Golden Ashes by Cristin


It has been four years since Naraku's defeat, and the Sacred Jewel is almost complete. Kagome's been gone ever since Naraku's demise, and Inuyasha has not talked to a soal since. He has left to find jewel shards on his own, leaving the married couple of Miroku and Sango to raise their children. Then one fatefull day Kagome travels back down the well. Reunions, romance, love and hate, what will happen? (please r&r!)

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Fallen Snow by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Feel free to ask quiestions, but some I will NOT answer 'till later in the story. Anyways, enjoy!

Golden Ashes


It has been four years since Naraku's defeat, and the Sacred Jewel is almost complete. Kagome's been gone ever since Naraku's demise, and Inuyasha has not talked to a soul since. He has left to find jewel shards on his own, leaving the married couple of Miroku and Sango to raise their children. Then one fateful day Kagome travels back down the well. Reunions, romance, love and hate, what will happen? (please R&r!)




Chapter One: Fallen snow


The snow fell hard on the outside of Kagome's window. She stared out into the night, it's murky darkness penetrated by the white snow. The snow beamed the reflection of the full moon, making the snow look as though it had an aura to it. A now older Kagome watched the snow fall outside her bedroom window, her chocolate brown eyes following particular flakes of the frozen water fall to the window sill. Her ebony hair was longer, now reaching to her waist. She brushed her bangs aside as they fell across her eyes. A single tear rolled down her cheek. The snow reminded her of a certain hanyou, that long white hair.... Gods she missed him! Sure she missed Miroku and Sango, but she missed Inuyasha the most. She buried her head into her folded arms. Four years... four years without those beautiful golden eyes, and that long silver-white hair.

He's probably already forgotten about me... she thought miserably. This thought crossed her mind at least every day. She felt miserable most of the time. I wonder how he is... I mean Kikyou's dead, Naraku's been defeated, and Miroku and Sango are married... He must be searching for shards on his own... She sat up when she heard a small knocking on her door "What is it Souta?" she asked.

"That jewel shard of yours is acting weird again..."

Great here we go again.

Kagome sighed. She had one jewel shard that had been in her possession before she had left the Sengoku Jidai. But lately it had been acting very strange. It had been glowing blue, and slightly rolling off of desks. "I'm coming Souta." she stood up and brushed off her navy-jeans. Following Souta, she pulled down her rolled-up sleeves of her sky-blue sweater she was wearing.

"It rolled under here, I think." Souta said as he stopped by their grandfather's bed.

Kagome peered under the bed. Near the wall there was a small bluish-pink glow. Yep. Defenantly under there. Kagome reached, but as her fingers neared the shard it rolled away. "Shit." Kagome mumbled under her breath. The shard seemed to spring to life as she reached for it once again. This time though, it rolled out the door. "Hurry, grab it!" Kagome said as she rushed out. The shard was glowing a deep baby blue now. It took a sudden turn out of the door, and headed to the well-house. "Wha-"

"What is it doing?" Souta asked as they watched it roll under the door "It can't be trying to go through the well can't it?"

"I-I don't know, Souta." Kagome said "It hasn't worked in over four years..."

"Look!" Souta exclaimed. The well house was glowing different shades of blue. In a way it seemed to call to Kagome. She took a step forward and started to sprint towards the well. "Where are you going?"

"Stay here Souta!" Kagome comanded. She ran to the door and flung it open, to be greeted by the sight of an eray of lights the Bone Eater's Well was giving off. Many shades of blue streamed the walls, and shades of pink escaped the well. In the middle of it all was the jewel shard, which was perched on the edge of the well's mouth. "What's going on?" Kagome wispered to herself. She stepped forward, and became part of the array of light. The jewel shard began to glow madly, first it glowed red, then green, and then ice blue. Kagome felt as though she were being pushed forward as the jewel began to glow even brighter, forcing her to close her eyes. Before she knew what was going on, The Bone Eaters Well was sucking her, and the jewel shard, in. Soon she was surrounded by the familiar blue glow she had come to love. The jewel shard floated down into her hand, and before she knew it, she was at the bottom of the well. 500 years in the past.


Kagome pulled herself from the well. It was pouring rain. By the time she pulled herself up, her hair was clinging to her and her clothes were dripping wet. She lifted her hand from her chest to stare at the jewel shard. It no longer glowed, it was just it's normal pink color. Shaking from the cold winter's rain, she started to trek to Kaede's village. Well, it was now also Miroku's and Sango's village.

"Kaede?" sniffle "Kaede?" Kagome called as she neared the entrance to her hut.

"Yes, just one moment." said Kaede as the door slightly opened "KAGOME?"

"Hello Kaede." she said as she smiled cheerily.

"Ka-Kagome.. how- when... Come in please." she said as she stepped from the doorway.

Kagome slowly entered the warm fire-lit hut. Inside, she was surprised to see none other than-

"Kagome!" Shippou yelled out in joy "Kagome! Kagome! Kagome!" he gave her a hug, then tried to climb to her shoulder.

"Ow Shippou!" Kagome laughed as she dispatched the kitsune from her should "You're to big for that now!"

It was true. The kitsune had at least doubled in size. Four years was indeed a long time. "Sorry! But I'm just so glad to see you!"

At the sound of her voice Miroku, Sango, and Kirara had looked up astonished. "Kagome!" Sango said as she stood up.

A girl and two boys a little older than her followed. "Mama... Who sis lady?"

"This is Kagome, Mai."

"Oh. Hi Kagome." The girl smiled up at her, violet eyes gleaming. Her shoulder-length black hair bounced as she called over her shoulder "Matsu, Washi com' here!"

Kagome smiled. Mai meant brightness. Which pretty much described her personality. Matsu meant pine, while Washi meant eagle. The two boys peered from behind Sango's Hiriakotsu. They looked to be about the same age. Though the one Mai addressed as Matsu was taller than Washi. About a few inches she decided. Both brothers had brown eyes and short black hair like their father's.

As they stepped forward Washi seamed to be the more independent of the two. He walked up to Kagome, and tugged at her navy jeans. "You wear strange clothes." he said, sounding oh-so-much like his father. He wore robes somewhat similar to Miroku's, though his were a light shade of blue.

"Uh... thanks?" Kagome said as she set the kitsune down on the floor.

"That wasn't very nice Washi." Mai said in defense as she walked up to Matsu. Her hand was in a fist as she said this. Her hair bounced as she walked towards him and dragged him off towards Kirara.

"Anyways..." Sango said as she walked back to her spot by Miroku "I've been thinking about breeding Kirara.... Does that sound like a good idea Kagome?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" Kagome asked, sounding puzzled.

"Well that's not what I meant." Sango started "You see, I'm just not sure if I should or shouldn't."

Miroku shrugged "I think it's a good idea. The only problem is it will cost some money."

"Why would it cost money daddy?" Mai asked as she suddenly was sitting in Sango's lap.

"Well, usually it's all in the breeding. Basically-" he trailed off as the boys stared at him "It depends on how strong.... or fit the male is...."

"Oh." Mai said as she crawled into his lap. Then she asked something completely different from what they were talking about "So daddy... where do babies come from?"

"Oh! Well you see-" WHAM! Miroku fell to the floor, spinny eyed.

"MIROKU!" Sango yelled "Well you see kids- he meant uh...." Sango trailed off "Help me out here Kagome!" Sango wispered.

"Uh...." Kagome managed as the children looked in her direction "We-well ya see there's the birds and the bees aaaaaannnnnd helpmeouthereKaede!"

"Sorry can't hear you!" Kaede said from outside the hut "Come on children! I need help!" she added.

Kagome and Sango sighed as the three sped outside. "Close one." Sango said as she sat down, once again.

"Where's Inuyasha when you need him?" Miroku said as he sat up. he picked up his cup of tea and took a sip.

"Yah where is he anyway?" Kagome asked. She too sat down.

"Ah, ye will not find him here child." Kaede said as she walked in- carrying a bundle of clothes "He has not been seen around these parts in years."

"Yes that's right." Miroku said sadly as he set down his cup "He hasn't been around these parts in around two years." he sighed sadly. Sango grasped his hand in hers and she leaned into him. "He went off to look for the final jewel shard. We couldn't find it around here, and Matsu and Washi were only about a year old. So he told us to stay here in the village, and we haven't herd of him in about a year."

Kagome blinked "Final Jewel shard?" she reached into her pocket "You mean this?" she pulled it out and held it in between her thumb and index finger for her friends to see.

"That's the one!" the tajiya said.

"But how?" Miroku said astonished.

"I guess Inuyasha forgot about this shard I still had with me when the well closed up." she gave a sad smile. "But what about the rest of the jewel?" Kagome asked suddenly.

"He left it here, for us to guard." Miroku replied. He pointed to a small box "We've been keeping it in there though. It's been acting strange lately- glowing in shades of blue, green and red."

"It's also been rolling around on it's own too." Shippou commented.

"Yes that too." Sango nodded.

"I think it may be responding to three different souls." Kaede said quietly "The three different colors may symbolize this, but I am not completely sure." she sat down next to Kagome and started to fold up the clothes.

"My jewel shard was acting weird before I came here too." Kagome said after a moment of silence. She shuddered as she remembered how she had come here. The lights- and the wind that had just sucked her up like a small bug and a vacuum cleaner. "Shippou, grab the box for me please." Kagome said.

"Okay." Shippou said quickly. He ran over and picked it up. "Here." he said after he walked over to her.

"Thanks." Kagome said smiling. She took the box from his hands and opened it. Inside the jewel was glowing like crazy. Just like her shard it was going mad, changing from red, to green, to blue. "Hmmm." Kagome took her jewel shard and placed it in the small crack left in the jewel. It glowed a soft pink and then stopped its' mad array of colors. Instead it was glowing in soft shades of red "Why hasn't it stopped glowing?" Kagome asked herself aloud.

"As I said before child." Kaede said quietly "It is probably responding to souls."

"Preferably the nearest one of the three." Miroku chimed in.

"What do you mean?" Sango asked.

"Well according to how the Jewel was changing from three different colors, red, green and blue, it probably couldn't sense the souls from not being completed. But now- it can locate them, since it is complete. But the question is... Why?"

"I don't have the slightest idea." Shippou said.

"Yah, same here." Kagome answered. She stood up "I'm going for a walk guys." she said as she brushed off her jeans. She absent mindedly picked the now completed Jewel, and walked out of the warm hut into the dark, cold, winter night.

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The Flame That Finds by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Okay, took a little longer than I thought it would! But that's okay right? Long as it's up?-_-' I need a nap.... I woke up at 5:08... anyways! I enjoyed sharing my FAVORITE neko Kihala. She's pretty unique... but I'm sure that a they would never look like that.. oh well enjoy!

Kagome walked silently through The Forest of Inuyasha. She had been walking for a few hours now and could feel the cold, wet snow seeping into her clothes. She sighed as she looked up into the sky. It was almost dark! As she realized this she looked around and realized... SHE WAS COMPLETELY LOST! "Ah crap!" Kagome whined. She was so loud that a few birds flew out of the trees they had been resting in. Kagome sweat dropped in annoyance. She was getting nowhere fast. That's for sure. "What am I supposed to do now?" complained Kagome "I'm cold, lost, soaked to the bone and-a-and ACHOOO!" Kagome sniffled "Great! Just GREAT! I caught a cold too!" she wiped her nose on her sleeve. She kept going though. 'So what now?' Kagome asked herself 'Do I just keep going until morning or wha-' she was cut short from her own mind as she stopped dead in front of the Goshinboku. "How did I-" she trailed off as memories flooded back to her. The first time she'd seen him- When Mistress Centipede had attacked... she remembered it all once she had just lightly brushed the face of the bark with her finger-tip. "Inuyasha..." she lowered her head and her bangs fell across her eyes.

Silently from the shadows a pair of bronze eyes watched her in somber. She too knew the feeling to well. Her long ginger, striped, tail twitched in the shadowed moonlight. Her light red-orange colored hair seemed to float in the wind, while her sensitive nose twitched at the scent of the girl. She could smell the salty tears from where she stood. She raised a clawed and striped hand to her mouth as sobs turned into gasps of misery. She felt her mid-arm as she felt a slight heat rise. "Oh shit!" she wispered to herself. Her voice was a soft high pitched girly voice, but it was just a tad deeper. "What the hell is up with my arm?!" she hissed. She removed her hand slightly to see a small red glow seeping from it. Usually it only glowed a soft pinkish red. But now it was a full on bright red that she had to wear extra clothes over to conceal, besides her stripes on her slightly peach colored skin. Her cattish-like ears twisted and turned as she listened to the girls' breathing steady. She watched as the strange girl fell to her knees- her face in her hand and her heart on her now-damp-sleeve.

"Why," sniff "Why am I so... lightheaded?" Kagome thought aloud. She braced herself on all fours. Her arms gave out after a few minutes and she landed with a soft, Whumpht into the snow.

The figure approached the semi-conscious girl, her tail twitching in worry.

"Inu-" sniffle "Yasha." she wispered slightly as exhaustion claimed her.

"Hey! WAIT! Don't make me have to carry you to the village!" the tiger like girl yelled "Aaaaaah SHIT!" her eyes trailed to the unconcious miko. It was either leave her out here, and address the situation as 'Not my problem' or take her back to the village, have her find out what she was, spilling it to the other villagers, and being chased out of the only home she had ever known. She picked Kagome up and lightly threw her over her shoulder "Man... sometimes I hate being hanyou..."


The icy river water flowed past as a small stone skipped the water, leaving little ripples forming and spreading through the water. The cold winter water nipped at his bare feet as Inuyasha waded though the shallows. Cold, yes. But what was more important? Cold feet or a full stomach? He could feel his hakama become heavy from the water, but none-the-less. He had set up some small fishing nets that he had been given from an old man who had no need for them any longer. Inuyasha held an un-transformed Tetsusaiga at the ready in his left hand, in case he needed to spear the fish.

"Inuyasha?" came a small voice of a young girl "Oh Inuyasha!"

"What is it?" he asked as the little village girl appeared from behind a tree "And why are you so far from your village Usagi?" he questioned, glaring at her.

"You dropped this!" she said cheerily as she handed him the small locket.

"Oh! Thanks." he said as he tried to drag his dripping hakama out of the water with him. Making sure they weren't about to fall off he approached the girl.

"Here!" said Usagi, bright smiled as always. Her hair was in a small bun on the right side of her head, and her deep blue eyes gleamed in satisfaction as she completed her self employed mission by handing him the locket. Something about her was familiar, yet it wasn't. "Well I guess I'll be on my way!" she said cheerily as she turned around.

"Wait!" Inuyasha called as she was just about to leave. He knew he might regret this "I ain't letting you leave all by yourself." he said "C'mon, I'll go with you." he extended a hand, which Usagi gladly took.

They were silent for a while until Usagi turned to Inuyasha, her eyes full of questions for the hanyou. She was hesitant but then she finally turned away, to unsure to ask which made Inuyasha blink in confusion. "Uhm... Inuyasha?" she asked slowly "That girl... in that drawing..." Inuyasha looked over.

"Yah?" he replied reluctantly.

She turned around, curious to see what his answer would be "D-do you..."


"D-do you love her?" she finally managed to ask.

He was shocked, his eyebrow twitching "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Do you LOVE her!" she yelled, which made crows fly out of their nests in reply to her question.

"Gah!" he yelled as he stepped back "Why would I tell something like that to a brat like you!?"

"Soooo... You don't?" she asked simply.

"It's not like that! It's just..." he looked away. Reaching into the neck of his hitoe he pulled out the locket and gave a long sigh. "Okay... So what if I do?" he opened it and stared at the faded out picture of Kagome. Gods he still loved her! But it had been four years since they had seen one another- when the well had closed up, and he was afraid she had forgotten him. He traced a clawed finger on the locket, then snapped it back shut. He stuffed it back into his hitoe and turned back to Usagi.

"Well, have you told her?" asked the interested little girl.

He cocked his head "Er.. Once or twice." replied the hanyou, turning his red face away. "So what of it?"

She shrugged "I dunno, but you should tell her more."

He sighed and lowered his shoulders in defeat. He shook his head in doubt "I would if I could kid..."

"But why can't you?" asked Usagi. She was flustered as to why he wouldn't express his feelings.

"Because!-" he started out harshly, which made Usagi cringe "Sorry..." he apologized "Because she isn't here anymore." he turned his head away.

"You mean she's dead?" she asked sadly.

"No she was forced back to her own ti- Er, country." he stated pitifully.

"Oh..." Wow he must be miserable she thought I mean, surely he must be really sad about that girl... she kinda looks like me though. Oh hey isn't that-


"Hiroshi!" Usagi called as a small boy rushed forward. She ran off, but just before she crested the hill she turned and waved. "Bye Inuyasha!" she called.

He waved slightly, then turned and left.


Kagome fluttered her chocolaty eyes to the bright hut she now lied in. It was a small, warm hut with only one window. She sat up and noticed that her clothes were hanging up over a small fire to dry. She looked down at herself and noticed she was covered in a light yellow kimono. "Wha-" she turned as a small girl, about Rin’s age, entered the room in a purple colored kimono.

The girl turned around "Lady Kaiya! She's up!" the girl smiled at Kagome. She walked over and sat down "So what's your name?" the girl asked.

"Oh, It's Kagome." she said. She rubbed her head "So what's your name?"

"Tsukiko. It means moon child." she replied proudly. She scowled at Kagomes' clothes "Those clothes of yours are really torn up and wet. Lady Kaiya says that it might be days before you can wear those again." her light brown hair brushed around her shoulders and her dark brown eyes followed the flames as she waited for her sister and Lady Kaiya.

"Tsukiko?" came a voice. A little girl peeked from around the corner. She had black hair and light indigo eyes that seemed to sparkle in the firelight. She wore a dark green kimono and had her hair up in pig-tails. "You called?"

"Rini, she's woken up." she pointed to Kagome and stood up.

"Oh good!" she said gleefully "Lady Kaiya will be over here shortly, in the meantime would you like some tea miss er-"

"Kagome," she said "My name is Kagome." Both girls were endearing in a way she decided. She let the girls pour her some tea, making sure that they didn't spill it or burn themselves. The tea wasn't particularly an interest to her, but what did interest her was how she had gotten here.

"Rini? Tsukiko?" came a voice from outside the hut. The shadow of the person the voice belonged to lingered outside the window. For now, Kagome wasn't very worried. If this 'Lady Kaiya' lived around children she certainly wasn't going to be a harsh person. The women came into the room.

Kagome was mesmerized by the sight of Lady Kaiya. She had long light-orange hair and big expressive chocolaty brown eyes, much like Kagomes'. She also wore a long, soft looking, beige kimono. Her brown eyes flickered in fatigue and Kagome guessed she had been running... or crying. "Lady Kaiya, I presume?" Kagome asked quietly. She stood up only to stumble. Lady Kaiya rushed over and caught her before she could fall.

"Are you alright?" she asked, holding Kagome by the shoulders "You shouldn't be walking, you twisted your ankle when you fell." she slowly helped Kagome sit back down.

"Thanks." it as then that she realized her ankle was indeed swollen. She winced as she felt it.

"Better not to mess with it." she said. "Tsukiko please go get some ice from the river."

"May I take Rini with me?" asked Tsukiko suddenly.

Lady Kaiya smiled "But of course." she pointed to a small basket by the huts entrance "Make sure you get a lot of it." The two girls ran out the door, and just as they did a small black neko entered the hut. She looked about the same size as Kirara’s small form. But instead of having black or yellow rings around its' tail, it had blue rings. "Ah Kihala!" Lady Kaiya said "Take this to Lady Kaedes' hut." she handed Kihala a small paper rapped in a small orange ribbon.

"Mew." Kihala grabbed the pack with her mouth and was off. Kaiya watched her go approvingly and then turned back to Kagome.

"That was Kihala, my adopted daughter Akakos' neko." she rubbed her neck "She's the one who brought you here."

"MOM!" speak of the devil...

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Rising Sun by Cristin
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Sorry for the long wait! Sometimes real life gets in the way...

Rising Sun



Maybe it was the fact that it was early in the morning, or maybe because of the, oh I don't know, nightmare he had had, that made Inuyasha so tired. He walked silently as visions from the dream came back to him, making him shudder and scowl. He still remembered it vividly, but he didn't want to...


"Kagome!" Inuyasha cried out.

"Ha! You pathetic half-breed. You put this pathetic human's life in your mind as more important than your own?" Its' tail tightened around her waist and Kagome cried out in pain as the razor like scales bore into her flesh.

"Let her GO!" he yelled to the snake demon.

Its' toung flashed out of it's mouth and it's bright yellow eyes lit up at the smell of her blood. "I think one quick bite wouldn't hurt- me at least." the demon smirked at the horror coming off of Inuyasha when he saw Kagomes' mouth open in a silent scream of pain.

"Moron!" he mentally hit himself upside the head. "Kagome ain't comin back, so nothin like that could ever happen to her!" he hit himself in the forehead. He scowled at himself for being so stupid, and for letting his mind wander freely in his dreams. He sighed at his melancholy. His demeanor had changed so dramatically ever since the well had 'broken' in a sense. Once the irritable, yet somewhat kind, hanyou he was a totally different person... hanyou. You know what I mean. Now he was much more quiet, hardly talking to anyone and everyone. He couldn't have even brought himself to say goodbye to his friends before he had left. He felt empty and hollow, much like the dried-up well he had peered into several times in the past, waiting impatiently for the miko to return from her time. He had never really cared much about the jewel as their relationship had deepened itself. What he had really wanted was for her to return to him quickly as possible.

He had always hated being away from her.

And now, here he was. Standing in front of a large hot spring. He smiled slightly as he thought about how happy Kagome would have been to see it after such a long time of traveling. The smile vanished slowly as he remembered that the memories of her had started up all of these depressing thoughts. He sighed again, looking over the hot steaming water he felt all of the tense, sore muscles he had been ignoring screaming at him to submerge himself into the water. Gladly obeying he stripped off his hitoe and kosode, though he kept his hakama on. Carefully he pulled the Kotodama no Nenju over his head and placed them near his top clothing. Strangely enough after Kagome had left their powers had seemed to vanish along with the miko, but he had kept them none-the-less in spite of everything the old hag had told him. He smiled at the thought. Kaede. That old hag that had put the stupid beads on him in the first place. But still, he had a hidden respect for the old miko. Then his thoughts turned towards himself as he realized this. He had really grown up these last few years.

After a few more moments he hesitantly stepped into the water, savoring its warmth. Sitting down he pillowed his head in his hands as he leaned back into the water. He grunted in irritation as he felt water trickle into his ears, causing discomfort. Quickly he sat up and shook his head, attempting to get the water out.

"Hey mutt!"

He stopped abruptly until he realized who it was. Kouga. He groaned inwardly as he saw the wolf demon come into the clearing. Ignoring him completely, Inuyasha continued his task of draining his ears of the intruding liquid. "Go away Kouga." he said as he tilted his head to the side.

He smirked "Hey, that isn't any way to talk to an old friend now is it?" he asked as he submerged himself.

"You ain't any friend of mine." he said sourly as he relaxed a little. It's like he isn't even here to argue he thought oddly. "So, why are you here?" he asked suspiciously, while crossing his arms.

Kouga's face went from happy to depressed in an instant. He looked away and muttered so quietly that Inuyasha could barely hear his words. "I-I need help..." he trailed off. His gaze floated past Inuyasha, its blue intensity seeming to vanish. Inuyasha smelt a change in his scent, one that told of depression. Inuyasha surprised himself when he rested a hand on Kouga’s shoulder, an almost brotherly act. He reminded himself to burn his hand off later. "You see," Kouga began "After Kagome left, something happened with Ayame’s pack, so of course I came to help. Her pack had been attacked, and members had been disappearing one-by-one. We found the cause- a snake youkai that called himself 'Raiden', the little son-of-a-bitch was using the wolf blood to increase his powers."

Inuyasha sat back and listened, and his interest peeked when he heard "Snake demon?"

"Yah. Snake demon. Big and slithery?" he snickered "But anyways, we ran him off. That was about.... three years ago. But Ayame and I got closer, and married. Now we have two kids, but that's where the problem lies." Inuyasha turned to look at Kouga, who’s shoulders had slumped "That bastard! He kidnapped my children!" The startled hanyou gave a small gasp. The poor guy!

"W-why would he do that?" Inuyasha asked in a disbelieving tone.

"For a trade," he sighed "Unless I give up half of my packs blood, he'll kill them!" he gave a painful sigh "Some pack members have already agreed to do it if it becomes necessary. But I'm stuck Inuyasha! These are my children, and my pack! I can't choose... I won't." he looked wistfully into the sky that overhung, the early morning light shining through the tree-tops. "That's why I came here, Inuyasha. I need your help. Will you? Help me I mean."

"Yeah. If I see on of 'em, I'll get 'em for ya. I promise Kouga." Inuyasha replied. Kouga nodded and stood up to leave.

"Thanks mutt." he chuckled slightly, then in a twister, sped off into the distant trees.



"Huh? Kirara?" Sango said as she turned towards the noise. From outside the small hut came a small scratching noise, asking permission to enter. "Kaede what is that?" she asked after a moment, while she stared at the hut’s entrance.

"Well Sango, please let them in." came Kaede’s voice from the back of the hut.

Sango only nodded, then opened the entrance. Outside was a small neko, similar to Kirara. Though its body was black, had blue rings around its tails and paws, and had sapphire blue eyes. In its mouth was a small piece of rolled-up paper. It gave a mew of thanks and came inside, mewing to Kirara in greeting before it made it’s way to Kaede. "Oh my! How you've grown!" Kaede said after catching a glimpse of the neko. She kneeled down in front of the small neko youkai, and gave her head a pat "So good to see you again Kihala.. is that for me?"


"Why thank you child!" she smiled at the little neko, who dropped the small note into her palm. Her tails twitched and then she padded over to a bristling Kirara. She gave a mew of greeting, and Kirara stopped her bristling long enough to sniff at Kihala. Then she sat down and began to wash her paw.

"What is that Kaede?" Sango asked as she walked over, curious as to where the neko had given the old miko.

"Tis a note from my old friend, Kaiya." the old miko answered as she opened the letter. She began to read aloud:

Dear Kaede,

My daughter, Akako, has found a girl in the forest of Inuyasha. She claims to say her name is Kagome. I figured you are training her to be a miko, seeing as though her spiritual powers are strong. She is under my care at the time, but I will send her to you after her ankle has heeled. I hope to hear back from you soon Kaede.


"Well it looks like all we do is wait." Sango said, relieved. They had all been worried sick that night, praying she was okay after the sun began to rise. Thank the gods! Sango thought.


"Mommy! You wanna come pick sum flowers with us?" Mai said happily as she peeked her head in through the door, with Matsu right behind her. Her violet eyes glowed with happiness "Daddy said we were going to a BIG field of flowers!"

Sango beamed at her only daughter "Of course Mai." she stood up and bowed to Kaede "If you'll excuse me."

"Have fun." Kaede said happily as she began to write a response letter.

And with that said the Taijiya, monk, neko, and their children went off to the biggest field of flowers anyone would have lied their eyes on.

Befriending The Fire by Cristin
Author's Notes:

Alright ya'll! (lol) This will be the LONGEST chapter yet! I'm trying my best to make this a worth-while read! Please don't be angry if it's not what you expected. And yes! Worry not! Inuyasha and Kagome will find eachother! Now, with that said... on with chapter 4! (lol 2 many !'s)

Four: Befriending The Fire


"Oh, Akako. Please come in." Kaiya called, smiling all the while. Her long ginger hair brushed her face as she turned to face the hallway. She was the picture of beauty. A young girl with similar ginger locks walked into the room. She wore something similar to a bandana, it was brown. She also wore a smaller kimono that went down to her knees. It was a soft white with blue sakura flower patterns. Her hair extended to her thighs, but was tied back into a pony tail and her eyes were a bronze color. She also wore something similar to a shawl around her hips, which, like the bandana, was also brown. And around her arms and legs were bandages that were tied loosely around her limbs for comfort. The odd thing though, was that her nails looked abnormally long. "This," Lady Kaiya said, gesturing her hand to Kagome "Is Kagome. The girl you saved."

"Nice to meet you Kagome." she said as she bowed slightly. Akako looked around confused "Where is Kihala?" she asked disappointedly "I haven't seen her for a while now." she looked to be about twelve years of age. Though she sported legs of an athlete.

"Kihala went to deliver a message for me." Kaiya replied, giving her head a shake "I would have asked you or Tsukiko, but you two weren't around.

"Awwww! Ya coulda waited for me ya know!" Akako complained, turning her back and crossing her arms. She acted more like an eight year old. Kaiya did the same, and the two gave each other sisterly glares. Then they started laughing at each other. The sight warmed Kagome's heart. It was so sweet! Then Rini and Tsukiko returned, holding the basket of ice. One handle in each of their hands.

"And they're at it again!" Rini's voice said in a warm chuckle.


"And that's how I got here." Kagome finished, taking another sip at her tea. She had been explaining how she had come from her era and all her adventures with Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, and Shippou. Not forgetting Kirara of course! She had also explained why she had been in The Forest of Inuyasha in the first place, and so on. She had also explained the well, and the whole time the females had been interested and awed. Except for Akako.

"I can remember my father telling me about that kinda stuff." Akako said. "Electricity, phones. I even have this thing that he gave me when I was little. When I couldn't sleep." although it pained her to talk about her father, she could hold back the tears that had started to form. Kagome was clearly in shock. Who was this girl anyways? She reached into the shawl, and pulled out a music box about the size of her palm. "He told me that there were these little 'computer' things inside that made it work when this piece of 'plastic' didn't have any pressure on it... but it stopped working a long time ago..."

"L-let me see." Kagome slightly stuttered as she extended her hand. Akako handed it over reluctantly, but none-the-less handed it over to her. Kagome inspected it carefully, turning it until she found what she was looking for. "Did he ever give you any batteries?" she asked as she undid the screw.

"Batteries?" she repeated to herself.

"Yah. Small, round, and really shiny?" Kagome said looking up from the trinket. She took one of the old batteries out "Like these?"

Akako's face brightened and she stood up "Hold on," she said "I'll be right back." and with that she took off down the small hallway.

"What's a battery?" Rini asked. Her indigo eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"Well..." Kagome said, winking one eye closed in thought "It's made of metal, or something. And it has little computer chips in it that hold electric power in them or something..." she trailed at the utterly confused faces "Uhm... magic? I guess."

"Oooooooh." Tsukiko said after a moment. Her mouth widened in a big 'O'. Rini did the same, and Lady Kaiya just kept staring at the battery. When Akako came back she had two, bright, shiny, and new batteries in the palm of her hand. She handed them over to Kagome, who, in turn, set them inside and screwed the screw back in. She handed it back to Akako, and slowly it opened to reveal a small plastic moon.

"It's not doing anything..." Akako said sadly. Her bronze colored eyes closed half way as she sighed heavily. Her expression changed when the small plastic moon began to glow, blocking some of the light to look as though it were the changing phases of the moon. "It's working!" she almost purred.

And slowly music began to play.

Da da da da da daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee

Da da da da da daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee


Da da da da da daaa da

dada da da da da

Daa dada da dee daaada

dada daee da da deeee

Da da da da da Daaaa da

dada da da da da

Daaaa da da dee daaaaar aaaa daaa dee da

Da dada da dee ada da ada daaaaaaaaa


"I remember my mother singing it to me. I think it went," she waited for a moment and the music started again.

She cleared her throat, and began the lullaby her mother had sung to her so long ago.

"Be thankful for the sunshine,

be thankful for the stream.

Be thankful for the moonlight,

however dull it seems

Be thankful for the love that we both share

Be thankful for one and all,

treat all with care.


Be thankful for your enemies

however hard it seems

Be thankful for the people,

who walk within your dreams.

Be thankful for the dark and for the light,

Be thankful for all in mind and sight."

She sat back awkwardly, keeping her gaze low. A little embarrassed. "That was beautiful Akako!" Kagome exclaimed, clapping two hands in front of her chest. Akako slightly blushed and turned away, closing the small music box. "So when do you think I'll be able to go?" she asked, looking at her ankle.

"Tomorrow maybe. But there's no rush, you may stay here as long as you please." Lady Kaiya said, smiling. She stood up and brushed the wrinkles from her kimono, then pushing the loose hair from her face she called Tsukiko and Rini, and the three went outside into the snow.

"So," Akako began "You're from the place my father talked about... What was it like?" she asked, still not meeting Kagome's gaze.

She looks really sad Kagome thought. Akako had brought her legs up and had rested her head on her knees. Her eyes watched the small flames as they danced their bright orange dance. Her hair! It's the color of flames! Kagome stared at the flame-like locks. Yes true to word her hair did look like fire. "Well," Kagome began, only to be cut off by a faint mewling noise.

"Oh! Kihala-boo!" Akako called gleefully as the neko ran inside and launched herself into the girls' awaiting arms. Kihala gave a tremendous purr, and then slowly adjusted herself to be held like a baby in the girls' arms. "What's this?"


"For Kagome huh?" she asked. She took the letter from the neko’s mouth and handed it to Kagome, ignoring the amazed stare.

She can understand that neko? she asked herself as she opened the letter from Kaede. She read the letter, and then stuffed it into her kimono. She gave a long sigh.

"What'd say?" Akako asked as she scratched the top of Kihala’s nose, making her sneeze. Akako giggled and petted the neko.

"Nothing much. Just that they're glad I'm okay and that they'll be waiting for me." she took a look back at her ankle, which was slowly getting better. At least I'll be able to go soon.


"Thanks for letting me stay," Kagome said as she bowed slightly to Lady Kaiya "And thanks for letting me keep the kimono!"

"Well you're welcome sweetie!" Kaiya said warmly "And as for the kimono, it's actually made of fire-rat. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all!" Kagome replied, looking down at the kimono that was neatly folded in her arms "It reminds me of someone. A close friend." She blinked forming tears away and looked back up to the red-headed woman. She gave a warm smile and then knelt down to Usagi and Rini "I'll come and visit again, and next time I'll bring my friends. 'Kay?"

" 'Kay!" the girls chorused.

"Good." Kagome replied as she stood up. She had her sweater and blue-jeans on again, and she had taken a bath the night before. Now that her ankle had fully healed she could walk again, although she had to rest every time her ankle felt like it was tightening. And now today she was finally, and thankfully, ready to go back to the village.

"I told Akako you were leaving, but I haven't seen her since this morning." Kaiya said as Kagome was just about to go "Se said that she'd find you before you left. But I don't see her anywhere. Strange indeed..."

"I'm sure she has her reasons." Kagome tried to hide her disappointment. She had become good friends with Akako over night, talking, laughing, singing. They'd shared a few stories and Kagome had told her about Inuyasha. She told her almost everything.

As though she had known her all her life.

"Well, I'm off then. Tell Akako I said Goodbye okay?" she asked.

"Of course!" Kaiya replied. "But before you go-" she looked down at the small girl in the green kimono "Rini? Will you get the bread I baked this morning?" the girl nodded and sped off into the hut, only moments later with a small loaf bundled in a purple cloth. Kaiya took the bundle and handed it to Kagome "Here," she said as Kagome slowly took it "My grandmothers recipe. She use to make the best bread in the village."

"Thanks," Kagome said as she gave one of best smiles "I'll share it with my friends when I get back to the village." she slightly unfolded the kimono and put the sweet-smelling bread inside. "Alright," she said as she turned to leave "I'll see you guys soon."


"Make sure you don't trip again!"

"Rini! That was rude!"

"Ow! What was that for!?"

Kagome gave a small laugh as the two young girls chased each other around the small garden outside the hut. Kaiya laughed loudly as the two began to throw blades of grass at one-another. The two fell, and then began to laugh. Soon they were out of Kagomes' sight, but their laughter could still be heard. Then their voices faded into the distance.

Maybe Kagome thought I'll have children of my own someday...


As Kagome walked she noticed that the snow was starting to melt. Spring was just around the corner. And as Kagome kept thinking about it, she kept thinking about Inuyasha. Kaede had said he had not come to visit in a long while, and Kagome guessed that he wouldn't for a while longer. If it was the jewel shard he was searching for, he would not rest until it was found. She knew that the reason wasn't because he wanted to become full youkai. He had told her it was for her, to keep her safe. He had done so much to protect her. As she remembered those wonderful times she remembered one of the times that made her smile...

"Inuyasha?" Kagome called up the tree he had been sleeping in. Well half-sleeping. There was no reply, just a soft snoring sound. "Idiot," Kagome wispered "I wouldn't believe you're asleep for a second!"

A snort "What do you want Kagome?" he asked irritably. He landed on the ground gracefully, crossing his arms as he fixed her with an annoyed gaze.

"I just wanted to talk, you don't have to be such a jerk about it." she said "I'll just go if you don't feel like it."

"Hey wait!" he said as she turned around to leave "I never said I didn't want to talk!" he looked away slightly, face a bit tinted with pink. Kagome swore that she probably would never understand him. She gave a small sigh and then they walked together down a small path away from the campsite they had set up for the night. "So?"

"So what?" Kagome asked puzzled.

"Why did you want to talk to me, duh." he answered, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, that!" she said as she smiled widely. She put her hands behind her back and walked up to Inuyasha, a little to close for his or her comfort. But she had to do this. Carefully she lowered her head to inspect the beads on his neck, apparently he didn't get what she was doing, and he stepped back. Kagome rolled her eyes and stepped forward again. Inuyasha stepped back. This kept on until Inuyasha backed up into a tree. "Stop moving will ya?" Kagome asked as she peered at the beads. "I hope this works again..." carefully she reached out and grabbed the rosary, and then slipped it over his head.


"I figured you don't need this anymore," she said as she stuffed it into a pocket "I meant to take it off a few months ago, but I forgot. What with all the fights, demons, jewel shards. I lost track, and this," she said, indicating the rosary "Was long due to be taken off." she gave a long sigh.

Inuyasha just stared "Kagome I-I don't know what to say,"

She shrugged and stuffed the rosary into her pocket "Come on," she said as she began to run back up the path "I bet you can't catch me!" Inuyasha smirked and began running after her. Kagome picked up the pace as she heard Inuyasha coming up the path.
Oh he'll catch me anyways, what's the use? she saw him slacking At least he's giving me a chance she thought. Suddenly her foot caught a rock and she fell over. She felt her face smash against hard rock, blood welling from her lip and nose. "Oooooow..." she half wispered. By this time she was pinching her nose shut and she could hear Inuyasha rush up from behind her.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he turned her toward him. His eyes filled with sympathy as he saw the streams of blood on her face, smeared by a few tears. He rapped a bit of the cloth from his sleeve around his thumb and carefully wiped her face off. "You can let go of your nose you know."

As she did a few scarlet drops escaped from her nose, and she sniffled painfully. "Thanks," she said. She wiped her eyes and felt her still-bleeding lip.

"It still hurt?" he asked, watching as her finger trailed on the top of the cut on her lip. She nodded slightly, and when she did Inuyasha took her chin in his hand and wiped away the blood with his thumb. Then he gave her a soft kiss. Kagomes' eyes went wide. "All better?" he asked with a slight smirk. She nodded and they stood up, walking once again down the path.

"You still didn't catch me!" Kagome said as she began to run ahead. Inuyasha laughed slightly and then began to chase after...

She sat down on a small rock jutting from the ground, cupping her head in her hands and resting her elbows on her knees.

"Kagome! Hey Kagome!"

Kagome looked up to see Akako running at her with amazing speed, almost demonic. "Oh, hi Akako." Kagome said awkwardly as she tried not to look depressed. She stood up. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask..."


"I came to ask if I can join you on your journey."

End Notes:

Chp end notes: Alright *wipes forehead* Done! And might I say, I enjoyed writing about Akako! I own the lullaby, which I call (of couse) Be Thankfull. Chapter five will be up soon (i hope) Anyways, reviews? Thankz u kindly!

Thunder Serpant: Raiden The Spiders' Alliant by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Well here's the chapie! Hope you like it!

All was dark, and no moon shown in the sky. A silent figure crept through the nightly forest, silhouetted in starlight. Its' turquoise eyes watched the midnight shadows of the trees. Scales of the pelt it carried glistened in the starlight as it moved through the dark forest, warily stepping with caution. Black hair in a high pony-tail waved slightly in the weak breeze as black armor glinted in the dim light. Soft leaves crumpled underneath the weight of each footstep, bringing the figure closer to where he knew they were waiting for him. He hadn't expected for lion youkai, some of the intelligent youkai there were, to be so half-witted. They had some of the most keenest eyes of this world, and yet...

They did not know whom they were apposing.

"FIRE!" came a females cry. Dozens and dozens of arrows broke the barriers of the bushes, leaving the forest floor covered in leaves. The arrows continued their flight, striking the black metal that was his armor. Not a one pierced skin, and none left even a mark.

A bone chilling chuckling escaped the figure "Yukiko, how nice to see you again."

A tall woman came from the scattered shadows. Long blond hair cascaded down her back, to her waist and her icy blue eyes sparkled with hate. Golden armor glittered on top of a navy shirt and skirt. Her face showed no expression, and her movements were calm, but inside...

She was still shaking.

She glared at the man she loathed so much. This demon who killed for no reason. A god damned Alliant of Naraku, who killed for no reason. Her lips moved, mouthing the word 'Damnit'. She slowly grabbed an arrow and hooked it onto the quiver of her bow, and pointed it at the man "Leave,"

"Now why would I do that?" he asked smiling wickedly. Slowly a black shadow like substance crept over his body, gleaming like armor in the stars' light. Scales. Snakes scales. Black stripes appeared across his face, over his eyes. He was about to transform.

"Leave!" her voice was shaky this time. Never had she thought she would have to face this snake demon twice in her life. Once was fatal enough and the lion youkai were just getting back on their feet. She couldn't afford to lose again, she had to lead her people. But most importantly had to make sure that he would never search for her hanyou daughter. Her arrow shook as her hand gripped it tighter, sending a light blue energy through it. "LEAVE!" she yelled, and let go of the arrow. As the arrow flew the light became bigger, until it was taller than the trees. The blue energy glowed and glistened as it shaped itself into the shape of a lion. The snake youkai jumped to the side as the great lion of energy swiped a large paw at him, sending shards of ice flying into the distant trees.

"You've gotten stronger," he said, letting the voice come out as a hiss "But are you strong enough to face my true form?" the black scales swarmed from his body into a twister that surrounded him, shielding his body from further attack. Many more of the lion youkai filed from the trees, standing next to Yukiko.

"Lady Yukiko, what are we going to do!?" a young girl with honey brown hair questioned. Her lavender colored eyes went wide in fear as she gripped a giant axe in her hand.

"Run, Ume" was all she answered as she drew another arrow. She hooked it to her quiver and waited. She had to protect her people. Even if that meant her death. The girl nodded and turned, running away from the scene.

Now, Yukiko thought despratley I just wait... she watched in horror as the twister became taller and taller and taller still, reaching beyond the treetops, beyond the head of the lion of energy until it was a good seventy feet in the air. And then...

It cleared

There, staring down with sickening yellow eyes, he was. Long and black. A snake youkai. That's what he was. His long black body tisted and turned as he uncoiled himself, revealing lightning shaped marks that stretched across the jet-black scales. His neck flared until it was twice the size of his head and revealed long, sharp, poisons fangs. The end of his tail was sharper than any blade, glistening silver in starlight. The yellow eyes swept over the large lion, red pupils glowing brightly. He drew out his fangs, letting them glow green. They were HUGE! Thicker than a hundred year-old tree and longer than four people put together. A yellow diamond shone on his fore-head, also glowing. He drew back and then struck the great lion. A green energy spilled into blue, and the arrow in the center of the lion broke.

Shattered really. Little pieces scattered across the energy, leaving a trail of ice. Yukiko gripped her chest tightly as a great pain hit it. The great lion began to fade, leaving nothing of it. A blue streak circled the air, and then descended down to her. She quickly grabbed it from the air and pressed it to the growing pain. She gave a pant as the pain subsided. She slowly stood, balancing herself on her bow as she hauled herself up. "Damn you Raiden!" she silently cursed. Breathing heavily she gripped another arrow, notching it into her quiver she pulled back and released, though this time not putting a single drop of her soul into it.

Raiden reared back his ugly head and dove out of the arrows' reach. He gave a hiss of annoyance and let his fangs glow again. Quickly descending upon her. Yukiko dove to the side as many lions began to attack the great serpent. He lashed out his tail, knocking several of the lions' heads clean off. Blood dripped from the very tip and he drew his forked toung over the red liquid. "All I need," he hissed "Is the blood of seven wolves, four tigers, twelve cheetahs, three dogs," he knocked many more lions down, savoring the taste of their blood "And as many lions as I can get my hands on to become the most powerful youkai ever known!"

"You're sick Raiden! You disgust me greatly!" Yukiko hissed angrily. Her eyes shone red and her face began to twist and contort. A bright icy blue light enveloped her. After a few moments a lioness of equal size was standing an growling before him, white pelt shining silver in the pale starlight. Her blue eyes still held a weakness, but there was nothing more than determination shining in the pale blue orbs. "I'll kill you for good!"

"I'd like to see you try!"

Then the two giant beasts lunged at one-another. Raiden sunk his fangs deep within the flesh of her right paw, which drew back and struck his eye with claws of ice. Blood seeped from each of their wounds as they began to circle each other. Yukiko growled and Raiden hissed, this was not going to be an easy win 'Daughter' Yukiko thought 'If you can hear me, be safe!' she lunged again, trying to strike his throat. He dodged, leaving her in the large dust cloud he had drawn up from his swift movements.

Raiden drew out his fangs as they began to glow again. But this time thew glew a purple color. Yukiko’s eyes filled with horror as he let out a hiss. She drew back a paw to protect herself. She let her ice claws unsheathe as she took a step back. She gave a growl as he slithered forward, baring sickening magenta fangs. Quickly she turned tail and led the snake through the forest. Leaping over tree tops as he slithered below, crashing through everything in his way.

Yukiko gave a roar as she picked up the pace. She had to get him away from the rest of her people. It was the only way. She leapt out gracefully onto a frozen lake as soon as it came into view. She stood as though weighing less than a feather as the snake youkai approached. His eyes glistened with blood lust as he slithered out onto the ice, glaring at the lion youkai as she purred deeply.


Raiden stopped dead. Figured that she had led him onto thin ice. He gave a hiss of annoyance as his fangs ceased their glowing. If he made one wrong move it was snakey go bye-bye time. She gave him a look that said you-think-you're-so-smart-but-you're-not-so-hah! Raiden slithered forward as the ice continued to creek. He would have to be careful not to fall through the ice. Yukiko jumped high into the air and landed just behind the snake, ripping claws of ice down the side of his head. She leapt back to where she was before and let out a growl. Maybe she would kill him.

Just then Raiden put his body into one swift movement. Faster than the eye could see he was behind her, striking out with sharp fangs. She let out a yowl of pain and jumped away from him.


The ice was breaking! The cracks spread from beneath Yukiko’s feet, reaching all the way to Raiden, who had a wicked smirk like expression spread across his scaly face. After a moment the cracking stopped, replaced by an eerie silence. Raiden took this opportunity to advance toward the lioness. His fangs grew magenta as he quickly slithered forward, giving Yukiko enough time to take a step back. The lioness backed up right into a patch of melting ice.


Her hind legs crashed through the ice in the frenzy of movement, and she barely held on. She clawed at the slippery ice, which only broke more. She panicked as the snake made his way over. "Tisk, tisk Yukiko," he said "I wouldn't have expected you to loose to your own element." The lioness gave a roar at the snake and he gave a chuckle. "Now it's over. You will die just as your father did!"

'Daddy?' she thought quickly. Her claws failed to grip any longer, she slipped into the black depths of the water, the chill quickly taking over her body. Above the wind began to whip and Raiden stood with his head high, eyes glowing the sickening yellow they were. Black clouds rolled in over the starry sky, and lightning broke out. As he gazed up he could feel himself become more powerful. He set his tail into the icy water and lifted his head until it was straight in the air. He opened his mouth and his fangs shone brightly. Lightning escaped the clouds and fell upon his fangs, which were re-directing it’s flow.

The lightning went through his body until it reached his tail. Then the yellow light spread throughout the water, electrifying anything underneath the ice. Including Yukiko.

As the lightning struck her she used the last of her strength to struggle. She swam up as quickly as possible until breaking the surface. Raiden was waiting, fangs already magenta. He struck out at her in a swift movement and pierced her flesh. The deadly poison seeped into her blood. She slowly sank back down into the water, head going under. Before the last of her life ebbed away she thought of her daughter’s face, her voice, her laugh. 'Michiko' she thought once again, picturing the young blond hanyou 'Be safe...' And with that...

All went black.

Chapter end notes: Poor Yukiko... chapter six will be up soon! *sniffle* And thanks to all my wonderful reviewers!

One Hell Of A Day! by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Yay! Chapter 6! Please enjoy! :D

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Chapter Six: One Hell of A Day!


Don't Waist Time, Or Time Will Waist You



That dream. Gods how he hated that dream. It now plagued him every night, and even when he wasn't sleeping in the day. What could it mean? he thought. His mind had been clouded by these thoughts, especially since last night the dream had altered. It had been the same, yet different.

"Kagome!" a female voice had yelled. A saber like tail shot forward, knocking Kagome to the side. She looked as though she had lost her balance and fell over the side of a steep plateau. Inuyasha tried to move but he was stuck to the ground, stiff as stone. He tried to yell out, but his voice didn't follow his lips. All he could do was watch as a dark figure, maybe a young girl, rushed over and jumped off the side in pursuit. He was left there, standing, he didn't even think he could be seen.

"What could it mean?" he asked himself. Maybe Kagome was in some kind of trouble. No. She was gone, that couldn't be it. What the hell could it be then? He was left wondering as another male stepped onto the path he was walking on...


"Journey...?" she repeated confusedly.

"Oh com'on you can't be serious Kags! You're not going after him?" Akako asked, wide eyed. Her once long flame colored hair now bounced on her shoulders. She clearly had cut it.

"Akako your hair...!"

"Isn't important right now." she finished than added "But why aren't you 'Gome?"

Kagomes' eyes fell to the dirt path below her feet, averting the cinnamon orbs that stared at her as though she was crazy. Brown eyes scanned silently over the dirt as she muttered "I figured I'd wait..."

"YOU WHAT!?" Okay, now she was over reacting. But it was for a good cause right? Right!? "Kagome, based on what you said I don't think he will come back. But if he does, I'm sure that it will be YEARS." she waved her arms in exaggeration. Clearly she was the one who was crazy. But still you couldn't blame her. Her cinnamon eyes were wide as saucers as she went on and on about what information Kagome had given her.


"Therefore you should go after him." she finished after about ten minutes of a lecture.

"So..." Kagome said after a moment "You really think I should?" She was still unsure. But heck, she was up for some encouragement right about now. She had been in a pretty sour mood for the last... (one... tow...) four hours. She really wanted to go after Inuyasha... Really she did! But a conversation with Sango about it had ended up pretty badly. She could still recall their argument:

"Kagome it's to dangerous! He's probably out in dangerous country, looking for the shard you had in your possession."

"Then what am I supposed to do!? WAIT!?" Kagome yelled. She wasn't in the mood for this. She could feel herself shaking with rage. "I know I can find him Sango! I just know it!" she harrumphed "And no one will stop me from going!"

She gave a sigh, this was just a little much. "Kago you should. Or would you like to wait around for the next five years?" she had a doubtful look on her face. Akako gave her a small pat on the back. "Anyways," Akako said cheerily "I'm coming with." Kagome gave her a shocked look.

After a moment she asked "Does Kaiya know?" The younger girl gave an innocent smile, but much to her dismay Kagome saw through it.

"C'mon Goes! Let me COOOOOMMMMMEEEE!"

"Only if you have permission." she answered.

"C'mon she'll never say yes!"

"Then no."

"C'mon!" she pleaded, batting her eyes.




She gave a puppy dog stare "Plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssse???"


"C'mon! Let me come with you!"



"I said no Akako!" Kagome snapped as she whipped around. Akako faked a hurt expression, which wrenched at Kagomes' heart. She once again batted her cinnamon orbs and let her bottom lip quiver as though she would cry. Kagome sighed "You could get killed."

"Like my parents before me?" Akako said sadly. She immediately perked up "It's okay though!" she said as she reached for her side. She grabbed the hilt of a sword that Kagome had not noticed until now "I've got this to protect me, and Kihala too!"

"I still don't know..." Kagome said hesitantly as she scratched the back of her neck. She was in quite the pickle. The wind picked up and ruffled the head scarf atop Akakos' head. She quickly grabbed it before it blew off her head and dropped everything she had in her hands, tying it as fast as she could. She gave a nervous smile as she picked up the sword she had dropped.

"So where were we?" she asked nervously. Kagome cocked an eyebrow in interest. What was she hiding?

"Kihala I guess..."

"Oh right!" Akako lost her nervousness and pulled her hand up to her mouth. "Cover your ears, I whistle quite loudly." And as Kagome did so Akako let out a long, loud, whistle that sent birds flying from their roosts. Kagome blinked in surprise as even small animals ran into burrows and nests to get away from the noise. And really, she couldn't blame them.


A few large trees in the distance crashed down as an almighty roar was heard. Though used to it, Kagome couldn't help but shudder a bit. A few more trees fell as giant paw steps could be heard, the roaring grew louder.

"Here she comes." Akako said happily.

'Great!' Kagome thought sarcastically. A tree or two nearby crashed to the ground as the neko crashed through the bushes and came straight towards Kagome. She gave a shriek as the fire cat lunged, pinning her to the ground. She transformed into her smaller size and began to lick Kagomes' fear stricken face. "God don't scare me like that Kihala!" she scolded. The nekomata gave an apologetic mew and hopped off, letting Kagome stand.

"Sorry about that!" Akako apologized "She's just happy to see you."

"The feeling isn’t be mutual." Kagome said sarcastically. "Well c'mon, we better get back to the village before night fall."

"You mean I can come?"

"Only if you keep up!" Kagome yelled as she began to run down the path. Akako let out something similar to an amused purr and gave chase.


"Inuyasha!" Rin cried out happily.

"Shit." he muttered as the girl lunged. She gave him a hug.

"How are you? I'm great! What have you been up to!? I've been traveling again! Sesshomaru-sama wanted to talk to you! But I'm talking to you now, so I should stop! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"Sugar rush." Jaken sighed.

"Great." he detached the over-happy girl from his waist. Sesshomaru cocked an eyebrow as Rin continued to babble and jump around like an idiot. Clearly it had been a mistake to give her those sweets.

"Jaken got a rash the other- mhuuamamph!"

"Don't tell him that you stupid girl!" Jaken scolded as red tinted his... uh... face. (I don't think he has cheeks)

Inuyasha snorted. He really had no time for this. "What do you want Sesshomaru." he asked impatiently. He rolled his eyes when his (I couldn't resist) stick-in-the-ass brother did not respond.

"Get that weirdo staff out of my face!"

"Get your foot off my nose!"

"Let go!"

"Get off!"

"SHUT UP!" the two stopped their fight and stared at the angry hanyou, frozen under his menacing glare. Rin quickly kicked Jaken in the side and grabbed the staff.

She gave a maniacal laugh "It's mine! MINE!" she began to run off into the bushes, Jaken on her heels. They heard a shriek from Jaken and a few flames shot up from the bushes. Inuyasha sweat-dropped and Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. A few minutes of silence passed and then they heard:


"Leave me be!"

"No! GET UP!"

Inuyasha gave a sigh. "If you aren't gonna tell me what the hell you want I'm leaving." he said.

"The well."


"The well that miko of yours used."

"What about it?" Inuyasha said defensively "It doesn't work anymore."

"Tell me about it." he said coldly "I have a theory it has been re-opened."

This caught Inuyasha’s attention "Why would that be?"

"Three nights ago." Sesshomaru began "I was traveling to take Rin back for a small amount of time. When I had gotten to Kaedes' hut Rin was nowhere to be found. I followed her scent and found her staring down into the Bone Eaters well. It was the night before the New Moon. She said that she had seen a light inside, but when I looked it was pitch black. She told me to look closer and when I did I too saw a light. It was small, and weak but it was still there." he paused "What color is the light normally?"

"Was," Inuyasha corrected "It was deep blue."

A flash of surprise went through Sesshomoru’s eyes. But as soon as it had came it left "The light I had seen was red. But then it had turned green and then an ice blue." his eyes narrowed "I will see you again little brother. Sooner than you might think." he turned and began to walk away. Rin crashed out of the bushes and ran to catch up, the staff still in her hands. Jaken came out with a few bumps on his head.

He glanced around quickly. Panicking he ran down the path Sesshomaru had taken screaming: "My Lord! Wait for me!"

'It can't be true,' Inuyasha thought 'The well closed up four years ago. And even if it had opened Kagome wouldn't know. She probably has already given up on it...’ Inuyasha's eyes filled with sadness 'She's never coming back. I'll just have to except that.'

Oh how wrong you are Inuyasha. Oh how wrong you are.


"Here we are!" Kagome said as the black and blue neko landed on the ground, transforming into her smaller form in a cloud of blue flames. A slight sliver of moon hung like a cats claw in the starlit sky. The ghostly light reflected off of Kagomes' hair a slightly silver color. Akakos' hair danced wildly in the breeze that passed by, the cold nipping at their exposed skin. The snow that had settled to the ground was beginning to melt, revealing new spring grasses. Akakos' hair shone slightly golden in the pale light, and her cinnamon orbs reflected silver.

Kagome smoothed out her jeans that had managed to ruffle from sitting on the neko's back. Kihala jumped to the flame haired girls' shoulder, and rubbed her muzzle against the girls' soft apricot colored skin. Akako giggled slightly and ran her nails through the neko's fur, who, in turn, let out a soft purr of affection. The neko gave a soft mew and jumped down into the snow, picking up her short legs in a cute fashion. Shaking slightly she brushed against Kagomes' legs, earning herself a pat. She padded back to Akako and once again assumed her position on the girls' shoulder (her thoughts: It's a living).

Akako walked up to Kagome, picking her feet up above the snow in an odd fashion. She wasn't wearing any kind of sandals or shoes to keep her feet warm or dry. But it looked more like she was avoiding the moisture. "Do you think they won't mind me?" Akako asked quietly after she had reached Kagomes' side.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Kagome replied warmly.

'She's really nice,' Akako thought 'She'll be a good mother some day.'

Kagome knocked softly "I'm back you guys!"

"Kagome!" Shippou yelled. He burst through the door and gave Kagome a hug. "We're so glad you're back! But don't let them fool you, I was the most worried all along!"

"HE'S SO KAWAAII!" Akako squealed. She grabbed Shippou up and gave him a squeeze. "Kagome I know you said he was cute.... BUT HE'S EVEN CUTER THAN I IMAGINED!"

"Could you..... let... go?" Shippou said in between hugs "I.... can't....! BREATH!"

"Whoopsies! Sorry!" Akako apologized before dropping the kitsune on his butt. Akako leaned down and looked at Shippou's eyes and ears. She gave a smile that Shippou cringed from, afraid of being hugged to death again. Akako brought out a hand and started the draw her finger nails through the kitsune's hair.

"Oooooooh! That feels good!" he said as he closed his eyes. He gave a slight whimper when she removed her hand and picked him up.

"I love your hair!" Akako said.

"Thanks! I could help put yours up if you like?"

An almost panicked look crossed her face "Uh... No thanks. I don't like people messing with my hair."

"Oh." Shippou said "That's okay!" he turned back to Kagome, still in Akakos' arms "I'll go tell everyone you're back!" he jumped out of Akakos' arms and ran around behind the hut.

"You sure make fats friends."

Akako smiled. She put her hands on her hips proudly. "It's one of my many talents!" she joked. The two girls giggled.

"Come on daddy! I wanna see Kagome!" came the excited voice of Mai. The dark brown haired girl ran out from behind the hut, Shippou and Washi at her heels. Matsu followed more slowly, Kirara by his side. Sango and Miroku followed behind a cheerful Kaede.

At the sight of Kihala, Kirara ran up to the other neko. The two little she-nekos sniffed one another and gave friendly mews. They sat down in the snow and watched as the young children ran and danced around Kagome.

"Kagome!" Sango said "We were so worried!" she gave her friend a hug.

"We were so relieved when Kaede told us what happened." Miroku added. He looked toward Akako, who was now playing with the four children. "Who's that?"

"Oh!" she motioned for Akako. "Akako," she said "This is Miroku. And this is Sango and Kaede." Akako slightly bowed "Sango, Kaede, Miroku. This is Akako."

"Your name means red." Sango said.

"And yours means coral." Akako replied cheerily.

"I am so glad ye were not harmed child." Kaede said. She smiled "We were quite worried about ye."

Kagome nodded slightly "Lady Kaiya was very nice to me." she said. "Oh!" she reached into the kimono she had forgotten she held until now. She fumbled inside it for a moment, and then pulled out the bread. It was still wrapped firmly inside the purple cloth, which was still warm to the touch. "Here," she said as she tossed it to Kaede "Freshly baked this morning by Lady Kaiya herself!"

Kaede opened it and gave a smile "I have not tasted this bread in a long time. Would you all care to share with me?"

The whole group of people gave a chorused "Sure!"



"Anyways," Kagome said "That's Matsu, Washi, and Mai." she pointed to the three. "And that," she said indicating the cream colored neko.

"Is Kirara." Akako finished. During the time the bread had been split up, Akako had disappeared. Only to come back with her hair up in a high bun, much like Shippou's. It was tied up in a small white bow, which matched her kimono. Kirara and Kihala had managed to find a peaceful corner and had decided to take a nap, while Matsu and Mai had decided to get themselves in a fight. Washi had just sat back and watched. Kaede had gone out for a little while for a walk, and Sango was asleep, her head on Mirokus' shoulder.

"So Shippou," Kagome said after a little while "How has your training come along?"

"Great! I've gotten really strong!" he said, beaming all the while.

"It's true," Miroku said "Just last week he destroyed three youkai all on his own!"

"Tis true," came a voice. Kaede stepped inside, holding a basket of snow and ice. "All on his own, while protecting another child." Kaede winked. Shippou blushed and looked away.

"Kaede, do you think... since I mean it worked again.... that the well is open for good?" Kagome said, changing the subject. Shippou gave her a thanking look and she smiled back at him. But Kagome was just yearning to know, she needed to know, wanted to know. If she were to travel, she would need ALOT of supplies. Especially if Inuyasha was as far away as she expected.

"I think it might child, though I do not know. If the Shikon no Tama really is responding to the souls, then the well will not close until whatever holds it open is gone. Perhaps it is the need of something to be done."

"Maybe..." Kagome murmured.


"Alright! I'm going!" Kagome said. She sat on the lip off the well, legs over the black emptiness. 'I sure hope it works...' she was just about to jump when she heard footsteps.

"Wait Kagome!" Akako called as she neared the well. Something caught the corner of the black haired girls' eye. Something red. Kagome looked down to see the jewel glowing a soft red, and in the well below her it glowed the same shade too. She glanced up to see Akako rushing down the steep hill, almost catching a clump of grass, but jumping over it as gracefully as a cat.

'What's with my eyes?' Kagome thought as she looked towards the red-headed girl. For a heartbeat Kagome thought she had seen the same red light seeping from Akakos' clothing, though she brushed it off as just her vision 'I think I need glasses or something...'

The girl stopped in front of the miko, hand on knees, and bent over in an attempt to catch her breath. Her shoulder length hair dangled in front of her down-turned face, and a bead of sweat ran down her cheek. She had clearly slept in, and had to run all this way just to catch up with the nineteen-year-old. "Yes miss kitty?" Kagome asked jokily. Miss Kitty. That was the nick name she had dubbed to Akako.

The twelve-year-old gave a mock punch to her shoulder in an attempt to get out a laugh. She stood up and brushed the stray fire like locks from her face "When are you coming back?" she asked hopefully.

"Don't know," she said as she shrugged (try saying that three times fast!). But that was the truth. She really didn't know if she would even be able to return to her era. "Hopefully soon."

"Okay then!" Akako said as she gave Kagome a pat on the back "See ya soon!"

"Hold on," Kagome said. She stood on the wells' lip "Okay then? See ya soon? That's it?"

"Kagome! You're gonna-!"

"I'm gonna what? Whaoaoaoa!" she flailed her arms in an attempt to keep her balance, and fell over into the well, the red light enveloping her. Akako had watched in horror. What the hell just happened?

She leaned over the side of the well and peered into the darkness "Kagome?" She couldn't even see the woman. Even with her excellent sight. "Kagome? You alright?" Akako gripped the over-grown vines and swung a leg over the side. "Hang on! I'm coming." she climbed down until she reached the bottom, biting her lip when she didn't see Kagome anywhere. "Kags? You down here?" she winced as she felt a sharp pain course through her arms and legs. She looked down in panick as she witnessed her arms and legs glowing a sickening red. "Shit!" was the one word she breathed before the well alit with a soft red light, sending a startled girl five hundred years into the future.


"Ow..." came a voice from the bottom of the Bone Eaters well "Maybe that wasn't the best idea. Standing on the lip of the well." she rubbed her head "I think I landed on my head..." a soft red light emitted beside her. Kagome looked to her right "AHHHH! AKAKO HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET DOWN HERE!?!?!"

The twelve year-old shifted to sit on her knees "Don know." she glanced up and cocked her head "Kagome where'd the sky go?"

Kagome gave a long, yet shaky, sigh. She glanced up to see the roof of the well house, a heart warming sight. A sight she had seen constantly four years ago. A sight she had seen when she crawled down in the bottom of the well to cry. To cry for not being able to go back. She had always reminded herself that she had, at one time, seen the clear sky beyond that roof. "Looks like we made it to my time."



"Souta! Grandpa!" she called up. "I'm back!"

"See I told you! The prayers worked!" came her grandfathers' voice. She heard footsteps and the door fly open. She heard Souta call for their mom and heard everyone talking. She even heard Buyo give a meow. The obese cat padded up to the lip of the well and give a long yawn, as if in greeting. Akako did the same and the cat gave another meow. Kagome cocked an eyebrow at the girl and Akako blushed, looking away.

"Uhm? Mind giving me some help?" Kagome called up. The talking ceased and she heard repeated sorries. She heard Akako giggle and the two stood up, ready to be given some help. Kagome started to climb the small ladder that had been put there for her those long four years ago, Akako behind her. She gladly accepted the hands and hugs that came after she reached the top. She then turned around, and before her family could ask what she was doing, grabbed Akakos' hand and hauled her up. Once out of the well Akako gave a smile and bowed slightly.

"Hey sis," Souta asked "Who's your friend?"

"Yes and how did she get through the well?" her mother asked kindly "I thought only you and Inu-" she stopped dead at the pained expression that crossed her daughters' face "Were the only one who could pass through the well."

"My name is Akako." she said as she gave another slight bow, smiling all the while.

Kagome took Akakos' hand and led her up to her small family. "Akako this is Souta," she said, pointing to the teen. The two were about the same age. Akako was at least twelve, and Souta was thirteen.

"Hey!" she said as she smiled warmly.

"This is Mama and Gramps."

"Nice to meet you Akako," Mrs. Higurashi said as she shook hands with the young girl. Her grandfather did what was most expected of him.... He stuck a sutra on her forehead. Everyone sweat dropped when nothing happened. Akakos' eyes went flat (you know how they are flat in exaggeration?) as she peeled it off. Oooooooh! She was SO tempted to stick it on his head! Instead she folded it and placed it in his hand. This was still all a bit weird to her.

Kagome laughed nervously and walked up to her. She grabbed her wrist "Come on Akako!" she said in a nervous cheeriness "Let's go up to my room." 'If we can make it...'


"Okay," Kagome said "If you're going to stay with me for a little while, we need a cover for you." They had been going over various clothing, objects and other things. Akako had caught on quickly, although she still couldn't grasp the fact that 29 x 80= 2320. She wasn't the best at Science either, but the one thing that she was perfect at was History. If she kept this up, she would be ready for living in the present time-to-time. Maybe even after they found Inuyasha she could come for visits.

"I could be your cousin?"

"Maybe, but your hair looks nothing like mine, and your eyes don't either." she gave a long sigh and flopped onto her bed. Even something this simple was hard. Her mind hadn't been clear lately. It was still filled with so many questions. Why had the well closed? Why had it opened? Why was it allowing her to pass through again? Where was Inuyasha? Why was the jewel responding to these supposed souls? 'To many questions!' she thought as she held her head.

"I'm going to try these on," Akako said as she grabbed the jeans and sweater she had been handed. Kagome nodded and Akako left for her bathroom. Kagome sat up and walked over to her desk.

"Oh she forgot the bandana I got for her." she picked up the purple bandana and left the room. Once at the bathroom door she knocked. "Akako? You decent?"

"Yes! Oh wait! No! I-I mean! Ugh! Where is it!?"

"Akako?" she opened the door slightly, and gasped. There before her, Akako stood, head scarf in hand. But Kagome was staring at something else.... The top of Akakos' head.


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Hanyou by Cristin
Author's Notes:
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Chapter Seven: Hanyou


“K-Kagome.... I-I-!!!!”

Kagome’s eyes were trained at the top of her head, were two tigers ears sat on the flame colored hair. Her gaze drifted to behind her, were the jeans were slightly down, revealing a long, orange and black striped tail. The sleeves of her sweater were rolled up, revealing thick, black stripes. Her eyes were... differently colored too, they were a silver gray. Her short hair was down, and also had a few stripes to match the rest of her. The apricot colored skin was now ivory colored, and bore thick black stripes along her cheeks. On her forehead was the pattern of a star, which was also black. Her hand held the headscarf tightly, black... claws surrounding it. Even her wrists were surrounded in a black stripe, like a bracelet.

After a few moments of studying her new appearance Kagome noticed their was... writing on the back of the head scarf... And even on the shawl, that had been dropped to the floor. The once brown fabric was black. Concealing sutra.

“Akako... Are you... Youkai?”

Akako backed up, now black (yes black) lip quivering. Her silver eyes were full of shame and sorrow. She took her hands to her face and sunk to the ground crying. Her silver eyes were covered in the black striped hands and her tail wrapped around her drawn-up feet. As Kagome took a step forward she whispered “No,” Kagome crouched down beside her and held her like a mother would a broken hearted daughter “I’m hanyou.”

Kagome stayed silent for a while, listening to the quiet, muffled sobs of the younger girl. She rubbed the girl’s back until the sobs were quiet gasps and asked “Why didn’t you tell me Akako?” Though she knew full well what she was going to say. Hanyou were neither human nor demon. Humans feared them for their demon blood and demons looked down upon them for being weak and tainted with human blood. She felt sorry for the young girl, especially since Lady Kaiya was her adoptive mother. What could have happened to her real mother? What about her father? Which one was the demon and who was the human? “C’mon, let’s go to my room and talk about it.”

“But... Aren’t you... Afraid... Or hate me?” she gave a sniffle as her coal colored lips quivered again. Her silver eyes looked up from the teen’s shoulder, they were red and puffy and filled with moisture, making them look like stars in an early morning light.

“Nah.” Kagome said as she smiled lightly, sending a wave of hope through Akako “Remember that person I told you about?”

A nod.

“Inuyasha. He is hanyou too you know.” Akako’s eyes went wide.

“You’re in love with a hanyou?”

Kagome blushed a little as she smiled shyly “Well.” she blushed harder” Yah...I guess I am... Now come on. We’ll talk more in my room. And bring your stuff with you.” Kagome stood and held her hand out to help Akako up. The hanyou girl gratefully accepted and stood with her help.


“My father,” Akako said quietly “Was human.”

They sat together on Kagome’s bed. The room was dark except for the small lamp that lit the room, sending a dull yellowish glow through out it. Akako sat with her hands in her lap, now de-hanyoufied (love that word) and back in her regular clothes. The clock showed it was at least ten o’clock, and outside the window the moon was already high up into the sky.

“Was your mother youkai?” Kagome asked slowly. The young hanyou nodded.

“She died a few years after I was born. She got really sick...” her voice faltered “She was a Lady too, just like my sisters’ mothers.”

“You have sisters?”

Akako nodded “Two of them actually. We all share the same father. I’m the youngest.” She drew her fingers through her hair as she sighed “We’re all hanyou. But we are all different types. Myself, as you must have noticed, I’m a tiger hanyou. The next of us three is Azami, she’s cheetah. She is the most human of us three, the only sign she has of any youkai blood is the prints on her hands and a star like mine on her forehead.” She looked to Kagome for any sign of anger or fear, but their was none. She continued “The last is Michiko, she’s lion. I never really knew her, I was very young then. Maybe three. She went to live out in the lands to the far north, where snow always falls and not even the hottest day can melt it. After she left Azami took me to a miko who was a friend of my mother’s. She gave Azami these concealing sutra, which I have worn for most of my life. Kaiya took me in, knowing I was hanyou. Even though she was scared at first, she learned she could trust me... And that she had no reason to fear me. I’ve never even gone full youkai before...” She stopped as she heard Kagome’s breath intake sharply.

“I remember when Inuyasha went full youkai... I was never afraid of him... Just... Of loosing him...” She trailed off as her eyes trailed downward.

“You miss him don’t you?” Akako asked. Kagome nodded “My mother always told me that when you love someone, that love will never surrender... Never fade away.” Kagome turned and smiled slightly to the young girl.

“Thanks Akako...” she said slightly above a whisper.

“No Kagome, thank you. For accepting me being hanyou.” Akako said as she smiled slightly .

“So exactly which Lady was she?” Kagome asked after a moment. Akako reached into the neck of her kimono and pulled out a folded up paper. It was old and yellow, and creased finely, signifying that it had been unfolded and refolded again and again. She started to unfold it, and it made several noises as she did. Finally she opened it to reveal a large, painted, scroll piece that had been torn.

Akako handed Kagome the picture, and then looked back at her lap. “Her name was Honoo. She was Lady of The South.”


“She looks a lot like you Akako.” Kagome said as she stared at the picture. The woman looked no older than thirty, with medium length black, no midnight purple hair and silver eyes. But she did not have the many stripes that covered Akako. Nor did she have a tail or tiger’s ears to match. Her ears were pointed like most demons, pierced too, and one silver stripe was visible on her left cheek. Her face was the same shape as Akako’s, which was also shaped a lot like Kagome’s. There was absolutely no mistaking they were kin though.

She crossed her arms behind her head and lied down on her back. “Lady Kaiya actually mistook her for my older sister- and she mistook my grandmother for my mom.” She sighed “My grandma died a few years back from a fatal wound...” She trailed off, lost in memories.

“Akako!” Came a strong womanly voice. The sky seemed to go black as a tall, lean female youkai rushed towards her and scooped her up. The youkai had jet black hair and stunning amber eyes, and a silver stripe was gently patterned on each cheek bone.

“Grandmother Sumiko!” the hanyou yelled above the noise of crushing earth. The young girl could not have been older than five. “What’s happening!? I can’t see!” Her eyes were glazed over in a milky veil, and she bled horribly from a deep fang-hole in her right arm. It was turning black.

“No time! Just remember these two things!” She yelled back. The old youkai came to a stop beside a young girl with milk chocolate colored hair and stunning emerald colored eyes. She handed the young hanyou to the older and spoke quickly as her mate battled and clashed with the giant serpent. “Remember Akako, Azami. I love you both, no matter what.” She paused “I’m afraid this is farewell until we meet again.” Azami had a shocked expression on her face. “Hana and Shichiro can only hold him off without me for a few moments, so heed my words.” She paused and whispered “Always fear the name ‘Raiden’ for he will be the death of you.” She turned to Azami “Azami, you are the fastest among us. Take Akako to Kaiya, it’s what her mother would want.” Her silver armor shone brightly in the black sunlight that shown down at the battle scene before them.

“But what about-” she said as she watched her mother leap into the air and strike one of the serpent’s sickening magenta eyes.

“It’s what your mother wants too Azami.” She said. There was a scream and they gasped as they watched Hana, the cheetah youkai, fall to the ground in a puddle of her own blood.

“MAMA!” Azami screamed. She was shoved by Sumiko in the opposite direction as Hana stood, wiping the blood from her face and throwing a single flower towards the serpent. They watched as the petals transformed into large throwing knives.

“GO!” Sumiko growled out. The young hanyous gave shocked nods and Azami ran as fast as she could, Akako in her arms.

I HAVE to get Akako to Kaiya-Sama Azami thought as she ran. The younger hanyou’s breath was becoming shallow She will be able to heal Akako. She looked down at her younger half sister Just please hang on Akako! She kept running and running... And running... And running....

“Akako wake up!” Kagome said as she shook the hanyou’s shoulders. The tiger gave a startled scream as she flailed her arms and legs in every direction as she struggled to get up from the soft mattress. Sunlight streamed into the small rectangular room and onto her silvery eyes. Her pupils went small and she sat up, wiping her now watering eyes. She looked up when she noticed Kagome staring at her eyes.

“C’mon sleepy head!” She said. Today she was dressed in a pink t-shirt, patterned with roses and a short dark pink colored skirt. Her shoes were two basic black sandals and her hair was down, reaching to her wait. Immediately Akako regretted cutting her hair. “We have to go soon. My mom wants me to pick up some groceries.”

“Groceries?” Akako repeated, confused.

“Food that’s already made but needs to be cooked. You buy it at a store.” Akako raised a brow in confusion. “Just c’mon! Gramps found some kind of bracelet that has a concealing sutra.” Akako perked up and leapt off the bed, still in her Feudal Era clothing. Her tail and ears were hidden under the sutras, but you could still see the silvery tint in her rusty eyes.

“Lead the way!” She said.



“Ah. A very useful sutra. It has been passed down for centuries in this family.” Grandpa Higurashi said as he lifted the small golden chain out of a small silver box. “It was once believed to belong to a youkai named Haigara, who used its powers to conceal her youkai blood to lour away young village men in an attempt to steel their souls for power.” He handed it to the young hanyou, who eagerly took it.

“Well if it worked that well for a youkai, imagine what wonders it can do for a hanyou!” She slipped it on over her right small, clawed hand and it began to glow. On their way down to the small storage area Akako had removed her old sutra, revealing her tail and ears. Quickly it formed a small wrist fitting band. Then, slowly, her tail disappeared. As did her claws and fangs. Her ears shrunk until they could no longer be seen, and then a pair of human ears replaced those. Her eyes did not change though. Slowly her flame colored locks dulled until they were the color of ashes, then black as the midnight sky, with a tint of indigo. Finally, she slowly shrunk about four inches. Kagome just stared in awe as her grandfather nodded, as though he knew everything. After a few moments Akako blinked and asked “How do I look?”

“Human.” Said Kagome’s grandfather.

“You look wonderful!” Kagome exclaimed “Now you can actually where some of my old clothes without any worries!” Funny. The transformation kind of reminded Kagome of the New Moon, when Inuyasha turned human. Akako gave a toothy smile, showing no fangs what so ever.

“Well then,” Kagome’s grandfather said “I will go back to my business. Someone’s got to run the shop while the rest of you are slacking off.”

“Wow gramps, thanks for the compliments.” Kagome said as she sweat dropped. Her grandfather walked over to the doorway and simply waved as he left. Akako giggled slightly as Kagome breathed out a long held sigh.

“Shouldn’t we be going?” The now human hanyou asked.

Kagome sweat dropped yet again. “Sorry... But first we need to get you some clothes!”


“What about this?” Kagome asked as she held up a pair of jeans. Akako shook her head. “This?” She said as she held up an old skirt. It was yellow with lilac colored frills near the bottom, and a small lilac colored sweater to match it. Akako nodded and stood from her small chair she had sat in as Kagome had pulled the clothes from large boxes. She was handed the clothes and she ran off towards the house, clothes in hand.

Kagome watched her go, a smile on her face and glowing in her eyes. Akako was pretty cute at times. Her smile faded and she looked down into her lap. Four years... She thought I still can’t believe it. I still can’t believe I even got back... And let alone Akako followed me through... How was she even able to pass? Her gaze shifted to a small box in the corner. It was an old box, piled high with other junk. The box was cardboard, old , dusty, and soft from pressure. She stood and walked over to it and carefully she began to shove other boxes away, then brushed off the four year-old dust. She then took her now painted nails and peeled off the strapping tape, and opened it. At first she had to hold her nose because of the stink, but then she laughed slightly. “Ha! Take that karma!" She said as she held up a large, plastic, “Ziploc” baggy. She unzipped it and took out what she had been looking for. Pictures. Shippou and Kirara, Sango and Miroku... Kagome and Inuyasha. All of them together. She remembered a time where the villagers thought it was some kind of “Soul stealing object.” She silently giggled slightly as tears ran silently down her cheeks. She went through a few more until coming to one of her favorites. A picture of Miroku and Sango kissing.

She had taken it without their knowledge, until the flash of course. They had screamed and yelled, but eventually gotten over it. That was only a few months before they were engaged. The tear trails grew bigger as Kagome remembered... The day after Miroku proposed to Sango was the day she fell back into the well, and it had been sealed off. She wiped her eyes and stared down at a group photo of themselves. They were all so happy... So care free after Naraku had been defeated. Kikyou had finally passed on, and all they could do was be happy for her finding of peace.

She looked up as she heard footsteps and shoved the group photo into her pocket. Quickly she stood and brushed off her clothes, while throwing the other pictures into the box. Just as she kicked the box back into place her mother came down the steps. “Kagome dear,” She said “Are you still planning on getting those groceries for me?”

Kagome gave a smile “Of course mom!” She ran past her mother and up the stairs, making sure that she didn’t see her face. “Just got' a get Akako!” She went up the rest of the flight and began to run back to the house from the storage room. Her mother watched her go, her smiling eyes saddening. She glanced over at the small box, and sighed.

“She’s still so depressed.” She murmured. “I thought that when she went back, she’d be happier.” She walked over to the pictures and kneeled down to take a good look. “Maybe something happened...” She whispered to herself as she handled a picture. The picture was that off the two of Inuyasha and Kagome together. Kagome stood in front of him, while Inuyasha put a pair of bunny ears behind her head. Mrs. Higurashi sighed as she placed the pictures back in the bag. “I thought for sure they would be married... What went wrong...?”


“What is that?” Akako asked as the two walked past a store. Kagome gulped as she realized they were in front of a “Victoria’s Secret” Akako was glaring at the ‘products’ inside with a discussed look on her face. Kagome blushed a deep scarlet as she heard someone behind her snicker, and she grabbed the younger girl’s hand.

“Come on!” She said as she dragged the hanyou behind her. Soon they were at the grocery store, standing just outside it’s doors. “Now Akako,” Kagome said in a hushed tone “These doors are going to open by themselves, so don’t freak out. And another thing, behave in here. Don’t. Touch. Anything.”

“Well then you might as well leave me out here.” She said as she eyed a teenage boy, about her age, walk by and give her a wink.

Catching on Kagome glared “Oh no you don’t!” The teenager grabbed her wrist, and then entered the large store.


“I’m hungry...” Akako complained as she eyed the raw meat section wistfully.

Kagome carefully eyed a sealed package of turkey legs, also examining a coupon. She tried to ignore the hanyou, but that was impossible. Finally the annoying complaints reached past the barriers she had created around her ears and she said over her shoulder “Just wait Akako! We’ll go to WacDonald’s after we’re done here.”

“But Kagome! This is so boring!” Akako complained. Kagome gave a sigh and stuck the poultry into the little blue basket she was carrying. She motioned for the hanyou to follow, and made her way over to the ramen.

“Pick a few flavors,” She said “We’re going to need these for our travels.”

“Whatever...” Akako said as she took a chance to glance at the noodle cups. Kagome gave a sigh and looked down the isle. It was Saturday, and barely anyone was here. She brushed her bangs from her face and watched as Akako pondered over shrimp, chicken or beef.

“Hey Kagome!” Came a voice from behind her.

“Huh...?” She turned to see Ayumi and Yuka coming her way. Oh how she wish she could just turn invisible! She put on a fake smile as her two friends neared.

“Hey Kagome how ya’ do ‘in?” Yuka asked as they stopped beside her.

Kagome shrugged “Okay I guess.”

“Still miss your old boyfriend huh Kagome?” Ayumi asked. Kagome gave a sad nod.

“Mr. Bipolar? C’mon Kagome! Get over him already.” Yuka said, patting her back. She stopped at spotting Akako. “Um... Kagome who’s that?”

“Oh! This is my little cousin Akako.” She nudged the hanyou girl who, in turn, stood up with a jolt. “Say ‘Hi’ Akako.”

“Hey,” She said as she smiled, then turned back to the ramen.

“So Kagome, we’re gonna head to WacDonald’s. You want to come with us?” Ayumi asked politely. She was wearing a simple yellow T-shirt and jeans, while Yuka wore something similar to Kagome’s outfit, although her skirt was longer... And frillier.

Kagome beamed at her two friends “Sure! Akako and I were going to head there after we were done.”

“Kagome!” Akako said.


“I pick Shrimp!”


“I still can’t believe she drank seventeen shakes!” Yuka said disbelievingly.

“I can’t believe Kagome had the money to pay for it...” Ayumi responded. The two continued to walk down the side walk. They were still mesmerized with the visions of Akako sucking down five strawberry milkshakes at once.

“Ayumi... I think my stomach just flipped...”

“Same here!”


“GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!”

“Akako are you sure you should be doing this?” Kagome yelled to the hanyou as she continued to suck down shakes. Everyone had gathered around their table, even the employees, betting on the girl. You see three boys had challenged the girl to a shake-drinking contest after watching her tear through them like a ravenous demon. They thought they could beat her, but sadly two of three boys lay on the ground, desperately trying to hold in their lunch. The third, a dark brown haired boy with chocolate eyes, glared across the table as Akako finished her... (One... Two...) Thirteenth shake.

“GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!”

“Giving up yet!?” Akako shouted to the boy.

“Ha! Takahashi Mitsuo never surrenders!”

She gave him a puzzled look and shrugged “Have it your way.” Then she set down her fifteenth cup. “Done!”

The crowd around them began to cheer, and Kagome gave a sigh as she shrank into her seat. How did she always get mixed up into these messes? Why her? Why!

“No way! YOU CHEATED!”

“Mitsuo!” Came a familiar voice. “That is no way to treat a lady!” Kagome spun around the see... No way...


He casually strolled over. “But you know... You could always have a tie breaker.” Akako gave a devilish grin, Kagome gave the most horrified look possible, and Mitsuo almost turned green at the thought.

“Y-You know...” He said as he pulled out some money “You win...” He began to walk off with Hojo “I need a garbage can...”


An awkward silence...


“What crawled up his pants?” Akako said as she reached for one of his forgotten shakes. She took a sip as the small crowd burst into laughter.


“I don’t think I’m going back there again...” Kagome muttered as the hanyou waved to some newly acquired friends. They all gave her a thumbs up, which she returned gladly.

After a few ‘good-bye’s’ the two walked down the sidewalk. “So,” Kagome said after a while “How many?”

“Shakes. Twenty three. Friends. Seven.”

“Good!” Kagome said as she gave the hanyou a pat on the back, although she was sick at the thought of eating twenty three shakes. Talk about a bummer... I don’t think I’m eating there for a LONG time! Kagome thought as the two girls crossed the street. Along the walk back the two girls were pretty silent, thinking about the journey ahead.

The bags of ramen, shampoo, conditioner and other essentials made soft swishing noises as the girls made their way up the shrine steps. Finally the two were at the door of Kagome’s house, and she opened her purse, searching for her key. Akako sighed slightly as Kagome unlocked the door and stepped inside...

No one was home.

“Come on, Akako. We should start packing while everyone is away,” Kagome said, a tinge of hope in her voice. Akako faked a slight grin at her words. She liked this time a lot better, what with it’s strange televisions, cars, buildings and of course... The food!

“ ‘Kay,” she said reluctantly as they climbed. Once inside the two raced up the stairs, bags in hand, and rushed to the closet.

“Okay,” Kagome said “This is my old backpack. You can use it.” She tossed the large, oversized, overused, bag to the hanyou girl, who grabbed it as best she could. Then Kagome reached inside the ‘closet’ (if that’s what you could call it) that was piled high with junk. Old magazines, mangas, and clothes. Quickly she dug through, making a big, messy, pile on the floor behind her. After a lot of digging, and a pile of junk about five feet high, Kagome suddenly appeared with a large, cerulean blue, backpack in hand.

“This thing is... HUGE!” Akako said as she stretched the old bag out.

“Yah, I know.” Kagome replied as she moved to where the bags were. She started shoving packages of instant ramen into the new bag. “I used to take it back to your time when we traveled... Back then...” Her hands stopped moving, and she seemed distant... Lost even. Her eyes held nothing but emptiness and Akako actually had to shake her.

“Kagome. Earth to KAGOME!” She said loudly as she shook the teenager. Suddenly Kagome shook her head as though some sort of demon were trying to bite it off.

Tears were forming in her eyes. “Get them out of my head!” She screamed as the tears were forcibly shaken from her eyes “I don’t want to see these things!”

“KAGOME! What’s wrong!?” Akako yelled as she gripped the eighteen-year-old’s shoulders. She made the ravened haired girl turn to her, and almost gasped at what she saw. There, on Kagome’s left cheek, was a large cut- oozing with blood. Something within the blood gave a small white shine, and Akako slowly dug it out. Kagome didn’t move, it didn’t even look like she could. Finally Akako managed to get it out, and was puzzled at what it was. “Adamant?” She whispered.

“Akako...” Kagome muttered. She groaned. “What happened?”

“I-I don’t know...” She said, barely audible. She looked around the room, spotting a mirror she grabbed it and handed it to the miko. “H-here... You should take a look.”

Kagome raised an eyebrow, and took a look. Her sharp intake of breath and rubbing of the cheek were obvious signs she didn’t know what was going on. Akako handed her the bloodied sliver of stone, and Kagome looked like she nearly had a heart attack. “T-THIS-S!”

“Is adamant.” Akako finished. “But the question is... What was it doing in your cheek?”

“I... Don’t know...” Kagome lied. Her eyes were still full of horror and she quickly shoved the piece into her pocket. Then, as quickly as she could she packed the rest of the ramen and essentials she would need. Kagome then grabbed a spare house key from her desk and a box of Pocky she had bought for Shippou, then bolted down the stairs.

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