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I'm a thirty-seven year old chick, oops, um woman (hehehe) who loves anime, writing and goofing off with my friends and cats. I actually live just outside of a nursing home, (this is a long, sometimes boring and mostly sad tale that I'm too lazy to go into at the moment more than it starting with a house fire which basically turned my life upside down and inside out) so I spend a good bit of my day hanging with my friends there. I'm currently working on a novel, but most of my writing these days has been centered on a series of fanfiction stories based on the tv series, "The Sentinel" to which I've added a new character. My favorite of the stories I'm currently writing brings my "Sentinel" folks to Japan, where one is promptly pulled through the bone eater's well....oddness quickly follows! lol Well, off to write and dodge cat paws! (Ironically, I once had a cat who adopted us while we watched an Inuyasha could we not name him after our favorite hanyou? Even if he was the wrong species! lol)

Felt like adding more....maybe it's the wonderful pain meds I took a while ago...ya think? lol Anyway, I got my first computer when I was about 21 years old. It came with Prodigy (later known as Prodigy Classic) software already installed. I soon fell head over heels in love with their message boards and quickly found a group who called themselves the "MacPackers", a group who loved the show MacGyver as much as I did! It was my first taste of fanfiction, and I just couldn't get enough of reading my new friends' stories. Before I knew it, I found myself wanting to do more than read them. I was still new (well, duh!) but became totally entralled with the idea of taking my favorite adventurer out to play. (I promise that I always returned him to his creator in basically the same condition that I borrowed him in!) This went on until the powers that be decided they weren't making money on the old Prodigy and did away with it. (Talk about a sad day for me! I still miss that old service to this day!)

For a long time, life got in the way of my writing. It's almost like relearning all over again. In recent months, however, I've found a bit of comfort in returning to my roots as a would-be writer. My mother, who also happened to be my best friend in the world, passed away on June 10th, and it seemed like, after over a year of taking care of her as her health declined, that my purpose in life had been fullfilled with nothing else to occupy my time. Then one especially dark, rainy day, I found myself remembering the old days when my mom would read one of my stories and gush about how good it was. (Yes, moms aren't known for their unbiased opinions, but she seemed to truly enjoy my stories. I think her praise is what kept me writing back then.) I finally realized that wallowing in my grief wasn't what she would want for me. I sat down that very day and started working on my first fanfiction in over ten years. Sometimes, when I'm typing away, working on an especially stubborn scene, I swear I can hear mom urging me on.

So that, as they say, is that....I hope that I haven't bored you too much. Of course, that's assuming that anyone even bothers to read this! lol I just may add more some time when I'm feeling especially chatty.

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