Holiday Mess by Fire and Ice goddess

Fanfiction entries must be new, specifically written for this challenge. All entries must involve Sesshoumaru &Kagome as the main characters. Their relationship must be the focus. Chapters stories are allowed. You're chapter stories can be setting in any time and or place.

Rating: Is up to you.

Genre: up to you again
Challenge is to take all the holidays you know and make a story with them in it. Be creativity with them.

 This challenge has no dead line or is not a contest.

You can place this challenge any on fan fiction sites, like fanfiction, Dokuga, Inuyashafanfiction, M, PD, DA, AFF, and LJ. Just send the link to flaming witch of fire

Categories: Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagome, Romance
Characters: Kagome Higurashi, Sesshoumaru
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