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Chapter two

"Kagome?" The hanyou asks. "Yes Inuyasha it is and i have someone I want you to meet........" Kagome said.

"Meet?" Inuyasha asked. 'who could she want me to meet?' Inuyasha thought. "Sweety you can come in now." Kagome said. 'A man! She came to see me with a man with her. How could she.' Inuyasha thought when a little girl with raven hair and grey dog ears walk shyly in. Inuyasha blinks a few times. "Inuyasha this is our daughter her name is Inumae I found out I was pregnant about a month after the well closed I've been trying to find you since, and Inumae this is your father." Inuyasha slowly sat up in the bed looking at the child that stood next to kagome . "Come here please Inumae." Inuyasha asks. Inumae looks up at her mother and only walks forward when she nodes that its OK. Inumae walks up to her father and stands in front of him. "You look just like your mother but you have my eyes and ears. You are a very beautiful young lady Inumae. Can your father get a hug?" "Thank you daddy." Inumae says and hugs Inuyasha. Inuyasha wraps his arms around the little girl and let's a few tears slip. "Why are you crying daddy?" "Because I am so happy to have your mother back in my life and to have you as well." Inuyasha said as he looked over at Kagome. "You know I have two arms I can hug you both at the same time." Kagome went to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him. "Oh Inuyasha I've missed you so much you have no idea, and you have no idea how happy I was when I learned that I was pregnant and that mamma had pictures of you still." Kagome said. "So Inuyasha now that your up the rest of the family would like to see you." Shippo said from the door way. "Keh?" Inuyasha said. "Before we go out there there's one thing I have to do first." Kagome said. Shippo and Inuyasha looked at her wondering what it could be that she has to do when Kagome reaches for the subjugation necklace and took it off. "Bout time we took that off don't ya think."


(Night of the new moon)

Kagome has been back with Inuyasha for a little less than a month now and tonight was the night of the new moon both Inuyasha's and Inumae's human night, so Kagome stayed close to both her hanyou's. They sat together on the couch in Sesshomaru's living room watching a movie, Kagome also learning that since being back with Inuyasha she is two weeks pregnant with twins. Inumae is happy to learn that she will have baby brothers. Kagome and Inuyasha have also become mates, she bares his mark and now will live just as long as her family. She has also noticed some changes within her self, she is some what hanyou now herself. She even sports her own doggy ears which with the same spell every one else uses to hide their demonic traits she and Inumae now use it as well and all it is, is a necklace with a charm on it.(for the females, the males had a charm on their watches.) "So Inuyasha when do you wanna have the wedding? You know for Mammas benefit." Kagome asked. "How about in two weeks?" Inuyasha said. Kagome laughed and nodded. "Sounds good to me, and we will have a small wedding just Mamma, Souta and everyone here." She said. Inuyasha said.


"Kagome there's someone I want you to meet, I just hadn't been able to do it till now. Shippo Jr come here and meet your grandma Kagome." Shippo said. A little boy who looked to be Shippo's age when she first met him, he even looked like him but the only difference was his fox ears atop his head. "Hello Shippo its nice too meet you." Kagome said. "Hello." He said. "He was with his mothers parents, she past away eleven years ago." Shippo said. "Son go and find Inuyasha and meet his daughter." "So I'm guessing by the ears his mother was mortal?" Kagome asked. Shippo nodded. "I would like him to be my ring bearer." Shippo smiled. "I'm sure he'd like that." Shippo said. The two walked into the living room to see their children shyly playing and chippie son shyly flirting with Inumae, and a very annoyed hanyou. Kagome giggled and walked up to Inuyasha . "I think they would be cute together." Kagome said quietly giggling. Inuyasha growled in response, and Kagome only giggled some more.

As the days went by they planned the small wedding, all that was left was the dresses for the maid of honor, brides maid and flower girl. The men all had their tuxedo's already. Kagome is a month along and slightly showing since its a demon pregnancy and it goes faster than mortal pregnancies. Kagome and Inuyasha learned that they were having another girl and a boy.

(Wedding day)

They stood under the Goshinboko and none other than Miroku was the priest. The wedding went smoothly and no unwanted guests showed up since they didn't put an announcement in the paper, that was saved for after they got married.(a/n: I'm not one to ever really type out weddings so plz forgive the lack of that) "I'm so happy this day has finally come." Kagome's mom said and everyone nodded in agreement.

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