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As Ashrah lifted the sword in her hand, it felt light. In fact, it felt like any other sword that she had held.

“Hey Shoga, what’s the big deal? I thought you said this thing a powerful sword, and that it wasn’t easily controlled. This thing is a piece of jun-” her words were cut off by a searing pain in her arm. As she looked at her arm, she realized that the sword had literally sewed itself in to it, “What the hell is this damn sword doing to me?!”

“The sword is reacting just like it did when Inuyasha wielded it!” Kagome yelled. “She is being possessed by Sounga!” She yelled to Inuyasha who was running full speed to Ashrah.

“I can see that!” Inuyasha replied as Ashrah’s eyes were encased by a fiery red.

“Master Inuyasha!” A small voice yelled at his shoulder.

“Huh? Myoga? What are you doing here?” Inuyasha asked the frantic flea on his shoulder.

“You must get rid of Naraku! With Sounga still subdued and unstable, he can still strip it from Ashrah!” Myoga warned as he jumped from his master’s shoulder. “Good Luck!”

“You coward!” Inuyasha yelled behind him as he approached Ashrah. Naraku had already reached her and was beginning to tug the veins of Sounga away from her arm with a slimy tentacle.

“Naraku!” Inuyasha bellowed as he brought the Tetseiga down on the tentacle that was tugging away at Ashrah’s arm. “I am your only opponent here!”

“Inuyasha, I am growing tired of your meddling.” Naraku replied with a hiss. “I will finish you off once and for all, and I will use your own twin to do so!”

“What the hell do you mean by that?!” Inuyasha countered as Naraku grabbed Ashrah’s arm.

“Sounga, I ask you to do my bidding. Destroy the half demon that tried to subdue you before you were cast back into hell.” Naraku spoke to the sword.

“I do no one’s bidding!” Sounga roared. “This girl thought she could control me?!”

Ashrah growled under her breath as held her arm.

“Inuyasha and Tetseiga” The sword said with distaste, “We meet again.”

“In the flesh!” Inuyasha yelled to the sword. “Ready to defeat you again.”

“Inu… yasha…” Ashrah said through bared teeth. “Take care of this man behind me. Sounga is my sword to subdue.”
“But… you can’t do it!” Inuyasha yelled to his twin sister that was battling with herself.

“It was our father that decided that I was the one to wield Sounga, there must be a way!” Ashrah said as she gripped the Sounga.

“As you wish…” Inuyasha agreed reluctantly. “It’s time for you to die Naraku!” He then swung his sword releasing the Wind Scar.

‘You honestly believe you can subdue me?!’ Sounga spoke in her head.

“How the hell are you in my head?!” Ashrah spoke allowed to the sword.

‘I control you. I control your every thought. Now obey me! Start your reign of destruction by slaughtering those lousy mortals over there!’ Sounga instructed as its aura grew.

Ashrah then could not stop herself from walking toward the mortals that had been helping Inuyasha to protect her.

‘Remember, all mortals will betray you eventually. Why not destroy them now before they get the chance to?’ Sounga egged on as she resisted.

“Miroku look!” Shippo yelled as he pointed to Ashrah.

“Oh no! Sango! Ashrah has become completely possessed by the sword!” Miroku exclaimed to the demon slayer in front of him.

“She will try to kill us if we stay here. But if we leave we will leave her, Inuyasha, and Kagome in grave danger.” Sango contemplated.

“Then we must try to hold her off as long as we can.” Miroku concluded.

“Exactly.” Sango confirmed.

“But… But what if she invokes the Dragon Twister?!” Shippo yelled with pure terror in his voice as Inuyasha invoked the Wind Scar again.

“Then we will take the blow.” Miroku said solemnly. “We stand with our friends Shippo, even if we have just met them.”

“We cannot leave Inuyasha and Kagome to fight this battle alone.” Sango added.

“And we certainly can’t leave Ashrah to be possessed by Sounga then eventually killed.” Miroku added. “Even though we just met, Ashrah is Inuyasha’s twin, which makes her our friend. Besides, I see great good in her along with power.”

Shippo then nodded and put on the bravest face he could and stood with them. “You’re right! We have to help!”

And with that, Ashrah stopped in her tracks.

‘They are going to stand and fight this sword even though it may cost them their lives, to protect me… and my brother…’ Ashrah thought.

‘Enough you stupid girl! Kill them all!’ Sounga ordered as the sword began dragging her to them.

As Ashrah approached the gang, she heard a loud cracking noise as Inuyasha and Kagome were both thrown into a nearby tree. Ashrah then stopped and could not look away from her twin and his girlfriend’s mangled bodies against the tree.

“You see Inuyasha.” Naraku laughed as he walked to the unconscious bodies in front of him. “You cannot defeat me. So now, you may say good-bye to this world, and hello to the Netherworld!” As he laughed and began torturing the two before killing them, a voice echoed in Ashrah’s head, but it was different from Sounga’s. It was a gentle voice.

‘Ashrah.’ The voice called.

“Who is calling my name?!” Ashrah yelled into the distance.

‘Enough! Kill them!’ Sounga urged as it tried to drag her with little progress.

‘Ashrah, save him. That is the key.’ The voice spoke. ‘Save Inuyasha.’

“But… this sword… it will not do my bidding.” Ashrah whined.

‘You must find the strength that Inu no Taisho gave you, that I, your father gave you.’ The voice said.

“Father?” Ashrah looked at the demon sword in her hand then felt an unexpected warmth in her hand.

‘Subdue the sword my daughter, I know you can.’ Her father whispered as the voice disappeared.

“Yes father.” Ashrah nodded to thin air.

“Enough of this!” Sounga yelled aloud. “Kill them!” Sounga began dragging her again.

“I will not!” Ashrah yelled to the sword in her hand.

“What?!” Sounga replied as its aura began to deplete.

“You will do my bidding Sounga!” Ashrah ordered as her eyes began to return to their original golden color.

“What… the hell… is happening?!” Sounga yelled.

“I am your master, Sounga! Your only master!” Ashrah ordered as the veins of the sword unwove themselves from her arm and the aura of the sword mixed with her own.

A series of awes from the gang escaped their lips as she turned to Naraku.

“Naraku!” Ashrah yelled to the demon in front of her.

“Enough play time, say hello to Kikyo in hell for me Inuyasha!” As he said this, a tentacle raced for Inuyasha’s heart, just before reaching it, Ashrah had lifted Sounga high above her head and very calmly called forth, “Dragon Twister!” It stopped the tentacle only inches from the two bodies and scattered pieces of Naraku everywhere.

“We shall meet again girl.” Naraku said as he disappeared into a cloud of miasma.

As he disappeared, Ashrah and the rest of the gang rushed to the two lovers sides, Ashrah laid her brother in her lap. As he opened his eyes, he looked up at her and said, “Slick move, Sis.” Then he fell unconscious once again.

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