Solaris' Quest With Inuyasha 3 The Kingdom of Hitatsuki by Tagumon
Summary: Solaris and Inuyasha must overcome challenges as they fight Naraku's Cousin
Categories: Humor, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Custom, Inu Yasha
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
Chapters: 8 Completed: No Word count: 2660 Read: 28592 Published: 04 Sep 2010 Updated: 06 Feb 2011
Chapter 7 THE FINAL VILLIAN by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
ZOMG very short chapter srry....

after walking through the hall we found everyone and we went to the top... but Kagura turned around and attacked us and took me somewhere...

"whats going on" Inuyasha said

after a couple more minutes the group decided to rest and think....

   the day after next day (36 hours of sleep... or something YAY!!! lazy math) they made it to the top of the castle...

"Hey someone touched the tetsusaiga It fell over and the handle has miasma on it... not much though cant hurt a flea....

"Lord Inuyasha i find that offensive..."


then they came to a dome glass ceiling lightning cracked and winds howled....

A high tech desk and a huge black chair with gizmos and buttons on the arm rests and a hand with.... a yellow sleeve..... Yaraku dead on the ground.....


"And a book on the ground titled "the chapters of Tagumon Solaris and Inuyasha: Finished" it was ripped and damaged then Inuyasha had a flashback

       "Solaris what are you doing"

       "Writing a book, its gonna be my best book yet that way everyone will remember how I helped save the day with the group"

       Flashback over  

 "No way thats not possible..." Inuyasha said confused and terrified about his hypothesis. everyone had the same idea with the terrifying thought they had....

End Notes:


the chair turned sitting there was a familiar figure with a black cape

"Hi everyone read my latest book yet Im the author after all too bad its over im not going home yet.... nope... Because my illustrations can literally fly of the pages.... Inuyasha everyone meet Ryoko Asakura (Blue haired Knife girl Melancholy Haruhi suzumiya character) Yuki Nagato (Also Haruhi Girl) and Me Solaris Hitaru with new improved Power The Power Of a god.... I control the earth Life Death and this castle..... and i wont be leaving and the series is over because You Guys *Laugh* This will be a place of memory and sadness after i annihilate you all!!! I Solaris Hitaru WILL DESTROY YOU, now some fun Ryoko & Yuki ATTACK!!!"

"DAMN IT ALL" Inuyasha said taking out tetsuiga.....  

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