High School / Secondary School Challenge by Taiyoukai_Nile
Summary: Of course, this will be an Alternate Universe, but the plot must hang around the school. You may use any major and minor characters. However,

I want you to be creative. What needs to be included:

#1 - 1 character has to be what is considered a "geeky jock" who does Art club, Debate, Newspaper, and Track. She is popular, and known for her school spirit. She is also a confessed bi-sexual. 18 years old
#2 - 1 character has to be a poor jock who is a jerk. 18 years old
#3 - 1 character has to be the rich jock who also does debate, but nice. 18 years old
#4 - 1 character that is homophobic, a jock, rich, and quite the jerk. 18 years old
#5 - 1 character will be the young teacher who coaches track and is the Debate team faculty advisor. He is cold, but hot and very crooked.

The rest of the character profiles are up to you.

The goal is "make her straight", but fails. This takes place during their senior year. Yes, some seniors are 18, so this WILL be an adult.

Yes, I know...it might be difficult, but that is what a challenge is.

The challenge must contain M/F sexual situations and F/F situations. This cannot be a one-shot. It must be at least 5 chapters and the chapters have to be at least 1500 words (not including author note.)

If a challenge is met, I will create a graphic recognizing your achievement and post it to your story's table of contents and also to your profile. Also, your story will be plugged at the IYFF Yahoo! Group so others can see.

If your entry is very good, your fic might become a candidate for future featured fanfics.
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