Between Words To cough up my blood. I fell into Slumber... Kikyo's eyes Widened "Friend? You Die To Live or Live to Die then.... I'm guessing you had no Idea I Hated you and My Reincarnation Kagome from the Beginning then..." Kikyo said "YARAKU" Hitutsu said Coming in the room "ANOTHER" Kikyo said pulling her arrow back going to kill Hitutsu "NO!!!! PLEASE DON'T HARM HIM" I screamed dripping basketball sized Drops of Blood... Kikyo shot the arrow at the wall "Next time I'll hit" Kikyo said Yaraku Held Harder and I fell completely asleep.
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Chapter 3 Solaris Sees the past in Death by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
I am dead Now 

i woke up in the village only it was On fire I walked into the forest And looked at two people "Kikyo Inuyasha?" i thought "Kikyo died and so did Inuyasha" I said surprised So they killed each other then I moved through something to Sango's Village "KOHAKU" Sango yelled I noticed Sango and Kohaku fighting all destroyed And Corpses all over then I saw Shippo and Miroku's Past And then Mine And Mimichiko's Before I met her. her. II woke Up "so You're alive even though you're my former Host Solaris" A voice said It was My voice only darker and he was Evil looking... "i Will let you live until I feel like Killing you It will be Slow Painful and Then maybe I use those cloths and use you're name and Kill everyone you love also this is not the feudal era. this is modern time and also you're hell Hell II will Slaughter you're Friends and show you're Purpose before you're Eyes!" he said

      He put his hand on my head and I saw Sesshomaru Inuyasha Mimichiko our Kids And Everyone Including Blue All Killed By Me with the Power Of Solaris and Shikigami.. Slash and Ricky too.... it was Horrifying My Best friends the first Friends to except me Eliminated by Me... Impossible Then I saw something even worse I stood Next to the gate To Mimichiko's Island And killed Everyone in it Yaraku would use me like a puppet.... Only he was dead so I knew what I did "Everyone was gone I was alone forever to let time pass as Immortality Never let me die...

"STOP PLEASE" I screamed Tortured by what I saw. he took his hand off and Placed My Heart In my Body " let me Enter and become you're host again I will let you control my power and Kill These Worthless Mortals..." He said. I shook my head "NO" I said Dripping Blood "Then You can Suffer from You're own Soul!" he said taking a knife out and Jabbed it into my stomach... " will NEVER IN HELL HELP YOU BECAUSE I WILL PROTECT THEM I SWEAR TO THE SAKE OF ANSUKOTSU!!!" I screamed And Broke the Chains And Ran through The Castle "INUYASHA!!!" I yelled Running down the hall Then I got To a big room and fell over... "Solaris, Solaris Wake Up!!!" Inuyasha said Human at the Moment "Inuyasha you're all right" I said getting up my top was red because of all my blood 

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Chapter 4 Solaris tells about the past by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
Okay I know it used to be tagumon but I'm writing Solaris) any way i tell Inuyasha about my childhood in the very future in 2105

"Yoshiko-Nisan" I said running up to by big brother "oh hey Solaris I Managed to protect everyone again" He said with his arm Bleeding "Big brother you're hurt" I said Crying "It's nothing" He replied anticlamaticly.

When I was 9....

"NO!" I screamed Yoshiko's body was Dead on the war ground And then Iblis came "I'll Need a host so I'll let you live for Now anyways." Iblis said walking away. (Iblis is the charcoal skinned beast that uses my body when my hair goes black and red) I was the only one who survived the onslaught on my village I fell into the water and was washed on shore somewhere "Excuse me mister you were hurt so I brought you something" a Girl with blue haired girl age 8 said.. "I'm Mimichiko I want to go on you're adventures too." The girl said "I am Solaris Hitaru Survivor of the land of Light"  said Walking closer to her. after a coupe minutes I learned that she was a Princess... "I swear I will Protect you With my Life If you come along" I said walking out the door... she followed and we solved many Mysteries in the future...

End Notes:
"and that is my past" I said slipping a black sheath out of my pocket with nothing in it
Chapter 5 Hitaru Family and the gifts from the Mind by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

I dont know what to write any way Just start the chapter....


Me and Inuyasha Kept Walking Down the hall of the White Marble Castle and Noticed a Figure.

"Is that... No.... It can't be..." I said Wondering Why He was Here in the First Place "Sesshomaru?" I said out loud to myself. Sesshomaru Was Looking at a Mirror With a Shiny Clean Golden Edge- as If Cleaned and Washed 24/7 our every micro-micro-centi-second. and the Mirror showed something else Like... A Huge Meadow and Some Flowers. Why Sesshomaru was looking at the Meadow ONLY GOD KNOWS! I'm think He has Mind Powers because he said.    

'Something is In there and It bugs Me that's All.' I was About to ask What When I saw Something Behind Us That surprised the crap Out of me... Down the Hall Was Kagura and She Looked as If She Lost A Fight.... ( With Umn.... I guess Everyone because I wanted to make a stupid Reference.)

 Then I realized something Scary.... Beside Me with His Long Red Hair and Divine Blade Was Yoshiko Hitaru and a woman About 15 in a white dress, Hitsumi Hitaru (My Older Sister) But Something was Off it was Just the Three of us...alone....

"Solaris Do you Understand What is In The Sheath" he said In A Calm low Voice. Hitsumi bent over and Kissed my Cheek And She Gave Me Something that She took off of her Neckless

"This Gem Goes Inside you're sheath she said. she was wearing beautiful red lipstick that went well with her long Shiny Scarlet Hair... Yoshiko handed me something too.

"Solaris use this to end Yaraku he is trying to awaken iblis now about the sheath in times of need just imagine a sword there and then awaken the power of... The SolariSaiga"(Yah Real Creative it's Solaris' sword Solaris-Aiga or Solari-Saiga)

       "By the way I'm Not Dead Neither is You're Sister were sealed in the Deepest part of the Castle... But Don't try to rescue us save the girl first... Mimichiko Sakura Hazel was it?" He said as if not caring but that was his normal voice.

"Solaris If you need to talk to us use the Blade and Jab the Ground" Hitsumi said kindly. "Solaris... Be Careful and.... I grant you this" She gave me beautiful Golden miniature halo. "Give this to her awaken he Purification within her protect her...." She started to cry and put her White Gloves (that matched her extremely Pale Skin) Over Her Face So i didn't cry either

"Solaris I want you to meet him" he Handed showed me a Dark Gray Wolf. "Raikuno, is his Name he can speak with his mind and he was originally my gift to you for you're 9th Birthday but... you know what transpired that day" He said A tear dripped down one of his Amber/Topaz Eyes. That was the first time i've seen him Cry. out of the 19 years he lived he Never Cried as I was told by the village because i was only alive 12/19 of those years. (Note: he is Like 25 Now but he is 19 because he was temporarily dead and time never passed then same goes for Hitsumi) The Wolf Opened it's Eyes there were almost Sapphire but more of an Emerald Color. I Suddenly woke with a Start and The Wolf Was still there and so was everything else Including Kagura, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha only Kagura was now bandaged and the wolf was tiny and was able to transform somewhat like Kirara. (or Kilala) I Took out a Silver Blade with a Blue and green handle with some green ribbon on the bottom the blade was amazing I walked over to the Mirror and Suprisingly Sesshomaru actually moved out of the way and looked like he just saw a more powerfull version of himself. ( I can't use ghost because He would just say 'Out of my way' and Blow it up) I walked through the mirror and found the meadow, the Mirror world...

"Okay Guys Know We Fight to Beat Yaraku and Save our Friends" I said. But The others Just Walked there own way.... "Yoshiko Why Couldn't I have you're Leadership Skills or Hitsumi's Patience...." I Said Getting angry.

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And Next chapter Soon 

Chapter 6 :The Earth Realm of Meadows: Saying Farewell to the Future + The Foretold past. by Tagumon
Author's Notes:


It seems as If death grows closer as we are toyed with in this Empty Palace... 


  Sesshomaru Kagura InuYasha and I were walking around in the Meadow When Inuyasha Blurted out

"KAGOME!!!" And Suddenly he was the leader... I felt really Tired In All These Flowers too...

"Humph, Guess the gasses coming from these Plants Make You Want to fall Asleep Right" Kagura said like I was And Idiot or Something... I thought To Myself For a while

"Wait Is that?" I ran Through the Field To see Hitutsu and Mitotsu only they were Fading

"Oh Hello Father I'm sorry but we are not aloud to stay in the Past any longer or the Time stream Will implode, destroying Generations of Time Planes" Hitutsu said. Mitotsu Was Sobbing about leaving.

" I'm Sorry We-" Mitotsu stopped "No - I'm Sorry I Couldn't be of any help. Hitutsu Killed Naraku And Tell Lord Sesshomaru I said Thank you for helping during the battle with Naraku..." She said pausing to cry in every 5 seconds... I was Broken Inside We Hugged.. then They Disappeared...

" Thank You for Everything Father... I'll Be Help In the future Bye" Hitutsu said Shining to light then Evaporating... Mimichiko Emerged From the Earth smiled , Slapped me and Said "LOOK AWAY" because she was Changing her cloths Behind A Rock (her Cloths Were Covered in Dirt and Dust And Were Also Torn) I handed her the Mini Halo And Her Cloths Turned White And Feathery She Had Angel Powers...

"This Time Solaris... I will Fight" She said Clutching The Halo.... we both Turned Red She came a little closer and Kissed Me... The kiss Naraku Ruined (Watch the one were Naraku Killed her) And Now we finally got to...

"Solaris I Never Had Children they came from-" I cut her off

"The Future of our Present" I said Crying (Oh Heres the Romance Spoiler lol)

"But I Hope that if we Get through this We can Always be together..." She said

"Sorry But no...-"




"I CAN'T LOSE YOU AGAIN!" I screamed

"Solaris I know but if you died i would never Live with myself and...."

"What" I said With A Suspence In the Air.

"What Would I tell 'Blue' "


"Exactly! And What about Kiyuko, Toke, Saruchi, Alaxea, Sophi, And Hiname" She said looking Pissed... (Other Custom Characters)

" All I know is that this Is My Destiny To Be Here and to Defeat Yaraku for the ones I love so go home" I said worried.


i turned around.

"Don't Die On me" She Smiled

I Smiled Back

"I Put you're life before Mine" I thought.

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How was that Chapter




"solaris go home with Mimichiko its better that way...." Inuyasha said

I got frustrated..... 

Chapter 7 THE FINAL VILLIAN by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
ZOMG very short chapter srry....

after walking through the hall we found everyone and we went to the top... but Kagura turned around and attacked us and took me somewhere...

"whats going on" Inuyasha said

after a couple more minutes the group decided to rest and think....

   the day after next day (36 hours of sleep... or something YAY!!! lazy math) they made it to the top of the castle...

"Hey someone touched the tetsusaiga It fell over and the handle has miasma on it... not much though cant hurt a flea....

"Lord Inuyasha i find that offensive..."


then they came to a dome glass ceiling lightning cracked and winds howled....

A high tech desk and a huge black chair with gizmos and buttons on the arm rests and a hand with.... a yellow sleeve..... Yaraku dead on the ground.....


"And a book on the ground titled "the chapters of Tagumon Solaris and Inuyasha: Finished" it was ripped and damaged then Inuyasha had a flashback

       "Solaris what are you doing"

       "Writing a book, its gonna be my best book yet that way everyone will remember how I helped save the day with the group"

       Flashback over  

 "No way thats not possible..." Inuyasha said confused and terrified about his hypothesis. everyone had the same idea with the terrifying thought they had....

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the chair turned sitting there was a familiar figure with a black cape

"Hi everyone read my latest book yet Im the author after all too bad its over im not going home yet.... nope... Because my illustrations can literally fly of the pages.... Inuyasha everyone meet Ryoko Asakura (Blue haired Knife girl Melancholy Haruhi suzumiya character) Yuki Nagato (Also Haruhi Girl) and Me Solaris Hitaru with new improved Power The Power Of a god.... I control the earth Life Death and this castle..... and i wont be leaving and the series is over because You Guys *Laugh* This will be a place of memory and sadness after i annihilate you all!!! I Solaris Hitaru WILL DESTROY YOU, now some fun Ryoko & Yuki ATTACK!!!"

"DAMN IT ALL" Inuyasha said taking out tetsuiga.....  

Chapter 8 The End or is it by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

God Knows What will become of these stories


lol name of song 

 Inuyasha fought Nagato and Ryoko Asakura furiously then Kagome looked at my eyes Blank which meant one thing...


"Dammit, Guess i cant hack people to pieces then" Inuyasha said cutting ryoko as she turned to ink and splatered to the floor... then a song came...

 down the hall with a gun with a single bullet was Solaris but not The Solaris it was 8 year old Solaris.... and the bullet was fired....

the 11 Solaris was on the chair with the black cape now a maroon color

"so My 8 year old Nightmare does become a reality....but it was the only way to kill Yaraku As he lies to everyone While using my body like that....."

Yuki turned around then splattered as Ryoko did....

"I Always knew this would come 11 is it then" 8 me said...

inuyasha looked shocked at the 8 me holding a doll in one hand.... it was a doll of myself the 11 year old me....

"so thats it Yaraku is dead eveyones safe except you...." Inuyasha said looking upset...

"hey i made more pie... left it at my house... was about to come and give it to you..."

then a figure appeared...

"too late ounce again to save my younger brother..."

it was Yoshiko and my sister....

I waved my hand and changed the book to the true end... 

"Nothing to say.... nothing to think.... must be done... Prevent Time anomoly.... I caused.... Thankyou...."

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