What About? by Eluwei


This is going to be a short series of one shots.  The what about this, the what if's, and the what could have's that run through my head.


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Piece One by Eluwei

Piece One



Kagome walked down the street with Yuka, Eri, Ayumi, and Hojo.  The three girls had begged her to go out to the movies with them.  They had failed to tell her about inviting Hojo as well.

She sighed and thought about how much simpler her life was now.  She was eighteen and had finished high school two weeks ago.  She didn't need to worry about school anymore.  And she wasn't the only one who was happy about it.

She smiled as she thought about him, about Inuyasha.  It had been two months since he asked her to be his mate.  Two months since she had agreed. 

He was coming to get her tomorrow.  She had been in the present for three days to visit with her family.  He let her come back without fighting about it anymore. 

Ever since they had killed Naraku he was much calmer.  They still had to find the jewel shards though.  She thought with a bit of guilt.  She had managed to shatter the dumb thing again, and it had happened while she was purifying the evil bastard right down to the cellular level.

The amazing thing was that Inuyasha hadn't been mad at her.  He had just laughed and said it made sure she didn't wander off for long.

She had called him a baka and said she would have stayed anyway.

He said he knew and pulled her into his arms.

They got everyone back to Keade's where Shippo was waiting.  And though everyone had been wounded they were all alive and relatively well.

She smiled to herself at the thought of her son and how happy he had been to see them all safe.

"Hey Kagome," Eri called to her, "You spacing out over there or what?"

"Sorry," she shook her head a little, "I was just thinking is all."

"Hey," Ayumi hollered, "let's go to the park."  She was pointing up the block.  "We still have an hour before dark."

They quickly agreed and once there took over some tables.  Kagome, Eri, and Ayumi sat on top of one, Hojo, and Yuka on one across a small patch of grass, and between Kagome's table and the street.

As she curled her legs under her Kagome was glad that she had worn jeans today.  She would've gotten splinters for sure if she'd been wearing a skirt.

As the conversation progressed Kagome kept spacing out.  Her eyes glazed as she gazed internally as she thought of her mate.  She missed him so much and she'd be very glad to see him tomorrow.

Her girl friends noticed her glazed eyes and tried to keep her interested.  They wondered what she was thinking about.  Hojo on the other hand was totally oblivious. 

They had been there nearly half an hour when Kagome smiled.  It was the most radiant smile any of them had ever seen her give.  They all assumed it was aimed at Hojo.  Who thought he had to of said something brilliant and finally earned her attention.

When she jumped off the table they all expected her to go to him.  They were surprised when she dodged the table.  They were more surprised at the man she ran towards.

Standing not twenty feet behind Hojo was a tall man.  A tall man, who had long silver hair, was dressed in black jeans, a red silk shirt, and ankle length black coat.

They were plain shocked when Kagome, with a happy cry, lunched herself at him.


With a smirk he effortlessly caught the flying woman; she wrapped her legs around his lean waist, and laughed as her arms went around his neck.

"Miss me," his voice was deep and warm with a slight growl.

She pulled back and looked into his gorgeous amber eyes.

"Of course I missed you.  It's been three days and I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow."

He pulled up on her waist and she let her legs fall.  He quickly swept his arm under them and walked toward the third table in the grouping.

"Keh, I finished my business with Totosi a day sooner than I thought."  He sat down with her in his lap.  "Besides I know Souta will want me to play those damn video games with him."

"Well he does love you."

"Keh, I know.  Don't understand it though.  I'm just an asshole."

"You are not!"  She exclaimed.  "You protect us and provide for us.  You're a good friend, no, a good brother to Sango and Miroku, and a wonderful papa to Shippo."

"Damn bouzo," he shook his head.  "The runt could've done better than me for a dad."

  "No he couldn't and he doesn't want to.  You avenged his father and saved his life.  No matter how much you two fight he loves you.  And you know it."

"Keh, I know."

Her friends sat speechless watching and listening to the couple.  The girls were pretty sure that this was the guy that Kagome used to talk about.  Even though she hadn't said anything about him for awhile, but they had no clue as to who the other people they were talking about were.  They were snapped out of their stupor by Hojo standing.

"Higurashi, who is this man, and why are you so familiar with him?" his voice was unsteady and a bit angry. 

"Oh," she gasped, "I'm sorry everyone.  Inuyasha this is Eri, Yuka, Ayumi, and Hojo."  She pointed to each person in order. 

He gave each of the girls a brief nod.  Hojo received a glare.

"Everyone this is Inuyasha," she finished.

"Why are in his lap?"  Hojo demanded.  "Why did you leap on him and smile like that for him?  That should have been my smile."  He yelled.

"The fuck is should be!  That's mine just like Kagome's mine."  He tightened his arms around her.  "She's in my lap because this is where I want her.  She jumped on me because she missed me, or are you fuck'n deaf and didn't hear her say so.  She smiles like that for me because she loves me."  He smirked, showing a bit of fang.

"What do you mean yours?!  I've been chasing her for three years."  His face was very red at this point.

"That may be, but she's spent most of that time with me, not you.  So back the fuck off!"  He growled flashing his fangs.

Kagome tugged on his hair and he calmed down a bit. 

"Inuyasha be nice."

"No fucking way.  Stupid human has no idea.  You're mine.  You have been since you unbound me from that fucking tree."

"I know."

"You don't own her!"  Hojo was shaking now.

"The hell I don't," he pulled her collar over a bit exposing an intricate mark on her shoulder.  "This says that I do."  He leaned down and nuzzled it making her shiver.

Hojo took a step back and gasped.

"A youkai mating mark," he choked out.

"Damn straight, did you just now get that I'm not human?  You really are dense."

The girls truly looked at him for the first time.  In seconds they noticed the claws, the fangs, and the slit pupils of his amber eyes.

He lifted Kagome out of his lap and set her next to him on the table.  Then he rose to his full height.  At six-two he towered over Hojo's five eight. 

Inuyasha lifted his head and drew a deep breath in through his nose.  He snarled.  Kagome jumped off the table at the sound.  She knew that growl it meant trouble was coming.

"How big is this park?"  Inuyasha asked.

"Several acres and it's backed up to the shrine's forest," she answered her mate.

"Good," he turned to her.  "Do you have your bow?"

"I have my collapsible one in my bag," she pointed to a black back pack lying on the table. 

"We've got company coming wench.  Get these idiots into the trees."

"Okay," she grabbed her bag, took hold of Ayumi's hand, and ran toward the trees.  Eri, Yuka, and Hojo quickly followed.  Inuyasha was right behind them.

They quickly found a small defensible clearing.  Kagome pushed her friends behind her and pulled the folded bow from her bag.  With a smooth flick of her wrist and a click it was ready to be strung.  As she put the string in place she looked to her mate.

"What kind and how many?" 

Raising his head he scented the air again.

"Bear, there's four of ‘em."  He pulled his coat off revealing the sword at his hip.  "Can't fight in that damn thing, or hear with this on," he pulled the bandana off of his head. 

The girls stared at his ears as they swiveled.

"Filthy hanyou," Hojo gasped.

Kagome spun on him.

"He is not!"  She stomped up to the dense boy.  "How do you know so much about youkai that you knew what my mark was?"

"My Grandmother was paranoid and made sure that I knew the signs.  I never believed her till now though."  He looked at Inuyasha, shuttered, and looked back to Kagome.  "How could you let that filthy animal touch you?"  His voice was filled with revulsion.

Kagome's eyes sparked blue as her power flared in anger.  He didn't see her move as she slapped him, hard.  He looked up at her from where he lay on the ground.  He held his hand to his quickly bruising cheek.

"You will never speak about my mate again," she snarled between clenched teeth, "or to me.  You have no idea what you are talking about.  Inuyasha is not an animal.  He's a better man than you could ever hope to be."  With a last withering glare at the stunned young man she turned back to her mate, bow in hand. 

When she reached him, she looked up into his eyes, and he laid a clawed hand on her cheek.

"I may protect your body," his voice was a little gruff, "but you protect my soul."  He leaned down and kissed her tenderly.  She spoke when he pulled away.

"I won't allow anyone to hurt you again with their stupid prejudices."  There was a hint of steel in her tone.  "Yes you're gruff, foul mouthed, and hard headed, but you are more than that too.  You're strong, brave, caring, and protective.  You're a wonderful pack leader, brother, mate, and father."  She wrapped her arms around him pressing her bow against his back, and laid her cheek against his chest.  "I love you, my hanyou."  He chuckled and gave her a quick hug.

"I love you too wench.  Now let's get rid of these bastards so we can go home."  She nodded at his words and stepped back.

As they stepped apart four large men walked into the clearing. 

"We heard rumors that a hanyou had taken over this territory."  The largest of them spoke.  "I didn't believe it till now though."  He scented the air and grinned evilly.  "It looks like you were dumb enough to take a weak human as your bitch.  This is going to be fun."  He motioned for his friends to move forward.  "First we'll kill you and then we'll play with her."

"YOU WON'T TOUCH HER!"  Inuyasha's vicious snarl flowed across the clearing.  "Kagome get a barrier up, stay behind it, keep yourself and these fools safe.  I'll be finished with the bastards in a minute."  She gave a nod and backed up till she stood in front of her friends.

She held her hands up in front of her and lowered her head.  Suddenly a wall of transparent shimmering blue surrounded them.  She then spun her bow and dropping to one knee stabbed the end into the earth anchoring the barrier.

Inuyasha stalked forward.  His eyes were flickering red and his strips could barely be seen.

"Oh look the little hanyou is all pissed off," laughed one of the bears.  "He thinks he's scary.  There hasn't been any hanyou worth being scared of for hundreds of years."

Inuyasha had an idea of how to scare these guys.

"You ever here about Naraku?"  His voice was low and growling.

"Yeah," the bear standing in the back said.  "He was a hanyou that nearly took over the world."  They still weren't taking Inuyasha seriously as they turned to each other.

"I'd sure hate to tangle with the guy who took him out."  The leader quipped.

"You're about to," his voice was cold and he was on them before they finished turning.

The leader and his second managed to transform before he killed them.  The leader lay wheezing as his lungs filled with blood.

"You truly are him, you're Inuyasha," he coughed up blood.

"Yeah, what of it," he shook blood from his claws.

"I'm sorry My Lord for the insult.  It is an honor to be slain by your mighty hand."  With that he died leaving a momentarily confused hanyou standing next to him.

The wheels turned in his head and suddenly he realized that he must still be alive in this time.  It was a comforting thought.  He turned back to where his mate was standing and berating her friends.

"Would you all stop screaming!?"  She snapped.  "The bad guys are dead and everyone is okay.  So nock it the hell off!"  She whipped around, pulled her bow from the ground, and lowered the barrier.

"Ready," Inuyasha asked as he put his coat back on.

She lifted her bow and shot a bolt of pure energy at the bodies.  They disappeared in a flash of light and a cloud of ashes.  She turned and nodded.

"Yes, let's just go home," she suddenly sounded tired.  "All I want right now is to read a story to our son and climb into bed with you.  I can see Mama tomorrow."

"Sounds good to me," he crouched, she climbed on his back, and he leapt into the night.




End Notes:

I was thinking.  What if Inuyasha got tired of hiding in her time?  What if they were attacked?  And if so what if they did as they always did?  What if Hojo knew youkai history?  This is what became of it. 

Oh, just in case anyone is wondering.  Most if not all of these will contain Hojo bashing.  I can't stand that twerp.  I just want to shake him really hard.

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