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For the fans out there who love Rin, which pairing do you like to see or read about more?30 Oct 201514 Nov 2016
If you were in Kagome's place, and were dragged down the well, would you have acted the same as she had, when arriving to the Feudal Era?20 Dec 201430 Oct 2015
If Adsense were put on InuYasha-Fanfiction.com, would you be for it or against it? (It would go before a story and after a story, and then once in the sidebar of the site.)01 Apr 201420 Dec 2014
If you could choose out of the 5 following anime cross-overs, which one would you pick?30 Dec 201301 Apr 2014
Which one of Naraku's incarnations from this list did you like the best? 23 Jan 201230 Dec 2013
Did you watch InuYasha: The Final Act?30 Jun 201123 Jan 2012
If you were InuYasha, who would you choose?04 Dec 200930 Jun 2011
Which weapon in InuYasha do you like the best?09 Sep 200904 Dec 2009
Do you like the brown-eyed Kagome or the bluish gray eye colored Kagome?08 Jun 200909 Sep 2009
What is your favorite Naraku detachment?12 May 200908 Jun 2009
Which female IY character is the sexiest?03 Apr 200912 May 2009
What IY character duo would you like to see in the next layout for this site?26 Mar 200903 Apr 2009
Do you like to write drabbles (writing challenges with word limit)?14 Dec 200826 Mar 2009
Please vote for the best drabble of the year (these were the weekly overall winners at the IYFF LiveJournal Community.)14 Dec 200814 Dec 2008
If you had first met InuYasha, would you...?02 Oct 200814 Dec 2008
If you were a character in InuYasha, would you be:15 Aug 200802 Oct 2008
Which main male IY character is the sexiest07 Jul 200815 Aug 2008
Who should the next layout feature?29 May 200807 Jul 2008
Do you think that the episodes for the anime should be made beyond episode 167?17 May 200829 May 2008
Who is your favorite Inu Yasha character?16 Sep 200717 May 2008