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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well here's the chapie! Hope you like it!

All was dark, and no moon shown in the sky. A silent figure crept through the nightly forest, silhouetted in starlight. Its' turquoise eyes watched the midnight shadows of the trees. Scales of the pelt it carried glistened in the starlight as it moved through the dark forest, warily stepping with caution. Black hair in a high pony-tail waved slightly in the weak breeze as black armor glinted in the dim light. Soft leaves crumpled underneath the weight of each footstep, bringing the figure closer to where he knew they were waiting for him. He hadn't expected for lion youkai, some of the intelligent youkai there were, to be so half-witted. They had some of the most keenest eyes of this world, and yet...

They did not know whom they were apposing.

"FIRE!" came a females cry. Dozens and dozens of arrows broke the barriers of the bushes, leaving the forest floor covered in leaves. The arrows continued their flight, striking the black metal that was his armor. Not a one pierced skin, and none left even a mark.

A bone chilling chuckling escaped the figure "Yukiko, how nice to see you again."

A tall woman came from the scattered shadows. Long blond hair cascaded down her back, to her waist and her icy blue eyes sparkled with hate. Golden armor glittered on top of a navy shirt and skirt. Her face showed no expression, and her movements were calm, but inside...

She was still shaking.

She glared at the man she loathed so much. This demon who killed for no reason. A god damned Alliant of Naraku, who killed for no reason. Her lips moved, mouthing the word 'Damnit'. She slowly grabbed an arrow and hooked it onto the quiver of her bow, and pointed it at the man "Leave,"

"Now why would I do that?" he asked smiling wickedly. Slowly a black shadow like substance crept over his body, gleaming like armor in the stars' light. Scales. Snakes scales. Black stripes appeared across his face, over his eyes. He was about to transform.

"Leave!" her voice was shaky this time. Never had she thought she would have to face this snake demon twice in her life. Once was fatal enough and the lion youkai were just getting back on their feet. She couldn't afford to lose again, she had to lead her people. But most importantly had to make sure that he would never search for her hanyou daughter. Her arrow shook as her hand gripped it tighter, sending a light blue energy through it. "LEAVE!" she yelled, and let go of the arrow. As the arrow flew the light became bigger, until it was taller than the trees. The blue energy glowed and glistened as it shaped itself into the shape of a lion. The snake youkai jumped to the side as the great lion of energy swiped a large paw at him, sending shards of ice flying into the distant trees.

"You've gotten stronger," he said, letting the voice come out as a hiss "But are you strong enough to face my true form?" the black scales swarmed from his body into a twister that surrounded him, shielding his body from further attack. Many more of the lion youkai filed from the trees, standing next to Yukiko.

"Lady Yukiko, what are we going to do!?" a young girl with honey brown hair questioned. Her lavender colored eyes went wide in fear as she gripped a giant axe in her hand.

"Run, Ume" was all she answered as she drew another arrow. She hooked it to her quiver and waited. She had to protect her people. Even if that meant her death. The girl nodded and turned, running away from the scene.

Now, Yukiko thought despratley I just wait... she watched in horror as the twister became taller and taller and taller still, reaching beyond the treetops, beyond the head of the lion of energy until it was a good seventy feet in the air. And then...

It cleared

There, staring down with sickening yellow eyes, he was. Long and black. A snake youkai. That's what he was. His long black body tisted and turned as he uncoiled himself, revealing lightning shaped marks that stretched across the jet-black scales. His neck flared until it was twice the size of his head and revealed long, sharp, poisons fangs. The end of his tail was sharper than any blade, glistening silver in starlight. The yellow eyes swept over the large lion, red pupils glowing brightly. He drew out his fangs, letting them glow green. They were HUGE! Thicker than a hundred year-old tree and longer than four people put together. A yellow diamond shone on his fore-head, also glowing. He drew back and then struck the great lion. A green energy spilled into blue, and the arrow in the center of the lion broke.

Shattered really. Little pieces scattered across the energy, leaving a trail of ice. Yukiko gripped her chest tightly as a great pain hit it. The great lion began to fade, leaving nothing of it. A blue streak circled the air, and then descended down to her. She quickly grabbed it from the air and pressed it to the growing pain. She gave a pant as the pain subsided. She slowly stood, balancing herself on her bow as she hauled herself up. "Damn you Raiden!" she silently cursed. Breathing heavily she gripped another arrow, notching it into her quiver she pulled back and released, though this time not putting a single drop of her soul into it.

Raiden reared back his ugly head and dove out of the arrows' reach. He gave a hiss of annoyance and let his fangs glow again. Quickly descending upon her. Yukiko dove to the side as many lions began to attack the great serpent. He lashed out his tail, knocking several of the lions' heads clean off. Blood dripped from the very tip and he drew his forked toung over the red liquid. "All I need," he hissed "Is the blood of seven wolves, four tigers, twelve cheetahs, three dogs," he knocked many more lions down, savoring the taste of their blood "And as many lions as I can get my hands on to become the most powerful youkai ever known!"

"You're sick Raiden! You disgust me greatly!" Yukiko hissed angrily. Her eyes shone red and her face began to twist and contort. A bright icy blue light enveloped her. After a few moments a lioness of equal size was standing an growling before him, white pelt shining silver in the pale starlight. Her blue eyes still held a weakness, but there was nothing more than determination shining in the pale blue orbs. "I'll kill you for good!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

Then the two giant beasts lunged at one-another. Raiden sunk his fangs deep within the flesh of her right paw, which drew back and struck his eye with claws of ice. Blood seeped from each of their wounds as they began to circle each other. Yukiko growled and Raiden hissed, this was not going to be an easy win 'Daughter' Yukiko thought 'If you can hear me, be safe!' she lunged again, trying to strike his throat. He dodged, leaving her in the large dust cloud he had drawn up from his swift movements.

Raiden drew out his fangs as they began to glow again. But this time thew glew a purple color. Yukiko’s eyes filled with horror as he let out a hiss. She drew back a paw to protect herself. She let her ice claws unsheathe as she took a step back. She gave a growl as he slithered forward, baring sickening magenta fangs. Quickly she turned tail and led the snake through the forest. Leaping over tree tops as he slithered below, crashing through everything in his way.

Yukiko gave a roar as she picked up the pace. She had to get him away from the rest of her people. It was the only way. She leapt out gracefully onto a frozen lake as soon as it came into view. She stood as though weighing less than a feather as the snake youkai approached. His eyes glistened with blood lust as he slithered out onto the ice, glaring at the lion youkai as she purred deeply.


Raiden stopped dead. Figured that she had led him onto thin ice. He gave a hiss of annoyance as his fangs ceased their glowing. If he made one wrong move it was snakey go bye-bye time. She gave him a look that said you-think-you're-so-smart-but-you're-not-so-hah! Raiden slithered forward as the ice continued to creek. He would have to be careful not to fall through the ice. Yukiko jumped high into the air and landed just behind the snake, ripping claws of ice down the side of his head. She leapt back to where she was before and let out a growl. Maybe she would kill him.

Just then Raiden put his body into one swift movement. Faster than the eye could see he was behind her, striking out with sharp fangs. She let out a yowl of pain and jumped away from him.


The ice was breaking! The cracks spread from beneath Yukiko’s feet, reaching all the way to Raiden, who had a wicked smirk like expression spread across his scaly face. After a moment the cracking stopped, replaced by an eerie silence. Raiden took this opportunity to advance toward the lioness. His fangs grew magenta as he quickly slithered forward, giving Yukiko enough time to take a step back. The lioness backed up right into a patch of melting ice.


Her hind legs crashed through the ice in the frenzy of movement, and she barely held on. She clawed at the slippery ice, which only broke more. She panicked as the snake made his way over. "Tisk, tisk Yukiko," he said "I wouldn't have expected you to loose to your own element." The lioness gave a roar at the snake and he gave a chuckle. "Now it's over. You will die just as your father did!"

'Daddy?' she thought quickly. Her claws failed to grip any longer, she slipped into the black depths of the water, the chill quickly taking over her body. Above the wind began to whip and Raiden stood with his head high, eyes glowing the sickening yellow they were. Black clouds rolled in over the starry sky, and lightning broke out. As he gazed up he could feel himself become more powerful. He set his tail into the icy water and lifted his head until it was straight in the air. He opened his mouth and his fangs shone brightly. Lightning escaped the clouds and fell upon his fangs, which were re-directing it’s flow.

The lightning went through his body until it reached his tail. Then the yellow light spread throughout the water, electrifying anything underneath the ice. Including Yukiko.

As the lightning struck her she used the last of her strength to struggle. She swam up as quickly as possible until breaking the surface. Raiden was waiting, fangs already magenta. He struck out at her in a swift movement and pierced her flesh. The deadly poison seeped into her blood. She slowly sank back down into the water, head going under. Before the last of her life ebbed away she thought of her daughter’s face, her voice, her laugh. 'Michiko' she thought once again, picturing the young blond hanyou 'Be safe...' And with that...

All went black.

Chapter end notes: Poor Yukiko... chapter six will be up soon! *sniffle* And thanks to all my wonderful reviewers!

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