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Piece Two


Kagome sat on a stone bench near the back of Eri's big back yard.  There were hanging lanterns everywhere emitting a soft relaxing glow.  Her friends were standing nearby chatting and she was listening with half an ear.

She wished she had just stayed home tonight.  Coming to the party had been a mistake.  Yes it was nice to celebrate graduating high school, but she could have done it at home with her family and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha, she sighed as she thought about him.  She had asked him to come with her.  They had argued about it and she had come alone.  Mostly she had done it to make her friends happy.

So now she sat somewhere she didn't want to be, waiting.  Waiting for Hojo to show up and for her friends to push him at her as usual, she sighed again.  She pulled her knees up, laid her cheek on them, and listened to her friends talking.

"Kagome seems depressed," Yuka said whispering but not quietly enough.

"Yeah," Eri agreed, "do you think we should talk to her about it?"

"Not yet," Yuka shook her head.  "Let's see if Hojo can cheer her up.  I just saw him leave the house."

"Are you two ever going to get it that she doesn't like him?"  Ayumi asked rolling her eyes in exasperation.

"Why would you think that?"  Eri asked her shocked.

"Let's see," she wrapped a finger around her chin and looked pensive.  "Maybe because she always tried to tell him so, maybe because she always stood him up, and because she always gets this pained look on her face when he comes around.  It's like she wants to run away but is too polite to without a reason."  She looked at them out of the corner of her eye, glad to see that they looked a little sheepish.

"That may be," Yuka said, "but the fact is Hojo will be good for her, unlike that guy she still talks about now and then."

"She's told us so many bad things about him."  Eri added.

"That's because she's usually venting after they've had a fight," Ayumi informed them.  Kagome was grateful to Ayumi for sticking up for her.

"How would you know-" Eri was cut off by the crunch of footsteps in the gravel and a cheery voice.

"Hello everyone, it took me forever to find you."  Hojo said in that sickly sweet and cheery voice of his.

He'd been there for all of ten seconds and he was already giving Kagome a headache.

"You should see this weird guy that came in right behind me.  I've never seen anyone like him before."

"What did he look like," Ayumi asked.

Kagome just shook her head from where she sat in front of and a little to the left of their group.

"He's really tall, I'd say six-two maybe a bit more than that.  Wearing nice clothes, has funny colored eyes and long hair."

"Long hair isn't that weird."  Eri stated.

"It is when it's down to the guys' bottom."

"And sliver, look that's got to be him."  Ayumi interrupted.

They heard Kagome gasp and saw her lift her head.  Just as the silver haired guy walked out of the house the wind ruffled her hair and his head snapped in her direction.  He closed his eyes for a second and drew in a deep breath.

They watched as Kagome slowly stood and turned toward him, and as he strode across the yard.  He moved, all at once, with an inherit grace, and the sheer power of a true predator.

"I didn't know guys could really walk like that," Eri said in awe.

"Inuyasha," his name slid past Kagome's lips as she too watched him.  He was dressed in dark tight jeans and a loose, deep red, button down, silk shirt with the three top buttons undone. 

He stopped in front of her and caressed her cheek with his knuckles.

"You came," she said with a smile on her lips.

"Keh, of course I did.  Can't leave you alone for too long, you get into too much trouble without me to watch you, wench."

She laughed at his reasoning and saw the flick of an ear under the black bandana he wore.

"How much trouble could I get into here, with my friends?"  She asked.

"A lot," he growled as his arm wrapped around her.  "Wearing shit like that some male could just decide you were irresistible."  He looked down at her tight jeans and low cut short tank top.

"Oh like you do, Inuyasha?"  She slid her hands up his biceps. 

Her friends and Hojo stood there stunned watching the couple.

"Damn straight.  Kami, Kagome you make me crazy."  His voice was deep, rough, and edged with passion.  "I want to bite you, and mark you again, that's how crazy you make me."  Her smile was radiant.

"It's nice to know you feel that way," her hands came to rest on his broad shoulders.  "You make me crazy too you know."  She lifted her head higher.

"I know I can make you scream," his voice was husky as he nuzzled the column of her throat.

"Excuse me who are you and why are you touching my girl?"  Hojo asked as he stepped forward and reached for Kagome's arm.

Before anyone could blink Inuyasha's hand was around the fool's throat and his feet were off the ground.  Hojo grabbed the hanyou's wrist and kicked his feet trying to get lose.  His wide brown eyes met burning amber and he knew what fear truly was.

"You dare to touch her you bastard and I'll make you wish for death," his voice was a deep rumbling snarl through clenched teeth.  "You understand," he gave the boy a sharp shake.

Hojo nodded the little he could and felt his feet hit the ground, then his ass, and then the rush of air into his aching lungs.

Kagome shook her head and laid her hand on her growling mate's arm.

"Easy Inuyasha," her voice was quiet and soothing.  He turned to her and pulled her to him.

"You're MINE!"  He growled and covered her mouth with his own.  She lifted herself onto her toes and buried her hands in his hair.

"Of course I am, my love," she gasped when he released her, "I always have been.  Please take me home, I'm tired and want to go to bed with you.  I'm sorry for fighting with you earlier."

"You're forgiven wench," he had a cocky, sexy smirk on his face, "you always are."  She gave him a brilliant smile then laid her head against his chest as she yawned.  "Alright it's off to bed for you," he dipped down and swept her into his arms, "there will be enough time to celebrate tomorrow."  He nuzzled her hair and walked away.

They left three out of the group of four standing there stunned.  The fourth, the girl with the wavy hair, was dancing for joy in her mind, glad that her friend was happy at last.




Chapter End Notes:
I re-wrote this three times.  It finally came out right.
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