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Story Notes:
disclamer: i do not own inuyasha and never will
Author's Chapter Notes:

this is my first story for on here and im new to this page, but i hope you all will like my story. 


kagome finaly gets to see her hanyou  again, and she has a suprize for him. 

Chapter one

It has been ten years since Kagome fell through the well after wishing the shikon-no-tama had never been made and the well closing up, but Kagome did have one thing from then. A ten year old child with long raven black hair and grey dog ears atop his head. Kagome stood at the back of the shrine in a priestess garb sweeping the area while watching her daughter play in the back. "Inumae go inside clean up and help grandma start dinner." Kagome said. "Yes Mamma." Inumae said and got up to run inside. Just then a tall man who looked more like a child who is very tall for his age stepped around to where Kagome stood. "Excuse me mam but I'm looking for the Higirashi shrine should this be it?" He asked. Kagome turned to the man to answer but to only notice that he had bright green eyes long red hair he had no tail but after fighting demons and being around them so much Kagome could spot one no matter the charm they used, and this man standing before her is a demon and she knows just who it is too. "Shippo is that you?" Kagome asks surprised that she would ever see him again. "Kagome! Why yes its me ie been searching for you and it is quite important." Shippo said. "What's wrong Shippo? Its not Inuyasha is it? Has he died since we defeated Naraku?" Kagome asked worriedly. "No he is not dead but he is the reason I am here may we go in and talk?" Shippo says. "Yes of course." Kagome says and leads Shippo inside. "Mamma, Inumae I have some one I want you to meet." Kagome leads Shippo into the kitchen. "Mamma this is Shippo the child that was traveling with me and Inuyasha he's well not much of a child anymore he's all grown up now, and Inumae this is a friend of mine, Shippo this is my Mamma and my daughter Inumae, mine and Inuyasha's that is." "Its nice to meet you Mrs Higirashi and you as well Inumae." Shippo said. "Its nice to meet you as well Shippo dear would you like to stay for dinner?" Kagome's mother asked. "If its OK then yes I would love to." Shippo said. "We can go sit in the living room and talk while we wait for dinner." Kagome said and lead Shippo to the living room. "So what's going of with Inuyasha?" "He's been very sick these last few century's, we believe it may be because he misses you." Shippo said. "We?" Kagome asks. "Yes well see Sango and Miroku we found a way for them to live longer some demon ritual to make morals like family Sesshomaru did it for them so its thoes three plus Rin she's all grown and mated to Sesshomaru now, but like I said these last two century's have been worse Inuyasha he won't even get out of bed unless its to use the restroom or eat and he barely does that." Shippo said. "Then after dinner my daughter and I will go with you to see Inuyasha then. I have been waiting for either him to find me or me find him." Kagome said. "Really Kagome!?" Shippo asked. "Well of course I miss him very much and its about him he and his daughter meet." Kagome said.

Kagome and Inumae step out of Shippo's car and looked up at the large mansion. "This is Sesshomaru and Rin's place we all live with them." Shippo said. Kagome nodded. "Are you ready to meet your father and the rest of the family?" Kagome asked her daughter, the young girl nodded and the three of them walked up the stairs and inside where Sesshomaru was waiting for them. "Miko this Sesshomaru is glad we found you. We have searched long for you during the time that you would be born, we found you during the time when you started going back but I decided that it would be best to wait until you no longer were going back but we then lost track of you and just found you again. Come see Sango and Miroku and Rin they want to see you then I will take you to my brother." Sesshomaru said, as he started to trunk and lead her to the rest of the group he noticed the young girl standing behind the young miko. "Who is this with you miko?" "This is your niece Sesshomaru. Inumae." Kagome said. Sesshomaru nodded and lead the two to the rest of the group.

Kagome followed Sesshomaru into the living room www Sango, Miroku and Rin sat waiting for her. "Kagome!" They all said at once and went to hug her. Kagome then introduced her daughter to them. They sat and talked for a while catching up on the lost time. "Kagome he should be awake now." Shippo said. "I'll take you two to him." Kagome followed Shippo to a bedroom down the hall. Shippo held the door open for Kagome. "Inumae I want you to wait here with Shippo for a second OK." Kagome said. Inumae nodded and Kagome walked into the room. "Inuyasha?" The hanyou looked up slowly having hear a voice he hadn't heard in so long. "Kagome?" The hanyou asks. "Yes Inuyasha it is and i have someone I want you to meet........" Kagome said.

Chapter End Notes:
In this next chapter we will fin out if inuyasha likes his suprize
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