Penname: GrimLyght [Contact] Real name: C. Grim Rice
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For those who know me, I am on, and I'm known for my rising fan fic, Hime no Aisu - a Sess/Kag fic. 

 I am random, and so is my work. I'm a realist, and prefer that the characters I am pairing up struggle to have that connection. I don't like quick and easy love, because I honestly don't find that realistic. I find it childish and lazy, but that's my opinion. There are some people who can make it work.

 I also like to do multiple pairings and multiple point of views in my work. I enjoy it!!! I want all the characters to share the spot light! I also like to use original characters, and I love doing bizzare pair ups.

I'm currently writing two Inuyasha fan fics:

Hime no Aisu - (Sess/Kag, and many more other pairings and povs)

Kuroi Kirishima - (Many pairings and povs, dark fic)



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