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Your challenge is to represent Inuyasha who's losing himself.

Your challenge is to show him slowly turn to the dark side as he loses himself.

The reason he's losing himself is up to you!

It's up to you who pulls him back in the end, but I'd prefer anyone other than Kagome.

Minimum of 1000 words per chapter.


Categories: Angst/ Drama Characters: Inu Yasha

This Challenge is for Iun No Taishou/Izayoi Romance, and must be the main focus of the story, also the story must be at least 10 chapters long and least 1500 words a chapter, the characters: Sessomaru and Takemaru are main characters and must have some kind purpose in the story. ( I would also like you to write some of the trials the Inu No Taishou/Izayoi went through to the point of Inuyasha's birth)

And don't forget to keep it in the Feudal Era!!!

                                          ~~~Happy Writeing!!! Bye.~~~

Categories: Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Inu no Taishou, Izayoi, Sesshoumaru, Setsuna no Takemaru

I challenge you to write a poem about InuYasha's ears. If you do well with this, Ill put your name in myfuture stories and chapters, telling readers to read your fanfiction. :) Happy writing!


*Has to be at LEAST 200 word count.

*Must be Sango decribing them.

*You have to decribe the fuzziness!!! :3

Whatever title you want!

Categories: Poetry Characters: Inu Yasha

Use your imagination to create a fanfic in which Kagome falls in love with another man and Inuyasha's heart is captured by an OC (in love, not literally captured).

Categories: Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Romance Characters: Inu Yasha