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FanFiction entries must be new, specifically written for this challenge.
 All entries must involve Sesshoumaru & Kagome as the main characters. Their relationship must be the focus.
 Other pairings are allowed in.

 Genre: Horror, thriller and kind that is dark but it also has to ave Romance in it. Dark Romance It also needs to be scary.
 Rating: MA

Warnings are needed with the story when they are needed. Like rape, limes or lemons, gore and so on.

No dead lines and this not a contest either. So you can take your time.

You can place this challenge any on fan fiction sites, like fanfiction, Dokuga, Inuyashafanfiction, M, PD, DA, AFF, and LJ. Just send the link to flaming witch of fire

Categories: Action/ Adventure, Romance, Adult, Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagome Characters: Kagome Higurashi, Sesshoumaru

With this challenge that I am issuing, I appreciate great imagination and wild circumstances and scenarios. Be it, that Sesshomaru is turned into a Cat, (Actually possible! There's Dark Miko out there you know!) or InuYasha is hurled into the future and goes to Kagome's school. I have several rules that MUST be followed... Please?

 Rule 1. It must include the love triangle of Sesshomaru/Kagome/InuYasha and possibly Kouga, too. 

Rule 2. Kagome must end up with either one of our favourite Dog Demons.

Rule 3. No OC's aloud! They seem to really annoy me. They are only allowed if they are minor characters. Like servants in Sesshomaru's house of the West or Kagome's friends from school etc...

Rule 3. No Kikyo bashing! As much as I dislike her character (NOT HATE), I find it that she was really misunderstood in her personality. People always portray her as either a Slut in high school AU's, or an evil villian full stop. I really am not particularly fond of her, but I still resect her circumstances during the situations she put in,

 Rule 4. They must be half-demon and full demon. I don't want Kagome being turned into a half-demon or something bizarre. Please.


Chapters - At least 1,500 words long please. Chapters? I'm not fussed.

The build up also needs to be gripping and wanting to read more. And not straight up 'I love you's' either. 


Categories: Angst/ Drama, Romance, Romance > InuYasha/ Kagome Characters: Kagome Higurashi

hey everyone :D this challenge doesn't have any requirements. length pairing and setting doesn't matter. well...there has to be a demon somehow, for the courtship rituals to happen.

for ex, maybe wolf demons think that dead deer corpses smell good. uhhh i'm sure that you guys can come up with better ideas XD 

Categories: None Characters: None

Sesshomaru and Kagome. 

Some thing happened to them both and it is in a form of chains. Be creatived with the idea. 

Like Sesshomaru's father or mother had something to do with it. Or a destiny god or goddess came down and place the chains to them. 

Idea is that they need to fall in love before the chains are unlocked from them or that the need to be mated. 

Like i said be very creatived with it.  

 The requirments

the story must have at least 6000 words a chap.

the story must have at least 50 to 100 chaps.

the parings ages are up to you. But Kagome is still 15 and going onto 16 with the first ten chapters. 

the story can not time skip over the two year. 

After Kagome is 16, she needs to have dreams that are sexually like wet dreams. She needs them to be about the guys she knows but mosty on Sesshomaru. 

The story must have large amounts of lemons/limes within every four to sixth chapter. Until Kagome is mated with Sesshomaru. 

Kagome's and Sesshomaru's first pup needs to be a full demon as the goddess or god or your idea lets that pup be. 

The second one is a hanyou and the third is a human. You need a grand total of sixteen pups. Either full demon, hanyou or human. 

Kagome's powers are stronger now and that she has training with them from Kaede and someone else.

Her weapons are bow &arrows, sword, sai and whip or a small mace. 

 Sango, Miroku, Shippo are within the group still. 

Inuyasha is gone from the group because of either your idea, but he is not there after Kagome and Sesshomaru get chained. 

Kikyo is alive or dead. You choice. 

 Your own characters are allowed in too. 

Categories: Humor, Romance, Romance > Sesshoumaru/ Kagome, Angst/ Drama, Action/ Adventure, Adult Characters: None