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Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 7 - Dreaded Day (P2)

Okay, okay I'm sorry! DoN't KiLl Me! Just enjoy this crappy chappie I had the audacity to share with the public! 


Romeo and Juliet Dreaded Day (P2)

Mrs. Higurashi hugged Kagome tightly as she felt the aftermath of the earthquake reside. Wordlessly, she picked the now unconscious Kagome up and went inside the house. Jii-chan was still next to the table, passed out on the floor. Kagome was uninjured, but worn out. Her mother gently laid her on the couch before rushing to the bathroom to receive the first aid kit. She felt a contraction and froze. She stood frozen for a while before relaxing. Grabbing the first aid kit, she waddled back to the kitchen. Mrs. Higurashi pressed the gauze to her father in law's forehead and added more until the bleeding stopped. After that, she carefully wrapped a bandage around his head.

Her chest suddenly began to ache. "Takeshi..." She sobbed before an idea came to her. "The news!" She rushed over to the TV, not noticing the now awake Kagome. She flicked it on and sat back in the plush chair next to the couch.

Mrs. Higurashi waited expectantly for the commercial to end. Next she did something she thought she'd never do again. She started biting her nails. Finally, the news came on and sure enough, the earthquake damages were being announced on the news.

"Konnichiwa, citizens of Japan," the news anchor began. "If you're watching this, that means you must have survived or have escaped the tragic earthquake with minor injuries. Please if you are critically injured, call the police if you can. We will be doing a check around Japan, either way, but we might be too late to save you...

"On a more brighter note, it seems that not many people have been injured. More were prepared for this unexpected disaster. We have reports of missing children, and after the break we will have pictures and descriptions."

Manami waited impatiently.

"Now, for the most hardest thing to say after a tragedy such as this. The deaths," he announced bluntly. "On the main street, there was a major collision. The residents of Tokyo, Japan walking across the street were critically injured. But unfortunately, the drivers of those cars have not made it. What caused this collision? It was not the earthquake."

Manami froze.

"It was the new species founded in Tokyo, Japan. We have now confirmed that they are hanyou and youkai. And we have also confirmed that they are bad to mix with society. A new line is being created for emergencies. 677. Please call if you encounter a--"

Manami tuned out for a while. She wiped her sweaty hands on her legs before biting her lip. Kagome looked at her curiously, wondering why she was so sad. She didn't understand anything the man was talking about, and seeing her mother's expression, she didn't want to know.

"We will now read the names of the people who unfortunately passed away due to this event. The names will not be read in alphabetical order, and a picture of each person will be shown in remembrance."

Manami tried not to pay attention, she knew Takeshi was not one of the deceased. He promised her he wouldn't leave her to raise Kagome and Sota without him. But when she heard the name Takeshi Higurashi boom from the television. Her blood chilled and she looked up slowly.

There on the screen was her darling energetic husband, smiling dearly. Manami felt nothing. Nothing except a tear that slowly rolled down her face.

"Takeshi died from a head on collision with another driver. It is said there was an illusion created by a hanyou and was diverted at the last second, making it too late for Takeshi to swerve in the right direction. The driver he hit is in critically condition, and is not expected to live. Takeshi is the father of two, a daughter and soon to be son, and he will be missed dearly. Next we have Aiko Nishimura..."

Manami felt the remote drop. She looked at Kagome who was staring at her. She held her arms open wordlessly and Kagome tumbled into them. Manami felt the waterworks finally unleash and she sobbed loudly. She heard Kagome whisper,

"What happened to Daddy?" Manami felt Kagome's small hands grip her shirt.

Manami felt her heart break. "Takeshi died. The hanyou and youkai killed him."

Kagome didn't answer. Manami was honestly scared of her daughter's reaction. What Kagome did next surprised her greatly. Kagome pulled away and rested her hands on Mrs. Higurashi's swollen belly. With a fierce determination in her eyes, she vowed to the unborn Sota,

"I'll avenge Father, Sota. I despise all hanyou. I'll kill them for killing Daddy." With that, she broke down wailing, and Manami recovered from her shock quickly. With a sniffle, she wrapped her arms around Kagome and comforted her. Soon, she felt Jii-chan join the hug, making her cry harder.

Takeshi... I love you.



Chapter End Notes:


alriiight... before I get beheaded, let me explain why its taken me since October to get this up...

At first, I had no idea how to continue this fanfic, but then I did and let me tell ya, I was on a roll lol. I actually finished the fanfic a while ago (that's my way of saying a long time ago), but have been wayyyyy too lazy to just sit up, logon, and post the stupid chapters. But after reading my positive and encouraging reviews again, I finally cracked and was like oh no.

I understand if you've given up on this fanfic. But thanks to anyone that has stuck with me.

Now, question time. Something I hate having to offer. It means that I've been a poor writer T_T If you're confused about anything as in what happens next or something you didn't understand, leave it in your review! Don't take this chappie seriously PLEASE I hate the second part, it was rushed and awful. But again, too lazy to do anything.

If you want details, I'm happy to give them. If you're honestly interested about what happened after Kagome's father died, ask in your review. The reasons why I haven't included the Higurashi's "Road to Recovery" is because it's really unneccessary and doesn't mean anything to the progression of the story.


Bye minna! If I see people remain and give me encouragement, I'll get off my lazy ass and update weekly! Only three more chappies and then the epilogue (don't worry my chapters are long! :))


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