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 who can make the longest ADULT  inuyasha/kagoma  story

  stick to the past   this is NOT an A/U   you can add a char. if you want  but inuyasha and kagome are the stars  

 rule one-  story must have at least 5,500 words a chap.

 rule two- story must have at least 50 chaps.

 rule three- inuyasha and kagome must start out at the age of the manga   and live up to 1000 years old

 rule four- you can not skip more than 5 years every 4 chaps.

 rule five- story must have large amounts of lemons/lime every 2 chaps.

 rule six- kagome must have a least 10 hanyou kids and 3 human kids(yes you can mate the humans to a demon or hanyou)

      thay can live in the past or in kagomes time

 rule seven- kagome must have a bow made of inuyashas fangs (powers are yours to pick) it must be made by totosey

 rule eight- story must be single spased

 rule nine- kagome must have a firerat 

  this is one story not two or three  if you wish to make a secound limet rules aply

 this story can have yuri


Categories: Adult > Yuri, Action/ Adventure, Adult, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome Characters: Kagome Higurashi
Summary: First it is a Sesshomaru and Kagome pairing again. They are my favorite pairing.There is no dead line. Chapter story is a must for this challenge.

Okay, something went wrong with a battle with Naraku. Kagome and Sesshomaru are gone to a different island. be imaginative

Time: Feudal era.

Genre one: ROMANCE! and HUMOR!

You can pick the rest. Ijust listing the Genres for you.  Hooror and Thriller are allowed too.

Fanfiction entries must be new, specifically written for this challenge.  chapters stories are allowed.Limes and Lemons are allowed.
Rating is up to you.Other pairings are allowed.

You can place this challenge any on fan fiction sites, like fanfiction, Dokuga, Inuyashafanfiction, MM, PD, DA, AFF, and LJ. Just send the link to flaming witch of fire.
Categories: Angst/ Drama, Romance, Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagome, Adult, Action/ Adventure Characters: Kagome Higurashi, Sesshoumaru

 Kouga and Kagome HAVE FOUND THEMSELVES IN A SITUATION where they have been cursed and can't get out of it. even though Kouga like's it he still has to win Kagome's heart in order for the curse to lift. But the problem is will Inuyasha allow this to happen even if it will kill them both? 


  1.  the story has to have a plot leading up to where Kagome and Kouga gets cursed.
  2. the story has to be for this challenge only
  3. must warn if there are lemons
  4. must show how they got through day to day things (bathing, eating, ect.) 


Categories: Humor, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance, Adult, Romance > Kouga/ Kagome Characters: Kagome Higurashi