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Story Notes:

I do not own Inuyasha and the gang. Nor do I clame to.

Also, there are some characetrs that I own. They are not real and whether or not there names have been used before in the series, they do not relate to any character. Their names are:

Akako, Azami, Michiko, Yasuo, Cho, Hana, Yukiko, Lady Kaiya, Rini, Usagi, Matsu, Washi, Mai, Kihala, Kihira, Raiden, Yuudai, and Kiku.

Also I might up the rating, but I'm just not sure yet. Anyways I hope you enjoy! This is my second fanfic that I've wrote. And for once it's not AD. So please enjoy! :)

Author's Chapter Notes:
Feel free to ask quiestions, but some I will NOT answer 'till later in the story. Anyways, enjoy!

Golden Ashes


It has been four years since Naraku's defeat, and the Sacred Jewel is almost complete. Kagome's been gone ever since Naraku's demise, and Inuyasha has not talked to a soul since. He has left to find jewel shards on his own, leaving the married couple of Miroku and Sango to raise their children. Then one fateful day Kagome travels back down the well. Reunions, romance, love and hate, what will happen? (please R&r!)




Chapter One: Fallen snow


The snow fell hard on the outside of Kagome's window. She stared out into the night, it's murky darkness penetrated by the white snow. The snow beamed the reflection of the full moon, making the snow look as though it had an aura to it. A now older Kagome watched the snow fall outside her bedroom window, her chocolate brown eyes following particular flakes of the frozen water fall to the window sill. Her ebony hair was longer, now reaching to her waist. She brushed her bangs aside as they fell across her eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek. The snow reminded her of a certain hanyou, that long white hair.... Gods she missed him! Sure she missed Miroku and Sango, but she missed Inuyasha the most. She buried her head into her folded arms. Four years... four years without those beautiful golden eyes, and that long silver-white hair.

He's probably already forgotten about me... she thought miserably. This thought crossed her mind at least every day. She felt miserable most of the time. I wonder how he is... I mean Kikyou's dead, Naraku's been defeated, and Miroku and Sango are married... He must be searching for shards on his own... She sat up when she heard a small knocking on her door "What is it Souta?" she asked.

"That jewel shard of yours is acting weird again..."

Great here we go again.

Kagome sighed. She had one jewel shard that had been in her possession before she had left the Sengoku Jidai. But lately it had been acting very strange. It had been glowing blue, and slightly rolling off of desks. "I'm coming Souta." she stood up and brushed off her navy-jeans. Following Souta, she pulled down her rolled-up sleeves of her sky-blue sweater she was wearing.

"It rolled under here, I think." Souta said as he stopped by their grandfather's bed.

Kagome peered under the bed. Near the wall there was a small bluish-pink glow. Yep. Defenantly under there. Kagome reached, but as her fingers neared the shard it rolled away. "Shit." Kagome mumbled under her breath. The shard seemed to spring to life as she reached for it once again. This time though, it rolled out the door. "Hurry, grab it!" Kagome said as she rushed out. The shard was glowing a deep baby blue now. It took a sudden turn out of the door, and headed to the well-house. "Wha-"

"What is it doing?" Souta asked as they watched it roll under the door "It can't be trying to go through the well can't it?"

"I-I don't know, Souta." Kagome said "It hasn't worked in over four years..."

"Look!" Souta exclaimed. The well house was glowing different shades of blue. In a way it seemed to call to Kagome. She took a step forward and started to sprint towards the well. "Where are you going?"

"Stay here Souta!" Kagome comanded. She ran to the door and flung it open, to be greeted by the sight of an eray of lights the Bone Eater's Well was giving off. Many shades of blue streamed the walls, and shades of pink escaped the well. In the middle of it all was the jewel shard, which was perched on the edge of the well's mouth. "What's going on?" Kagome wispered to herself. She stepped forward, and became part of the array of light. The jewel shard began to glow madly, first it glowed red, then green, and then ice blue. Kagome felt as though she were being pushed forward as the jewel began to glow even brighter, forcing her to close her eyes. Before she knew what was going on, The Bone Eaters Well was sucking her, and the jewel shard, in. Soon she was surrounded by the familiar blue glow she had come to love. The jewel shard floated down into her hand, and before she knew it, she was at the bottom of the well. 500 years in the past.


Kagome pulled herself from the well. It was pouring rain. By the time she pulled herself up, her hair was clinging to her and her clothes were dripping wet. She lifted her hand from her chest to stare at the jewel shard. It no longer glowed, it was just it's normal pink color. Shaking from the cold winter's rain, she started to trek to Kaede's village. Well, it was now also Miroku's and Sango's village.

"Kaede?" sniffle "Kaede?" Kagome called as she neared the entrance to her hut.

"Yes, just one moment." said Kaede as the door slightly opened "KAGOME?"

"Hello Kaede." she said as she smiled cheerily.

"Ka-Kagome.. how- when... Come in please." she said as she stepped from the doorway.

Kagome slowly entered the warm fire-lit hut. Inside, she was surprised to see none other than-

"Kagome!" Shippou yelled out in joy "Kagome! Kagome! Kagome!" he gave her a hug, then tried to climb to her shoulder.

"Ow Shippou!" Kagome laughed as she dispatched the kitsune from her should "You're to big for that now!"

It was true. The kitsune had at least doubled in size. Four years was indeed a long time. "Sorry! But I'm just so glad to see you!"

At the sound of her voice Miroku, Sango, and Kirara had looked up astonished. "Kagome!" Sango said as she stood up.

A girl and two boys a little older than her followed. "Mama... Who sis lady?"

"This is Kagome, Mai."

"Oh. Hi Kagome." The girl smiled up at her, violet eyes gleaming. Her shoulder-length black hair bounced as she called over her shoulder "Matsu, Washi com' here!"

Kagome smiled. Mai meant brightness. Which pretty much described her personality. Matsu meant pine, while Washi meant eagle. The two boys peered from behind Sango's Hiriakotsu. They looked to be about the same age. Though the one Mai addressed as Matsu was taller than Washi. About a few inches she decided. Both brothers had brown eyes and short black hair like their father's.

As they stepped forward Washi seamed to be the more independent of the two. He walked up to Kagome, and tugged at her navy jeans. "You wear strange clothes." he said, sounding oh-so-much like his father. He wore robes somewhat similar to Miroku's, though his were a light shade of blue.

"Uh... thanks?" Kagome said as she set the kitsune down on the floor.

"That wasn't very nice Washi." Mai said in defense as she walked up to Matsu. Her hand was in a fist as she said this. Her hair bounced as she walked towards him and dragged him off towards Kirara.

"Anyways..." Sango said as she walked back to her spot by Miroku "I've been thinking about breeding Kirara.... Does that sound like a good idea Kagome?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Kagome asked, sounding puzzled.

"Well that's not what I meant." Sango started "You see, I'm just not sure if I should or shouldn't."

Miroku shrugged "I think it's a good idea. The only problem is it will cost some money."

"Why would it cost money daddy?" Mai asked as she suddenly was sitting in Sango's lap.

"Well, usually it's all in the breeding. Basically-" he trailed off as the boys stared at him "It depends on how strong.... or fit the male is...."

"Oh." Mai said as she crawled into his lap. Then she asked something completely different from what they were talking about "So daddy... where do babies come from?"

"Oh! Well you see-" WHAM! Miroku fell to the floor, spinny eyed.

"MIROKU!" Sango yelled "Well you see kids- he meant uh...." Sango trailed off "Help me out here Kagome!" Sango wispered.

"Uh...." Kagome managed as the children looked in her direction "We-well ya see there's the birds and the bees aaaaaannnnnd helpmeouthereKaede!"

"Sorry can't hear you!" Kaede said from outside the hut "Come on children! I need help!" she added.

Kagome and Sango sighed as the three sped outside. "Close one." Sango said as she sat down, once again.

"Where's Inuyasha when you need him?" Miroku said as he sat up. he picked up his cup of tea and took a sip.

"Yah where is he anyway?" Kagome asked. She too sat down.

"Ah, ye will not find him here child." Kaede said as she walked in- carrying a bundle of clothes "He has not been seen around these parts in years."

"Yes that's right." Miroku said sadly as he set down his cup "He hasn't been around these parts in around two years." he sighed sadly. Sango grasped his hand in hers and she leaned into him. "He went off to look for the final jewel shard. We couldn't find it around here, and Matsu and Washi were only about a year old. So he told us to stay here in the village, and we haven't herd of him in about a year."

Kagome blinked "Final Jewel shard?" she reached into her pocket "You mean this?" she pulled it out and held it in between her thumb and index finger for her friends to see.

"That's the one!" the tajiya said.

"But how?" Miroku said astonished.

"I guess Inuyasha forgot about this shard I still had with me when the well closed up." she gave a sad smile. "But what about the rest of the jewel?" Kagome asked suddenly.

"He left it here, for us to guard." Miroku replied. He pointed to a small box "We've been keeping it in there though. It's been acting strange lately- glowing in shades of blue, green and red."

"It's also been rolling around on it's own too." Shippou commented.

"Yes that too." Sango nodded.

"I think it may be responding to three different souls." Kaede said quietly "The three different colors may symbolize this, but I am not completely sure." she sat down next to Kagome and started to fold up the clothes.

"My jewel shard was acting weird before I came here too." Kagome said after a moment of silence. She shuddered as she remembered how she had come here. The lights- and the wind that had just sucked her up like a small bug and a vacuum cleaner. "Shippou, grab the box for me please." Kagome said.

"Okay." Shippou said quickly. He ran over and picked it up. "Here." he said after he walked over to her.

"Thanks." Kagome said smiling. She took the box from his hands and opened it. Inside the jewel was glowing like crazy. Just like her shard it was going mad, changing from red, to green, to blue. "Hmmm." Kagome took her jewel shard and placed it in the small crack left in the jewel. It glowed a soft pink and then stopped its' mad array of colors. Instead it was glowing in soft shades of red "Why hasn't it stopped glowing?" Kagome asked herself aloud.

"As I said before child." Kaede said quietly "It is probably responding to souls."

"Preferably the nearest one of the three." Miroku chimed in.

"What do you mean?" Sango asked.

"Well according to how the Jewel was changing from three different colors, red, green and blue, it probably couldn't sense the souls from not being completed. But now- it can locate them, since it is complete. But the question is... Why?"

"I don't have the slightest idea." Shippou said.

"Yah, same here." Kagome answered. She stood up "I'm going for a walk guys." she said as she brushed off her jeans. She absent mindedly picked the now completed Jewel, and walked out of the warm hut into the dark, cold, winter night.

Chapter End Notes:
Well first chapter! I know I know, to much talking not enough describing right? Anyways hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think. :)
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