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It has been four years since Naraku's defeat, and the Sacred Jewel is almost complete. Kagome's been gone ever since Naraku's demise, and Inuyasha has not talked to a soal since. He has left to find jewel shards on his own, leaving the married couple of Miroku and Sango to raise their children. Then one fatefull day Kagome travels back down the well. Reunions, romance, love and hate, what will happen? (please r&r!)

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One Hell Of A Day! by Cristin
Author's Notes:
Yay! Chapter 6! Please enjoy! :D

Hey all! Sorry for the long update. I made it up to you though. See it's at least two chappies long! Oh and thanks for the wonderful reviews!

Chapter Six: One Hell of A Day!


Don't Waist Time, Or Time Will Waist You



That dream. Gods how he hated that dream. It now plagued him every night, and even when he wasn't sleeping in the day. What could it mean? he thought. His mind had been clouded by these thoughts, especially since last night the dream had altered. It had been the same, yet different.

"Kagome!" a female voice had yelled. A saber like tail shot forward, knocking Kagome to the side. She looked as though she had lost her balance and fell over the side of a steep plateau. Inuyasha tried to move but he was stuck to the ground, stiff as stone. He tried to yell out, but his voice didn't follow his lips. All he could do was watch as a dark figure, maybe a young girl, rushed over and jumped off the side in pursuit. He was left there, standing, he didn't even think he could be seen.

"What could it mean?" he asked himself. Maybe Kagome was in some kind of trouble. No. She was gone, that couldn't be it. What the hell could it be then? He was left wondering as another male stepped onto the path he was walking on...


"Journey...?" she repeated confusedly.

"Oh com'on you can't be serious Kags! You're not going after him?" Akako asked, wide eyed. Her once long flame colored hair now bounced on her shoulders. She clearly had cut it.

"Akako your hair...!"

"Isn't important right now." she finished than added "But why aren't you 'Gome?"

Kagomes' eyes fell to the dirt path below her feet, averting the cinnamon orbs that stared at her as though she was crazy. Brown eyes scanned silently over the dirt as she muttered "I figured I'd wait..."

"YOU WHAT!?" Okay, now she was over reacting. But it was for a good cause right? Right!? "Kagome, based on what you said I don't think he will come back. But if he does, I'm sure that it will be YEARS." she waved her arms in exaggeration. Clearly she was the one who was crazy. But still you couldn't blame her. Her cinnamon eyes were wide as saucers as she went on and on about what information Kagome had given her.


"Therefore you should go after him." she finished after about ten minutes of a lecture.

"So..." Kagome said after a moment "You really think I should?" She was still unsure. But heck, she was up for some encouragement right about now. She had been in a pretty sour mood for the last... (one... tow...) four hours. She really wanted to go after Inuyasha... Really she did! But a conversation with Sango about it had ended up pretty badly. She could still recall their argument:

"Kagome it's to dangerous! He's probably out in dangerous country, looking for the shard you had in your possession."

"Then what am I supposed to do!? WAIT!?" Kagome yelled. She wasn't in the mood for this. She could feel herself shaking with rage. "I know I can find him Sango! I just know it!" she harrumphed "And no one will stop me from going!"

She gave a sigh, this was just a little much. "Kago you should. Or would you like to wait around for the next five years?" she had a doubtful look on her face. Akako gave her a small pat on the back. "Anyways," Akako said cheerily "I'm coming with." Kagome gave her a shocked look.

After a moment she asked "Does Kaiya know?" The younger girl gave an innocent smile, but much to her dismay Kagome saw through it.

"C'mon Goes! Let me COOOOOMMMMMEEEE!"

"Only if you have permission." she answered.

"C'mon she'll never say yes!"

"Then no."

"C'mon!" she pleaded, batting her eyes.




She gave a puppy dog stare "Plllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssse???"


"C'mon! Let me come with you!"



"I said no Akako!" Kagome snapped as she whipped around. Akako faked a hurt expression, which wrenched at Kagomes' heart. She once again batted her cinnamon orbs and let her bottom lip quiver as though she would cry. Kagome sighed "You could get killed."

"Like my parents before me?" Akako said sadly. She immediately perked up "It's okay though!" she said as she reached for her side. She grabbed the hilt of a sword that Kagome had not noticed until now "I've got this to protect me, and Kihala too!"

"I still don't know..." Kagome said hesitantly as she scratched the back of her neck. She was in quite the pickle. The wind picked up and ruffled the head scarf atop Akakos' head. She quickly grabbed it before it blew off her head and dropped everything she had in her hands, tying it as fast as she could. She gave a nervous smile as she picked up the sword she had dropped.

"So where were we?" she asked nervously. Kagome cocked an eyebrow in interest. What was she hiding?

"Kihala I guess..."

"Oh right!" Akako lost her nervousness and pulled her hand up to her mouth. "Cover your ears, I whistle quite loudly." And as Kagome did so Akako let out a long, loud, whistle that sent birds flying from their roosts. Kagome blinked in surprise as even small animals ran into burrows and nests to get away from the noise. And really, she couldn't blame them.


A few large trees in the distance crashed down as an almighty roar was heard. Though used to it, Kagome couldn't help but shudder a bit. A few more trees fell as giant paw steps could be heard, the roaring grew louder.

"Here she comes." Akako said happily.

'Great!' Kagome thought sarcastically. A tree or two nearby crashed to the ground as the neko crashed through the bushes and came straight towards Kagome. She gave a shriek as the fire cat lunged, pinning her to the ground. She transformed into her smaller size and began to lick Kagomes' fear stricken face. "God don't scare me like that Kihala!" she scolded. The nekomata gave an apologetic mew and hopped off, letting Kagome stand.

"Sorry about that!" Akako apologized "She's just happy to see you."

"The feeling isn’t be mutual." Kagome said sarcastically. "Well c'mon, we better get back to the village before night fall."

"You mean I can come?"

"Only if you keep up!" Kagome yelled as she began to run down the path. Akako let out something similar to an amused purr and gave chase.


"Inuyasha!" Rin cried out happily.

"Shit." he muttered as the girl lunged. She gave him a hug.

"How are you? I'm great! What have you been up to!? I've been traveling again! Sesshomaru-sama wanted to talk to you! But I'm talking to you now, so I should stop! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

"Sugar rush." Jaken sighed.

"Great." he detached the over-happy girl from his waist. Sesshomaru cocked an eyebrow as Rin continued to babble and jump around like an idiot. Clearly it had been a mistake to give her those sweets.

"Jaken got a rash the other- mhuuamamph!"

"Don't tell him that you stupid girl!" Jaken scolded as red tinted his... uh... face. (I don't think he has cheeks)

Inuyasha snorted. He really had no time for this. "What do you want Sesshomaru." he asked impatiently. He rolled his eyes when his (I couldn't resist) stick-in-the-ass brother did not respond.

"Get that weirdo staff out of my face!"

"Get your foot off my nose!"

"Let go!"

"Get off!"

"SHUT UP!" the two stopped their fight and stared at the angry hanyou, frozen under his menacing glare. Rin quickly kicked Jaken in the side and grabbed the staff.

She gave a maniacal laugh "It's mine! MINE!" she began to run off into the bushes, Jaken on her heels. They heard a shriek from Jaken and a few flames shot up from the bushes. Inuyasha sweat-dropped and Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. A few minutes of silence passed and then they heard:


"Leave me be!"

"No! GET UP!"

Inuyasha gave a sigh. "If you aren't gonna tell me what the hell you want I'm leaving." he said.

"The well."


"The well that miko of yours used."

"What about it?" Inuyasha said defensively "It doesn't work anymore."

"Tell me about it." he said coldly "I have a theory it has been re-opened."

This caught Inuyasha’s attention "Why would that be?"

"Three nights ago." Sesshomaru began "I was traveling to take Rin back for a small amount of time. When I had gotten to Kaedes' hut Rin was nowhere to be found. I followed her scent and found her staring down into the Bone Eaters well. It was the night before the New Moon. She said that she had seen a light inside, but when I looked it was pitch black. She told me to look closer and when I did I too saw a light. It was small, and weak but it was still there." he paused "What color is the light normally?"

"Was," Inuyasha corrected "It was deep blue."

A flash of surprise went through Sesshomoru’s eyes. But as soon as it had came it left "The light I had seen was red. But then it had turned green and then an ice blue." his eyes narrowed "I will see you again little brother. Sooner than you might think." he turned and began to walk away. Rin crashed out of the bushes and ran to catch up, the staff still in her hands. Jaken came out with a few bumps on his head.

He glanced around quickly. Panicking he ran down the path Sesshomaru had taken screaming: "My Lord! Wait for me!"

'It can't be true,' Inuyasha thought 'The well closed up four years ago. And even if it had opened Kagome wouldn't know. She probably has already given up on it...’ Inuyasha's eyes filled with sadness 'She's never coming back. I'll just have to except that.'

Oh how wrong you are Inuyasha. Oh how wrong you are.


"Here we are!" Kagome said as the black and blue neko landed on the ground, transforming into her smaller form in a cloud of blue flames. A slight sliver of moon hung like a cats claw in the starlit sky. The ghostly light reflected off of Kagomes' hair a slightly silver color. Akakos' hair danced wildly in the breeze that passed by, the cold nipping at their exposed skin. The snow that had settled to the ground was beginning to melt, revealing new spring grasses. Akakos' hair shone slightly golden in the pale light, and her cinnamon orbs reflected silver.

Kagome smoothed out her jeans that had managed to ruffle from sitting on the neko's back. Kihala jumped to the flame haired girls' shoulder, and rubbed her muzzle against the girls' soft apricot colored skin. Akako giggled slightly and ran her nails through the neko's fur, who, in turn, let out a soft purr of affection. The neko gave a soft mew and jumped down into the snow, picking up her short legs in a cute fashion. Shaking slightly she brushed against Kagomes' legs, earning herself a pat. She padded back to Akako and once again assumed her position on the girls' shoulder (her thoughts: It's a living).

Akako walked up to Kagome, picking her feet up above the snow in an odd fashion. She wasn't wearing any kind of sandals or shoes to keep her feet warm or dry. But it looked more like she was avoiding the moisture. "Do you think they won't mind me?" Akako asked quietly after she had reached Kagomes' side.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Kagome replied warmly.

'She's really nice,' Akako thought 'She'll be a good mother some day.'

Kagome knocked softly "I'm back you guys!"

"Kagome!" Shippou yelled. He burst through the door and gave Kagome a hug. "We're so glad you're back! But don't let them fool you, I was the most worried all along!"

"HE'S SO KAWAAII!" Akako squealed. She grabbed Shippou up and gave him a squeeze. "Kagome I know you said he was cute.... BUT HE'S EVEN CUTER THAN I IMAGINED!"

"Could you..... let... go?" Shippou said in between hugs "I.... can't....! BREATH!"

"Whoopsies! Sorry!" Akako apologized before dropping the kitsune on his butt. Akako leaned down and looked at Shippou's eyes and ears. She gave a smile that Shippou cringed from, afraid of being hugged to death again. Akako brought out a hand and started the draw her finger nails through the kitsune's hair.

"Oooooooh! That feels good!" he said as he closed his eyes. He gave a slight whimper when she removed her hand and picked him up.

"I love your hair!" Akako said.

"Thanks! I could help put yours up if you like?"

An almost panicked look crossed her face "Uh... No thanks. I don't like people messing with my hair."

"Oh." Shippou said "That's okay!" he turned back to Kagome, still in Akakos' arms "I'll go tell everyone you're back!" he jumped out of Akakos' arms and ran around behind the hut.

"You sure make fats friends."

Akako smiled. She put her hands on her hips proudly. "It's one of my many talents!" she joked. The two girls giggled.

"Come on daddy! I wanna see Kagome!" came the excited voice of Mai. The dark brown haired girl ran out from behind the hut, Shippou and Washi at her heels. Matsu followed more slowly, Kirara by his side. Sango and Miroku followed behind a cheerful Kaede.

At the sight of Kihala, Kirara ran up to the other neko. The two little she-nekos sniffed one another and gave friendly mews. They sat down in the snow and watched as the young children ran and danced around Kagome.

"Kagome!" Sango said "We were so worried!" she gave her friend a hug.

"We were so relieved when Kaede told us what happened." Miroku added. He looked toward Akako, who was now playing with the four children. "Who's that?"

"Oh!" she motioned for Akako. "Akako," she said "This is Miroku. And this is Sango and Kaede." Akako slightly bowed "Sango, Kaede, Miroku. This is Akako."

"Your name means red." Sango said.

"And yours means coral." Akako replied cheerily.

"I am so glad ye were not harmed child." Kaede said. She smiled "We were quite worried about ye."

Kagome nodded slightly "Lady Kaiya was very nice to me." she said. "Oh!" she reached into the kimono she had forgotten she held until now. She fumbled inside it for a moment, and then pulled out the bread. It was still wrapped firmly inside the purple cloth, which was still warm to the touch. "Here," she said as she tossed it to Kaede "Freshly baked this morning by Lady Kaiya herself!"

Kaede opened it and gave a smile "I have not tasted this bread in a long time. Would you all care to share with me?"

The whole group of people gave a chorused "Sure!"



"Anyways," Kagome said "That's Matsu, Washi, and Mai." she pointed to the three. "And that," she said indicating the cream colored neko.

"Is Kirara." Akako finished. During the time the bread had been split up, Akako had disappeared. Only to come back with her hair up in a high bun, much like Shippou's. It was tied up in a small white bow, which matched her kimono. Kirara and Kihala had managed to find a peaceful corner and had decided to take a nap, while Matsu and Mai had decided to get themselves in a fight. Washi had just sat back and watched. Kaede had gone out for a little while for a walk, and Sango was asleep, her head on Mirokus' shoulder.

"So Shippou," Kagome said after a little while "How has your training come along?"

"Great! I've gotten really strong!" he said, beaming all the while.

"It's true," Miroku said "Just last week he destroyed three youkai all on his own!"

"Tis true," came a voice. Kaede stepped inside, holding a basket of snow and ice. "All on his own, while protecting another child." Kaede winked. Shippou blushed and looked away.

"Kaede, do you think... since I mean it worked again.... that the well is open for good?" Kagome said, changing the subject. Shippou gave her a thanking look and she smiled back at him. But Kagome was just yearning to know, she needed to know, wanted to know. If she were to travel, she would need ALOT of supplies. Especially if Inuyasha was as far away as she expected.

"I think it might child, though I do not know. If the Shikon no Tama really is responding to the souls, then the well will not close until whatever holds it open is gone. Perhaps it is the need of something to be done."

"Maybe..." Kagome murmured.


"Alright! I'm going!" Kagome said. She sat on the lip off the well, legs over the black emptiness. 'I sure hope it works...' she was just about to jump when she heard footsteps.

"Wait Kagome!" Akako called as she neared the well. Something caught the corner of the black haired girls' eye. Something red. Kagome looked down to see the jewel glowing a soft red, and in the well below her it glowed the same shade too. She glanced up to see Akako rushing down the steep hill, almost catching a clump of grass, but jumping over it as gracefully as a cat.

'What's with my eyes?' Kagome thought as she looked towards the red-headed girl. For a heartbeat Kagome thought she had seen the same red light seeping from Akakos' clothing, though she brushed it off as just her vision 'I think I need glasses or something...'

The girl stopped in front of the miko, hand on knees, and bent over in an attempt to catch her breath. Her shoulder length hair dangled in front of her down-turned face, and a bead of sweat ran down her cheek. She had clearly slept in, and had to run all this way just to catch up with the nineteen-year-old. "Yes miss kitty?" Kagome asked jokily. Miss Kitty. That was the nick name she had dubbed to Akako.

The twelve-year-old gave a mock punch to her shoulder in an attempt to get out a laugh. She stood up and brushed the stray fire like locks from her face "When are you coming back?" she asked hopefully.

"Don't know," she said as she shrugged (try saying that three times fast!). But that was the truth. She really didn't know if she would even be able to return to her era. "Hopefully soon."

"Okay then!" Akako said as she gave Kagome a pat on the back "See ya soon!"

"Hold on," Kagome said. She stood on the wells' lip "Okay then? See ya soon? That's it?"

"Kagome! You're gonna-!"

"I'm gonna what? Whaoaoaoa!" she flailed her arms in an attempt to keep her balance, and fell over into the well, the red light enveloping her. Akako had watched in horror. What the hell just happened?

She leaned over the side of the well and peered into the darkness "Kagome?" She couldn't even see the woman. Even with her excellent sight. "Kagome? You alright?" Akako gripped the over-grown vines and swung a leg over the side. "Hang on! I'm coming." she climbed down until she reached the bottom, biting her lip when she didn't see Kagome anywhere. "Kags? You down here?" she winced as she felt a sharp pain course through her arms and legs. She looked down in panick as she witnessed her arms and legs glowing a sickening red. "Shit!" was the one word she breathed before the well alit with a soft red light, sending a startled girl five hundred years into the future.


"Ow..." came a voice from the bottom of the Bone Eaters well "Maybe that wasn't the best idea. Standing on the lip of the well." she rubbed her head "I think I landed on my head..." a soft red light emitted beside her. Kagome looked to her right "AHHHH! AKAKO HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET DOWN HERE!?!?!"

The twelve year-old shifted to sit on her knees "Don know." she glanced up and cocked her head "Kagome where'd the sky go?"

Kagome gave a long, yet shaky, sigh. She glanced up to see the roof of the well house, a heart warming sight. A sight she had seen constantly four years ago. A sight she had seen when she crawled down in the bottom of the well to cry. To cry for not being able to go back. She had always reminded herself that she had, at one time, seen the clear sky beyond that roof. "Looks like we made it to my time."



"Souta! Grandpa!" she called up. "I'm back!"

"See I told you! The prayers worked!" came her grandfathers' voice. She heard footsteps and the door fly open. She heard Souta call for their mom and heard everyone talking. She even heard Buyo give a meow. The obese cat padded up to the lip of the well and give a long yawn, as if in greeting. Akako did the same and the cat gave another meow. Kagome cocked an eyebrow at the girl and Akako blushed, looking away.

"Uhm? Mind giving me some help?" Kagome called up. The talking ceased and she heard repeated sorries. She heard Akako giggle and the two stood up, ready to be given some help. Kagome started to climb the small ladder that had been put there for her those long four years ago, Akako behind her. She gladly accepted the hands and hugs that came after she reached the top. She then turned around, and before her family could ask what she was doing, grabbed Akakos' hand and hauled her up. Once out of the well Akako gave a smile and bowed slightly.

"Hey sis," Souta asked "Who's your friend?"

"Yes and how did she get through the well?" her mother asked kindly "I thought only you and Inu-" she stopped dead at the pained expression that crossed her daughters' face "Were the only one who could pass through the well."

"My name is Akako." she said as she gave another slight bow, smiling all the while.

Kagome took Akakos' hand and led her up to her small family. "Akako this is Souta," she said, pointing to the teen. The two were about the same age. Akako was at least twelve, and Souta was thirteen.

"Hey!" she said as she smiled warmly.

"This is Mama and Gramps."

"Nice to meet you Akako," Mrs. Higurashi said as she shook hands with the young girl. Her grandfather did what was most expected of him.... He stuck a sutra on her forehead. Everyone sweat dropped when nothing happened. Akakos' eyes went flat (you know how they are flat in exaggeration?) as she peeled it off. Oooooooh! She was SO tempted to stick it on his head! Instead she folded it and placed it in his hand. This was still all a bit weird to her.

Kagome laughed nervously and walked up to her. She grabbed her wrist "Come on Akako!" she said in a nervous cheeriness "Let's go up to my room." 'If we can make it...'


"Okay," Kagome said "If you're going to stay with me for a little while, we need a cover for you." They had been going over various clothing, objects and other things. Akako had caught on quickly, although she still couldn't grasp the fact that 29 x 80= 2320. She wasn't the best at Science either, but the one thing that she was perfect at was History. If she kept this up, she would be ready for living in the present time-to-time. Maybe even after they found Inuyasha she could come for visits.

"I could be your cousin?"

"Maybe, but your hair looks nothing like mine, and your eyes don't either." she gave a long sigh and flopped onto her bed. Even something this simple was hard. Her mind hadn't been clear lately. It was still filled with so many questions. Why had the well closed? Why had it opened? Why was it allowing her to pass through again? Where was Inuyasha? Why was the jewel responding to these supposed souls? 'To many questions!' she thought as she held her head.

"I'm going to try these on," Akako said as she grabbed the jeans and sweater she had been handed. Kagome nodded and Akako left for her bathroom. Kagome sat up and walked over to her desk.

"Oh she forgot the bandana I got for her." she picked up the purple bandana and left the room. Once at the bathroom door she knocked. "Akako? You decent?"

"Yes! Oh wait! No! I-I mean! Ugh! Where is it!?"

"Akako?" she opened the door slightly, and gasped. There before her, Akako stood, head scarf in hand. But Kagome was staring at something else.... The top of Akakos' head.


Chp. end notes: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm so evil with cliffies! (evil smirk) So what is Akako hiding under that head scarf and shawl!? (Laughs nervously as angry readers grab axes)

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