Tagumon's Quest With Inuyasha 2 Forsaken Stones by Tagumon
Summary: omg
Categories: Humor, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Ayame, Custom, Hakudoshi, Inu no Taishou, Inu Yasha, Izayoi, Kagome Higurashi, Kagome's Mom, Kagura, Kanna, Kikyo, Kirara, Kohaku, Miroku, Naraku, Rin, Sango, Sesshoumaru, Shippo
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Challenges: Make it or break it challenge( good for begginers)
Series: Tagumon/Solaris and Inuyasha
Chapters: 30 Completed: Yes Word count: 6229 Read: 144865 Published: 15 Aug 2010 Updated: 04 Sep 2010
Story Notes:
 the second  series of Tagumon and Inuyasha YAY

1. Chapter 1: Prolouge NOT GOOD!!!Mimichiko taken Naraku returns!!! by Tagumon

2. Chapter 2: Move out rescue squad by Tagumon

3. Chapter 3 Tagumon's true Identity: Solaris unleashed!!! by Tagumon

4. Chapter 4 Solaris (Tagumon) Upset The Mystery by Tagumon

5. Chapter 5 Solaris(Tagumon) Ultimate cosplayer, plus Inuyasha and Shippo in Peril by Tagumon

6. Chapter 6 Solaris (Tagumon) Explodes Disaster (Omg im good) by Tagumon

7. Chapter 7 Inuyasha is funny by Tagumon

8. Chapter 8 Kagome's family by Tagumon

9. Chapter 9 Forsaken Stone Legend, Solaris The Savior by Tagumon

10. Chapter 10 Aqua road good friend.... by Tagumon

11. Chapter 11 Lost Solaris, Rin and Kohaku part 1 by Tagumon

12. Chapter 12 Weird by Tagumon

13. Chapter 13 It's A Bird it's A Plane NO It's SUPER SESSHOMARU by Tagumon

14. Chapter 14 Kikyo and Inuyasha and Solaris with Shikigami by Tagumon

15. Chapter 15 Mimichiko...... by Tagumon

16. Chapter 16 Broken Hearted Solaris v.s. Sesshomaru by Tagumon

17. Chapter 17 Solaris' Misery We have a day off by Tagumon

18. Chapter 18 Solaris' group by Tagumon

19. Chapter 19 Koga and Ayame's Storyline Search for The Earth stone by Tagumon

20. Chapter 20: Miroku and Shippo's Story line Search for the Forest stone by Tagumon

21. Chapter 21 Sango and Kohaku's Storyline search for the Sky stone by Tagumon

22. Chapter 22 Solaris and Blue's Storyline by Tagumon

23. Chapter 23 Mimichiko's Daughter and Son + Solaris' true power by Tagumon

24. Chapter 24 Another friend Ricky by Tagumon

25. Chapter 25 Picnic by Tagumon

26. Chapter 26 Solaris and Mimichiko Hitutsu 2/3 Demon Mitotsu 1/3 Demon by Tagumon

27. Chapter 27 Lost in Naraku's palace by Tagumon

28. Chapter 28 battle for Father Hitutsu v.s. Naraku. by Tagumon

29. Chapter 29 Hitutsu and Mitotsu meet Sesshomaru by Tagumon

30. Chapter 30 Solaris Hitutsu Mimichiko Mitotsu Slash and Ricky say farewell by Tagumon

Chapter 1: Prolouge NOT GOOD!!!Mimichiko taken Naraku returns!!! by Tagumon


2 years after leaving Inuyasha's world me and Mimichiko became married and were invited to Inuyasha and Kagome's wedding we were there we noticed Miroku and Sango, Kohaku Blue for an odd reason Sesshomaru and Rin, Kaede's grave lol, Silver the hedgehog, Maria and Shadow InuTaishou Izayoi Kagome's family and Mimichiko and I.... "Inuyasha do you take Kagome to be you're Wife" Miroku said Inuyasha and Kagome said "I do" and all of that stuff then we started to leave...... 

    "Hell for all Of you especially you"Naraku said putting Rin, Mimichiko and Kagome in Barriers and then they disapeared.......


End Notes:
Chapter 2: Move out rescue squad by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
   we make some teams to rescue girls.... big woop lol

meanwhile Inuyasha and Sesshomaru freaked out and there father and Mother's started yelling Sango yelled at Miroku and I was alone "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!" I screamed agrivated at all of um... "Let's form groups and get our women back okay,uh wheres Izayoi and Ayame" I said sudenlly calmed "No one takes Izayoi come on boys let's get our women back" InuTaisho yelled excited.... I complemented his enthusiasm... so InuTaisho, InuYasha, Sesshomaru, and I went to Naraku's castle.."A Note" I said picking it up I read it " got you're women ~Naraku" Eveyone ran ahead of me i got out my hover board and road ahead

  "damn road ends here" Inuyasha said looking at a giant abyss. "hold on Tagumon what exactly do you protect you're self with?" InuTaisho asked me... I turned my head and saw rocks i held my hand near them and they made a rocky bridge "Interesting" Sesshomaru said anti-clamatic... InuTaisho said "Awsome let's go!!!" My eyes glittered with praise... after my moment I ran to the castle with the others. the castle door said wind scar dragon strike and dragon twister resistant I chucked a rock it dented it I put on my black glove and punched a hole through the door and went in everyone had the O_O face then they came in.... "Naraku!!! I said pissed for what i saw Mimichiko on a rope hanging above a pool of Miasma... The door disapeared and gates blocked the others I was alone with Naraku now Lightning came from both my hands and my eyes bled red blood and blood squirt cuts forming on my body as a shadow covered half my face "FEEL MY POWER BLADE....DROP!!!!!!" a huge bolt came blasting from my body and hit Naraku then the gates blast opened I used my power to choke Naraku and crush him but it wouldn't work because I lost Blood  I gave another Blade drop and he ripped in half and came together again It was futile 

End Notes:
Chapter 3 Tagumon's true Identity: Solaris unleashed!!! by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

I was in a fierce battle with Naraku and I had no strength left hardly any blood and My vision was blurier than a 2 year old blind Baby's Painting "DRAGON TWISTER!!!" the doors came down and Naraku took his eyes off me, that was his mistake because I sent a Lightning Fist right through where his Heart would be and i couldn't hold on any longer... I closed my eyes and heard the name Solaris..."Solaris take off the sealing black ropes" I was wearing black ropes too!!! I took them off and felt energy floating through my body and all my rips and wounds healed I got up... "Naraku, You're death will happen at my hands I solaris Will DESTROY YOU!!! IT ends here,NARAKU!!!!" A huge lazar shot out of my hands and Naraku evaporated from the world "Naraku's Presence is gone" Kikyo said Walking In the room. "Inuyasha be aware that you didn't find her..."Kikyo said gloomy as alway "Something wacked with that woman" I said Thinking of an answer Knowing I wouldn't get one... "Inuyasha my real identity is known as Solaris" I said Wondering what happened putting my chains back on "Tagumo- I mean Solaris you're hair is" Inuyasha said looking at my hair going from red back to the original bright Blue color..."come on We need to rescue the girls and get back home..."I said I fell over   

End Notes:
wow I fell over onconcious
Chapter 4 Solaris (Tagumon) Upset The Mystery by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
 Oh no....

  I got up and found my self back at our camp. I stood up and went to change my cloths then I realized the sky got dark "the random events are space time continuum Related Is this my fault..." I thought about it And decided it might not be because Kagome isn't from here but i felt un-eased.

  A couple minutes later I was in my room eating Instant Ramen and working. then Inuyasha walked in... "hey Solaris What're you Doing" Inuyasha asked watching me Work "I showed him the Plush I made it had the same cloths as Inuyasha and the same hair and eyes with a voice box the said "WIND SCAR" every time i took the plush sword out of the plush sheath. "cool" he said leaving the room..."hurry we have something going on outside."he said. I got up and went outside "okay everyone i need to let you know i've gotta go home for a week okay" Kagome said Saying goodbye to everyone... "Oh, Hi Tagumon sorry you have to wait for time and space I didn't mean to rub it in or upset you." Kagome said upset..."No it's Not you're fault I'm fine I'm just having some tough decisions K, Kagome bye have fun!" I said waving and fake smiling so she had less stress... "I'll make sure no one fights while you're gone" I yelled.

         after that I went inside picked up another skin colored plush and dressed it up like kagome. I decided to float around in the village because it cheers me up... "how is he doing that, that's cool, he's a human is that possible" Were mostly what I heard as I headed through the village towards the highest mountain to look at the stars and Glide around getting a really big air view. "hey I heard some kid was floating around near the mountains, But this mountain is mine so leave now!" I somewhat teenage-adult voice said... I turned around and a rope tangled me up but i hadn't recovered from killing Naraku. I saw a Guy like Inuyasha's height with brown fur cloths and armor "I thought Inuyasha said something about him.....

"are you Koga" I said Looking upset because I was gloomy from the beggining of the day till now ad now I'm In a net.... "You Know Inuyasha". he said suprised "Just Shut UP ALREADY!!!" I said Chomping his head right off with my words. i took out my knife and cut a hole right open and flew away....

  "Inuyasha" I said walking towards him "What's up" I said faking happiness... "I know you're upset and to you're question I'm waiting for You to admit it and the fact you know Koga now..." he said Displeased "Oh You just love my secrets don't you!!!!" I screamed at him smashing him into the ground by accident with my Psycho-Kinesis... I grunted and ran into the forest of Light "Solaris wait," Inuyasha said pausing... "Damn it strong demons live in there Shippo come on" He said running into the forest after me With Shippo....


End Notes:
Next time Solaris/Tagumon Runs into trouble And it's up to Me and Shippo to save him!!!
Chapter 5 Solaris(Tagumon) Ultimate cosplayer, plus Inuyasha and Shippo in Peril by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
whoa gay

      "What is going on" I said Tied to a tree I looked around and saw Koga And I fell asleep from All the addrenaline I had before....

 Next thing I know I see a huge cave And bones all over "this is there hideout Marked up my outfit There going DOWN" I thought to myself "Who wants Pie" I said with a ^^ face "Sure sounds like something Kagome would make for that mutt" Koga said "Oh you want me to get Kagome" i said Koga blushed afterwards "I got Him WRAPPED AROUND MY FINGER NOW" I thought... I went out side Took the Kagome cosplay out of my bag put it on and Put a wig on... Hey Koga-Kun I said Doing a really good Impression off Kagome.... "Tagumon left and got me here and uhh.... Flew away!!!" I can't Beleive he fell for it Now i gotta get out of here ( to many guards To leave before) Hey Koga can you get all you're guards here so I can get That Stupid Inuyasha to come and My brave Wolf can Rescue me and defeat him" I said Impressing Kagome again. he said sure And I was about to leave when He came "SOLARIS WHY ARE YOU IN KAGOME'S CLOTHS" Inuyasha yelled looking pissed. That dumb idiot blew my cover And they grabbed Inuyasha and Shippo..... I had to fight Koga kinda like fighting Inuyasha though.....

End Notes:
Chapter 6 Solaris (Tagumon) Explodes Disaster (Omg im good) by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
       I win against Koga ROLF very short

     I am In a un-Escapable Situation "bring it on big bad wolf I said egging him on (yet another skill i have)  He rushed at me More hotheaded than Inuyasha....

I smashed him into the ground.... we had a long fight a couple hours later We were still at it I couldn't beleive I Was Winning lol... he got up and got a bit faster (yes i have my feudal cloths back on) I used my lightning fist for the final blow He fell on concious I ran to the gaurds bitch slapped them with a 10 watt voltage and they fell over i laughed and grabbed Inuyasha's hand and Shippo too And Floated back to the village we were saved  

End Notes:
Chapter 7 Inuyasha is funny by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

   "Solaris what's wrong anyway you kicked Koga's Butt back there pretty well.." Inuyasha said trying o cheer e up witch to me is extremely supriseing "Can you make some pie I'm Hungry and Kagome's not here so I might not be able to protect anyone on a empty stomach.." Inuyasha said Drooling... I knew it he just wanted my pie!!! "where's Sango and Miroku" I asked Wondering what perverted thing Miroku was doing today.... and also how Sang would either beat him up or scold him or both.... " I threw a stick and he went after it I fell over Laughing... and he grabbed it it exploded in cake batter all over....

End Notes:
Chapter 8 Kagome's family by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
Finally you'll know what a forsaken stone is!!!

     "it's been a week since I've seen Kagome "Inuyasha I know I can't get home but i think i should go with you and Check up on her..." i said worried..Inuyasha said he'd come too and said to Hold on tight because my pie would be squished. So that gave me an idea of bringing lemon cherry pie (Kagome's FAVORITE)... I grabbed Inuyasha and We went in the well "oh hi Inuyasha" A younger kid said.. I gave everyone the box of pie Then I asked how Kagome was I Introduced myself and said goodbye leaving.....


   "mom I'm back from school" Kagome said looking at the pie lemon and cherry blended into a soft flavor-full cream... "Oh Sis Inuyasha and You're new friend Solaris came He left you some pie... It taste great" Kagome's brother said...kagome paused and gathered her stuff... "bye Mom"  She said Comeing to the magic well.....

End Notes:
Chapter 9 Forsaken Stone Legend, Solaris The Savior by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
      I am a legend I had No idea

after a week We finally got near our campfire and Kagome came back...

    "Kagome, Hi..." i said waiting for the others I gave her a stick with a smore on it "so how was it" Kagome said Looking at me somewhat smiling for some reason though i saw she was frowning because i knew she was sad maybe "I need help can you maybe some how help me.." She said frowning,"How do you and the Young beautifull girl Mimichiko stay together..." she asked I told her our whole life story about from when we were born in the same hospital to when we started adventuring till now... "to tell you the truth I want to tel her I love her butt I try to and something like Naraku or a Phone call..." we talked about love for a hour.. then the girls and guys came "Solaris no matter what happens i WILL Love You I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU SOLARIS-KUN I LOVE YOU I CAN'T SAY!!!" Mimichiko burst out in the middle of our conversation.... we all took a rest after that...

the next morning....

     "Solaris I'm Comming" Mimichiko said seriously... we gathered outside

"Solaris we know about you're gaurding a sacred stone Naraku is alive and He broke the stone and hid them our mission is to help get these stones just as we did with the jewel only we will have to fight Naraku againatleast he has no henchmen this time" Miroku said

End Notes:
holy next time journey to Aqua Palace 
Chapter 10 Aqua road good friend.... by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

Yay it's them


 "So far on our journey we have Inuyasha the half demon who married Kagome a young priestess with great aim and the reincarnation of Kikyo, Shippo a young fox demon who can use really cool moves and is adorable, Miroku a lecherous monk with a cursed Wind Tunnel on his right hand, Sango a demon slayer who has a huge boomerang she's also got a angry side though.... Mimichiko a Princess of Yasigiri Island who can attack with blessings and Wind power, and Me a 13 year old boy who is going to marry the princess and can use Psycho-Kinesis,"  thought to myself jotting in my book...

mean while,

"Hmmm, Tagumon should be that way" A voice said walking into me "Oh Slash-Chan You Have powers too!!!" I said helping him up with Psycho-Kinesis..... "Another friend is Joining our group..... He looks Stronger than you Solaris..." Inuyasha Taunted... I groaned.... Slash decided to join our team "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" I yelled as we got a new team-mate... I made pie to celebrate.... "Inuyasha SUPRISE ATTACK GET READY EVERYONE!!!" I said focusing and on my guard..Miroku put up a barrier.... "Ahh" Mimichiko said 2 seconds later she hit the ground

End Notes:
Chapter 11 Lost Solaris, Rin and Kohaku part 1 by Tagumon
Author's Notes:


when Mimichiko fell time and space was distorted and we were all seperated! Now i'm seeing Rin and Kohaku and WE must go find the Others!!!! but from my last encounter with Kohaku Will me and Rin Be alright I hope so becauseI gotta go to the bathroom again 

"oh Solaris It's You again I heard from lord Sesshomaru that you're the gaurdian of the stone and You're true Identity is Solaris and Inuyasha was separated from you Don't you think this maze is fun!!!" Rin said with a smile. I thought of all the mazes I've done it took me a year to figuire one out!!!!  "Rin no time for 20 questions i'll carry you to be safe Ok" i said holding her hand She climbed on she is like a feather for crying out loud Okay "Psycho-SPEED!!!!" I Went blazing through the maze and we rn into a dead end with Kohaku "Naraku will make good use of you Solaris Endless torture awaits" Kohaku said looking drunk... i let Rin down "Rin get back I swear I got us into this maze mess madness It' my duty to protect you right Now..." Kohaku swung his chain "damn it" The sickle hit me "Rin let's face it I can't Win Impossible So run now No presence other than hime are here so find Sesshomaru and take this" I threw her A book "Legend of Tagumon" the cover read. Go know

End Notes:
srry i am not done yet just i had to go shopping with friend srry i promised
Chapter 12 Weird by Tagumon

After Our fight Rin came back Kohaku came back to his senses and I had to help them through the maze being the Oldest of this group Kohaku Had no weapon it was broken and Rin cannot attack at all I have to protect them... and supply food for them! 

2 minutes later...

    We made it to something like a checkpoint i guess there were lemons and cherries I picked some and made pie for Rin and Kohaku..."do you know my Sister Sango" He said quietly. we had a conversation for a while... "Hmm. I think we can make it if we work together!!!" I said copyrighting about 1000 movies   

Chapter 13 It's A Bird it's A Plane NO It's SUPER SESSHOMARU by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

 As me Rin and Kohaku kept walking we reached the end of the maze... 

"Kohaku Rin The stone of Aqua" I ran over to the stone and A huge Demon showed up eating the stone "oh no i have no energy for another Psycho-Thrust" I thought 

Then suddenly Sesshomaru came  "behold the power of my Tokijin DRAGON STRIKE" He said shooting lightning out of the sky blasting that thingy the battle

was over me and Kohaku went to go look for the others and Sesshomaru STOLE the stone!!! 

End Notes:
Chapter 14 Kikyo and Inuyasha and Solaris with Shikigami by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

 After leaving with Sesshomaru, Kohaku and I Journeyed towards the others later we crossed paths " "Inuyasha I found Kohaku and I go you this" I handed my pie... I walked over near the wall and Went to the bathroom... I came out a minute later InuYasha looked puzzled "Inuyasha Are you okay did something happen" I said not getting a answer I walked towards were he came I saw Kikyo on the ground she had no beat at all "Oh I shouldn't have asked InuYasha such a question Kikyo I'm sorry I couldn't help you" I said upset too for the same reason. I noticed a piece of Paper glowing i picked it up it got brighter it read " InuYasha please give this to Solaris He and Yoshiko both have the Shikigami..." then I realized what Yoshiko meant "I met a women wearing Red and White and she taught me Shikigami she lived long ago" he meant Kikyo...  I will use this power to then.... i took out my doll I put my right arm on the regular one and it took the form of Kikyo "InuYasha take this" I handed him the Kikyo doll.... "he started crying "thanks.... He started walking towards the others.... Ounce we were back I drew a picture of Kikyo Kagome and InuYasha With the Tetsuiga... Solaris, Inuyasha be aware of Naraku Kikyo's Voice said....

End Notes:
Chapter 15 Mimichiko...... by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

   after that night Me and Mimichiko went to the highest rock to sit on... the shiny white moonlight glittered off the reflection of the water and our marrage rings.... "Solaris I think you're Not a failure you're anything but that you're somewhat a good listener a good friend and husband a artist a fun person and i like you that way, and you're a really good cook...... I love you're pie and You " Mimichiko said with her bright brown eyes glittering from the moon wind blowing her Long Blue and Red Hair a tiny bit she was gorgeus "Solaris" I knew She closed my eyes and we leaned closer and our lips connected "AH!HA!HA!HA!HA!" a voice sounded coming out of no where A purple light shot through Mimichiko and she fell to the ground "Mimichiko, Mimichiko, Mimichiko!!!" She wouldn't move she lay there still "NARAKU YOU BASTARD WHAT DID YOU DO" I yelled extremely agrivated.

"Just returning what you did to me a favor from hell" Naraku said Laughing

"Naraku you're MINE TO KILL" I said Hair going to the solaris form Black and red... 

End Notes:
He killed her....... 
Chapter 16 Broken Hearted Solaris v.s. Sesshomaru by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
    YAY b


    I walked back to the group holding her body.... I put her down in the bed and left "solaris where ya goin" Inuyasha questioned..."Sorry i must do this alone" I said Leaving going to the path Sesshomaru had his footprint on.....

2  minutes later...

"Sesshomaru i need the Tensaiga to help someone I hold close to my heart I will do anything to bring her back Including Destroy You..." I said Black aura flowing around my body blazing black beams of Energy I moved extremely fast... I almost slipped the sword out... and I got thrown back-words i tried Psycho-Kinesis but I couldn't get it to work.... we battled for an hour but he wasn't trying.... he flew away after I got nocked down for the tenth time...  

   " It's my fault if I never met her she would be alive and Naraku wouldn't have killed her.... It's all my fault..." i said crying "Solaris-kun I love you You and I tried our best as always I know it's hard but you must not fight out of anger..." Mimichiko's Voice said... i looked up and her soul was there and so was her ghost.... "I'm sorry I couldn't Protect you!!! I'm an idiot and I'm a failure not anything like you said!!!" I screamed "Solaris you'll pull through but please make sure Naraku is dead so no one endures pain..... She said evaporating....

I cried more and went to bed....


End Notes:
Chapter 17 Solaris' Misery We have a day off by Tagumon
Author's Notes:

        Kagome checked in on us "there both asleep but... Oh no poor Solaris"Kagome said

after waking up I put the Mimichiko Plush in my pocket and past everyone "one after another people have died just why is it only our group that's had problems are they all Naraku realated is he still alive I know he came from The Netherworld to Kill Mimichiko but... Kikyo Miroku Kohaku, Sango Inuyasha Kagome and I have been All Emotionally and Pysichly Tortured by Naraku.... "he will perish..." i thought I looked at everyone "guys Naraku's back" I said suddenly.. "Solaris why didn't you tell us sooner" Kagome asked walking "I know about what happened about her but you need to let go I know it's hard.... Kagome siad Thinking it would cheer me up "Now I know it's a bad time but I have Exams Today for my Job to make money in my time so i'll be back in maybe a couple days...."Kagome said Upset for me.... I waved bye and went ack to bed... "Hey wake up already Shippo is annoying the Crap out of me and I need you to to make him stop because it's you're job while Kagome's gone!!!" Inuyasha yelled angry inuyasha then thought for a Minute "did Kagome mean her no wonder he's upset" Inuyasha thought "uh sorry I'll handle it myself..." Inuyasha said walking outside and beating Shippo up.... " I thought about the same moment every second What if We never met she would be safe but it's my fault.... I got up and decided to walk in the village instead of Float " I walked into the market "excuse me sir what kind of fruit is the cheapest today."i said to the clerk. he handed me Oranges and lemons and two Raspberries I handed him a 10 dollar bill he said thanks and I left.... I went back and made a blue and red pie for me and Lemon and orange Pie for the others and I sat in bed Looking at the pie in the shape of her face....

I fell asleep....

 A dream maybe...


I woke up "Mimichiko what should I do" I looked at her "I forgot that you died...." i said begging to cry again.....

2 weeks later Kagome came back "Sango Inuyasha hows Solaris" Kagome said Comming out of the well... "He hasn't come out of His room since the incident" Sango said walking up to Kagome.. Kagome looked even more upset and knocked on the door and Inuyasha bashed it down I had candels surounding me and a white chalked star with a circle around it... "Shikigami heed my call forces of nature combine come together to bring back my loved one Shikigami fufill my wish I said Floating in the middle of the cirlce star simble meditating... Mimichiko started glowing and she woke up "Solaris-sama" She said hugging me You did it i am forever in you're dept... I kissed her and I looked at inuyasha and slamed the door with psycho-Kinesis...and we kissed more 

2 hours later we came out and saw Inuyasha telling everyone what we were doing.... Mimichiko decided to stay the village while we killed Naraku "Solaris I'm Having a boy he's Name is Hikutsu..." Mimichiko said Smiling...

End Notes:
wow She having a baby
Chapter 18 Solaris' group by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
I get an item

    Happy that she was okay and Impressed with this Shikigami stuff I went on Google maps and looked up "Naraku's hideout.." It poped up on the map and i printed it Using Solar energy :D Then I saw took the map to everyone and said "Next stop Naraku's Hideout" I grabbed a amulet known as the amulet of Seal Release Transformation It allows me to awaken The ultimate Power and Control it

everyone was Packed "Solaris Thank you" i heard a familiar voice say I looked over "Kikyo!!!" we all got Happy except Kagome. all of our friends came to help too Koga Ayame Sesshomaru and everyone "we'll help you Solaris We Will Destroy and End Naraku!!!" everyone said.... I started Crying... "Thank you everyone together we Can Kill Naraku and help the Future..." Mimichiko walked over I will stay here and teach our Child About you while you're gone, and Do Not die If I had to choose between the world or our family I'd choose You Solaris" Mimichiko said Blushing In Long Green dress...."I will Protect our world and get the stones and Destroy Naraku!!!!"

End Notes:
Next time we get stones
Chapter 19 Koga and Ayame's Storyline Search for The Earth stone by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
Sesshomaru has Water Now we get Earth STONE

"If Solaris had it it has His Scent so Search for His Scent Okay Ayame" Koga said Looking for it... a couple minutes later Ayame found Something "Koga it's got the wolf demon symbol on it try the Goraishi" Ayame said backing up... Koga yelled Goraishi and The stone smashed Open revealing a cave....

 "they explored the Cave...a couple minutes later Koga and Ayame Found the stone and Koga grabbed it... "I AM ANCIENT MONE I AM THE STONE MOLE OF THIS CAVE YOU MUST DEFEAT ME!!!!" The giant stone mole said It dug a massive hole beneath Koga and Ayame And they both fell into the hole... a couple minutes later the mini stone moles with Giant Bloody Fangs Dug there way closer to Koga and Ayame... "Koga hurry up and Make a Plan or else Were Not coming outa this hole Alive... Koga noticed A weak point in the wall of the hole and Kicked the wall. it fell revealing an ancient Cavern.. they ran inside "Hey Ayame look at the walls they have symbols of Wolf Demons" Koga Said Ayame looked at the walls and Noticed a Amber Figure of a Wolf Demon. Ayame picked the Figure up and the room glowed showing more symbols on the walls...  it showed a secret Wolf Demon technique The awsome Cyclone Barrage!!! after Reading the markings Ayame and Koga tried to think of a way out... Koga tucked the figure into his chest plate... Then Ayame started attacking the mini moles... they look bad but they were easily put aside only in great numbers were they a challenge... Koga found a way back up using the Cyclone barrage... the moles were destroyed and only Mone Remained....

Koga decided to fight the beast for a while then the mole smashed the figure and the dust was absorbed into Koga's Body with that power Koga slayedthis Mole and the two left Unharmed with the Earth stone 

End Notes:
Chapter 20: Miroku and Shippo's Story line Search for the Forest stone by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
       So Koga beat the mole meanwhile in the forest....

     " I think the Stone is over near the giant tree." Miroku said. "A giant Demonic aura is in that area...." They headed towards the woods and noticed a meadow with a waterfall, rocks that formed a path in the water only this water was ACID and the Stone was on a platform... the acid had poisonous gas rising so Shippo can't float across... Shippo jumped across the stones grabbed it off the pedestal and ran to Miroku "That was easy" Shippo said handing Miroku the stone. then the woods made a wooden Barrier so they couldn't escape "YOU ARE IN MY TERRITORY NOW AND YOU SHALL PERISH AND DO NOT THINK OF  GOING BEHIND THE ACID WATERFALL BECAUSE YOU CAN'T UNTIL YOU DEFEAT ME THEN YOU WILL NEVER FIND THE REAL STONE BEHIND THE WATERFALL AHHAHAHAHAH!!!!! OOPS I SAID MY SECRETS AGAIN YOU SHALL PAY DEARLY WITH YOU'RE LIVES" The Giant Tree Demon said dragging out his point... "Daddy we want FLESH" the baby apple demons said hungrily to the Tree dad demon… "Shippo get back I'm going to open the wind tunnel!" Miroku explained... Shippo stepped behind Miroku..." WIND TUNNEL" Miroku yelled pulling beads off his hand and opening the WIND TUNNEL!!! The baby apples squealed and were sucked in.... "Oh MY GOD MY BABIES NOOOOOO!!!! The tree demon said crying acid tears. "Shippo I can't use another Wind tunnel because I sucked in POISON APPLE KIDS TOO!" Miroku Whispered... Suddenly Shippo had the best Idea in the History of any other good Idea "FOX FIRE " Shippo yelled shooting Blue-Green flames out of his hands and lighting the tree on fire... "Talk about a Wild Fire" Miroku said Watching the Tree Run In Circles Flailing from Being burned... Eventually It burned to Ash... "Miroku look the Water is being Purified" Shippo said.

  Later When the water was completely pure They went behind the waterfall "The Stone" Miroku announced... He grabbed the stone and left... 

End Notes:
Next Time We watch Kohaku and Sango Get there stone
Chapter 21 Sango and Kohaku's Storyline search for the Sky stone by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
   Miroku and Shippo have there stone Meanwhile...

   "Kohaku do you sence the presence of the stone" Sango asked... "hey sister we should go up there to Mt.Thunder Blade" Kohaku said feeling happy that Naraku was going to be gone. they journeyed up Mt. Thunder Blade witch when they got to the top they noticed a Big field of cloud. "Kohaku be carefull" Sango said... A giant thunder cloud appeared "I am the TCB THUNDER CLOUD BOSS and you must defeat ME!!!" The cloud said Kohaku and Sango tried to attack but it had no effect Kirara could not get close enough to bite it..... "HIRIKOTSU" Sango yelled chucking the huge Boomerang at the monster.... Then she threw Scent beads at it and it turned solid. Kohaku threw His sickle and it destroyed the monster "the stone" Sango grabbed it... and went back to the village....


End Notes:
Chapter 22 Solaris and Blue's Storyline by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
I am extremely weak at the moment

 After everyone had a stone My 6 year old brother Blue and I journeyed Towards Icey Tower... "brother I'm new to this Shikigami stuff so I need you To Try you're best" i said Feeling tired from walking the Giant stairs In a cold room. Blue was Pumped and full of energy because of his Ice powers... "Okay" he replied running up.... When we finnally got to the top.... we noticed the Stone... "Cool" I grabbed the stone and Ice Pillars surrounded me  "Solaris-Nisan" Blue said Looking at a Dragon made Of Ice... It crashed into blue and ripped his arm off and Blue was Lying there still breathing in a comma.. Next the dragon smashed the pillars and I rushed towards Blue "Blue, Blue BLUE Wake up Please!!!" He wouldn't get up "Mom I don't wanna go to school" he said Sleeping I carried him to a safe area and shot a flare at the dragon and it Blew up I grabbed the stone and went home with Blue

End Notes:
Chapter 23 Mimichiko's Daughter and Son + Solaris' true power by Tagumon
 I ran back to camp and Asked Mimichiko if she could help Blue "sorry Solaris I'll get Mitotsu Our Daughter and Hitutsu our son.... " I zoned fora moment when they came in "Hi Daddy" Was the first thing they said. they looked like 6 year olds for a odd reason.... "Mitotsu came near Blue "Uncle Blue" She said She put her arm on him and he got his arm back and snapped out of his comma "Healing powers I said picking her up she seemed to enjoy it too... Hitutsu took out his sword it had a red handle and the blade was Dark-Purple... "Father Let me Help You kill Naraku..." Hitutsu said looking Angry I told him that i wasn't even strong enough to kill him and to stay here and train to protect you're younger sister... he started looking happy and practiced his swordsmanship.... as we went out everyone handed me the stones.... they glowed "Stones of power please reunite with my Heart and GIve me the power to defeat Naraku.... I started glowing my hair turned to the Solaris black and Red again and we were ready "Naraku prepare to Die ounce and for all I said as everyone ran to his hideout....
End Notes:
time to die NARAKU
Chapter 24 Another friend Ricky by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
I meet Ricky again YAY
"Ricky!" I said running up to him.... "wow another kid who looks better than you Solaris" Inuyasha commented unnecessarily... "Slash, Ricky , and me That's Our TEAM COMPLETED
Chapter 25 Picnic by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
  "Hey Solaris Time to wake up" I heard a voice say outside... I walked over to my cloths put them on and walked out I saw everyone at a blanket it was Sunny and Beautiful. "Hurry up" Slash and Ricky said in unison... I grabbed my Bananna Cherry Pie and Put it on the Blanket " Awesome More Pie, Hey Kagome why don't you make Pie it probably would taste good" Inuyasha said Awfully Nice today... Kagome looked Pleased with his attitude. "wow Mom you were Right Dad Does Make good Food" Hitutsu Said Chewing... Mitotsu Nodded Her head... Everyone was happy even blue with his Arm Back thanks to our Daughter Mitotsu "I thought i told you kids to stay here" I said.. they started frowning "Father i have a new technique and I am ready to kill Naraku" Hitutsu said Smiling.... we all ate and then packed and left "father Let my Healing abilities and Hitutsu's Swordsmanship assist you" Mitotsu said with lots of vocabulary. "Fine just Stay near us at all times." I said With the sunset behind me because we took so long to eat...
End Notes:
we head to Naraku
Chapter 26 Solaris and Mimichiko Hitutsu 2/3 Demon Mitotsu 1/3 Demon by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
we've been on our Journey to Naraku's palace for about 2 weeks and Mimchiko and I have grown up together threw everything even on our Island      on our journey we noticed a strange castle and we decided to go inside....
     "be careful I sense a Demonic Aura and it's Extremely Powerfull "I'll take care of it" Hitutsu said holding the sword a certain way. "That's the same way Inuyasha does his Meido..." Kagome said suprised "MEIDO ZANGETSU HAAAA!!!!!!" Hitutsu yelled slashing his sword Sucking in half of the castle "Wow Hitutsu Nice job harnessing you're Demonic power!!!" Mitotsu said... Me and everyone Zoned for a Moment "Solaris You and Blue are Blood related so When Hitutsu was born Both of you're Demonic Powers Leaked into his soul and same with Mitotsu only Solaris' Human Power Came to her." Mimichiko explained "COOL" We all said. "Welcome to the club" Inuyasha said sarcastically. all there was is wood now! "cool Technique Hitutsu" I said proud
End Notes:
cool and Not very actiony
Chapter 27 Lost in Naraku's palace by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
so what happened is After leaving the castle Hitutsu and Mitotsu....

"NARAKU!!!" I yelled at Naraku leaving the castle, because He captured Mitotsu and Hitutsu! "come get them Solaris let you're second souls Power Leak out and Form the being of Destruction!!!" Naraku said Aggravated with something...

a minute later they were gone... "NARAKU THAT BASTARD AAAAAAHGGG!!!" MY Hair Went JET BLACK AND i turned the color of Coal My cloths turned Red and Black "DAMN YOU!!!!!!!! TO HELL NARAKU!!!" I screamed

meanwhile.... "Hitutsu The Dark Scar!!!" Mitotsu said confident Hitutsu waved his sword and the door fell "What are you doing" a kid said... "I am Hakudoshi and You shall Die here if you try anything you-" Hakudoshi stopped and Hitutsu's Blade went right through him "No..." Hakudoshi was still "Kill Naraku's Heart..." were his last words... They ran into the giant room with a purple carpet "about time we fought" Naraku said 

End Notes:

      Hitutsu Fights Naraku But Mitotsu is harmed By Miasma Can Hitutsu Kill Naraku Being Immune to Miasma or will Naraku Kill the two Children...

Next Time!!! Hitutsu and the Secret Move!!! 

Chapter 28 battle for Father Hitutsu v.s. Naraku. by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
"Mitotsu Sister Be okay Please I'll Kill him for Us and If i can't at least I die for my duty to protect you...
   "Sorry naraku but I am A 2/3 Demon so you're Miasma has no effect on me!!!"Hitutsu yelled. a moment Later he turned around Mitotsu was on the ground "NO MITOTSU SISTER" Hitutsu said "Naraku You touch my sister And you shall now die from my blade i my hand For Uncle Blue For Father For Mother and For EVERYONE ELSE I'll SEND YOU TO HELL NARAKU!!!" Hitutsu screamed swinging his blade shooting Meidos towards Naraku. Naraku grabbed his neck and slammed him into the wall. Mitotsu got up and a bow appeared near her it was Gold and had rounded tips and golden arrows with pointed tips and glowing purple "Grandmother I understand what you want!" Mitotsu picked up the bow and Shot Naraku Hitutsu dropped to the ground with his eyes Bleeding Naraku Rushed towards Mitotsu "Dragon Strike" a voice outside said Blasting Naraku forcing him to vanish!!!
Chapter 29 Hitutsu and Mitotsu meet Sesshomaru by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
Sesshomaru used his dragon strike on Naraku but will Mitotsu and Hitutsu be okay or will Sesshomaru kill them???

"Who are you why did you help us are you our father Solaris' Ally" Mitotsu said healing Hitutsu. "so you're his Children" Sesshomaru said thinking about when he saved me from Naraku and When we went after our wives with Inuyasha Inu-Taisho and I... "he walked over to Hitutsu and used the Tensaiga "Mitotsu you're alright were is Naraku" Hitutsu said bleeding but alive while Sesshomaru left.

"thank you Sesshomaru" Mitotsu thought....

   I busted the door down "you guys okay "Kagome said.. I gave them a hug "Dad i should've listened he is a tough opponnent" Hitutsu said My hair turned Green again "Naraku is gone that's good... " he's dead

End Notes:
yay thnks Sesshy
Chapter 30 Solaris Hitutsu Mimichiko Mitotsu Slash and Ricky say farewell by Tagumon
Author's Notes:
bye guys until we meet again

" as we got back to the village a vortex opened "Oh I guess I must go.... Bye Inuyasha our times were good even though I got the worst beatings in my life..." I paused and Cried "I'm glad to be you're Friends you guys Best moments in my life!!!" I yelled and we dissapeared after all saying good bye."

a minute later...

  "Inuyasha you're crying too now" Kagome said

"yah Kagome and this time not for the Pie..." Inuyasha said

"BYE" Shippo said crying too...

even Sango and Miroku cried....

"don't worry Inuyasha he left another Pie.. and Now Im crying DOUGH HEAD!!!" Kagome Yelled

 "do not fight all ways Smile never give up i'll be there!!!" Sango read my note "everyone smiled and ate my cherry grape pie



End Notes:
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