Romeo and Juliet by MajorOtaku
Summary: Kagome lives in a world where demons --half or full-- are considered evil and are killed when found. When she was little, Kagome accidently fell into the well and became friends with a hanyou. Thinking her mother would understand, she took her hanyou friend to her home. Only to have him taken away and the well sealed. Now, she awaits his return after years of waiting...
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You Have Pretty Eyes by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:

Chapter 1 - You Have Pretty Eyes

Tell me what you think :p I'm still not happy with this chapter but OH WELL :) 

Kagome lay on her bed, looking up towards the light. The pain in her chest tightened when she imagined the silver hair and his usual red robe of the fire rat. She looked at the locket that she gave to him, but he dropped it by accident when he had run away. Does he really love me...? It had been 5 years since she had last seen him. She still remembered the day they promised to meet again. She was now fifteen, and was still waiting for her knight in shining armor.

"Kagome?" Her brother Sota walked into the room. "There's some guy here. I think his name's Hojo."

Kagome reluctantly got off her bed and followed Sota downstairs.

"Ah, Kagome!" Hojo grinned and looped an arm around her. "I hope you haven't forgotten the date we had scheduled for today!"
"No, Hojo, you scheduled the date for today. Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi-chan just wanted me to come because they feel bad for me." Kagome shrugged his arm off. "I've already told you I'm not interested, and that we're never going to go steady."

"Kagome, is this about the girl that's been putting love chocolate in my shoe locker? Don't worry, I don't eat them anyway."

Kagome said angrily, "You don't eat the chocolates?! That girl put her heart and soul into those sweets and you just toss them out?! She's probably waiting for you! Do you imagine how much you would break her heart if she found out?!" A tear slid down her cheek.

"K-Kagome," Hojo began.

"Nee-chan..." Sota whispered.

"Get out! And never come here again!" Kagome stomped upstairs yelling, "I can't believe I got up for this!"

"Kagome!" Hojo called.

Kagome ignored him and slammed her door shut. She locked it and sank to the floor. She looked out her window and to the stars. "Where are you? Are you ever going to come to me? Mama and Jii-chan don't want me to think about you anymore. That's why we have to run away together. I still remember your pretty eyes..." Kagome wiped away a tear. "I'm tired of waiting. I've waited for 2,920 days. Maybe you've forgotten you're promise to me. I'm losing my faith in you." She sobbed silently. I remember that day... The day we met... Kagome silently walked to her bed and lay down. We were both young when I first saw you... She closed her eyes and let her past take her.


"Jii-chan, please can I go collect flowers?" Kagome whined, pulling her grandfather's pants.

"No, Kagome. You have to watch Sota for us, remember? Don't worry, tomorrow you can pick flowers." He smiled and walked out of the house with Kagome's mother.

Kagome plopped onto the floor, sniffling silently. She glanced up at the crib where her brother Sota was sleeping soundly. She got up and walked over to it. She looked down at his peaceful face. "Ya know, I'll be rejoicing the day where you can look after yourself." She grabbed the milk bottle sitting on the table. "Thirsty yet?"

He continued to sleep.

"Well," Kagome said, "since you're sleeping I guess I could leave. I mean, while you're sleeping your body is inactive which means you don't need anything. So, I'll be gone for five minutes, okay? Buyo will watch you. No harm done." Buyo mewed in response and went to sleep next to Sota's crib. Kagome planted a kiss on her brother's forehead and quietly slipped out the door. Once outside, she breathed the morning air and skipped down the stairs. She went to the nearest park and kneeled on the grass to pick flowers. She grabbed all sorts: violets, sunflowers, roses, etc. She was careful with the roses because she didn't want to get pricked. She picked up a dandelion and blew, watching the contents drift away.

Kagome went over to where the grass hadn't been cut in a while, and began picking the long strands of grass. She weaved it into the flowers, creating a makeshift crown. She had to handle it carefully or it would fall apart in seconds. She slowly placed it onto her head, wincing slightly as the roses became slightly tangled in her hair. But she liked it. Walking back to the shrine and her house, she walked up the stairs and stopped when she was about to pass the well house. She looked at the old building and shrugged. She made her way into her house.

"I'm back, Sota," Kagome muttered. Instantly her ears almost popped when she heard Sota's loud screaming and crying combination. She hurried over to his crib and picked him up, which was hard because he kept flailing. "What's wrong, Sota? Do you need milk?"

He kept screaming.

"Hold on." Kagome raced up to her mother's room and grabbed the pacifier that was on the floor. She rinsed it and popped it into Sota's mouth. Immediately, he spit it out and resumed crying. "Hungry?" She grabbed the nearest container of baby food and took a spoon. "Okay, open up." She dropped it into Sota's wailing mouth.

He spit it onto Kagome's overalls.

"Ahh! Sota, this is my favorite outfit!" She sniffed, and as a result her eyes began watering before she started crying. "You ruined it!"

"We're back."

Kagome stopped crying and looked up to see her mother and grandfather looking at her and her brother. "Mommy!" she bawled and jumped into her mother's arms.

"Kagome, what happened here?" Mrs. Higurashi asked gently. She noticed the crown. "Kagome, didn't we tell you not to leave the house?"

"I'm sorry, Mama, but watching Sota is so boring! He never does anything!"
Mrs. Higurashi sighed and said, "What's the problem now?"

"Sota keeps crying and I don't know how to fix it! Look, he ruined my favorite pair of overalls!" Kagome pointed to stain while sniffing uncontrollably.

"It just has to be washed out," Kagome's mother laughed softly. "Go change and I'll take care of it. And as for you, my little troublemaker," she added to the still crying Sota sprawled out on the floor. She let Kagome down and scooped Sota up. "We're going to change your diaper." Suddenly, Sota stopped crying and giggled. Mrs. Higurashi smiled and walked upstairs to go to the bathroom.

Kagome looked up at the person remaining in the room, her Jii-chan. "Hey, Jii-chan?"

"Yes, Kagome?" he answered.

She grinned sweetly; her missing teeth making her look quite adorable. "Next time... HIRE A BABYSITTER!" She stomped upstairs and slammed her door shut.


"Kagome!" her grandfather called.

"Yes, Jii-chan?" Kagome walked downstairs, now wearing a navy blue and white striped dress and white flats.

"Can you please get that old medicine I keep in the well house? Sota's been sneezing."

"I'm on it, Jii-chan." Kagome walked out the house and into the well house. She looked around for the dusty glass jar and grabbed it when she found it. She turned to meet a pair of green eyes. Shrieking, she took a step back. Once her eyes focused, she sighed. "Oh it's you, Buyo. You scared me----AHHHHH!"

Falling back over the railing, Kagome's arms flailed and the jar of medicine cracked into a million pieces when it hit the ground in front of Buyo. She shivered in fear as she fell to the bottom of the well and faced darkness.


Kagome whimpered and propped herself up on her elbows. Dust floated in front of her and she sneezed. She looked up. The sky...? She observed the many vines covering the well's walls and decided to climb to get to the top. It took effort, since her small chubby arms were not used to this. Panting slightly, she finally reached the top of the well and jumped out. Dusting herself off, she took in her surroundings.

"Where am I?" she wondered aloud, taking a step forward. Her face lit up when she noticed flowers in the distance. She suddenly remembered her crown. Feeling the top of her head, she gasped. "It's not there!" Turning and looking back into the well, she saw it at the bottom. "There it is!" she climbed down a vine and carefully picked it up. Kagome put it back on her head and climbed back up, never once touching the floor of the well. Deciding to venture further, Kagome kept walking and frowned when she came upon several huts and people. They milled around, talking and laughing, never once glancing in her direction. She quietly walked into the village, not noticing the cool brown gaze staring at her.

"Stop. You are not a resident of this village," a soft childlike voice said.

Kagome turned around to see a girl about the same age as her, with dark hair and narrowed brown eyes. Her pale skin shone in the sunlight and she was dressed in traditional clothes. Her mouth was curved into a frown.

"Oh, hi. My name is---" Kagome began.

"I do not care. You must leave this village at once." The girl's eyebrow twitched.

"Kagome," Kagome continued, ignoring her completely. "You see, I've come here through the well over there. And I would like to know where I am."

"You are to leave here at once!" The girl repeated more forcefully. "Or I'll call my father to get rid of you!"

Kagome realized that the girl in front of her was not joking. "Okay, okay. I'm leaving," Kagome said downcast, walking away. Glancing back, she saw that the girl was watching her depart. Sighing, Kagome continued walking. She stopped walking about five minutes after when trees towered above her and a breeze stirred her hair. She pressed her back against a tree and slid down. She sat like that for a few minutes, when a ball came up to her.

Confused, Kagome reached out and picked it up. "Whose ball is this?" she asked herself.

"Um, excuse me..." a timid voice called out.

Kagome looked up. "Oh, is this your ball? I'm sorry." She gave it to him, smiling brightly.

He nodded and took the ball back. He stood there, staring at the ball. Finally he said, "Hey, do you wanna join me?"

Kagome answered, "That's fine with me."

His eyes widened and he grinned. "Let's go then."

Kagome got up and walked side by side with him. "Who are you playing with?"

"My mom."

"Oh! She must be a really nice mother if she has time to play with you. Mama and Jii-chan are usually going out to places, and I also get stuck watching after my little brother, Sota. So I can never go out and hang with friends. As a result, I usually sneak out and collect flowers."

He frowned. "Why flowers?"

"Because flowers are pretty, silly," she giggled. "I made this flower crown this morning." She pointed to her creation.

"It's nice," he commented, glancing at the crown. He stopped and said, "We're here."

"You're back!" a woman smiled. "I was afraid you had gotten lost."

He grinned. "Nope. I found someone to play with us."

"Y-you did?" his mother questioned in disbelief before her brown eyes landed on Kagome. She smiled. "Konnichiwa. What's your name?"


"Kagome..." Izayoi repeated. "That's such a nice name. Are you going to play with InuYasha?"

She nodded. "Yep!"

"Have fun," Izayoi said. "I have to buy something."

"Mom, are you sure you want to go alone?" InuYasha asked worriedly.

"I'll be fine, my big bad bodyguard," Izayoi laughed and ruffled InuYasha's hair. "Have fun with Kagome, okay?"

He nodded and hugged his mother before she left. He turned to Kagome. "What do you want to play?"

Kagome thought for a minute. She clapped her hands in glee. "Hide and seek, pretty please?"

InuYasha smiled. "Okay. I'll count."

As InuYasha began counting, Kagome looked around. Not knowing the area well, she had no idea where to hide. But then again, she was surrounded by trees. Taking that as an advantage, she climbed up on not far from her and InuYasha and settled on a branch hidden by leaves.

"33...34...35," InuYasha finished. "Okay, ready or not here I come!" He sniffed out Kagome's scent. Walking to the tree, he leaped up and stared in amusement as Kagome squealed and fell off the branch, landing on a hill of leaves.

"H-how did you?" Kagome asked in wonder. "Out of all the trees...!"

InuYasha smirked and jumped down from the tree. "It's a talent."

Kagome walked up to him and peered closely at his face. Blushing slightly, InuYasha turned away and crossed his arms.

"What? Is there something on my face?" he grumbled.

"No. It's just that I noticed that you have really pretty eyes," Kagome complimented.

InuYasha blushed and said, "So?"

"And your hair is so long and silky," Kagome whispered, stroking InuYasha's hair. She looked up, finally noticing his ears. "Oh Kami, these are so cute!" She brought her hands up and began rubbing his furry appendages.

InuYasha almost succumbed to her rhythmic rubs. He turned and said, "W-whatever! Come on, you're counting and I'm hiding!" Without waiting for an answer, he dashed away.

Kagome closed her eyes and began counting. Once she finished, she spotted something red behind a boulder. "You're really horrible at this, you know?" she informed, tugging at InuYasha's clothes.

"I didn't know where to hide, okay?!" he defended hotly, looking away.

Kagome giggled. "Hey, I'll be back in a few minutes, okay? Don't move!" She smiled and ran off.

InuYasha looked after her. Just as he was about to get up and go after her, Kagome reappeared and was holding something behind her back.

"Close your eyes," she demanded.

InuYasha closed his eyes and felt something being placed on his head. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see a flower crown atop his silver hair.

"It matches your pretty eyes, see?" she said, rather pleased with herself.

"Y-yeah it does."

Kagome's stomach rumbled. "Ah, I'm hungry. And I bet it's lunchtime now. I have to go back to Mama."

"Oh, you have to leave now?" InuYasha pouted.

"Yeah." Kagome looked at her feet. An awkward silence stretched.

"W-will you come back?" InuYasha asked hesitantly.

Kagome stared into his golden depths. "Do you want me to?"

InuYasha nodded. Kagome grinned. "Then of course I will!" She hugged him with great force, which sent him tumbling back. "Let's meet here, okay?" She got off of him. "I'll see you tomorrow!" Waving, she ran back to the well.

InuYasha stared after her, not even realizing it when his mother came back.

"Oh, did Kagome-chan leave already?" Izayoi asked.

"Yeah, but she'll be back tomorrow."

Izayoi kneeled and opened up her arms. InuYasha instinctively ran to her and they hugged. "InuYasha, you've finally found a friend, right?"

InuYasha nodded. "Yeah..."

"Good. I'm proud of you." Now I can sleep peacefully...

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, InuYasha."



"Playing," she replied simply, playing with her rice.

"You didn't even tell us! We were worried sick!" Mrs. Higurashi said angrily. "Look at me, Kagome!"

Kagome looked up.

"You can't just disappear for hours! We thought that you had been kidnapped, or something along those lines. Do you know how much that scared me? I don't want to lose another family member!"

Kagome got up. "Excuse me." She turned and walked upstairs.

"Kagome Higurashi! I'm not finished yet!"

Kagome continued walking upstairs and silently closed her door. She sank onto her small bed, her face in her pillow. She wasn't surprised when moments later she heard her door being pushed open.

"Kagome," her grandfather said, letting himself in. He closed the door and walked over to her, sitting on the edge of her bed. "You do remember how your father died, right?"

"Don't remind me," Kagome said, her voice muffled.

"See? Don't you remember the anxiety, the fear, the countless amounts of thoughts and questions racing in your head and you had no idea which ones you could answer? That was your father who you loved and you were worried about. Now, your mother's love for you is 10 times greater than your love for your father. Imagine that worry you had felt 10 times worse. Do you understand now why your mother was so angry?"

Kagome was silent for a few moments. She whispered, "Yes."

"I suggest you apologize profusely if you want to earn her respect again. You put her through a lot these past hours." Her grandfather got up and patted her head. "I'll walk you over if you'd like. And maybe when you're done, you can finish your lunch." He held out his hand and Kagome lifted her head. Sighing inwardly, she accepted her Jii's gesture and followed him out of the room. They walked across the hall and stopped in front of Mrs. Higurashi's room. "In you go," he nudged his granddaughter. "I'll be downstairs."

Kagome took a deep breath and knocked politely before opening the door up a bit. She slipped her head in. "Mama?"

Mrs. Higurashi was buried under her covers. She didn't look up. "Yes, Kagome?"

"I-I'm sorry, Mama. Can I tell you what happened?" Kagome asked hopefully. "Then you'll understand."

Mrs. Higurashi lifted the covers off her body. Sitting up, she said, "Okay, what happened?"

Kagome began her story of how she went in the well and she was in another "dimension" as she referred to it. "Mama, there was this boy and his mother! The boy's name is InuYasha. InuYasha wanted me to play with him so I said yes. I guess we just forgot about the time."

"Well, I feel better now since an adult was watching over you two," Mrs. Higurashi sighed and Kagome decided not to tell her mother that InuYasha's mom had gone shopping.

Mrs. Higurashi drew Kagome into a hug. "Don't worry me like that, okay? Be careful on the other side of the well."

"I will, Mama. I promised InuYasha that I'd go back tomorrow. Please can I?" Kagome pleaded.

Mrs. Higurashi hesitated. "Only if his mother is watching over you two."

"Thanks, Mama!" Kagome kissed her mother on her cheek and went downstairs to finish her lunch.


"You're late," InuYasha huffed, crossing his arms.

"I'm sorry, did we schedule a time?" Kagome snapped, throwing the ball at him.

He threw it back. "No, but I've been waiting this whole day."

"Well, I'm sorry; you should've played with your mother while you were waiting." Kagome drop-kicked the ball.

InuYasha hit it back to her with his head. "She was sleeping."

The ball went soaring over her head and she ran to catch it. She froze when she saw a couple staring at her and whispering.

"That girl's playing with InuYasha!"

"Is she out of her mind? She'll get tainted with that half-breed filth!"

"Dear, maybe you should tell her. Look how little she is, she must not know."

Kagome picked up the ball, her head spinning. She walked up to InuYasha. "Hey, can we talk?"

Confused, InuYasha answered, "Sure, I guess."

Kagome led him to a shaded part of the forest and they sat down facing each other.

"InuYasha, what's a half-breed?" Kagome asked.

InuYasha froze and his eyes widened in fear. "Where'd you hear that from?"

"When I went to get the ball, these people said..."

"Kagome," InuYasha interrupted, grabbing her hands, ignoring when the ball rolled away. "Please don't listen to them," he pleaded. "They're wrong."

"InuYasha, what's a half-breed?"

"It doesn't matter; they must've had the wrong person."

"But they said ‘InuYasha.' Is there another InuYasha?" She shook him gently. "Tell me what's going on, I won't laugh at you."

"You won't laugh, but I guarantee you'll run away screaming," he muttered, looking away. Snarling, he said, "It's not fair! I didn't ask to be born this way! It was dumb father falling in love with a human!"

"I don't understand," Kagome said. "InuYasha, you're not a human?"

InuYasha remained silent.

"If you say your dad married a human that must mean that he was an alien of some sort..." Demon. The word popped into her head. "If a demon marries a human then that means their child will be a..." her eyes widened as realization dawned on her and she shivered slightly. "Hanyou."

End Notes:

Just to clear up confusion, because I know that if you stick with this story you WILL be confused:

1) Story starts out in present, with 15 year old Kagome

2) When Kagome meets InuYasha, she's 7 and he's 10

3) In the next chapter, it's three years later and Kagome's now 10 and InuYasha's 13 :)


He's a Filthy Hanyou by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:

Chapter 2 - He's a Filthy Hanyou

SMILIES! Hope you enjoy this chapter. And to add to my good IYFF friend, Pure Miko: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Lol, it's only been 2 days.

MO* wishes you happy reading~!

*MO is me... Obviously >.<


Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 2

InuYasha got up. "Now you know. You can leave if you want to. I knew our friendship would end sooner or later. I just didn't expect to be a day after. I'm such a baka!" He glared at her and kicked a rock. He began walking away.

"Wait, please don't go!" Kagome pulled his robe. "I don't care if you're a half-demon. It's not like that instantly makes you dirty. I had fun playing with you; just because I've learned the truth doesn't mean I'll stop coming here."

He stood still. Without turning around, he asked, "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. It really isn't your fault that your father fell in love with a human. It isn't his fault either. The heart chooses who it wants." Kagome smiled. "Okay?"

He turned around slightly. A dumb smirk was printed on his features. "So you're still my friend?"

"Of course, idiot." Kagome playfully shoved him. It sent InuYasha tumbling into a tree. Kagome laughed uncontrollably while rolling on the ground, clutching her sides.

"Oi, you won't get away with that, Kagome!" He leaped up and began to chase her.

She shrieked and ran away. They were like that for a few minutes, chasing each other. Kagome soon grew tired and fell asleep against a tree.

InuYasha watched her for a moment. "So this is what having a friend feels like?" InuYAsha wondered aloud. He sat beside Kagome's still figure. Blushing wildly, he took her head and settled it on his lap. Her body instantly complied and she lay on the ground, breathing softly. InuYasha looked down at her. It was like for the first time, he realized how cute she was. Smiling softly, he closed his eyes and drifted into a light sleep.


Kagome stretched and got up. InuYasha cracked open an eye. "Ah, sorry! Did I wake you, InuYasha?"

"No." He got up too. "Don't you think your mom is worried about you?"

Kagome shook her head. "She said as long as your mother was in the area that she didn't have to worry."

"Oh, okay. So, you're leaving now?"

"Yeah, can I come back tomorrow?" Kagome asked sweetly.

"I-if you want to," InuYasha replied nonchalantly.

"I will. Bye, InuYasha." Kagome kissed him on his cheek and walked away back to the well.

InuYasha touched the place where her lips had touched his face. He blushed and walked to where his mother was sleeping.

-1 month later-

Kagome put her hands on her hips. "InuYasha, what's wrong with coming to my house?"

"Don't wanna. They won't like me. No one likes me."

"I like you," Kagome protested seriously.

InuYasha's ear twitched. "You're Kagome. You're different."

Kagome pulled InuYasha's sleeve. "Please? Just for a little bit."

InuYasha finally stopped resisting and followed Kagome to the well. They jumped down.

Kagome led InuYasha to her house. "Okay, just act natural. Wait, I have something for you," she added, digging into her pocket. She put something in his hands. She opened it. "See? That's me. You'll see me whenever you open it. Keep it, okay?" She unlatched it and moved to put it around InuYasha's neck.

He immediately jumped back.

"Huh? Come on, InuYasha. Let me put it on."

He shook his head. "Keh! It'll make me look all girly!"

She walked up to him and put it in his palm before taking his other hand and walking into the house. Kagome spotted her mother reading the newspaper at the kitchen table and called, "I'm home, Mama!"

Her mother looked up and smiled. "Welcome home!" She noticed InuYasha. "Is this your friend? Nice to meet you! I'm Kagome's mother..." She drifted off, her eyes traveling to the top of InuYasha's head. His ears twitched under her fearful gaze as Mrs. Higurashi dropped the newspaper. "H-h-hanyou!"

"Mama?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Jii-san! JII-SAN! CALL 677 NOW!" Mrs. Higurashi grabbed Kagome.

"Is there an emergency?! Mama, what's happening?" Kagome struggled in her mother's tight grip.

"We need to bathe you, and rid you of that hanyou's filth!" Mrs. Higurashi pushed InuYasha. "Get out now or I'll make sure DES kills you!"

"Mommy, what's wrong? You're acting weird!"

InuYasha growled. "I know exactly what's happening. No matter where I go, it's the same."

Kagome looked at him in sadness. "InuYasha..." She jumped out of her mother's arms but she was immediately pulled back.

"I knew I shouldn't have come." InuYasha snarled as the door was harshly slid open and troops busted in, grabbing him.

"InuYasha!" Kagome yelled, trying to take his hand.

Mrs. Higurashi tightened her hold. "Men, send him down the well where he came from and seal it up!"

"Yes, ma'am!" The troops saluted and tried to take InuYasha.

"Who do you people think you are?!" InuYasha shouted, trying to resist.

"NO!" Kagome cried as InuYasha was taken away. "He's my friend, Mama!"

Her mother ignored her. "Kagome, please, it's for your own good. We can't have them living here with us. They're damaging our society."

Kagome blinked away tears as she saw InuYasha's red hakama slip out of view. Immediately, she used all her strength and jumped from her mother's grip.

"Kagome, no!" Her mother lunged for her.

Kagome ran out the door. She watched as the troops disappeared into the well house. No... She opened up the doors and nearly sank to the floor in distress when she saw that they were forcing InuYasha in.

"Let me go!" he yelled. "I have to say goodbye to Kagome!"

"Please don't take him away!" Kagome sobbed. "He's my only friend!"

InuYasha stared at Kagome with his shining golden orbs. "Kagome, please don't let this be the last time we meet. Let's find a way to see each other again." He smiled weakly. "It's just that hanyou aren't accepted yet. Okay?"

Kagome sniffled loudly. "InuYasha, take me somewhere we can be alone. I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run. You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess. We'll have all the flowers in the world, okay? Promise?"

InuYasha grinned. "Yeah, it's a promise."

Mrs. Higurashi burst into the well house. "What are you men doing? GET HIM OUT OF HERE! And you, little half-demon," she shouted, glaring at him. "Stay away from Kagome!"

The last thing InuYasha saw before he was forced down the well was Kagome's large hopeful brown eyes, filled with faith for him. "Don't worry, Kagome. You mean a lot to me too. I won't give up on the person who cares about me."


Kagome opened her eyes and was not surprised to find crust embedded in the edges and dried tears on her cheeks. Every time after dreaming about her first love and friend, she felt depressed. Her friends at high school kept her entertained, but she just couldn't shake off InuYasha. Yet, after five years, you tend to lose faith and hope. She still remembered the days they spent together, never getting bored or wanting to leave.

It was now 11:00 in the morning on Saturday. She walked to her calendar and crossed another date off. Kagome then walked downstairs to have some cereal before being stopped by her mother.

"Kagome, Ayumi's on the phone for you."

"Okay, thanks," Kagome muttered as she put down the cereal box and took the phone. "Moshi moshi?"

"Hey, Kag! What's been happening?"

"Nothing much. You calling me means you have something really important to say." Kagome got more comfortable leaning against the wall.

"Yeah! You know, right after you dumped Hojo he went straight for that seventh grader that's been stalking him for the past year. And you know what else?"

"What else?" Kagome asked, twirling her hair with her finger.

"They had sex."

Kagome nearly dropped the phone. "WHAT?! NO WAY! Hojo's not like that!"

"He was so mad he went on a sex frenzy. Half of the virgins in the school were taken by him in just one day. He even tried to take Eri thinking that you'd be so depressed that you'd want him back."

"Want him back? We were never going out to begin with!"

"It didn't seem like that to Hojo. To him, you guys were going steady and he's starting to text people that you pulled him into your house for a quickie before you told him goodbye."

"That little--" Kagome began.

"Don't get upset. Eri gave him a mean slap. I got a video, want me to send it to you?"

"Yeah, Ayu. I need to see this." Knowing Eri's fiery personality, Kagome knew that asking to take her virginity would not be taken lightly. She heard the family computer beep so she logged on and clicked the video.

"Come on, Eri. Why don't you come to my place? Ayumi and Yuka could come too if you want," Hojo offered, a faint smirk on his features.

"I have stuff to do, Hojo," Eri refused. "If this is about the summer reading project, why don't you do the experiment with Nakamura-kun?"

Hojo moved closer to Eri, bringing her in close. Breathing in her ear, "Well, I'd like to do an experiment but not for school. And not with Nakamura. Eri, I want to make you mine tonight."

No one said anything for a few moments. Ayumi and Yuka were whispering anxiously.

Ayumi whispered, "Wait ‘till Kagome sees this!"

"Wait until I text everyone this video!" replied Yuka, her thumbs fiddling away at her cell phone keyboard.

Eri, who had stood as still as a boulder, suddenly used her oversized bag and slammed it into Hojo's face. She kicked him in his balls and huffed, "Coward! Become a man and in five years I'll let you have this! Bastard! Just because you got dumped doesn't mean you can use all the girls you know! BAKA! I'm only fifteen and I'm not losing my virginity now! IMBECILE! Go die in a hole!" Eri gave him one last kick, retrieved her bag, and took the camera from Ayumi. She yelled, "Kagome, I hope you know how much of a sleaze this guy is!" The video ended.

"Oh... My... God..." Kagome breathed.

"Right?! That was CRAZY," Ayumi giggled. "Eri's still upset."

Kagome laughed and grew quiet. "Hey, Ayumi? You're the smartest out of our group here and the most reliable, trustworthy, helpful..."

"What's up, Kagome?"

"You know, the boy I told you about? The one I met eight years ago?" Kagome asked.

"Ah, Mr. Romeo-kun?"

Kagome blushed. "His name is InuYasha!"

"Yeah, but in your dreams you refer to him as Romeo and to yourself as Juliet, right?" Ayumi teased.

Kagome stuttered, "S-so what if I do?! Anyway, it's been five years since we last saw each other and now I'm kind of thinking he forgot about me."

"Hmm... Can you tell me about your last visit?" Ayumi asked innocently.

"Y-yeah, sure. So it was 3 years after he was forced away, I was 10 years old..."

***FLASHBACK*** (You're going to have to get used to this.)

Kagome sat on the steps that led up to her house. She looked up to the night sky, the stars shining brightly. She could almost see InuYasha's figure looking down on her. Constantly, her mind drifted to his face and how bright he always became when he saw her. Kagome sighed and got up, dusting off the imaginary lint clinging to her clothes. She walked up the stairs and stopped when she approached the well house. She remembered the troops, her fearful mother, InuYasha... She felt a chill. She slowly approached the doors she hadn't opened for three years and slowly slid them open. Taking a step inside, she breathed in the woody scent, and proceeded down the stairs. She stopped in front of the sealed well.

It was heavily protected. The nets and rope seemed unbreakable, made of strong material. Kagome tried pulling a piece apart, but stopped when she almost got rope burn. Mumbling, she tried prying off the cover with no success. Frustration made her try again, and again, and again. She almost gave up before she slapped herself. "Just try, Kagome! You can do this!" She touched the cover again and this time a faint pink glow illuminated from her hands. Slightly confused, Kagome muttered, "What's that?" Instantly, the cover melted and thus, creating a passageway. Too happy to care, Kagome looked through and found the well just as she had left it. With a smile on her face, she squeezed through the opening and fell in.


"InuYasha, you messin' with me?" Shibito took out his homemade cigar and rubbed his fingers together. "I asked ya to bring the money." He leaned in, his hot breath drifting into InuYasha's nose. "I don't see any money."

Trying not to barf, InuYasha managed to say, "I told ya two fucking times already, old man! The guy had nothing, there wasn't anything to take."

"I think you're lying," Shibito rumbled, gripping InuYasha by his shirt, slowly lifting him up. "Listen kid, you got yourself in this business and now you can't get out. Watch your back." He dropped InuYasha and stalked away.

InuYasha fixed his crumpled haori and walked away, smirking. "That damn old fool," he laughed softly. "This will get me something good without those villagers biting my freaking head off. He walked across a field before coming across a village and he knew where he was. Home... Something pushed at the back of his mind. Is there something I can't remember...? It was a... person... He shrugged and disappeared into the forest, just as Kagome jumped out of the well.

"It's been a while since I did that!" she grinned. "InuYasha usually hung out around here... I wonder if I find his Okaa-san, maybe I might find him!" Kagome scurried off into the forest.


InuYasha smirked. "Of course I will. But you know, I usually get paid before I start the job. Because I've been tricked too many times..." InuYasha pouted. "This is why I'm so skinny, because no one likes to provide me with money..." He sighed.

The woman gasped. "Oh, how dreadful! Here's the 870 yen you need..." the woman carefully placed it in InuYasha's waiting hands. "Okay, now please replace my water!"

InuYasha nodded and waited until the woman turned and disappeared from view. Grinning, he turned tail and ran. Once in the forest, he sat down against a tree and a sharp pain pushed against his brain. "What's wrong with me today? Why do I feel like this position is familiar?"

He heard soft footsteps. His ears twitching, he prepared to defend himself if he had to. What he wasn't expecting was two soft hands to begin rubbing his ears. Leaping up, he snarled.

A girl was standing before him, grinning widely. "We're finally together, InuYasha!"

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Reunion by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:
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Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 3


Kagome hesitated. Ayumi asked, "Kagome, are you still there?"

"Yeah, I'm still here. I just don't want to continue..."

"Come on," Ayumi coaxed. "It was getting good," she joked lightly.

Kagome smiled. "I guess so. But before I start, I just want to say that he didn't remember me."

Ayumi gasped. "The nerve of that guy!"

"You'll find out why when I finish." Kagome inhaled deeply and exhaled. "Alright, well then..."

***Flashback continuation***

InuYasha felt it. The déjà-vu that he was forgetting something. He looked the girl over, her long raven hair cascading down her back. Her bright brown eyes blinking innocently at him. Her growing figure, and her small feet. He glanced at her soft full pink lips curved into a genuine smile. "Who the hell are you?"

Kagome froze. Those three words sent a chill down her spine, the three words she had dreaded if she were to ever see InuYasha again. Who. Are. You. "I've been thinking about you all this time... And you don't..." Kagome sank to her knees and buried her face in her hands. "Why? You promised!" she sobbed.

InuYasha shifted uncomfortably. "Listen, I'm a bit busy right now. I have to do something. See ya." He walked around her only to be stopped by her hand tightly gripping his calf. "Oi, let go, wench!"

"InuYasha..." she murmured, her bangs covering her eyes. "Please tell me this isn't true. You must remember me. I'm your first friend, Kagome."

"K-Kagome?" he whispered, her name sending a jolt of electricity through his body. He whipped around. "Oh shit!" He remembered everything. The play dates, the truth, the sealing of the well. "KAGOME?!" He smirked. "You grew up."

Kagome lifted her head up, her eyes smiling as she was pleased to hear his voice drop it's defensive tone and open up to her. "So did you! You have such a handsome face."

He blushed. "Keh!"

"InuYasha, you're a teenager now?" Kagome asked with excitement.

"Yeah," he smirked. "I'm 13."

"Wowwwww! You're going protect me in case any bad boys who try to beat me up right?" Kagome grinned, swinging her arms around him and hugging him tightly.

"Of course I will!" InuYasha answered. Suddenly, his face fell. "I feel so guilty now. I mean, you remembered me but I didn't even recognize you..."

"Well, I don't exactly stand out," Kagome joked, motioning to her black hair and brown eyes. "But as for you, Mr. InuYasha, not many people around here have pretty golden eyes and long white silver hair, and cute furry dog ears. Which are still begging for me to touch them, if I might add?" She leaned up and rubbed InuYasha's ears with soothing touches.

He growled softly in pleasure. Kagome giggled and stopped. InuYasha stuttered, "W-why'd you stop, wench?!"
Kagome laughed and didn't answer. A thought rushing into her mind, she asked, "Where's your mother?"

InuYasha's face hardened lightly in defense. "She died."

Kagome gasped. "H-how?"

He shrugged. "She got an illness and I couldn't do anything about it."

Kagome muttered angrily, "If only I was there! My Jii-chan has a ton of ancient medicine that work like a charm. I'm sure it would've healed your mother..."

InuYasha smiled. "It's in the past. I can't bring her back now."

"When'd she die?"

"Ah, I think it was when I was 11 almost 12." InuYasha threw pebbles to see how far they would go.

"Oh, yeah!" Kagome suddenly exclaimed. "You said you had to do something and I'm holding you up, aren't I?" Kagome laughed apologetically. "Sorry."

"It's okay, I guess. It's really not that important."

"No, I insist." Kagome waved her hands dismissively. "To be honest, I'm a bit upset that you have to go on the day of our little reunion, but really I won't stop-" Her eyes widened, her cheeks flaming.

InuYasha lightly brushed his lips against Kagome's cheeks. He whispered, "I told you that it's not important, wench. But I'm flattered that you care so much."

Kagome's face was a deep red, her mind spinning. If we were kids, I wouldn't care... But InuYasha's a boy and a teenager! He's an older man! "I-InuYasha, but I said I insist."

"Ah, shut it," he argued, pulling away. "We have some catching up to do, don't we?"

The rest of Kagome's blush died down and she nodded. "We sure do." Kagome suddenly took InuYasha's hands in her own. "InuYasha, we have to meet each other again. Like we used to when we were little."

"But your mom-"

Kagome put a finger to his lips. "Do you not remember what I said when we departed? Take me somewhere we can be alone. And this is the place." She smiled. "Where we met." She noticed his look of disapproval. "Come on, InuYasha. I can tell you're not as soft as you used to be. You won't let those dumb hanyou comments get to you right?"

"Damn right I won't!"

"Then let's meet here again. Tomorrow night."

"Why at night?"

"Because I have school."

"Sa-kool?" InuYasha repeated. "What the hell is that?"

Kagome gasped. "You don't know what school is?! I'll have to take you to my-" She paused. "Oh right. I can't..."

InuYasha shrugged. "It's okay, I'll find out sooner or later." He smirked. "Okay, tomorrow night. Wear something sexy," he teased his voice low and husky.

Blushing madly, she playfully pushed him and stuttered, "I-InuYasha, s-stop!"

Laughing, he got up and extended his hand for Kagome to take. She ignored him and got up by herself. Turning her back to him with a loud "hmph!" she walked ahead of him. He used his hanyou speed and caught up with her. Slipping an arm around her waist, he murmured in her ear, "Babe, you mad at me?"

Instantly, she jumped back blushing and yelled, "Ugh! You're such a prick!"

InuYasha chuckled. "I just can't help it! You're so funny when you're flustered."

Kagome huffed, "Don't play with my emotions!"

InuYasha licked his lips. "Who's playing?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "InuYasha..." she warned.

"Alright, alright. But damn, Kagome, I just wanna say you're growing into a fine woman!"

Kagome blushed. "G-geez, InuYasha! When did you turn into such a hentai?"

"Well, I am older, you know. I remember last year I saw this girl..."

Kagome blushed. "I-InuYasha..." she warned.

"Damn, that girl was sexyyyy. I just wanted to squeeze that-" InuYasha stopped wheen he felt a chill down his spine.

"InuYasha, you BAKA!" Kagome pushed him and ran marched deeper into the forest angrily. She yelled over her shoulder, "Don't follow me, Teinosha!"

InuYasha stood still. His ear twitched when he heard approaching footsteps. His muscles tensed. He wouldn't let anybody come near Kagome. But he relaxed slightly when he saw who it was. "Ah, if it isn't Princess?" he sneered.

The girl's eyes scanned his appearance. "You have changed."
"Damn right I have."

"What happened to the scared child I ran into last year?" She walked past him to a bush and began plucking berries off.

"He's gone," InuYasha informed arrogantly. "And he's been replaced with a new guy."

"I liked your past self better."

"That's mean. But you've changed too, Princess. Damn, what an ass."

She shifted slightly, her eyes narrowed. "Go on."

"Your hair's gotten longer. But your personality ruins your beautiful image, you know."

"It is necessary for my occupation."

"Oh really, Miko-sama?" He mocked.


"Is it necessary for your occupation to have such nice-"

She fixed him with a blood chilling glare. He snickered. They settled into a comfortable silence. He broke it when he asked, "You never told me your name."

"It's none of your concern." Half-breed. The words almost tumbled out from her lips. But she held them back.

"I'll tell you mine."

The girl hesitated before opening her mouth. "It's..."


5 minutes previous...

Kagome sat huddled under the protection of the small dip in the ground, the drooping branch of a weeping willow tree shielding her from the harmful sun rays. I told that idiot not to follow me... I didn't think he'd actually listen to me... Kagome sweat dropped and sighed. So while I was at home thinking nonstop about InuYasha, he had the decency to ogle another girl...? Rage slowly boiled inside of her. But it quickly subsided. Then again he didn't even remember me. Maybe our friendship was just too good to be true. He changed so much in three years. It must be because his mother died.

She froze when she heard a scratchy voice say, "Well... what do we have here?" It chuckled darkly and an orange eye peeked in. "Oh, how fantastic! A fragile human girl." Kagome shivered and screamed as she came face-to-face with a giant spider youkai. Eyes watering, she whimpered. S-s-spider...


InuYasha's head turned sharply to the source of Kagome's scream. He said to the girl, "We'll continue this later." He sprinted and took off in the direction Kagome had left. He kept running but was confused when after 10 minutes it seemed like he had traveled in a gigantic circle. InuYasha growled. "A barrier... Dammit! KAGOME!"

Kagome started crying. "InuYasha hates me! And I hate him! I'm gonna die!"

Suddenly, the spider screeched and fell to its side, its golden eyes glazing.

"InuYasha?" Kagome whispered.

A boy with black hair and green eyes stepped out. "Hurry, follow me! The spider is just paralyzed for a few moments!" He grabbed Kagome's hand. "Let's go!"

Kagome ran after him blindly, trying to collect her thoughts. She snapped to attention when she almost tripped over a rock. "Hey, who are you?"

"I'm Kazuki," he answered. "And you?"


"Kagome..." he echoed. "Nice name." He suddenly stopped when they arrived at an abandoned area and he opened the door to a hut. He closed the door once Kagome got in and blocked it with some sort of contraption.

Eyeing the board he used to block the door, Kagome observed, "You've hid here before?"

Kazuki nodded. "There are so many youkai in this area, we usually put up a barrier so they don't get out of control and raid other villages. After a while, our villagers decided that we should learn how to fight the youkai so we can defend ourselves. The barrier has weakened because the village head has fallen ill. So that spider youkai found its way out."

"So that means there are tons of youkai here?" Kagome shuddered.

"If we continued traveling north, we would come across one or two."

"How'd you paralyze the spider? I don't see a weapon."

Kazuki smiled and reached into a small pocket. "This." He showed Kagome a small tube.

"What am I looking at?"

"Watch." He blew into the tube and a purple acid flew out, landing on the wall next to Kagome's head.

She squealed. "Be more careful with that thing!"

"Sorry, sorry. What were you doing in the forest by yourself? Surely your mother must have told you not to venture too far."
My mother does tell me that... But not for the other side of the well! Instead, Kagome answered, "I was with my friend but he annoyed me so I left. He didn't even bother coming to save me."

"What kind of friend is that?!" Kazuki grabbed Kagome's hand. "He doesn't even care for your safety."

Kagome blushed at the contact and looked into Kazuki's emerald eyes. "Your eyes... Are you a demon also?"

"No," he replied, using his other hand to push his bangs away from his eyes. "My mother is American. I'm a half."

"Oh. That explains your facial features." Kagome smiled.

Kazuki nodded. He jumped up, shielding Kagome. "It's here. Don't move at all. And don't speak."

The youkai peeked into the hut. After 5 minutes of staring, it gave up. "They're not in this hut either."

Before Kagome could sigh loudly in relief, Kazuki pressed his hands against her lips and shook his head. Whispering so silently, that Kagome strained to hear him, "He's trying to trick us. He's feigning defeat to see if we'll speak or come out of the hut."

Kagome nodded and kept quiet.

Suddenly, Kazuki relaxed heavily and plopped down next to Kagome. He noticed her clothes for the first time. "You don't look like you're from around here."

"I'm not. I live somewhere far away." Kagome squirmed under his bright gaze.

"That would explain why you're so carefree." Kazuki fiddled with his fingers.

Kagome smiled and the two fell into a comfortable silence. Suddenly, Kazuki got up.

"Ready to leave, Kagome?" he asked, reaching out his hand for her to take. Kagome accepted and got up. Kazuki unblocked the door with his free hand and he and Kagome ventured out into the slowly setting sun illuminated grassland. Kazuki walked to the border where the barrier and grassland met and saw InuYasha. "A youkai?"

Kagome stared at InuYasha in surprise. He was covered in scratches and his eyes shone with determination. "That's my friend."

Kazuki glanced at her. "Seems that he has been thinking of your safety." Kazuki smiled. "Go on."

Kagome looked at him. Without thinking, she flung her arms around him and buried her head on his shoulder. "Thanks for protecting me, Kazuki."

Kazuki blushed lightly and grinned. "It was nothing, Kagome." She let go and he continued, "Maybe one day we'll meet again."

Kagome nodded. "Maybe." Walking off, she waved, "Bye Kazuki!"

He waved and watched as Kagome disappeared.

InuYasha sat down panting heavily. He got into position to aim another Sankontessuo at the kekkai when a flash of pink entered his gaze and the next thing he knew he was laying down, his back deep into the ground and a warm object was pressed against his dick. He looked up to see Kagome straddling him, her joyful and innocent eyes beaming at him. "Oh, someone's eager."

Kagome looked at him in confusion before looking down and realizing the position they were in. She shrieked and jumped off. Glaring at InuYasha, she complained, "Stop that!"

InuYasha chuckled and sat up. "Hey, you came on to me."

"Yeah, but you always have to turn everything dirty!"

InuYasha smirked. "Correction: I turn everything sexy."

Kagome rolled her eyes and fell back onto the grass. She blushed in embarrassment when her pink dress flew up and she was positive InuYasha had seen her panties. Ignoring InuYasha's wandering eyes; she closed her own eyes and imagined her and InuYasha living happily ever after. She imagined them older and more mature, their house, their wedding, and their kids. Her eyes snapped open. Kids?! Kagome shook her head. I couldn't possibly get that far with InuYasha right? She glanced at him, his eyes shut and he was snoring softly. Kagome had to admit, InuYasha was pretty cute, especially when he slept. She smiled and closed her eyes again, slowly drifting into a peaceful sleep.

~ :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 ~

"Kagome, it's morning."

Kagome turned onto her side. "Five more minutes Mama."

"I'm not your damn mother," an irritated voice answered.

Kagome opened her eyes slightly to see intense golden eyes staring at her. Screaming, she jumped up.

InuYasha backed up, fear in his eyes for a split second. "What's wrong?!"

Kagome blinked a few times before sighing in relief. "Oh, good morning, InuYasha."

InuYasha snorted. "You ruined my morning."

Kagome giggled. "Sorry. It's just that I haven't gotten used to waking up here. Good times."

InuYasha stared at her for a moment before stretching and walking up to her. "So, I guess you're leaving now?"

"Yeah," Kagome answered, yawning. "Better let my mom know that I'm-" Kagome's eyes widened in horror. "My mom doesn't know I'm here!"

InuYasha's ears twitched. "Yeah, I figured that out."

Kagome looked around frantically. "Where's the well?" She ran to her destination. Swinging a leg over it, she called to InuYasha, "I'll be back tonight!"

InuYasha nodded in response and Kagome was gone. He turned and left to find Shibito.

End Notes:
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Promise Me by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:
Chapter 4 - Promise Me

Ayumi said in excitement, "What happened next?!?"

Kagome glanced at the clock. 1:00 PM. "Hey, Ayu, why don't we hang out and continue this?"

Ayumi said in confusion, "What's wrong with talking over the phone?"

"It's just that we've been talking for two hours. I'd feel bad if the phone just died on you."

Ayumi made a noise and Kagome could tell she was stretching. "Sure. I'll stop by your house, okay?"

Kagome smiled and said, "Okay, I'll be waiting." Thinking about InuYasha had really lightened her mood. Kagome went into the bathroom, took a quick bath, brushed her teeth, and threw on a black tank top and black sweats. She applied a dash a makeup which included eyeliner and mascara, and tied her hair into a high ponytail. She intended to go running after meeting with Ayumi. Or maybe they could run together. She shrugged and went downstairs. She poured her awaiting cereal into a bowl and poured some milk. She was in the middle of greedily chewing her Frosted Flakes when the doorbell rang. Kagome yelled, "Sota!"

Moments later, her otouto came running down the stairs. "Kagome, seriously?!" he complained. "You were closer to the door than I was!"

She ignored him and continued eating.

Ayumi walked in and greeted Sota, "Aw, hey Sota! It's been forever since I saw you! You're so cute, you know?"

Sota blushed and ran upstairs.

Kagome glanced at Ayumi as she sat down next to her. Kagome laughed, "Sota still has a crush on you."

"I can tell," Ayumi giggled. "So, continue your story while I go get some ramen."

Kagome rolled her eyes and drank her milk. She was wiping her mouth when Ayumi came walking back, her hands holding a cup of noodles. Ayumi sat down again and looked at Kagome expectantly. Kagome sighed and continued...

~ :3 :3 :3 :3 ~

Kagome pulled at her pink tank top and fingered her pink booty shorts. She checked the clock for the 10th time and sighed. InuYasha must be waiting... And here I am with a pile of homework that makes no sense! Kagome knew that in the state InuYasha was in now, the arrogant InuYasha, would never admit it but Kagome knew that he missed her whenever she left. She glanced at her homework again and was tempted to just sneak out and steal a few minutes with InuYasha. She decided against it. Kagome sighed and attempted to complete the first question.


"Where is that wench?" InuYasha sniffed and growled when he didn't smell Kagome. "Trust her to get my hopes up." He rolled his eyes and admitted to himself, "I need someone to talk to, Kagome. With Shibito breathing down my back, I have a huge weight on me." He looked up to the sky and waited. After five minutes which seemed like an hour, he snarled and jumped up. He ran to the well. Looking down, he looked at the passageway that he hadn't gone down into in three years. He remembered Kagome's mother and the 677 troops. "I'm just a filthy hanyou, right?" He asked no one. He smirked. "I'll prove them wrong." He braced himself and jumped down.

At first, InuYasha was overwhelmed by the sensation that he never knew he had missed so much. He felt the bright light pulse energy into him and he could feel a thousand spirits wrapping their protective arms around him. He saw no one through his eyes but he knew that they were there. Smiling in thanks, he sighed in relief as he was softly set down and he looked up to see a roof. He was in Kagome's time. And the first thing he heard chilled his blood. He heard her voice, the woman who despised him.

"Jii-san, you said you wanted healing medicine, right?" the voice of Mrs. Higurashi asked.

"Yes, Buyo's coming down with something and you know how Sota is," Kagome's grandfather answered while closing the door.

Shit, InuYasha silently cursed, knowing he was now alone with Kagome's mother. He bit his lip as he heard her walking and he groaned inwardly as she gasped, and he knew what she had noticed.

"T-the well..." she stuttered and InuYasha heard something drop. "Oh Kami no..." Mrs. Higurashi peered over and saw something silver. "HE'S HERE?!"

InuYasha dashed to behind a shelf and watched as Mrs. Higurashi ran down the stairs and stuck her head down the well.

"Maybe I imagined it," she sighed in relief. "But how is the well unsealed...?" She froze. "Kagome, why?"

InuYasha gulped as Mrs. Higurashi stared at the shelf he was currently hiding behind. He stared until she turned away. Instantly, he dashed to the door and closed it behind him.

Not waiting to find out if she saw or heard him, he ran to Kagome's house and jumped up to what he thought was Kagome's room. His breath stopped when he found the object of his search.

Kagome was sleeping, her head against her desk and she drooled slightly. He hesitantly stepped toward her, not wanting to wake her up. He knew her mother would be up any moment so he shook her awake. "Huh?" she said sleepily. "Who's there...?" She stopped when her eyes landed on InuYasha. She flew up and whispered harshly, "What are you doing here?! What if my family sees you?"

"Shut up," InuYasha growled, his ears drooping. "You left me!" His face showed betrayal.

Kagome looked at him in guilt. "I'm sorry, InuYasha. It's just that I had so much work to do, you know? School's hard work."

"There you go with that sa-kool crap again," InuYasha rolled his eyes.

Kagome glanced around wildly as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "InuYasha!" she said in panic and began pushing him.

InuYasha took the signal and looked for a place to hide. He could easily just hide outside but he wanted to hear the conversation between Kagome and her mother. He slid into a big brown thing that had doors, just as Mrs. Higurashi opened Kagome's room door.

"Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi said softly, walking in. Her face was red and her eyes watery.

"Mama?" Kagome looked up in alarm.

Mrs. Higurashi pulled her daughter into her arms. "I'm glad to see you're safe."

"Why wouldn't I be safe?" Kagome asked innocently.

"I know what you've been doing." Mrs. Higurashi sniffled. "I know you've been seeing him."

Kagome froze. "H-how?"

"I saw the well," Mrs. Higurashi answered, her voice cracking. "Kagome, he's a hanyou, you can't be seen with him."

InuYasha snarled quietly, his claws itching to slice something. He listened as a silence stretched. He strained his ear to hear Kagome as she whispered,

"I don't care if he's a hanyou." Kagome pushed away from her mother. "He's my friend. Even though he's half youkai, he's still half human and that means he won't hurt me. You wouldn't understand. None of you guys understand. InuYasha's had a tough life, and I want to be there for him."

Mrs. Higurashi scowled. "Kagome, you're not going to the well anymore."

"Yes I am!"

"No, you're not!"

Kagome crossed her arms stubbornly. "Watch me." She walked past her mother.

"Kagome Higurashi!" Mrs. Higurashi called and the heavy fear in her voice caused Kagome to stop. "He's dangerous; I'm just trying to warn you! Please, I don't want you to be killed..."

Kagome turned her head. "Mama..."

"You're my oldest, and you are also my only daughter... Think of how Jii-san, Sota, and I would feel if you were..." She swallowed. "Murdered..."

Kagome looked at her feet. InuYasha closed his eyes and tried to push away his uneasiness.

Mrs. Higurashi knew she struck a chord. She looked at Kagome expectantly. "Please stay here. With us."

Kagome wiped away a tear. "Mama, I..." She looked up. "I want to be with InuYasha."

It was like time stood still. None of the three moved. InuYasha was deeply surprised and could not stop the warmth he felt in his heart.

Tears slid down Mrs. Higurashi's face and she stared at Kagome. After a few moments, she got up and quickly walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Kagome looked at her closet, where InuYasha was hiding. She was unsure of her decision. What if he abandons me...? She shook her head. No, I can't think like that! She called out meekly, "InuYasha?"

InuYasha winced at the despair in her voice and opened the door. He walked out and looked at his friend. Without a word, he opened his arms and Kagome immediately ran into them, her tears rushing down her red face. He stroked her raven hair and looked away.

"InuYasha..." He snapped to attention as Kagome began speaking. "Please don't leave me. I don't want this to be a mistake. I want to be with you, please don't make me regret that."

InuYasha was lost for words but managed to choke out, "I-I won't."

Kagome sniffled as her tears came to an end and she soon fell asleep against InuYasha's chest. He laid her on her bed and jumped out her window.

He walked quietly to the well house and gasped as a pair of arms caught him and started pulling him. He gagged as a cloth was stuffed in his mouth and closed his eyes as his world went black.

~ L L L L ~

Kagome woke up feeling dirty. Her face felt crusty and dry and she hadn't taken a shower last night. She was still dressed in her daytime clothes and she swung her legs over the side of her bed as she tried to collect her thoughts. I must've fallen asleep while I was studying and Mama put me to bed? She shook her head. Mama would've undressed me and dressed me into my pajamas. Then who...?

Then she remembered everything that happened last night. She felt tears coming but she decided she had cried enough. She was pretty sure InuYasha had fled to the well after putting her on her bed. She opened her door and walked to the bathroom, nearly throwing up when she saw her reflection.

Her hair was a mess; it was in knots and was lacking its usual glow. Her eyes were red and droopy, and tear stains dried her cheeks. Her lips were cracked and were in an awkward pout. Her nose was red from all the sniffling, and her clothes were wrinkled. She brushed her teeth and washed her face, relieved when it regained color. She went downstairs and arrived to see her grandfather, mother, and brother peacefully eating their breakfast.

"Ohayo, everyone," Kagome greeted, slipping into the chair next to her brother.

"Ohayo," her mother replied, smiling.

Kagome looked at her mother in confusion but brushed it off. She ate her breakfast and it unnerved her how normal everything seemed. Usually after a heated argument, Mrs. Higurashi wouldn't talk to Kagome until she apologized. But now it was different. Mrs. Higurashi had talked to her first. "Goshisosama." Kagome got up and cleared her dishes.

"Oh, Kagome, could you water the plants in the garden for me? Me and your mother are going out and-" Kagome's grandfather started.

"The garden?!" Mrs. Higurashi said in alarm, dropping her bowl. It landed with a crash and all three family members looked at her. She cleared her throat while grabbing the broom. "I'll do that. Let Kagome relax."

Kagome was certain now. Something was going on. She just shrugged and went upstairs. She took a shower and put on camo booty shorts and a camo tank top. She slipped on her camo sneakers and was tempted to wear her camo hat. She did and wore it as a snapback. Satisfied with her look, Kagome went back downstairs to find only her brother. "Hey, Sota, Mama and Jii-chan left already?"

Sota looked up and giggled, a line of drool designing a pattern on his bib. He squealed and threw a ball at the door.

Kagome nodded in understanding and sat down next to Buyo. She picked him up and ruffled his fur while thinking about breakfast that morning. Her mother had seemed strangely polite and happy, as if last night didn't bother her. But she was so upset... Maybe she's accepted me and InuYasha's friendship? Kagome hesitated. No, that's not it... She would never like something that's a threat to my life... If I was my mom what would I do? Kagome thought. Well, if I didn't like the situation, I would warn my child. If that didn't work, I would try to solve the problem... Kagome froze. Did my mom solve the problem? She jumped up. Did she solve InuYasha?! Kagome ran to the well house and went to the well. It's not sealed... Kagome touched the wooden surface. Her eyes widened in horror as a new thought struck her. "She must've called the 677 troops and exterminated InuYasha right after I fell asleep!" She ran to where they put their garbage and searched for a body. "Thank Kami." Kagome walked back to her house and stopped when she heard thrashing coming from behind her house. "It's coming from the garden," she whispered to herself. This morning, Mama was acting weird when Jii-chan mentioned the garden... Then it all hit her. Her mother's happy attitude, her freaking out when the garden was mentioned, the well not being sealed... Kagome ran to the garden and opened the shed.

There was InuYasha, struggling against ropes and his eyes watered since a huge cloth was in his mouth. Kagome was scarred at the sight and began crying. InuYasha noticed her and stopped thrashing. He looked at her and Kagome walked over to him. She slowly took the cloth out of his mouth and untied the ropes. InuYasha immediately began panting.. She stared at him. He fixed his angry golden orbs on her.

"InuYasha?" she said in worry.

He snarled. "Your mother's an ass. I could've died if I had stayed like that."
"Unfortunately, that's what my mother wanted," Kagome whispered, burying her head into InuYasha's chest and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her.

"Well, it's gonna take a lot more than a stupid gag to kill me."

"Yeah," Kagome agreed with affection. A comfortable silence stretched. "Thanks for missing me, InuYasha," she said, a smile spreading across her features.

"Keh, I didn't miss you, wench," InuYasha growled.

"Sure you didn't," she rolled her eyes.

He smirked and was surprised when he felt her hands rub his ears. He sighed in content and allowed her to rub. She stopped and he growled.

"My mother is back," she informed. "Let's get these back on." She grabbed the ropes.

"Wait what?!"

"Shh!" Kagome smiled. "For the time being, I think this is great. I can meet you anytime I want without having to leave my house. As long as I don't stay long, my mom won't get suspicious." She kissed his cheek and grinned. "Okay?"


Kagome retied the ropes and placed the gag in InuYasha's mouth, sliding it a bit to the side allowing him to breathe properly. She left the shed and closed the door.

~ J J J J ~

"I brought you this." Kagome handed InuYasha the cup of ramen.

"What's this?" he asked, taking a sniff.

"It's noodles," Kagome answered, handing him chopsticks. "They're really good but they don't really fill you up. But it should last you until dinner."

InuYasha took the chopsticks and took a huge slurp of ramen. He exclaimed, "Hey, it's good!"

Kagome smiled. "Told you." She glanced at InuYasha's hair. "Hey, InuYasha?"

"What?" he replied, his mouth full of noodles.

"When's the last time you washed your hair?" Kagome combed her fingers through the silver mane.

"I don't know. A year ago?"

Kagome winced. "When's the last time you've taken a bath?"

"A year ago..."

Kagome shrieked. "We've gotta get you to a bathtub and quick!"
InuYasha's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Bathtub?"

"Finish eating and I'll take you. My mother and grandfather aren't home right now. Geez, InuYasha, how can you walk around so dirty?"

InuYasha's ears flattened. Kagome noticed and said quickly, "Sorry, InuYasha. You don't have to take a bath if you don't want to."

"No, I will."

Kagome sighed in relief and waited as InuYasha downed the rest of his ramen. He handed the cup to Kagome, who accepted and took his hand. She led him out of the shed and into her house. She walked upstairs to the bathroom. "Take off your clothes, I'll be right back." She left the bathroom.

Before removing his fire rat, he observed the room he was in. It was big, with a large mirror and a bunch of stuff he didn't know about. He noticed the toy-let, which he only knew because when Kagome had played with him she would always ask where the nearest toy-let was. He began removing his fire-rat when he sensed Kagome's prescense. He looked at her face. "What the hell is that shit?"

Kagome answered, feeling around for the soap. "A blindfold."
"Well, why are you wearing it?" InuYasha removed his hakama.

"'C-Cause, I don't wanna see you naked..." Kagome blushed.

InuYasha rolled his eyes and removed his kosode. Now naked, he asked, "Okay, what do I do?"

"Here's the soap," Kagome handed the soap to him.

"It smells girly," he complained.

"Well, that's all we have!" Kagome snapped. "Wash yourself with it, and make sure you wash your hair."

InuYasha complied and said, "Now what?"
Tempted to look at InuYasha's soaped up naked body, Kagome shook all perverted thoughts away. "You see that round thing with a bunch of holes in it?"

InuYasha looked around. "Yeah."
"Take that and you'll see a button. Press it."

InuYasha pressed the button and coughed as his face was sprayed with cold water. "How do I turn it off?!"

"No, don't turn it off! Wash your body with it!" Kagome giggled. "There's this long white line. Turn it to the right for warm water."

InuYasha did as Kagome said. He sighed. "That's better."
"Okay, wash all the soap off. And when you're done, press the button again."

Soon, Kagome heard the water shut off and she said, "Now, go into that big long thing against the wall."

InuYasha walked in and yelped as his foot slipped and he landed flat on his ass. "Fuck!"

Kagome bit her lip trying not to laugh and instructed, "There's this hook thingy right in front of you. Turn it to where the red line is if you want warm water; if you want cold turn it towards the blue." Kagome opened the door. "When you're finished soaking, there's a towel outside for you and I'll sneak some clothes for you, since these..." She motioned to his dirty wardrobe. "Need to be cleaned, as soon as possible."

InuYasha complained, "No they don't!"
"No arguments!" Kagome shut the door.

InuYasha sighed and allowed his aching muscles to rest.


Kagome looked up from her textbook as InuYasha came walking down the stairs. She noticed the gray sweats and t-shirt. "Thank gods, I thought it wouldn't fit."

"Why do you have guy clothes anyway?" InuYasha asked, sitting down next to Kagome.

"Sometimes my friends come over to have a sleepover and sometimes my guy friend Hojo leaves his pajamas." Kagome gave InuYasha a mug of tea. "Want it?"

"I don't usually drink tea but sure why not?" InuYasha accepted the mug.

"Hey, can I brush your hair?" Kagome asked.

InuYasha nearly choked on his tea. "W-why?"

"Cuz there are so many knots!" Kagome stared at his hair. "I can't stand knots."

InuYasha rolled his eyes. "Brush away."

Kagome squealed in excitement and grabbed her red brush. She started next to his ears and carefully made her way down. She had trouble near the end and tried her best not to damage InuYasha's hair. After a few minutes, she sighed. "Okay, we're done. It looks so much prettier now!"

InuYasha shrugged and finished his tea, just as the door slid open.

Kagome gasped. "Quick! To the garden!"

InuYasha grabbed Kagome and ran as fast as he could to the back door and ran across the garden to the shed. Kagome immediately wrapped the ropes around him and stuffed the gag in. She hugged him and left, closing the door after her. She saw her mother come out and she immediately acting as if she was picking flowers.

Her mother looked scared indeed before covering her expression with a smile. "Picking flowers?"

"Yes, Mama." Kagome grinned. "I used to do this all the time, remember?"

Mrs. Higurashi nodded. "Hey, Kagome have you been in the shed lately?"

Kagome shook her head. "No, why?"

"No reason, it's just that it's so dusty in there and I don't want you to get sick." Mrs. Higurashi patted her on the head and left.

Kagome watched her in disgust and followed her. Once inside, Kagome ran to the bathroom and took InuYasha's clothes. She stuffed them in her hamper and would wash them the next time her mother left the house. She sighed and went downstairs to study some more.


"InuYasha?" Kagome opened the door and walked in. Closing it behind her, she smiled at InuYasha's sleeping face. She sat down next to him and gazed at his peaceful expression. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he looked at her.

"Oh, hey, Kagome," he yawned.

"Hey. I didn't expect you to fall asleep."

"It was just something to pass time. I don't usually sleep." He shrugged.

"You looked so peaceful."

"Who doesn't when they sleep?"


Kagome and InuYasha sat in a comfortable silence when they heard walking outside. Kagome glanced at InuYasha in fear and he instantly covered her with his body, shielding her from any opposing forces.

They heard Mrs. Higurashi grumble outside and kept quiet. If Mrs. Higurashi knew Kagome was there, InuYasha would be dead. Literally. Slowly, they heard her exit and Kagome sighed.

"That was close!" She set her head on InuYasha's shoulder. She smiled and said, "Close your eyes. Escape this house for a little while." With that, she closed her eyes and her breaths steadily slowed until she breathed evenly.

InuYasha smirked at her before looking down at her hand. Blushing, he took it and held it close to him. With a happy sigh, he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

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Final Goodbye by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:

Chapter 5 - Final Goodbye

Hope you like! Reviews are appreciated. 

Kagome opened her eyes and yawned. Rubbing her tired eyes, she realized she smelled a weird odor. Her eyes focusing, she searched for the source only to land on something red on the wall.


Kagome gasped and she got an unbearable feeling in her stomach. Wait... Where's InuYasha?! She jumped up and was about to push open the door when she heard her mother's angry voice.

"Last time I called 677, but this time I'll deal with you myself. I told you this before why do I have to tell you again?! Stay away from Kagome!"

InuYasha snarled. "Do you realize how much pain you're putting Kagome through?"

Mrs. Higurashi yelled, "Don't tell me how to raise my child!"

InuYasha grunted, as if he was struggling against something. "What will she think when she sees my blood? You fucking sick ass!"

"Don't use that language with me, hanyou!" A loud crash and InuYasha groaned. "Now, I'll make this quick before Kagome wakes up. You really are a gruesome sight. Awful."

Kagome knew this was the time to interrupt, but her legs were planted. She was dizzy with the new information and the sight of InuYasha's bloody body irked her. But she sighed. Slowly, she opened the door and stepped out...


"Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi asked in fear. "I--"

Kagome barely heard her. She looked at InuYasha. Seeing that her mother used a knife and anything she could find to make him suffer. He was breathing heavily on the grass, his face and clothes soaked in blood. His once white t-shirt was fully red. "InuYasha!" Kagome cried and ran over to him.

Mrs. Higurashi pushed Kagome back. "Kagome, inside the house."

"No!" Kagome protested, side-stepping.

Mrs. Higurashi grabbed Kagome's wrist. "Kagome Higurashi, you are to go inside the house and stay in your room."

"Your tone doesn't scare me anymore," Kagome growled. She bit her mother's fingers and took Mrs. Higurashi's moment of shock as an invite to make her way to InuYasha. The smell of blood made her nautious but she kept going. "InuYasha, I..." She collapsed onto her knees and sobbed.

InuYasha stared at Kagome. How many times has she cried over me? How many times has she worried about my safety? InuYasha brought Kagome into his arms and held her.

Kagome stiffened at the contact, but soon wrapped her arms around InuYasha. "Kagome... I'm sorry of all the things I put you through." He settled a lock of Kagome's hair back behind her ear. "If it wasn't for me, you and your mother would still be friends."

Kagome sniffed. "I don't care."

InuYasha stiffened when he felt Kagome's lips on his cheek. She's done it before, but this time it was different. Her salty tears had moistened her lips and she poured all her passion into it. When she pulled away, InuYasha swallowed. Kagome looked so sad and something about her expression told InuYasha something. This is the last time we'll meet...? I don't want that. 

Their moment was over when Mrs. Higurashi shrieked, reminding them of their time and current situation. "Vile! Kagome, wash yourself now!"

Kagome refused, "No, I'm staying here."

Mrs. Higurashi stood there powerless. "Say your final goodbye. The well is being sealed for good now." She went to the well house, leaving Kagome and InuYasha alone.

"Two failed attempts, huh," Kagome laughed bitterly.

"Yeah..." InuYasha replied, his tone distant.

"InuYasha, you're everything to me. Please come back for me."

InuYasha gripped Kagome. "You really care for me? A filthy hanyou?"

"Never say that again. Baka." A tear slid down her cheek.

InuYasha stared at her and Kagome drew in a breath when something shone in InuYasha's beautiful eyes that she had never seen before. Love. Slowly, he leaned in and Kagome felt his lips on hers.

Blushing, she pushed him away gently and he smirked. "When you come back for me," she smiled.

InuYasha sighed and feigned defeat, and Kagome giggled. "Aren't you missing something before I go?"

Kagome frowned. "I don't think so."

InuYasha coaxed, "You said it to me the last time. I want to hear it again."

Kagome blushed. "Oh that? I was 7!"

"Come on, wench."

Kagome smiled and said, "InuYasha, take me somewhere we can be alone. I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run. You'll be the Prince and I'll be the princess. We'll finally be together."

"Kagome, is that what you want?"

"InuYasha... I want us to be more," she started hesitantly. "I want us to be... Dating."

InuYasha opened his mouth, then closed it. Opening it again, he said, "Are you sure?"

"Stop asking me that," she pushed him playfully. "Have some confidence."

"It's just that... I don't deserve someone like you, Kagome."

"Well, I think you do. Sure, you use foul language, you're not a huge fan a bathing, you have bad people skills, you--"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it."

"But you're still InuYasha. The first guy I cared for."

InuYasha smirked gave Kagome one last squeeze. "Stay safe, wench. I don't wanna come back to find something wrong."

"I will. You stay safe. I know that you have a tough life over on the other side."

"I can handle it."

"I know you can." Kagome sighed. "This is it?"

"For a while..." InuYasha let go.

"Let me get your clothes." Kagome got up and went inside her house. Returning moments later, she gave the unwashed bundle to InuYasha. "Sorry, I didn't have time to wash it," she apologized.

"Don't worry about it," InuYasha said, taking his clothes eagerly.

"You better wash them once you get back home."

InuYasha shrugged and Kagome glared at him. "Okay, okay."

Her eyes softened. "Bye... Wait!" She took out a strange silver cube. "InuYasha can you smile for me?"



InuYasha attempted to smile only for it to come out as a smirk. Kagome laughed and took the picture.

"Now try to really smile."

"I can't just smile. I need something nice to happen."

"InuYasha, those sweats are so sexy on you." Her tone suddenly low and inviting.

InuYasha blushed. "Wait, what?!"

Kagome snapped the picture of InuYasha's shocked red face and fell over laughing. He smiled and Kagome gasped and took another picture before the moment was over. "You're quite the model, InuYasha," she complimented, wiping a tear. "Now I have memories of you."

"Let me see." InuYasha was amazed at the device. It had occurred to him before that Kagome's side of the well had strange things and he realized she was from another time. He didn't know how many years though.

He saw his face in the small rectangle screen. He looked stupid! "Kagome, I look horrible."

Kagome smiled. "No you don't."

InuYasha began to protest but thought better of it. "So, I guess I'm out?"

Kagome twirled a lock of her hair. "Y-yeah..."

"I'll um... M-miss..."

"You don't have to finish," Kagome giggled. "I'll miss you too."

InuYasha looked at Kagome one last time and set off. He turned to wave at her before disappearing into the well house.


Kagome watched for Ayumi's reaction. She wasn't surprised when her best friend's eyes began welling and she sniffled,

"That's so romantic! Let me see the pictures of him!"

Kagome smiled. "Sure, I'll get them." She got up and went upstairs to her room. She searched for the photos that she couldn't go a day without sneaking a glance at. She found them on top of her math textbook and drew in a sharp breath. 13 year old InuYasha looked up smirking at her. Every day his smiling face held an effect on her. With a happy sigh, she took the pictures and trotted downstairs. "Are you ready?" Kagome asked Ayumi while taking her seat.

"Yes! Finally, I get to see Romeo-kun!" Ayumi breathed in excitement and Kagome blushed.

"Here you go." Kagome handed her sacred treasures to her best friend. Funny how she wouldn't trust Eri or Yuka with these photos.

Ayumi cooed, "Kagome-chan, he's so handsome! His hair must be dyed and his eyes are so sparkly! He truly is Romeo-kun. I can just picture a crown on his head." Ayumi laughed. Suddenly, Ayumi noticed something. "He must be a cosplayer. He has dog ears on his head."

Kagome froze and said quickly, "Yeah, he's a cosplayer."

"Oh, so his hair must be a wig and those must be color contacts, right?" Ayumi sighed in disappointment.

"No, that's all real. Just the dog ears."

"Weird, but okay. When will I meet him?"

Kagome smiled. "Hopefully when he comes to get me."

"Ah, to be carried off with the man of your dreams... Kagome-chan, you're really living a fairy tale and I'm envious!"

Kagome laughed and Ayumi gave back the pictures, but Kagome noticed her eyeing them. She giggled and said, "You want him, don't you?"

"Hell yeah. If he wasn't taken by you, Kagome, I'd steal him away! You should've gotten a picture of him sleeping."

Kagome opened her mouth to speak before she heard her mother come down the stairs. Mrs. Higurashi, dressed in a beige pencil skirt and white blouse, approached the two teens.

"Girls, I'm going to the grocery store. Kagome, please watch over the house, Jii-san is sleeping." Kagome saw her mother glanced at the pictures and Kagome could've sworn she saw a flash of disgust in her mother's eyes.

Kagome gritted her teeth. "Okay."

"Oh, hello, Ayumi," Mrs. Higurashi greeted. "Are you hungry?"

"No, I just had ramen. But thanks for asking, Mrs. H."

"No problem, dear. Well, I'll be off." Mrs. Higurashi waved and went out the door.

Kagome sighed and got up.

"Putting them away already?" Ayumi pouted.

"Yeah. I don't want them to get dirty." Kagome went upstairs and bumped into Sota. "Watch it!" She snapped and instinctively checked if the pictures were okay.

Sota rolled his eyes and asked, "Is Ayumi still down there?"

"Yes, try not to make yourself look like an idiot." Kagome stepped past him and walked into the safety of her room. She stored the pictures in a drawer and looked at her appearance in her mirror. She still looked okay. While going downstairs, she called, "Hey, Ayumi, want to go running?"

"Sure, but aren't you supposed to watch the house?" Ayumi answered before shrieking. Looking down, she exclaimed, "Buyo, don't scare me like that!" she scolded and picked Kagome's cat up. Smoothing his ruffled fur, she continued, "When Mrs. H comes back and finds you gone..."

Kagome shrugged. "It's not like Jii-chan's defenseless. He's got shrine stuff to protect him."

"Didn't you say those things are fake and don't work?" Ayumi smirked.

"Shhh..." Kagome giggled. "Come on, I need fresh air."

"Sure," Ayumi agreed and got up. She brushed off her shorts and fixed her T-shirt. "Ready when you are."

Kagome nodded and went to the door. On the way out, she yelled, "Sota, Ayumi and I are going running! Tell Jii-chan!"

A muffled "okay" answered and with that, the two girls stepped out and relished the feel of the sun on their skin. They stepped down the large amount of stairs and once reaching the bottom, set out in a steady jog. Kagome lasted longer than Ayumi and she giggled when her best friend trailed farther and farther behind. She slowed to a stop and waited for Ayumi to catch up.

"Kagome... How... Are you... Not.... Tired?" Ayumi panted.

"I do this a lot to pass time," Kagome answered honestly. And to take my mind off of InuYasha...

Ayumi took in a last gulp of air and announced with determination, "Let's jog again! No... Let's run! Race you to our school!" Without waiting for a response, Ayumi ran off to the direction of Tokyo Middle School.

Kagome rolled her eyes and allowed Ayumi a head start since she knew she would race past her friend. After 10 seconds, Kagome darted off. Ayumi was far off, but steadily Kagome passed her and Ayumi growled.

"You won't beat me!" she protested, speeding up.

They went back and forth and as the school came into view, Kagome pushed her legs and she skidded to a halt before she crashed into the entrance gate. In a second, Ayumi was standing next to Kagome, breathing heavily.

"I'll beat you one day," Ayumi smirked. "Ah, I feel so refreshed."

Kagome laughed and they stood there for a while, just calming their breaths. Soon, the girls started their trek to the shrine.

"Hey, Kagome," Ayumi started. "Has Romeo-kun kissed you yet?"

Kagome blushed and scolded, "Ayumi!"

"I'm curious," Ayumi sighed. "It must be nice having a boyfriend."

"We're not dating," Kagome replied quietly. "We promised when he came for me we'd give it a shot."

"Oh... I thought when he came for you, you guys were getting married."

Kagome nearly tripped in surprise. "Me? Marry InuYasha?" Although I want it to happen...

"Why not? You guys love each other right?"

"Yeah, but..." Kagome looked at the sky, suddenly finding the clouds interesting. "You never know what might happen."

"Kagome, didn't you give Romeo-kun a locket? You never told me what happened to it."

"Oh... Well, the first time I gave it to him; he dropped it while being shoved down the well... After that, I just forgot to give it back. I regret that now," Kagome answered wistfully.

Ayumi nodded. They arrived at Kagome's house in silence and the two went inside. Mrs. Higurashi was waiting, her foot tapping in annoyance.

"Kagome," she said once she spotted her daughter in the doorway. "Didn't I tell you to stay here?"

Kagome shrugged. "It's not like Jii-chan is helpless."

"I entrusted the safety of our home and the safety of Sota to you! How dare you leave!"

Kagome fumed. "Get off my back!" She ran upstairs and went into her room. Turning to slam the door, she yelled, "I want the old Mama back!" Slam.

Ayumi looked at the angry yet shocked Mrs. Higurashi and apologized awkwardly, "Er, Mrs. H, maybe I should go... Sumimasen." With a bow, Ayumi scurried to the door and slid it closed after her.

Mrs. Higurashi glared at Kagome's closed bedroom door and went upstairs not even glancing at it. With an angry sigh, she went inside her own room and closed the door.

Kagome sat huddled, her knees pulled to her chest and her head bowed. Her small arms wrapped around her calves and she sniffled. She remembered her mother. Her nice mother. The one who tucked her in at night and soothed her when she had a nightmare about her father. The Mama now would never do that... She never was nice to me after I met InuYasha... She knows that one day I plan to go to him. She's given up on me... That thought brought a tear to Kagome's eyes. She sniffled and decided to do some homework since there was nothing else to do. Getting off her bed and pulling up and chair to her desk, she flipped open her neglected math textbook and found the pages of homework stuffed in there. With a sigh, she set to work.


Kagome rubbed her eyes and wiped the line of drool that had escaped her mouth and dripped onto the pages. She sighed at her wet homework and left it there to dry. Stretching, she looked at the time and saw 6:30 pm. She went downstairs and went to grab a bowl for cereal only to bump into her mother.

Mrs. Higurashi didn't acknowledge her, except for an angry glance sent Kagome's way. Kagome ignored her and began pouring her Frosted Flakes. She poured the milk and got a spoon slowly, before sitting to eat.

Mrs. Higurashi watched, leaning against the counter, obviously waiting for Kagome to make the first statement. Kagome rolled her eyes and kept chewing.

After 5 minutes, Mrs. Higurashi had enough and she said, "Kagome, we need to talk. About everything."

Gulping down milk, she stuck up her index finger to signal for one minute. Swallowing, she wiped her mouth and asked, "What's there to talk about?"

"You and your obsession with that hanyou filth." Mrs. Higurashi glared.

"He's not filthy! And it's not an obsession. It's love."

"He is filthy, which is what you fail to understand. You're never seeing him again as long as you're under my roof and my rules. Do you understand me?"

"Get out of my life! He's coming for me and when he does I'll leave here without a word." Kagome got up to leave the kitchen.

Seeing her daughter walking away, Mrs. Higurashi said, "At first I was nice about this. But now... I'm telling you this. If I see one flash of silver or red, he's dead."

Kagome kept walking away and walked upstairs to her room. With an angry scream, she slammed her door and locked it. "FUCKING DOUCHE!" Her hands flew over her mouth in shock. She never cursed and especially not out loud. The house was eerily quiet after that, you could hear a pin drop. Ignoring a tear, she sat down at her desk and grabbed a pencil and paper. She drew her and InuYasha, living happily together and watching their kids play. They had three, two girls and a boy. Kagome named the eldest, who was one of the girls, Hanako. The middle child which was the other girl was named Kaori. She had planned to name her after InuYasha's mother but she had never asked what his Okaa-san's name was. When she found out she would change it. And finally, the youngest was named Ichiro. She liked the names a lot and was pleased with her selections.

Hanako had her hair with InuYasha's eyes. Kaori was an exact copy of InuYasha and Ichiro was an exact copy of Kagome. She sighed when she realized that most likely none of this would happen, but still hung the picture up on her wall, for all to see. Kagome walked over to her opened window and looked out, her arms resting on the pane. The wind gently moved her hair and toyed with it. Kagome looked at the setting sun, so close it looked like she could reach out and touch it. Smiling softly, her mind quickly forgot about her unfair mother and her love life. She was so absorbed in the scenery that she almost missed when her cell phone rang.

"Moshi moshi?" she answered, slightly frustrated that the caller had interrupted her Kagome time.

"Kagome-san?" Kagome groaned inwardly when she recognized the voice of Hojo. "I realized that I never apologized to you."

Kagome was tempted to hang up the phone but chose to respond with silence instead.

"How about we start over? With a real date?" Hojo coaxed.

Kagome seethed in rage. Did this guy ever give up? "You don't understand, Hojo. I do not want to date you. I do not want to be your girlfriend. EVER."
"Kagome, why are you being so difficult? I love you."

Kagome froze at those words and started crying. Hojo did a little squawk and said quickly,

"Wait, I um... Shit! Uh... Just think about my offer, okay Kagome-san?" He hung up.

Kagome sank to her knees and her phone dropped to the floor. Covering her face with her hands, she bawled and all her emotions spilled out. All the held back thoughts. "How come it was Hojo-kun?" she choked out. "InuYasha was supposed to be the first guy to tell me. Hojo-kun ruined it! He ruined my dream!" Many times she had imagined InuYasha telling her that he loved her but it never happened so along the way she made it her wish that InuYasha would be the first boy... but now...

Sota must've heard her crying because a few moments later, he knocked on the door, asking softly, "Nee-chan?"

Kagome sniffled and said, "Leave me alone."

A short silence then Kagome heard Sota say, "Nee-chan, I really wanna know what happened. Mama and Jii-chan won't tell me. They're scared I'll follow in your footsteps. What happened eight years ago?"

Kagome realized that indeed, no one had told Sota. She blew her nose with a tissue from her tissue box and got up. Opening the door a crack, she said, "Come in."

Sota walked in and sat on his sister's bed as she closed the door. She sat down next to him and began,

"When I was seven, I fell into the well by accident. I found myself in another dimension on the other side. I walked around and found no one, well no one that could help me. A few minutes later, a ball rolled up to me." She smiled at the distant memory. "A boy stepped out and the first thing I noticed were his pretty eyes and how they shone in the sunlight. He asked me to play with him, and I agreed. I had so much fun and I decided to keep coming back. To play with him. When I was younger, I didn't do much except pick flowers and sit in the garden, so actually meeting another human being who liked the outdoors like me was such a miracle. He was my first friend... I wanted to introduce Okaa-san to him, so we jumped over the well and we went inside the house."

"What happened next?" Sota asked, his eyes wide and his voice filled with awe.

Kagome shook her head sadly. "All hell broke loose. Mama called the 677 troops to take InuYasha away."

"677 troops?" Sota interrupted. "What's that?"

Kagome took in a sharp breath then sighed. "You know 911 right, Sota? It's if you're in an emergency and require immediate help. Same with 677 except they deal with hanyou and youkai emergencies."

"I don't get it... The guy you met was a..." Sota shuddered. "Hanyou?"

Afraid he would run out in disgust, Kagome said desperately, "But he wasn't like the youkai that the teachers tell you to be aware of like in school. He was different, Sota."

"How was he different?" Sota murmured. "Youkai are awful." He looked up, crying silently. "They killed Papa, Kagome."

Kagome winced and told Sota, "That was a long time ago. I was little when it happened, and you weren't born yet."

"Yeah, but I still know the story," Sota said angrily. "Kagome, how could you love a hanyou? How?!"

"Sota!" Kagome tried to explain. "He's not like--"

"I don't want to hear it, Nee-chan." Sota wiped a tear. "I don't want to talk to you anymore." He walked out in rejection, closing the door after him. She could hear him mutter, "My only sibling, and she broke her promise."

Promise? Kagome wondered. What could I have possibly promised Sota...? Now uneasy, she sighed in despair and resumed her spot at the window. The only family member that wasn't mad at her now was. "I knew I shouldn't have told him," she whispered. She looked at her neglected textbook and sighed. I still need to finish this stupid homework. Too tired to even think about math, Kagome stretched. She did anything she could think of. Sing, dance, write poems, draw, sleep... Anything to get her mind off of InuYasha. 

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Next chapter, we dwell into Kagome's father, how he died, and how youkai were involved. Thanks for reading!


Dreaded Day (Part 1) by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:

Chapter 6 - Dreaded Day (P1)

This does not take place when Kagome's 15 and she's waiting for InuYasha. This is a flashback and just a informative chapter. It's about the day Mr. Higurashi died. This is part 1 of 2 :) And SORRY for the REALLY long wait. Two months! And a thank you to Sarasaurus because your reviews is what made me get off my lazy ass XD Enjoy!

Romeo and Juliet
Chapter 6


"Kagome? Kagome, wake up, dear." Mrs. Higurashi cooed.

Kagome rubbed her eyes. Yawning, she lifted her arms and instinctively her mother reached down and picked her little toddler up. Smiling, Mrs. Higurashi bounced Kagome up and down and Kagome squealed in excitement.

"Kagome, wanna take bath time?"

"No." Kagome squirmed and started kicking her legs. Mrs. Higurashi let her go and Kagome ran on her chubby legs to the door before falling flat on her face. She stayed there and Mrs. Higurashi began to worry.

"Kagome?" She whispered, walking over to her daughter. Picking her up, she looked at Kagome's red nose and watery eyes. She sighed, preparing for the worst.

"Mommy, it hurts!" Kagome bawled. "It hurts! I wanna go back to bed!"

Mrs. Higurashi stroked Kagome's hair. "Kagome, why don't we take a bath? Then your nose won't hurt anymore."

Kagome wasn't convinced. "BED! BED!"

Kagome's grandfather walked in. "What's all this?"

"Jii!" Kagome squealed. She wiggled out of her mother's grasp and ran over to her grandfather. "Mommy wants me to take a bath." Her nose wrinkled in disgust.

He laughed and picked her up. "Well, what's wrong with a bath?"

Kagome thought for a moment. This is how it went every morning. "Nothing," she admitted.

"That's what I thought," Jii-chan chuckled. "If you take a bath, I'll take you to the shrine and show you all my antiques."

"Okay!" Kagome hugged him. He put her down and she walked to the bathroom.

"How do you do it?" Mrs. Higurashi asked, shaking her head.

Jii-chan smiled. "I had to deal with Takeshi when he was a youngster. And boy was he work!"

Mrs. Higurashi laughed and the two exited Mrs. Higurashi's room. Mrs. Higurashi ducked into the bathroom while Jii-chan walked downstairs. He sat down on a chair in the kitchen to watch his son reading the newspaper.

"Anything good today?" he asked, reading the front page.

"Ah, well, they say there was a UFO sighting last night. Now, people are camping out hoping to catch a glimpse. Baka, I tell you. It's a bunch of boloney." Takeshi lowered the newspaper to reveal his croppy black bangs and sepia eyes. "Do you believe it, Otou?"

"Of course not," he grumbled. "UFO don't exist. Aliens don't exist."

"Correction: Aliens do exist, Otou." Takeshi turned the newspaper around, his index finger pointing to an article. The headline read: 'NEW SPECIES DISCOVERED.' Takeshi turned the newspaper back to him. "It seems that we've got trouble coming."

"New species?" Jii-chan repeated, getting up to pour himself a cup of tea. "Like what?"

"It's said that they come in different shapes and sizes. And that they originate from animals."

"Oh really?" Jii-chan took a sip of his tea. "Do they have a name yet?"

"Well," he stalled, his eyes skimming the page. "It's said that these species can talk like us humans, and that they have powers."

"Sounds just like youkai," Jii-chan muttered, opening the fridge to find a slice of bread.

"Youkai?" Takeshi echoed. "Here, in Tokyo? That can't be, they died off years ago."

"Yes, but what other species can do what youkai do? It's the only explanation." Kagome's grandfather popped the bread into the toaster.

Takeshi folded the newspaper. "It doesn't make sense though. How can there just be an outbreak of youkai? Unless they were walking right under our noses."

"Exactly," Jii-chan said, causing Takeshi to turn around in surprise. "It's exactly as you said, they've been here the whole time."

"But how? How can they mask their youki? How can they take on forms as humans?" Takeshi asked.

"My son, you know what hanyou are right?"

"Of course I do."

"The youkai have been mating with the females of Tokyo. And hanyou are born. Now hanyou look like humans, do they not?" Jii-chan got his toast and spread butter on it.

"Yes, they do. I see where you're going with this, but where do the youkai come in?"

"Since hanyou already look like humans despite maybe an animal trait on them which they can easily hide, youkai have an ability to mask their youki and hide their youkai features from human eyes."

Takeshi thought this over. "So the new species is youkai?"

"I'm afraid so. We must keep this shrine protected." Jii-chan shook his head. "Who knows what will happen when the government figures it out?"

"Hell will break loose," Takeshi laughed. But his eyes turned unusually serious. "We have to protect Manami. Our son will be born in just a matter of time."

Jii-chan sighed. "Yes, that's right. Have you two decided on a name?"

Takeshi stretched leisurely and scratched his head. "We were thinking Sota."

"It's a nice name," Jii-chan shrugged.

Takeshi opened his mouth to reply when Manami made her appearance, carrying a newly washed Kagome, who was dressed in a teal sundress.

"Papa!" Kagome stretched out her arms and Manami carefully put Kagome to sit on Takeshi's lap.

"Hey there, sunshine." He ruffled her hair and asked, "Were you good for Mommy this morning?"

"Yes!" Kagome smiled while Mrs. Higurashi rolled her eyes playfully.

"What are you having, Jii-san?" Mrs. Higurashi asked politely, looking over his shoulder.

"Just toast and tea." Jii-chan showed her.

"Oh, that won't do." Manami scolded. "I'll fix us some omelets."

"Thanks, Nami," Takeshi smiled.

Mrs. Higurashi blushed slightly and set to work. Jii-chan offered to help but she shooed him away.

Kagome watched her mother work, her brown orbs shining with curiosity.

"Do you wanna help Mommy?" Takeshi asked softly, making sure Manami couldn't overhear.

Kagome nodded vigorously, her short hair bobbing. Grinning, Takeshi whispered, "Why don't you bring out the eggs?"

Kagome jumped off her father's lap and walked over to the refridgerator that towered over her. Taking a deep breath, she reached up to the handle and slowly opened the door using both hands. She looked for the eggs only to find them on the top shelf, way out of her reach. She stared at the eggs for a while before landing on her butt with a soft thump and she began to sniffle uncontrollably. Soon, she was bawling.

"Kagome?!" Manami turned around. "What happened?" She rushed over as fast as she could, her belly slowng her down. Takeshi tried hard not to grin.

"I wanted to help Mommy but the eggs are too high!" Kagome's watery voice answered. Taking the opportunity, Takeshi took out the small sky blue card from his shirt pocket and placed it under the bowl where Manami was mixing the eggs. He quickly sat back down just as his wife turned.

"Takeshi, do something!"

"Kagome, do you wanna help Jii-chan?"

Kagome perked up and squirmed out of her mother's grasp. "Okay!"

Takeshi chuckled and his eyes met with his father's. Jii-chan nodded and finished his toast. "Come now, Kagome," her grandfather started. "I must begin teaching you the ways of the shrine..." His voice trailed off as he and Kagome ventured outside.

Now that the husband and wife were alone, Takeshi suggested, "Why don't you sit down, Manami?"

Manami shook her head. "I need to make breakfast. Do you need to talk to me about something?" She asked and then she suddenly feared the worst. Turning her scared gaze on her husband, she squeaked out, "You're not leaving, right Takeshi? I can't raise Kagome and Sota without you and if you leave--"

"I'm not leaving, Nami," he assured and she sighed in relief. "Have a bit more faith in me, okay?"

She poured the mixed eggs onto the stove and began cooking, her eyes completely missing the card. "I do, honey, I do... But I had a dream."

Takeshi grabbed the newspaper, suddenly finding the car auctions interesting. "A dream?" He asked absently.

"Yes. I think something terrible is going to happen. There was blood... A lot of it."

Takeshi froze. "Blood? What else did you see, Koi-chan?"

"Well, I saw mostly blood but I heard a scream and a lot of people's footsteps running around." Her wide eyes glanced at his pensive ones. "Takeshi, please stay safe."

"I should be telling you that," he murmured. The article about the youkai came back to him. He was going to tell Manami, but now he figured if he did all she'd do was worry. He felt uneasy and put down the newspaper. He was about to tell a joke to lighten the mood when his cell phone rang. Taking it out of his pocket, he held it to his ear.

"Moshi moshi?" He answered.

"Takeshi, we need to talk." It was his boss, Shizu. "My office in 20 minutes." She hung up.

Takeshi groaned inwardly and put his phone down just as Manami put a few omelets on his plate. He gulped them down and drank some tea.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Manami asked when she saw her husband struggle to find his other shoe and he began cursing up a storm.

"Shizu called and she wants me at her office now."

Manami's eyes flashed in fear and in a second, she was behind him, her arms wrapped around his torso, her head buried in his back. "Please come back. Please."

Takeshi gently removed her arms and turned around. Tilting her face up so she could look at him, he reassured, "Manami, I would never leave you alone. I'll stay safe, I promise." He gave her a quick chaste kiss and slipped on his lost shoe. He grabbed his keys and waved before leaving.

Manami stood watching him before calling Jii-chan and Kagome in to eat.


"You're hiding something from me, aren't you Jii-san?" Manami crossed her arms and glared at her father in law defiantly. Kagome was outside playing with friends under her mother's orders. Kagome's grandfather choked on the water he was drinking and looked at his daughter.

"Of course not. Why would you think that?"

"I saw the newspaper."

Kagome's grandfather gaped at her before closing his mouth and setting the water down. His eyes serious, he rumbled, "Then you realize what we have to do?"

Manami nodded. "We must protect the children." She glanced nervously at her swollen belly. A silent tear slid down her cheek. "We must protect Sota, Jii-san. Please help me and Takeshi."

Kagome's grandfather snorted. "I was going to do that without you telling me, Manami."

"Thank you," she sniffled just as she noticed something moving. Directing her eyes to the source, they landed on her father's trembling cup still filled with water. Her eyes narrowed. What's going on...? Just then, it spilled over and she felt it. The ground started to shake. She grabbed the table as everything began to open and close. She gasped. Kagome!

"KAGOME! KAGOME!" she called, shrieking as a glass bowl fell, narrowly missing her head. She let go of the table and was immediately almost forced back. Jii-chan fell onto his bottom and a stool fell on his head, knocking him out. "Damn it!" Mrs. Higurashi cursed. Takeshi's card slowly slipped into the garbage.

Her entire body stiffened as she heard a scream and a loud crash. Mrs. Higurashi, overwhelmed with fear, crouched unmoving and eyes unblinking. Time seemed to slow as she saw a flash of teal race past the door and a tree began to fall. Mrs. Higurashi blinked and forced her limbs to move. No, no, no... She helped Jii-chan up and bit her lip at the sight of the blood dribbling down his face. She hugged him before letting him fall to the ground. She had to help Kagome first.

Manami made it outside and immediately was pushed down by gravity. She propped herself on her elbows, her belly pulsing in protest. Her eyes squeezed shut; she tried her best to ignore the nagging pain. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the crackling and wood splintering sound of a mighty tree making its downfall. Her eyes snapped open and she saw Kagome standing still in fear, completely paralyzed. Manami tried to get up, but failed. Using all her strength, she yelled,


Kagome didn't seem to hear her. She stood still, silent tears racing down her cheeks as the tree slowly fell, the sound deafening. Manami closed her eyes. No... She flinched as a thump added to the shaking ground and she trembled. My only daughter...

There was a silence. The earthquake suddenly stopped, but Mrs. Higurashi didn't move. She was grieving. Manami opened her eyes and took in the damage. The fallen tree had narrowly missed the well house but crashed their fence and was lying on top of... She blinked. Pressed against the ground, she could make out small feet sticking out from under the tree. She heard faint crying.

She looked to her left and she couldn't stop the tears leaking down her face. There sat Kagome, crying softly into her hands. Manami was so happy; her daughter hadn't been the victim to the tree. But she felt the pit of dread deep in her heart. Then who died...? She froze when she realized Kagome had been playing with a few friends.

Manami forced her way up and limped over to Kagome. That was when she remembered her dream. The scream and the blood. She began to tremble.


End Notes:

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Dreaded Day (P2) by MajorOtaku
Author's Notes:

Chapter 7 - Dreaded Day (P2)

Okay, okay I'm sorry! DoN't KiLl Me! Just enjoy this crappy chappie I had the audacity to share with the public! 


Romeo and Juliet Dreaded Day (P2)

Mrs. Higurashi hugged Kagome tightly as she felt the aftermath of the earthquake reside. Wordlessly, she picked the now unconscious Kagome up and went inside the house. Jii-chan was still next to the table, passed out on the floor. Kagome was uninjured, but worn out. Her mother gently laid her on the couch before rushing to the bathroom to receive the first aid kit. She felt a contraction and froze. She stood frozen for a while before relaxing. Grabbing the first aid kit, she waddled back to the kitchen. Mrs. Higurashi pressed the gauze to her father in law's forehead and added more until the bleeding stopped. After that, she carefully wrapped a bandage around his head.

Her chest suddenly began to ache. "Takeshi..." She sobbed before an idea came to her. "The news!" She rushed over to the TV, not noticing the now awake Kagome. She flicked it on and sat back in the plush chair next to the couch.

Mrs. Higurashi waited expectantly for the commercial to end. Next she did something she thought she'd never do again. She started biting her nails. Finally, the news came on and sure enough, the earthquake damages were being announced on the news.

"Konnichiwa, citizens of Japan," the news anchor began. "If you're watching this, that means you must have survived or have escaped the tragic earthquake with minor injuries. Please if you are critically injured, call the police if you can. We will be doing a check around Japan, either way, but we might be too late to save you...

"On a more brighter note, it seems that not many people have been injured. More were prepared for this unexpected disaster. We have reports of missing children, and after the break we will have pictures and descriptions."

Manami waited impatiently.

"Now, for the most hardest thing to say after a tragedy such as this. The deaths," he announced bluntly. "On the main street, there was a major collision. The residents of Tokyo, Japan walking across the street were critically injured. But unfortunately, the drivers of those cars have not made it. What caused this collision? It was not the earthquake."

Manami froze.

"It was the new species founded in Tokyo, Japan. We have now confirmed that they are hanyou and youkai. And we have also confirmed that they are bad to mix with society. A new line is being created for emergencies. 677. Please call if you encounter a--"

Manami tuned out for a while. She wiped her sweaty hands on her legs before biting her lip. Kagome looked at her curiously, wondering why she was so sad. She didn't understand anything the man was talking about, and seeing her mother's expression, she didn't want to know.

"We will now read the names of the people who unfortunately passed away due to this event. The names will not be read in alphabetical order, and a picture of each person will be shown in remembrance."

Manami tried not to pay attention, she knew Takeshi was not one of the deceased. He promised her he wouldn't leave her to raise Kagome and Sota without him. But when she heard the name Takeshi Higurashi boom from the television. Her blood chilled and she looked up slowly.

There on the screen was her darling energetic husband, smiling dearly. Manami felt nothing. Nothing except a tear that slowly rolled down her face.

"Takeshi died from a head on collision with another driver. It is said there was an illusion created by a hanyou and was diverted at the last second, making it too late for Takeshi to swerve in the right direction. The driver he hit is in critically condition, and is not expected to live. Takeshi is the father of two, a daughter and soon to be son, and he will be missed dearly. Next we have Aiko Nishimura..."

Manami felt the remote drop. She looked at Kagome who was staring at her. She held her arms open wordlessly and Kagome tumbled into them. Manami felt the waterworks finally unleash and she sobbed loudly. She heard Kagome whisper,

"What happened to Daddy?" Manami felt Kagome's small hands grip her shirt.

Manami felt her heart break. "Takeshi died. The hanyou and youkai killed him."

Kagome didn't answer. Manami was honestly scared of her daughter's reaction. What Kagome did next surprised her greatly. Kagome pulled away and rested her hands on Mrs. Higurashi's swollen belly. With a fierce determination in her eyes, she vowed to the unborn Sota,

"I'll avenge Father, Sota. I despise all hanyou. I'll kill them for killing Daddy." With that, she broke down wailing, and Manami recovered from her shock quickly. With a sniffle, she wrapped her arms around Kagome and comforted her. Soon, she felt Jii-chan join the hug, making her cry harder.

Takeshi... I love you.



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