Mod Featured
Below are the fanfiction pieces recommended by the moderators of Every few months the list will be added to. 2009 Featured
1st Quarter
A Miko's Love Story by Kittyb78 and jaimed1968 NC-17
After the End by knittingknots R
Desperation by Eluwei R
Doctors by pooky11602 X
Menage Au Inu by Sunset Miko X
Metamorphosis by King Baka X
No Where to Run by Kinyoku R
Seven Feudal Fairy Tales by ladybattousai

2008 Featured**
A Self Called Nowhere by Noacat R
All Things Will Come by Dark_Author NC-17
Blind by FireFalcon1414 PG-13
Blood & Tears by doggieearlover X
Can't Get Enough by Roxotaku X
Demonic Love by Danyealle X
Hallowed Desire by Demonlordlover X
Hanyou in a Bottle by TamashaToko NC-17
Love's Smirking Revenge by Langus X
Memento Mori by LuxKen27 X
She Who the Prophecy Foretold by Sunset Miko X
The Journey to the City of Endless Night by Far Away Eyes NC-17
This Sesshoumaru Doesn't Do Christmas by Sunset Miko X
This Wasn't In The Job Description by Roxotaku X
Unexpected Endeavors by scottishfae R

** - These featured picks were taken from the results of the people nominated for the first IYFF Awards.