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Author's Chapter Notes:

Alright ya'll! (lol) This will be the LONGEST chapter yet! I'm trying my best to make this a worth-while read! Please don't be angry if it's not what you expected. And yes! Worry not! Inuyasha and Kagome will find eachother! Now, with that said... on with chapter 4! (lol 2 many !'s)

Four: Befriending The Fire


"Oh, Akako. Please come in." Kaiya called, smiling all the while. Her long ginger hair brushed her face as she turned to face the hallway. She was the picture of beauty. A young girl with similar ginger locks walked into the room. She wore something similar to a bandana, it was brown. She also wore a smaller kimono that went down to her knees. It was a soft white with blue sakura flower patterns. Her hair extended to her thighs, but was tied back into a pony tail and her eyes were a bronze color. She also wore something similar to a shawl around her hips, which, like the bandana, was also brown. And around her arms and legs were bandages that were tied loosely around her limbs for comfort. The odd thing though, was that her nails looked abnormally long. "This," Lady Kaiya said, gesturing her hand to Kagome "Is Kagome. The girl you saved."

"Nice to meet you Kagome." she said as she bowed slightly. Akako looked around confused "Where is Kihala?" she asked disappointedly "I haven't seen her for a while now." she looked to be about twelve years of age. Though she sported legs of an athlete.

"Kihala went to deliver a message for me." Kaiya replied, giving her head a shake "I would have asked you or Tsukiko, but you two weren't around.

"Awwww! Ya coulda waited for me ya know!" Akako complained, turning her back and crossing her arms. She acted more like an eight year old. Kaiya did the same, and the two gave each other sisterly glares. Then they started laughing at each other. The sight warmed Kagome's heart. It was so sweet! Then Rini and Tsukiko returned, holding the basket of ice. One handle in each of their hands.

"And they're at it again!" Rini's voice said in a warm chuckle.


"And that's how I got here." Kagome finished, taking another sip at her tea. She had been explaining how she had come from her era and all her adventures with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippou. Not forgetting Kirara of course! She had also explained why she had been in The Forest of Inuyasha in the first place, and so on. She had also explained the well, and the whole time the females had been interested and awed. Except for Akako.

"I can remember my father telling me about that kinda stuff." Akako said. "Electricity, phones. I even have this thing that he gave me when I was little. When I couldn't sleep." although it pained her to talk about her father, she could hold back the tears that had started to form. Kagome was clearly in shock. Who was this girl anyways? She reached into the shawl, and pulled out a music box about the size of her palm. "He told me that there were these little 'computer' things inside that made it work when this piece of 'plastic' didn't have any pressure on it... but it stopped working a long time ago..."

"L-let me see." Kagome slightly stuttered as she extended her hand. Akako handed it over reluctantly, but none-the-less handed it over to her. Kagome inspected it carefully, turning it until she found what she was looking for. "Did he ever give you any batteries?" she asked as she undid the screw.

"Batteries?" she repeated to herself.

"Yah. Small, round, and really shiny?" Kagome said looking up from the trinket. She took one of the old batteries out "Like these?"

Akako's face brightened and she stood up "Hold on," she said "I'll be right back." and with that she took off down the small hallway.

"What's a battery?" Rini asked. Her indigo eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"Well..." Kagome said, winking one eye closed in thought "It's made of metal, or something. And it has little computer chips in it that hold electric power in them or something..." she trailed at the utterly confused faces "Uhm... magic? I guess."

"Oooooooh." Tsukiko said after a moment. Her mouth widened in a big 'O'. Rini did the same, and Lady Kaiya just kept staring at the battery. When Akako came back she had two, bright, shiny, and new batteries in the palm of her hand. She handed them over to Kagome, who, in turn, set them inside and screwed the screw back in. She handed it back to Akako, and slowly it opened to reveal a small plastic moon.

"It's not doing anything..." Akako said sadly. Her bronze colored eyes closed half way as she sighed heavily. Her expression changed when the small plastic moon began to glow, blocking some of the light to look as though it were the changing phases of the moon. "It's working!" she almost purred.

And slowly music began to play.

Da da da da da daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee

Da da da da da daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee


Da da da da da daaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee

Da da da da da Daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daaaa da da dee daaaaar aaaa daaa dee da

Da dada da dee ada da ada daaaaaaaaa


"I remember my mother singing it to me. I think it went," she waited for a moment and the music started again.

She cleared her throat, and began the lullaby her mother had sung to her so long ago.

"Be thankful for the sunshine,

be thankful for the stream.

Be thankful for the moonlight,

however dull it seems

Be thankful for the love that we both share

Be thankful for one and all,

treat all with care.


Be thankful for your enemies

however hard it seems

Be thankful for the people,

who walk within your dreams.

Be thankful for the dark and for the light,

Be thankful for all in mind and sight."

She sat back awkwardly, keeping her gaze low. A little embarrassed. "That was beautiful Akako!" Kagome exclaimed, clapping two hands in front of her chest. Akako slightly blushed and turned away, closing the small music box. "So when do you think I'll be able to go?" she asked, looking at her ankle.

"Tomorrow maybe. But there's no rush, you may stay here as long as you please." Lady Kaiya said, smiling. She stood up and brushed the wrinkles from her kimono, then pushing the loose hair from her face she called Tsukiko and Rini, and the three went outside into the snow.

"So," Akako began "You're from the place my father talked about... What was it like?" she asked, still not meeting Kagome's gaze.

She looks really sad Kagome thought. Akako had brought her legs up and had rested her head on her knees. Her eyes watched the small flames as they danced their bright orange dance. Her hair! It's the color of flames! Kagome stared at the flame-like locks. Yes true to word her hair did look like fire. "Well," Kagome began, only to be cut off by a faint mewling noise.

"Oh! Kihala-boo!" Akako called gleefully as the neko ran inside and launched herself into the girls' awaiting arms. Kihala gave a tremendous purr, and then slowly adjusted herself to be held like a baby in the girls' arms. "What's this?"


"For Kagome huh?" she asked. She took the letter from the neko’s mouth and handed it to Kagome, ignoring the amazed stare.

She can understand that neko? she asked herself as she opened the letter from Kaede. She read the letter, and then stuffed it into her kimono. She gave a long sigh.

"What'd say?" Akako asked as she scratched the top of Kihala’s nose, making her sneeze. Akako giggled and petted the neko.

"Nothing much. Just that they're glad I'm okay and that they'll be waiting for me." she took a look back at her ankle, which was slowly getting better. At least I'll be able to go soon.


"Thanks for letting me stay," Kagome said as she bowed slightly to Lady Kaiya "And thanks for letting me keep the kimono!"

"Well you're welcome sweetie!" Kaiya said warmly "And as for the kimono, it's actually made of fire-rat. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all!" Kagome replied, looking down at the kimono that was neatly folded in her arms "It reminds me of someone. A close friend." She blinked forming tears away and looked back up to the red-headed woman. She gave a warm smile and then knelt down to Usagi and Rini "I'll come and visit again, and next time I'll bring my friends. 'Kay?"

" 'Kay!" the girls chorused.

"Good." Kagome replied as she stood up. She had her sweater and blue-jeans on again, and she had taken a bath the night before. Now that her ankle had fully healed she could walk again, although she had to rest every time her ankle felt like it was tightening. And now today she was finally, and thankfully, ready to go back to the village.

"I told Akako you were leaving, but I haven't seen her since this morning." Kaiya said as Kagome was just about to go "Se said that she'd find you before you left. But I don't see her anywhere. Strange indeed..."

"I'm sure she has her reasons." Kagome tried to hide her disappointment. She had become good friends with Akako over night, talking, laughing, singing. They'd shared a few stories and Kagome had told her about Inuyasha. She told her almost everything.

As though she had known her all her life.

"Well, I'm off then. Tell Akako I said Goodbye okay?" she asked.

"Of course!" Kaiya replied. "But before you go-" she looked down at the small girl in the green kimono "Rini? Will you get the bread I baked this morning?" the girl nodded and sped off into the hut, only moments later with a small loaf bundled in a purple cloth. Kaiya took the bundle and handed it to Kagome "Here," she said as Kagome slowly took it "My grandmothers recipe. She use to make the best bread in the village."

"Thanks," Kagome said as she gave one of best smiles "I'll share it with my friends when I get back to the village." she slightly unfolded the kimono and put the sweet-smelling bread inside. "Alright," she said as she turned to leave "I'll see you guys soon."


"Make sure you don't trip again!"

"Rini! That was rude!"

"Ow! What was that for!?"

Kagome gave a small laugh as the two young girls chased each other around the small garden outside the hut. Kaiya laughed loudly as the two began to throw blades of grass at one-another. The two fell, and then began to laugh. Soon they were out of Kagomes' sight, but their laughter could still be heard. Then their voices faded into the distance.

Maybe Kagome thought I'll have children of my own someday...


As Kagome walked she noticed that the snow was starting to melt. Spring was just around the corner. And as Kagome kept thinking about it, she kept thinking about Inuyasha. Kaede had said he had not come to visit in a long while, and Kagome guessed that he wouldn't for a while longer. If it was the jewel shard he was searching for, he would not rest until it was found. She knew that the reason wasn't because he wanted to become full youkai. He had told her it was for her, to keep her safe. He had done so much to protect her. As she remembered those wonderful times she remembered one of the times that made her smile...

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called up the tree he had been sleeping in. Well half-sleeping. There was no reply, just a soft snoring sound. "Idiot," Kagome wispered "I wouldn't believe you're asleep for a second!"

A snort "What do you want Kagome?" he asked irritably. He landed on the ground gracefully, crossing his arms as he fixed her with an annoyed gaze.

"I just wanted to talk, you don't have to be such a jerk about it." she said "I'll just go if you don't feel like it."

"Hey wait!" he said as she turned around to leave "I never said I didn't want to talk!" he looked away slightly, face a bit tinted with pink. Kagome swore that she probably would never understand him. She gave a small sigh and then they walked together down a small path away from the campsite they had set up for the night. "So?"

"So what?" Kagome asked puzzled.

"Why did you want to talk to me, duh." he answered, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, that!" she said as she smiled widely. She put her hands behind her back and walked up to Inuyasha, a little to close for his or her comfort. But she had to do this. Carefully she lowered her head to inspect the beads on his neck, apparently he didn't get what she was doing, and he stepped back. Kagome rolled her eyes and stepped forward again. Inuyasha stepped back. This kept on until Inuyasha backed up into a tree. "Stop moving will ya?" Kagome asked as she peered at the beads. "I hope this works again..." carefully she reached out and grabbed the rosary, and then slipped it over his head.


"I figured you don't need this anymore," she said as she stuffed it into a pocket "I meant to take it off a few months ago, but I forgot. What with all the fights, demons, jewel shards. I lost track, and this," she said, indicating the rosary "Was long due to be taken off." she gave a long sigh.

Inuyasha just stared "Kagome I-I don't know what to say,"

She shrugged and stuffed the rosary into her pocket "Come on," she said as she began to run back up the path "I bet you can't catch me!" Inuyasha smirked and began running after her. Kagome picked up the pace as she heard Inuyasha coming up the path.
Oh he'll catch me anyways, what's the use? she saw him slacking At least he's giving me a chance she thought. Suddenly her foot caught a rock and she fell over. She felt her face smash against hard rock, blood welling from her lip and nose. "Oooooow..." she half wispered. By this time she was pinching her nose shut and she could hear Inuyasha rush up from behind her.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he turned her toward him. His eyes filled with sympathy as he saw the streams of blood on her face, smeared by a few tears. He rapped a bit of the cloth from his sleeve around his thumb and carefully wiped her face off. "You can let go of your nose you know."

As she did a few scarlet drops escaped from her nose, and she sniffled painfully. "Thanks," she said. She wiped her eyes and felt her still-bleeding lip.

"It still hurt?" he asked, watching as her finger trailed on the top of the cut on her lip. She nodded slightly, and when she did Inuyasha took her chin in his hand and wiped away the blood with his thumb. Then he gave her a soft kiss. Kagomes' eyes went wide. "All better?" he asked with a slight smirk. She nodded and they stood up, walking once again down the path.

"You still didn't catch me!" Kagome said as she began to run ahead. Inuyasha laughed slightly and then began to chase after...

She sat down on a small rock jutting from the ground, cupping her head in her hands and resting her elbows on her knees.

"Kagome! Hey Kagome!"

Kagome looked up to see Akako running at her with amazing speed, almost demonic. "Oh, hi Akako." Kagome said awkwardly as she tried not to look depressed. She stood up. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask..."


"I came to ask if I can join you on your journey."

Chapter End Notes:

Chp end notes: Alright *wipes forehead* Done! And might I say, I enjoyed writing about Akako! I own the lullaby, which I call (of couse) Be Thankfull. Chapter five will be up soon (i hope) Anyways, reviews? Thankz u kindly!

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